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Subtlety, thy name is Marinette.



While the girls in the class might think they’re sneaking off for a secret makeout session, the boys know better ¬‿¬ 


Kacchan, I’m here!

My first colored bnha fanart and it’s Bakudeku/Katsudeku! >3<

I haven’t done a colored piece recently but I do like the result. 

Hope to draw more soon, both FT (yes I haven’t forgot) and BNHA, hopefully more finished and colored pieces too >w<


woojin + face touches



i’m gonna be tabling at my first US con! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I’LL BE AT BOOTH L48 at artist alley, Anime Expo 2017! i can’t wait to meet those of you who’ve been following me for some time but never got to meeeet~ some items and certain prints are limited in stock, so pls come and give them a home haha~!

at the time of this being posted, i’ll probably still be in Germany on holiday 8D aaa i’m nervous but also excited! pls don’t mind me, i’m a shy bean, sorry in advance if i’m awkward and stuff at the event :x SEE YOU THERE!!╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯

malec + “We’re running low on time here.”

Alec looked around warily. This was not the ideal place to be performing magic rituals no matter how long they took. “We’re running low on time here, Magnus,” he said impatiently, bow string still taught under his fingers as he circled around the warlock, looking into the darkness for any sign of danger.

“Yes, thank you, Alexander. I’d nearly thought I was vacationing in Kamalame Cay for a moment there. Consider my reality checked,” Magnus deadpanned in response, blue magic still swirling around his fingers as he examined the dead downworlder sprawled on the ground in front of him.

Alec sighed and looked over at the other man for a brief moment. “Sorry,” he replied, knowing he wasn’t being helpful. It was an unfortunate part of his personality - he could never turn off. “I just don’t want to get caught unaware by whatever this thing is that killed him.”

Alec hadn’t said ‘seelie’, hadn’t called him ‘downworlder’, but had referred to the fallen warrior as a person rather than a thing. In the short time he’d grown to know Alec, Magnus had seen his innate prejudices morphing into something more human than shadowhunter. It was a fascinating transition to watch from the outside and it also made Magnus unduly proud. Alec was the perfect man to lead the New York Institute into the future.

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When you meet a Stucky shipper who still likes and cares about Tony and you just have a good time fangirling over Steve, Tony and Bucky as individuals and politely respects each others ships:

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You just want attention, you don’t want my heart
Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new
Yeah, you just want attention, I knew from the start
You’re just making sure I’m never gettin’ over you

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your muse is a whore. you have too many ships

[Out_of_Crimson:] I was about to ignore this because I don’t have time to deal with someone like you but I ended up answering. If my muse is a whore or not is your opinion. I do have TRILLION of ships I love yes, and I’ll ship them no matter your opinion. Each ship happens in different verses, even if it happens in the same verse I don’t give a fuck about your precious opinion. I believe you might be jealous of my muse’s affairs. Don’t worry TINDER is the solution for you! Just go and try to find some fun. I ship what I want with whom I want! If you’re jealous I don’t fucking care because that’s childish. This is my blog if you’re not pleased with what you see just leave. I don’t care about your presence. But please follow my advice and go to TINDER, your life might change and you’ll find something else to do. I’m here to have fun and love my ships to matter what, no matter if you ship them, or people hate them. I DON’T FUCKING CARE. This is my blog, so just leave and have a nice day?

Ps: Hate doesn’t affect me. I’m just laughing at this. You can even tell me to kill myself I’ll not do it. Life is toooooo precious to be wasted with people like you.

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as a lonely lesbian got7 stan i gotta say 1) str8ies in your inbox are awful 2) while what jaebum said was obviously not outright homophobic, we ///all/// know the implication of it was essentially no homo, a really desperate and kind of aggressive no homo that he's said how many times now? i love him but yikes man he needs to relax

basically yes thank u i love u