no third parties

It's almost like Isayama hates e//reri

Because he literally went out of his way to NOT show them directly interacting or interacting without a third party.

What, Levi handed him a tissue once?

He punched him in the face while trying to save ERWIN?

He broke up an intense heart to heart INTENSE EYE CONTACT moment between Eren and ARMIN?

You can call these things e///reri moments.

If you’re delusional.

I just find that suspicious, Isayama almost definitely KNOWS about the ship.

He’s confirmed that he likes to keep an eye on his fandom, both international and domestic.

He’s run into it, no doubt, because you bloody heathens throw it everywhere.

He knows it’s popular, he could pander to it.

But Isayama, my man, is not the pandering type.

He never has female characters in compromising positions and he never throws in any homoeroticism except, of course, eremin, but that’s more like homoromanticism cuz those two are pure, damnit.

I have faith in Isayama.

I have faith.

I hope season 2, since he had a hand in it, doesn’t cut out any eremin moments (although I think the point it will probably get to didn’t have many, if i recall correctly) and doesn’t add any goddamn pandering.

Whether that includes sexualizing Christa or throwing in some bullshit yaoi pandering OR tossing in the Hetero ship where it doesn’t belong.

i find the act of publicising a heartbreaking story along w/ pictures of someone who could easily be supported thru crowdfunding etc WITHOUT any way of contacting them incredibly dumb like why do u capitalise on their stories and thirst for clicks and u won’t even let the ppl reading their story have a way of contacting them thru a third party or send them donations etc

daradias22  asked:

Hi i wanted to ask you where can i find some cool pictures of selina kyle or catwoman to hang in my room? Thanks so much!

So you’re probably done decorating your room by now and I’m really sorry for taking so long to get around to answering this. This is decorating life hack: if you’re ever having difficulty finding posters of something try seeing if there’s a calendar available and rip out the pictures from that. I believe that there is a 2016 DC Bombshells calendar but you might have to find it on a third party website. 

The most obvious source would be Amazon, which has a tons of traditional posters of Catwoman. Etsy has a lot of options for wall art, so I’d trying browsing through ‘Catwoman posters/art’ to see if there’s anything you like. You might also want to consider buying prints either from local fan artists or from industry professionals, which are usually available on their website and definitely for sale at cons. I bought a Catwoman print from Amanda Conner and she signed it for me at a con a couple of years ago so I framed that and hung it on my wall. Adam Hughes sells the Real Power of the DC Univserse poster, which Catwoman is on, on his website. 

If all else fails you can always print out your favorite panel or art and take it to a local print shop to see about blowing it up to poster size and using that. 

Protest votes are a privilege. One that is most enjoyed by people who are privileged. When you wake up the next day and Trump won, nobody poor or disadvantaged will thank you for your protest vote. If you are progressive and care about the rights of minorities and the other, vote for someone who at least lends their ear to their concerns. Otherwise I will just assume you are selfish. Perfection is often the enemy of greatness. If you are still stuck in the period of your life when you expect there will always be a more perfect and more viable option, maybe you just haven’t matured enough. Life honestly involves compromise in even our most basic decisions—and especially in politics. That’s simply how our country has gotten as far as it has.
—  Janelle Monaé via Instagram

Make no mistake, third party voters helped elect Donald Trump

In almost every swing state where the race was close, both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein’s share of the vote would have been enough to sway the election to Hillary Clinton.

  • In Florida, nearly 204,000 people voted for Johnson, and more than 63,000 voted for Stein. Even if Clinton won just half of those 267,000 voters, that would have been enough for her to overtake Trump’s 132,000-vote win.
  • In Michigan, Johnson garnered more than 139,000 votes, while Stein got more than 41,000. Stein’s votes alone would’ve been enough for Clinton to overtake Trump in the Wolverine State. 
  • In Wisconsin, nearly 95,000 voters picked Johnson and 27,000 picked Stein. Clinton was losing the state by around 88,000 votes as of press time.

If Clinton had won even one of those states, Trump would not have had a path to victory. And saying Johnson only took away votes from Trump doesn’t seem to hold up.

dear third party voters,

i hope you find the words to explain to your poc, lgbtq+ & women friends that you took away their rights and safety for the sake of being alternative and edgy. the minute you voted for anyone else other than hillary clinton, you gave your vote away to bigotry and hate. try pulling your head out of your ass before you go to the polls next time. you and your privilege can fuck right off.

Today could have been different. Really different.

Instead of inaugurating a fascist orange bigot, we could have shattered one of the many glass ceilings left to go.

Instead of being thrown back 60 years, we could have been looking at the future with hopes for progress and change.

Instead of Donald J. Trump, we could have had President Hillary Clinton.

It just hit me how utterly terrified I am of Trump becoming president.

I’m so terrified that I’m actually crying. Crying.

My bigoted father voted Trump. My mother voted third-party. I’m going to vote today, for Hillary, but I’m so, so scared of Trump winning.

How oblivious do you have to be to think that he’s a good person, a good president? He hates everyone. Yeah, Hillary fucking sucks, too, but at least she has experience in political offices and at least she’s not racist, misogynistic swine who’s going to dump us down the shitter. Worst case scenario with Hillary, we get a bad president for a few years and that’s it, but Trump? Trump’s power-hungry, trigger-happy, homophobic, misogynistic, greedy, perverse, list goes on and on.

And if you wanted to vote for Bernie, well guess what? He’s told us to vote Hillary. And don’t write him in, either. Write-ins for Bernie literally. Will. Not. Count. If you supported Bernie Sanders, listen to him.

And more importantly, vote.

For fuck’s sake, if you sit on your ass because “there’s no way Trump can actually win,” he will.

It's scary that the election is this close

It’s scary and pathetic that SO MANY people would choose a serial rapist and a child molester who has ZERO political experience over a woman with 30 years of experience who happens to be the most qualified candidate of al time.
You can say it’s Benghazi, or T H E ~ E M A I L S but it’s not. You can’t compare those things. If you vote for Trump (or even third party) you are saying that the least qualified man is worth more than the most qualified woman.

To the people who voted for third party candidates as a protest vote instead of voting for Hillary, those of you who wrote your fave celeb’s name in as a joke instead of voting for Hillary, and every single person who didn’t exercise your right to vote because you assumed Hillary would win: you put your personal pride above the well-being and frankly lives of millions of people around the country and the world. Think about that.