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I will never get over the les miserables fandom like… Jean Valjean is the main character and he has like…NOOOO content. At all. Instead everyone lost their minds over the fucking less amis de l'a/b/o or whatever even though each one of them has like literally a one or two sentence personality. It was literally like a once-ler esque treatment where they randomly zoomed in on the most fuckable twink, except theres like 10 of them. Ten fucking oncelers. I literally was never able to remember them or tell them apart despite reading the entire unabridged book several times. Jean Valjean was so good and these ungrateful fucks did THIS to him.


“ From Lapis Lazuli “

But it’s Christmas! It’s the perfect time to be gay! Oh wait, or was it suppose to be Valentines…

I might have been more creative this week, but maybe not.

Dec 22, 2015 Lapidot Tuesday prompt: Presents

Peridot gave her a card that contains an indirect confession; and Lapis gave her a kiss.

Awwww…. How cheesy



I don’t know if anyone pointed this out already but- sorry?

OKAY. I was watching this late at night and at 0:04 something happens to Chanyeol and he grabs onto Junmyeon’s and Baekhyun’s shoulder for support. Then Baekhyun Oh So Subtely,  just lightly pats Chanyeol’s waist or back. But that happened and you can clearly see it because later on the camera zooms in for some reason.

Edit: 0:19 So a lot of people heard Mpd, M countdown, or Elgi and like I said those do make a LOT more sense instead of him just saying “baekhyun” because why would Chanyeol say that so suddenly and in front of a camera? Kinda reminds me of the fancam where Jongin called Kyungsoo Jagiya… 

Oh well then at least we have this cute interaction 0:04 and this 0:36 Baekhyun accidentally blows on Chanyeol and Chanyeol turns around at him wiping his face X3 and although Chanyeol did or did not say Baekhyun at 0:19 Chanyeol and Baekhyun did smile at each other. Also those few glances 1:10 1:35


Lovesick the Series
phunnoh: favorite scenes [15/?]

“About last night…I did a number on you, didn’t I?”
“Yeah, it really hurt. You were really abusive to me. I’m still waiting for payback.”

meet wocky bit-taki, apixel justice, and trucy sprite


joker has some grand matureness there

whats this??? A magical orphaned baby on your dashboard doorstep??

AU where Dumbledore leaves harry at a much friendlier household than the Dursleys. PS zoom in if you can theres some cool detail I promise

Reblog to adopt him and save him from 17 years of abuse


choose your weapons wisely.