no this is not shippity at all

the story of all feels
  • me: omg my otp is so happy and cute and perfect
  • series writer: wouldn't it be a pity
  • me: ...
  • series writer: if someone
  • me: ...
  • series writer: INTERFERED

six years difference, from my very first wiztail fanart to a loose redraw from tonight. it really doesn’t feel like six years at all

‘I want them to be together so bad like I want them to love each other and share a bed and cuddle and stay up late watching movies and go out to lunch and go shopping and just be happy I don’t even care about my own love life as long as they’re together I don’t need anything else in this world’: a novel by me

there are days when i wake up asking myself: who, pray tell, was shiro to keith???? i say was bc i’m referring to pre-kerbs era

i mean

who was shiro to keith, that in this short moment of being alone together, keith allowed himself to look emotionally compromised? that he allowed himself these few seconds of vulnerability, of unguarded and unexpected nakedness, a plethora of varying emotions laid bare while unspoken words hinged on parted lips–

shock it’s you 

incredulity i can’t believe it’s really you 

relief i thought i lost you forever

worry where were you?

alarm what happened to you?

you were missing from me i was not okay for a long time i convinced myself i would be but the loneliness is loud and insidious and cruel and i tried to look for you i’m always looking for you i’ll always be drawn to you

who was shiro to keith that he could paint all that on keith’s face without lifting a finger

okay but imagine dan and phil aggressively racing each other on mario kart and then dan gets so into it that he starts moving and swerving with the car and he ends up leaning too far and falls on top of phil on their couch and they’re both just laughing and stuff and then phil gets all serious and just grABS DAN AND STARTS MAKING OUT WITH HIM anD they’re not even playing the game anymore,, they’re jUST MAKING OUT


apparently I’m getting semi-popular again even after I backed out of my old cringey blog the first time

ok, suit yourselves I guess.

Really though, thank you guys for giving me the time of day. It’s flattering to know that I might be giving you a good laugh (if unintentionally) or that anything I say matters to you in some way.

Thank you, all 103 of you… 

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