no this is just life

An illustration of what’s wrong with capitalism in America:

Worrying yourself to shreds over whether you’ll be able to pay the rent because you’ve been sick for three days and only have enough PTO to cover one of them (and no I couldn’t go to the doctor because I have no health insurance and no savings).

Plus having to commute an hour-plus to work on Black Friday (on major highways no less) when you probably won’t be feeling much better but can’t afford to miss more time, because a miscommunication in upper management means that working from home that day isn’t on the table.

Plus looking at all of this from a birds-eye view and realizing that you will not be able to afford holiday gifts for anyone this year, and the possibility of taking time off to visit family before the new year is pretty much nil.

And to put all this into perspective:

My job is fulltime, pays less than $12.00 an hour, and requires upwards of two hours of commuting per work day because there was nothing any closer than that which paid above minimum wage and would hire me, either because my previous work experience made me “overqualified,” or because for some silly reason it required a 2-year degree to answer phones.

All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was. I accepted their answers too, though they were often in contradiction and even self-contradictory. I was naïve. I was looking for myself and asking everyone except myself questions which I, and only I, could answer. It took me a long time and much painful boomeranging of my expectations to achieve a realization everyone else appears to have been born with: that I am nobody but myself. ~Ralph Ellison

also I love that thing when you can just call from one sentence in chapter two that a character in a period novel will be revealed to be a lesbian in the last part of the novel. She’s an independent woman. Strangely unmarried. Does her own thing. Rumored to be having an affair but with whom. Her hair is described as angular. Another woman calls her “odd” after a significant pause. I love my obvious historical spinsters who are happily dating other women in the background of YA books, cheerfully having tea with their wife while in the foreground some child comes of age, also in a kinda gay way 


Untamed, unwieldly, unwired, unhinged

Their words seep like acid spat in your eyes

Twisted like your bones and cut like your flesh

You cry, you die, you take their lies

Teeth bared at clicking heels and jewels

Flinchless as she crouches, fortress of bars

Smiling versus snarling, pride to mistrust*

She coos, “Did you really deserve those scars?”

As kind as silver moonlight

A prison/keeper she is something sweet

As arsenic, as wolfsbane, as punishment

By her hand that feeds it’s red with

Her/your blood that someone bit

It’s you do you deserve a scar again

Her eyes are brighter than the moon

Sharper than blades, bereft of rage

Hidden cards, chin up, worded weapons

The hinges scream as she opens your cage

Stinging caresses to muffle your whines

Bittersweet, backhand kissed love

She hooks nails in your jaw and feeds you meat

Choking on adoration as she laughs from above

You watch her back and never see

The knives she carries cheerfully

She calls herself ‘pack’ as if it is a word

She can use and you let it hang from your mouth

Like poison on your tongue but still so sweet

A song that seems so familiar and yet

The tempo seems to falter

She hisses like a snake in its nest

Never at you, “Her sunshine”

“Her love”, “Her pet”, “Her pest”

She shakes, she sobs, she points and cries

Vibrating, protecting, her shield-turned-sword

Sick silhouettes line the splattered floor

Heels click away, abandoning, bored,

A cobra to the end, you’re left to writhe

You should have always known the status quo,

Don’t bite the hand that feeds but

It dug into you first, a puppeteer,

Unconcerned and conditional,

Conditioning, you relinquished your control

And now you pay the price alone

Battered, buried, broken, bruised

Crawling on clipped claws and twisted paws

Burned by her flames, beloved, abused

A step, a misstep, her thunder rains down

Striking heavy and crushing as ever

Through distance, with time, your sense of mind

She’s left her mark forever

But maybe she’s not inescapable

She wound around you but, in her indifference

Shed her skin, and though it remains

There are others who care more about keeping

Your smile wide, your belly full, your sleep sound

And she is but another scar lacing your skin

That you never, ever deserved


If the title didn’t give it away, this is a collaboration between me and @ash-athenake. I wrote the bolded parts and Ash wrote the italicized parts, and it’s based on their stunning werewolf au, specifically one of their characters they’ve written named ‘Angel’. You should really go talk to them abot it cause they’re awesome and the au is intricate and well written as fuck.

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Ok MC and Jules but..... Jekyll and Hyde. U kno. :3c - doctormctiddy ✨


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Hey so where did we land on the whole are you single thing?

Okay I’m gonna do this update on the Snerg/dating application situation under a cut because there were just SO MANY ASKS hahahahaha 


So a while ago this happened, and I’ve gotta be honest and say I was ENTIRELY UNPREPARED for all of the responses!! Like I thought I was making a ridiculous application that nobody would answer but then I FORGOT HOW AWESOME AND SILLY YOU ALL ARE and so I was overwhelmed with replies and very busy at the time and unable to answer them all…



First of all, to Snerg: I’m sorry if you thought I was preferencing humans over snails. That wasn’t the case at all!! I just thought you didn’t seem like the kind of snail who would want to jump into a commitment like that

To everyone wondering if I’m dating a snail: AS YOU CAN SEE, no, I’m not. I think I may have ruined everything by not replying fast enough. I’ll just have to sit here and mourn my snail-free sex life 

To everyone who filled out my RIDICULOUS application / expressed interest in winning my affections: You guys are all absolute GEMS and you deserve someone way less fixated on snails than yours truly. Receiving your responses made my day, and I’m so honored you would offer yourselves up for my impromptu dating show/blog/event/whatever that was hahahaha :D

To everyone WEIRDLY FIXATED on my relationship status: After determining that I lost my chance with Snerg, who I’m sure was my one true love, I went to @jadepresley and cried on her shoulder and idk guys she’s kinda cute and she writes hella good fics so to fill the gaping hole in my heart, I think I’ll just stare at her and tell her how amazing she is and yeah that’s pretty much where I’m at right now I hope that clarifies things

To the anon who just innocently wanted to know more about me and had no intention of starting any of this: I FEEL YOU, BRO. I TRULY DO.