no they are not gay


Okay so I had a sudden epiphany about Voltron: LD and…I don’t like it.

So in the 80s original version, Sven goes missing and then ends up joining Romelle, and then Keith and Allura get together. A link to VLD is Shiro, Sven’s counterpart went missing at the end of season 2!!. Shiro went missing, like Sven. That leaves room for Keith and Allura to bond and grow closer over the fact that they both lost Shiro. That means that Kallura might happen. It’s a long shot, and I’m terrified it might happen.

Keith and Allura already had that really weird scene where Keith held Allura in his arms before she leapt out of his hold and fUCKING BLUSHED!!!! Maybe, just maybe, it was because she’s never really been touched by a male that way before…but then I think back to when Lance held her. She didn’t blush then. I can understand that maybe it was purely because she felt threatened because she didn’t know them at all…so that point pretty much = 0.

Look at their hands. She’s reaching for his out of comfort and it just suggests that something is happening or is going to happen between the two of them. I want answer @Dreamworks !!!

But no!!!! She fucking burrows her head into his neck and hugs him!!!! I don’t recall her hugging anyone else in the show… I don’t even think she’s hugged Shiro. This has got to suggest towards Keith and Allura following in their 80s counterpart’s footsteps.

If Dreamworks gives us Kallura, which has no deep connections, feelings and emotions tied to it, we’ll be missing out on some other ships. Other ships that have the mutual bond needed to sustain a healthy relationship.

Perhaps a rivalry that actually isn’t a rivalry at all, but a budding relationship that started out on the wrong foot!

Or maybe a brotherly relationship that turns into more??

It could even be the Meme Team™ duo that we’ve loved since forever!

The lesbian ship that we’ve all pined for and that has so much potential…

Probably the most obvious ship - tied with Klance - that literally everybody ships! *sobs a little from the amount of potential that could be wasted*

Our beautiful, pure Hance. Legitimately nothing is wrong with this ship. It’s so amazing and Hunk would treat Keith like the queen he is.

Even this strange ship which I’ve only heard about recently! Seriously though, a little strange but hey - still better than Kallura.

Dreamworks better not screw this show up by making two obviously not infatuated people enter a romantic relationship.

I respect the writers and animators, but something like this? Unforgivable.

I personally ship Klance mainly, but also Pance/Lidge and Shallura from time to time. Although I’m not all too fond of the other ships, I understand why people would ship them together. Except Kallura. Never understood Kallura, never will.

Feel free to add on if you’d like! Sorry for such a long post!!!


I miss the old times so much I can’t even describe :(