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4-letter word: Bone
A boy’s name: Buster
Occupation: Bouncer
Something you wear: bra
Food: Banana
Something in a bathroom: Brush
A place: Berlin
A reason for being late: Besieged by kittens
Something you shout: Biznatch
Movie: Batman Begins
Something you drink: Bubble Tea
Animal: Bear
Type of car: Bug
Title of a song: Baba O’Riley

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Batman’s Infamous Rogues Gallery.

“Sometimes… sometimes I think the Asylum is a head. We’re inside a huge head that dreams us all into being. Perhaps it’s your head, Batman. Arkham is a looking glass… and we are you.”   - Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

doctor strange is a modern updating of a racist trope from the 70s, and so is iron fist, daredevil, elektra, batman begins, tmnt, and on and on

ghost in the shell is something else - it is more like american remakes of godzilla or the grudge, in that it is taking a japanese story about japanese cultural and geographic specificity, and making it about white ppl in america, or, more obnoxiously, white ppl in japan

this makes it closer to that matt damon movie about the indonesian tsunami that was about how matt damon was affected by the indonesian tsunami, or the last samurai, or the great wall, or the wolverine, than your bog standard ‘this white dude is the best hero in america bc of what he brought back from his time in asia’

specifically, the recent american godzilla took the fukushima disaster and said, how could this affect bryan cranston?

and then famously had godzilla - the literal embodiment of japanese cultural trauma from the atomic bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki - swim five thousand miles across the entire pacific ocean so he could smash up san francisco and honolulu, instead of tokyo, and only threaten white ppl, leaving the japanese entirely out of their own stories

scarlett as the major isn’t reenacting an old white trope abt going to asia and coming back with secret knowledge - it’s not lucy two

instead, they took a japanese story, and put a white face on it

i’m not sure which is worse tbh