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Some weird Zeref and Mavis action.

My smol child natsu is getting rekt #protectnatsu2k17




Also translation of spoilers:

1st page:

  • Jellal:I’ll buy us some time.
  • Erza:Jellal…
  • At the guild-Natsu:STOP IT!

2nd page:

  • Mavis:Wait,there is a way to end the eternal path!(side note:why does eternal path remind of the reason behind fairy tail guild’s name?”an eternal journey”?)
  • Zeref:I have a way to end it as well.
  • Zeref:And that is with NEO ECLIPSE!!
  • Mavis:AHHHHHHH!

3rd page:

  • Zeref:This world will turn into emptiness.

4th page:

  • zeref:An unlimited amount of magic power.The power of the god that surpasses even time!!

5th page:

  • Zeref:Fare thy well…Natsu.





Allow me to get dissolved in a gooey puddle of feels///

Got your back

Oh, you know… just cute fanart of besties~
(all I want is for everyone to be happy  ; ^;)

they’re not wearing their armor because they’re each others armor ;3 also I’m just too lazy to draw it in… yeah, let’s go with that one.

Please do not use (without permission…), or re-post!



Somma the guid shippity shippity photos taken by @hajimoo-hinatat​ from the Voltron meet at MCM London last weekend!
I look so tiny in these holy frick xD

Super duper big disclaimer!!
In the Shidge photo, it looks very convincing but I can guarantee we’re not kissing. I asked before hand to make sure they were all fake kisses.

Sorry I cannot remember if Allura and Shiro have tumblrs ;<;

I’m very romantic about the idea that Clarke and Bellamy have essentially been reforged on earth as two people who share the same burdens and responsibilities, the same pain and same regrets and same hope.

One could say remade or reborn but I like reforged, because they were unique people on the Ark already, with their own tragedies already shaping them. They each begin the show with drama affecting their mindset. But landing together on Earth, joining their talent and strength… it reforged them. Adapt or die. Both of them were constantly tempered and shaped and altered by new drama since landing, in ways that often seem like only the other person can truly witness and understand. Bellamy and Clarke are larger than life characters, both starting out as prisoners and victims, then both reforged on Earth into stronger, braver versions of themselves.

After all, what things are forged?

Shields to protect.

Weapons to harm.

Tools to build.

Inner character to grow.

In many ways this applies to the entirety of the delinquents and the Sky People, but Clarke and Bellamy in particular went through it together. The same goals, the same hopes, the same regrets. Circumstances have made them into tragic heroes, and the connection they share is as deep as romance, as deep as friendship, as deep as family. In time it may become all of those things at once, but in 316 we have Clarke and Bellamy as they are now:

Trust and consent. Belief and care. A hand reaching out for a hand…and finding it, holding it, squeezing it tight.

keitsukkii-deactivated20161203  asked:

KyouHaba for the shippity thing

anon friend requested this too—thank you both!!

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa Kyoutani tried to push a pull door once, and someone inside the store laughed at him. now he’s weirdly self conscious about it and makes Yahaba walk in first wherever they go.
Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them Kyoutani. Well. Ok. so he draws a dog to represent himself and a weasel to represent Yahaba and y’know maybe sometimes they end up kissin and then Kyoutani tears the pictures to shreds and the teacher tells him to go stand outside in the hallway.
Who starts the tickle fights Okay so like…Kyoutani? surprisingly ticklish. and he gets so red, and laughs hard enough that he cries. Yahaba really shouldn’t be held responsible; literally any other person in the same situation would shove their fingers under Mad dog-chan’s armpits, too, if they got the chance
Who starts the pillow fights Yahaba, once, tried to be cute and start a fun pillow fight. and it ended with him almost getting smothered to death by Kyoutani. so. never again.
Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile Yahaba, for the longest time, thought Kyoutani just…never…slept. Like, ever. (That’s why he has dark circles around his eyes all the time, right?!) So you can imagine, when he went over to Kyoutani’s place one Sunday during their 3rd year, that when he saw Kyoutani fast asleep with the blankets around him in a cocoon with just his angry lil face peeking out…Yahaba had to brace himself against the wall for support. 
Who mistakes salt for sugar Yahaba. Kyoutani is actually a really great cook. Yahaba claims that if he was a good cook while being so good looking it just wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the world.
Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning Kyoutani does not give a fuck. Microwave at 1am? ok. Blender at 3am? Those protein shakes aren’t gonna make themselves. 2am on a Sunday? why not spend the next 3 hours cooking meals for the whole week, banging cabinet doors and setting the fire alarm off. 
Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines Yahaba has that shit on lock down. He has a stock of them he can whip out at any given moment (with a well practiced smirk, hair flip, and the occasional wink). they’re so lame and half the time they don’t make sense and it pisses Kyoutani off because his face still gets so fucking red.
Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order “No,” Kyoutani starts taking every off the shelves, “Authors together, chronological order. Group by genre. Use knick knacks sparingly.” And Yahaba just backs away slowly.
Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies Kyoutani will just hold out the spoon to Yahaba expectantly. And Yahaba will act like it is the biggest chore in the world before finally leaning in for a taste, which he makes a huge show of. then he asks, “You’re kind of a huge perv, aren’t you?” and Kyoutani gets mad and kicks him out of the kitchen, but like…he doesn’t deny it.
Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion No candles. not after Yahaba lit them for some nice ambiance and Kyoutani accidentally knocked them over in his excitement to open their takeout. there’s a giant burn mark on the floor now and they’re not getting their security deposit back when they move out.
Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen Yahaba asks, “Is that a cat, or a dog?” “…it’s a hedgehog.” “Ah, I see. Now that you mention it, it does look a lot like Iwaizumi.” And Kyoutani does not laugh at that. He doesn’t.
Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation “Buying them in bulk off Amazon is cheating, Kyoutani. You’re not gonna beat Iwaizmi and Oikawa’s collection this way.”
Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines “Kyoutani, would you say I’m A. charming, B. funny, or C. sweet?” “Is ‘fake piece of shit’ an option?” “…Choice A it is then.”

Weekly Reading List 5

There have been just so many goodies since my last post. I am going to give you two Weekly Reading List. This list doesnt include all of what came out Today (Monday). I will get the rest in tomorrow. 

Star Trek
P is for Pneumonia by @outside-the-government
Scars by @haloshornswrites
Unsteady by @outside-the-government
Kiss with a Fist by @anotherstartrekimagineblog
Other Half of My Heart by @startrek-imagines
The Dance of Destinies by @outside-the-government
Ship Ship Shippity Ship by @carlysenterprise
Life In Her Eyes by @coyoteimagines
Bring Me Home by @musingsongbird

Jim Kirk 
Three Nights by @wonders-of-the-enterprise
Where You Go Next by @mybullshitsensesaretingling
Taking Jim on His First Flight by @youre-on-a-starship

Steve Rogers
New Year, New Surprises by @imhereforbvcky

Tony Stark
Love and Breakfast by @themcuhasruinedme

Law and Order: SVU
Rafael Barba
Imagine Barba Comforting After You’re Attacked by @specialfictionsunit 
Imagine Kissing a Stranger at Midnight by @lawandordersvuimagine
Imagine Barba hurting his back by @specialfictionsunit

Dwayne Pride
You are my sunshine by @of-badges-and-guns

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner 
Nightmare by @criminallysupernatural

Soulmate AU
The Words Never Spoken by @butlikethisonetime Steve Rogers

Modern AU
Home by @formyfandoms Chris Evans
My Backbone by @fanficcreator Steve Rogers 
Creative Brillance by @fanficcreator Stever Rogers

Rafael’s Little Family by @fanfictionforsvu Rafael and OMC
A Little Lesson in Resolutions and Part 2 by @vintagemichelle91 and @rauliskafan Natalia and Rafael 
Mini Matchmaker by @avengerofyourheart

A/B/O Dynamics
War Time Love by @winterassets Steve Rogers

Misc Fandoms
You are bound to me by @coyoteimagines Eomer
Love Messages by @mrschiltoncat Frederick Chilton

the story of all feels
  • me: omg my otp is so happy and cute and perfect
  • series writer: wouldn't it be a pity
  • me: ...
  • series writer: if someone
  • me: ...
  • series writer: INTERFERED

there are days when i wake up asking myself: who, pray tell, was shiro to keith???? i say was bc i’m referring to pre-kerbs era

i mean

who was shiro to keith, that in this short moment of being alone together, keith allowed himself to look emotionally compromised? that he allowed himself these few seconds of vulnerability, of unguarded and unexpected nakedness, a plethora of varying emotions laid bare while unspoken words hinged on parted lips–

shock it’s you 

incredulity i can’t believe it’s really you 

relief i thought i lost you forever

worry where were you?

alarm what happened to you?

you were missing from me i was not okay for a long time i convinced myself i would be but the loneliness is loud and insidious and cruel and i tried to look for you i’m always looking for you i’ll always be drawn to you

who was shiro to keith that he could paint all that on keith’s face without lifting a finger

‘I want them to be together so bad like I want them to love each other and share a bed and cuddle and stay up late watching movies and go out to lunch and go shopping and just be happy I don’t even care about my own love life as long as they’re together I don’t need anything else in this world’: a novel by me

their first halloween post-sburb, terezi and john have their own costumes planned out. completely separate. this is what john believes for the approx. 45 seconds it takes before terezi saunters out in the exact fucking candy corn vampire getup he was going to wear. as in, his literal outfit. what the hell???? because two can play at this game and there’s always room to up the ante (of course) john not only dons Ye Dragon Cape but decides fair enough then, he’ll just run around and pretend to be a huge morbid weirdo for a day!

terezi takes this tack - very happily - and kicks it up a notch: she is going to be the sincerest fucking john egbert mimic in all of pspace. john has no choice but to make sure his Be Terezi Pyrope game stays at its peak. cue 16+ hours of personality-swapped one upmanship

the weirdest thing about it isn’t how seriously they both take it, it’s not how they become good enough imitators of each other that it starts to wig everyone out, it’s the part towards the end where smack talk takes a sudden jackknife for the Earnest and it freaks them both out, out and into vacillating pale for all of 20 minutes before they swear to never speak of it + that moment where they may or may not have awkwardly hugged it out again (it’s sealed by john finally managing to nab terezi with a joybuzzer and terezi using the deliberate fall/distraction to finally pin a note to john’s back: “TH1S 1S 4 CORD14L 1NV1T4T1ON FOR 3V3RYON3 TO T4K3 TH31R SH4R3 OF TH1S POOR SCHMUCK’S C4NDY H4UL >:]”)


six years difference, from my very first wiztail fanart to a loose redraw from tonight. it really doesn’t feel like six years at all

what i learned from The 100 episode 302, the shippiest bellarke shit ever:

1. It is fundamentally important and vital that the audience understand that Bellamy will infiltrate an enemy camp, run across the field of war and face down assassins to get to Clarke.

2. It is vital and important that the audience understand that Clarke will give up her life, cry,  plead and weep at the mercy of a stranger, so that Bellamy can live in exchange for her likely execution. 

3. That is a real thing that they showed us on screen.

4. It had no plot bearing on future episodes, and was entirely there for furthering the journey of their relationship. Like @the100writers and directors were all “HAHA FOLKS just in case you missed it over hiatus, these two are the most important to each other, here have some more copious crying scenes, gotta set up that heartbreak”

I need a scene in SPN where Sam, Dean and Cas are in the Impala and Dean lets Cas pick the music and he puts on ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ (Elvis) and Sam’s like
And goes to change it and Dean stops him and says
'Elvis, huh?’
And Cas goes all shy and embarrassed and Dean just goes
'I can dig Elvis.’
Like, I REALLY need this

okay but imagine dan and phil aggressively racing each other on mario kart and then dan gets so into it that he starts moving and swerving with the car and he ends up leaning too far and falls on top of phil on their couch and they’re both just laughing and stuff and then phil gets all serious and just grABS DAN AND STARTS MAKING OUT WITH HIM anD they’re not even playing the game anymore,, they’re jUST MAKING OUT

⚠ *Warning.* ⚠ Feels may overload due to extreme amounts of Troyler cuteness, just sayin’. 💖 Literally, I gathered every Troyler moment I could manage to find into this video at 3 in the morning, all the feels. The song = Stockholm Syndrome by One Direction. TROYLER 5EVER. ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ tyleroakley troyesivan 💕💕💕💕

Shippity boop bop dingalings (Ships)

Yo, so It’s hella late (nah it’s like midnight) and I felt like shipping some gorgeous people with my 4 favourite dorks now who’s up for it?!
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In return you’ll get;

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