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Patrick Laumond / MétaHisme

L'Origine Matricielle De L'Intrication Quantique  (Transcription)

Patrick Laumond is a French artist who lives and works in Paris.
He is the founder of MetaHism. 
The MetaHism is an artistic movement that expresses and embodies the human mind as a meta-paradigm.
This Art of the thought, connects a global vision of the visible and invisible events simultaneously.
META, because expressing the Whole, ISM as the concept and universal suffix, which we find in all the movements and H, eight letter of the alphabet, (letter of the infinity, ∞, lemniscate) separating and unifying, (…).

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Photograph courtesy of  P.TAPISSIER

Paris, 2015


Folie á Deux

I’ll never understand why this album got so much hate when it was released. I get it was a new sound at the time, but the lyrics were still top notch and Patrick sounded better than ever and really showcased his vocal range. It had a little bit of everything going on stylistic wise which made it pretty entertaining.

To me it’s such a solid album, if not one of their best. It’s funny how now that they’ve released 2 albums since the hiatus, people are finally appreciating and realizing how ahead of its time Folie á Deux was.