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Stayin' Alive
The Bee Gees
Stayin' Alive

100 Day Song Challenge

Day 17: A song that was released in the 70s.

The Bee Gees- Stayin’ Alive

Got the wings of Heaven on my shoes.
I’m a dancin’ man and I just can’t lose.

The Final Clexa Themes

Monday, February 27th: Enemies to Lovers

We’re going to kick off Clexa Week the same way they kicked off on the show: starting as enemies and developing into lovers. For this theme, have Clarke and Lexa as initial enemies (Are Clarke and Lexa leaders of armies, or facing off for the last coffee maker on sale during Black Friday shopping? Are they in rival Houses competing for the Quidditch Cup? Is one a villain and one a superhero? Does Clarke hate Lexa because she kicked her off the tower playground slide when they were kids? Does Lexa hate Clarke because she’s the strict RA that won’t let her have candles in her dorm? You decide!) who end up falling in love.

Tuesday, February 28th: Roommates

Do they meet for the first time in college sharing a dorm? Do they meet for the first time when Raven’s girlfriend Anya has a hot sister named Lexa who needs a place, so she moves into Clarke, Raven, and Anya’s apartment? Is Clarke forced to share a tent with Commander Lexa when they march on Azgeda? It’s all up to you!

Wednesday, March 1st: Stuck Together

You could write about Clexa meeting for the first time when they are stuck in an elevator on the way to an important work meeting, or maybe they’re stuck on a plane together for 12 hours when one of them somehow takes the wrong flight, or maybe someone is shocked (and a little pleased) when the pretty girl sitting next to them on the train falls asleep on their shoulder and goes 2 hours past her stop just because they don’t want to wake her, or maybe Clexa are stuck together in a shelter when the acid fog is set off, or maybe Clexa are stuck in the Vanishing Cabinet at Hogwarts together for 3 weeks when a drunken Raven shoves them in, or something else entirely. Be creative! 

Thursday, March 2nd: Fake Dating

The classic trope none of us could resist. Are Clexa forced to pretend to be involved romantically to force a peace treaty between Skaikru and Trikru? Are modern Clexa pretending to date just to prank their friends? Does Lexa ask Clarke to pretend to be her date to make an ex jealous? Does Clarke ask her best friend Lexa to be her date to her friend’s wedding because she can’t stand to hear her mother try to set her up on blind dates? It’s up to you! Depict Clexa fake dating, and then falling hard for their “fake” girlfriend.

Friday, March 3rd: Alternate Canon/Divergent Canon

What better theme on this bullshit of a day? We’re Clexakru, and if there’s something we’re best at, it’s metaphorically kicking jflop in his gonads (or lack thereof). What better way to spend the anniversary of 307 than rewriting it? (of course, you don’t have to make it a Fix-It fic type of alternate canon. You can write/draw anything, just keep with the theme of alternate canon!)

Saturday, March 4th: Friends to Lovers

A great theme for the day after… Did Clexa meet and hit it off and become friends in college? Have they been friends since childhood? However it goes, create Clexa as friends falling in love.

Sunday, March 5th: Free Day

On the last day of Clexa Week 2017, it’s a free for all. You can choose one of the themes from the poll that didn’t make it, or something entirely of your own, or create something with no real theme in mind. Anything you want! 

Thank you all for voting! I’m so hyped for Clexa Week :D Now is the time we put our noses to the grindstone and work in preparation to post our submissions! Remember you can take part in any way: You can write a one-shot or start a multi-chaptered fic you later finish, you can post however much you want, you can create stuff for every single day or only do stuff for one day, or participate by sharing others’ work and commenting on fics, etc. Let’s spread the word and enjoy Clexa Week for what it is: bringing Lexa back to life, celebrating Clarke and Lexa’s love, and Clexakru being extra as hell as usual, and supporting one another through this week :) 

*Note: I decided not to list Modern AU as a theme because most of us will probably be choosing to write in a universe other than canon anyway. 

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@potterprideweek // saturday’s theme: lgbt+ youth

whilst at hogwarts, nymphadora tonks was very confused about her gender. being called a girl felt odd and wrong to her at times, but she knew she wasn’t a boy; she was either a girl, or genderless. this made her feel insecure as a metamorphmagus, as that made her feel even more abnormal; so, in an attempt to fit in, she kept her hair its natural colour for much of her schooling, and didn’t let on that she was different to many of her peers. in her sixth year, she worked through her confusion and was able to come to terms with both her genderfluidity and abilities. it was then she adopted her infamous bubblegum pink hair – a symbol for accepting who she was. the rest, as we know, is history.

Here at PaynefulUpdates, we’ve decided to host a week following the release of the Strip That Down music video! Each of the seven days will have a new theme starting from Saturday the 3rd of June  

Day 1 (Saturday, June 3rd) - Favorite lyrics from Strip That Down
Day 2 (Sunday, June 4th) - Thirst Trap (part of the MV you found sexiest) 
Day 3 (Monday, June 5th) - Favorite part of the MV choreography
Day 4 (Tuesday, June 6th) - Favorite part of the MV overall
Day 5 (Wednesday, June 7th) - Most under appreciated section of the MV 
Day 6 (Thursday, June 8th) - How the MV makes you feel
Day 7 (Friday, June 9th) - What about the MV makes you most excited for Liam’s other solo projects? 

During these days, we will be tracking the hashtag #stripthatvideo. Make sure to add this to all your edits, you can also send us edits through direct messaging. We will be reblogging some of our favorites from each day!

Also, don’t forget to stream Liam’s Music Video as much as possible, lets help Liam’s first music video be a success!!