no this is better

This good bye tastes different
It’s got more of a finality to it-
a subtle hint of everything
that has crashed down around us

There’s no more room
for fighting or crying
No tearing down each other’s walls
or even building them back up again

so this good bye tastes different
in that “I could’ve sworn this was gonna last but we still ended up here” kind of way

this good bye is just
you, me,
and not enough reasons to stay

—  is this what good bye is supposed to sound like
Legalizing same-sex marriage was associated with fewer youth suicide attempts, new study finds
“It’s not easy to be an adolescent,” one study author said, “and for adolescents who are just realizing they are sexual minorities, it can be even harder."

The Washington Post cites a 14 percent reduction in suicide attempts by LGBTQ students in states that had legalized same sex marriage – which, they extrapolate, suggests stigma may underlie suicide attempts. 

There may be something about having equal rights,” says Johns Hopkins epidemiologist Julia Raifman, “— even if they have no immediate plans to take advantage of them — that makes students feel less stigmatized and more hopeful for the future.



that whole exchange between jeremiah and maggie was so uncomfortable. like, implying alex somehow defaulted to being with a woman bc there’s no man good enough for her just….rubbed me the wrong way. i’ll wait to pass official judgement, but it’s lookin like eliza might wanna get those divorce papers ready.
PETITION: Give Kara/Supergirl her show back!
To the producers, writers and whoever else it may concern; we are asking for better treatment of our Supergirl. Season 2 has demoralized and gone against everything Supergirl stands for. She is a beacon in dark times, she is a hope for children and adults. Yet you push her into a relationship that shows...

Hey, guys! Have you seen this petition yet?

Everyone who is NOT happy with the way Kara is treated this season - please, read and sign it!!

because Kara Deserves Better!! so much better, damn it!