no theres nothing wrong with me

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Im nervous about helping someone??? They are sad a lot it seems and part of me is like yeah i wanna support this person but ive also done this b4 and it's been bad so im setting limits before the friendship takes off yeah?

if you had bad experiences its only natural to be afraid of smth similar again, but it shouldnt restrict u from making new friends and helping someone! theres always things that could go wrong, any time any moment, but thats just how life is and its always better to try than to do nothing!

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Tomorrow will be a buncha bullshit, but you’ll have a nice lunch so theres that.

Taurus: Let me set the record straight. Being trampled is not fun. If you think it is fun you are wrong. Make your life a no-trample zone.

Gemini: You are an emotional Gauss rifle, whatever that means. The stars weren’t clear.

Cancer: Its weird how when you’re sick people tell you to get more “fluids”. Blood is a fluid. I don’t need any blood, I have more than enough thank you.

Leo: Seek the comfort of garage-sale furniture. Their divots and impressions hold a subtle and familiar magic.

Virgo: If you swing that way, nothing brightens a day like a punk girl having an orgasm. Food for thought.

Libra: One can quickly fashion a mace by placing a billiard ball in a sock. Not saying you’ll need this, but don’t forget it.

Scorpio: Everyone looks good in eyeliner, its simply a question of how practiced the hand is.

Ophiuchus: In a world where most communication is through text, the greatest asset one can have is Voice.

Sagittarius: Everyone has “a guy” who will fix that for ya for $40 and a case of beer. Listen. Trust in the Tao of the Guy.

Capricorn: Don’t drink and drive, or an angry Irish monk will find you and personally break your kneecaps with a baseball bat.

Aquarius: Spicy porkchops and sweet applesauce form a whole that is greater than their parts. The bad and the good may combine to form something better.

Pisces: Live, but do not forget.

  • capitalist propaganda: no one would work if all their needs were provided for
  • me: i'm on disability, all my needs for the most part are provided for, and I still want to fucking do something
  • me: people don't just fucking sit around doing nothing unless theres something seriously wrong with them
  • me: are you honestly suggesting people have no interests or hobbies or enjoyment?
  • me: you're fucking absurd.

here’s a lil #hack from your local severely mentally ill extraordinaire: with any holiday u like to celebrate, try to celebrate it for a whole week instead of one day! ive found when all expectation is placed on one day there is so much potential for things to go wrong; so much pressure is put on that day and u never know when a crisis might happen, and theres nothing worse than feeling like your favorite holiday was ruined and you gotta wait til next year. dispersing it over a whole week or longer makes it take less energy and have less pressure, plus you get to have a Nice Thing for longer. even if youre not mentally ill this still stands tbh! 

*Adrien breathes* 



*Chat makes a pun*



My belly might be getting bigger but so is my butt so it’s fine

Honestly months ago if I was loosing ab definition like this I’d be freaking out and thinking I was fat and that is just crazy, I look amazing and I’m so glad my mindset has changed so I’m able to appreciate and love my body the way that I do now

Shout-out to trans* people who experience same gender attraction (sga)

Sapphic trans girls? Way to rock! 

Achillean trans guys? A+, good shit right there!

Nb people who identify as either of those things? Yeah, babe, kill it!

Nb people who are diamoric? Cuties! Cuties all around.

No matter what you identify there is nothing wrong with who you are and who you love. Keep loving others, and love yourself, too!

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Teej can you comment on John's statements vis a VI's black American and black British actors because imo he and Femi are sounding mad ignorant rn. John has used an American accent in his biggest role to date and has played Americans in movies. For him to be tone deaf on this issue especially as his star seems poised to rise is not cool.

I mean…what is there to say? You’re right. It’s an L for him and Femi on this. *Kanye shrug*

“Let’s do prom pictures”

It doesn’t matter what I do..I’m..what’s wrong. There’s nothing..I can do about it. If I’m not hurting m-myself-f, I’m hurting everyone around me. There’s nothing I can do about it.

I’m..I-I’m broken!

—  Debra (Dexter !)