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List 10 favourite female characters from 10 different fandoms and tag 10 people. Tagged by @mazephoenix love of my life

Whenever I discover a new fandom, all my attention is drawn by male characters and the improbable way I could pair them with one another; posts like this one are a blessing, because they remind me there’s actually a lot of female characters I like.



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being lgbt AND mentally ill (specifically bpd) growing up is such a double whammy bc not only are you unsure about your sexuality but you’re unsure of who you are as a whole and it’s so fucking exhausting so shoutout to all of you who are lgbt and mentally ill and still out here trying to live our best life and figure out who we are

i’m just thinking about something griffin said in the new ttazz, about how the mcelroys are 4 cishet white dudes, and they didn’t want to only tell stories about cishet white dudes. there’s a post i saw a while ago that essentially said, “write stories with diverse characters, but don’t tell stories that you don’t understand.” like, white people should absolutely have people of color in our stories, but we can’t write about being a person of color because it isn’t our story to tell. and i feel like the adventure zone handled this pretty damn well. taako is a gay man who is dating another man. he doesn’t go through a big emotional struggle because of his sexuality, he doesn’t have a coming out scene, he doesn’t have to deal with homophobic attacks, because justin is straight and he isn’t able to talk about being gay because he isn’t. lup is a trans woman whose gender isn’t talked about- not because it isn’t important, but because griffin is cis and doesn’t know what being trans is like. i mean, they also aren’t wizards and elves and stuff, but wizards and elves and stuff aren’t real people with real struggles. the characters’ orientations and genders are part of them but not the defining part of them. justin and griffin roleplay taako and kravitz just as they would roleplay a dude and a lady who were dating: a little awkwardly, because they’re brothers, but organically and immersively. idk, this post is too long and somewhat incoherent, but i just love these boys and this story and these characters so much