no the pop up bowls so cool


i did a thing today, so i thought i’d share!! (spoiler: the thing was i dehydrated some lilacs from our bush for cooking!!)


1) pick some lilacs (lavender, sunflowers, clover, dandelion, rose, chamomile, etc etc are also edible!!)

2) rise, and let dry. i didn’t let mine dry completely bc i’m an impatient lil bee, but you can pay them dry as well

3) pluck all the flowers off aka keep an eye out for green!! you just want the yummy lil purple in there**

4a) i own a dehydrator thanks to my lovely parents, so i followed its directions for drying herbs - laid on trays, closed, checked back in 20+ minutes until done

4b) if you don’t on a dehydrator, you can still do this!! the methods i’ve seen involve setting your oven to its lowest temperature, then baking for an hour+. takes a bit longer, and i recommend doing research before jumping in as i’ve never done myself, but it works! c:

5) remove newly dried flowers and place them in an air tight container, that isn’t wet. i washed my jar the day before and let it air dry completely before storing!!

6) store in a cool, dry place

** when doing this, i recommend popping a squat with a bowl. it takes a while to do this, so save your back!! plus, having a bowl right in front you helps with sorting etc

recipes: personally, i’ll be making a vanilla cake w lilac frosting. you can also use in teas, oatmeal, cookies, yogurts, etc and look up specific recipes!! lilac is said to have a lemony taste, and that’s the idea i got from it when trying it as well!!

my personal correspondence with lilac is home and happiness, contentedness. the overall correspondence is love and beauty, exorcism, protection.

happy cooking, and blessed be 🍃

update: double check flowers to make sure they haven’t been treated with pesticides or anything harmful. i use the bush we’ve grown ourselves to be sure i’m avoiding this, if not ask your florist or buy organic!!
Drive - In Movie - Steve Rogers

Requested by @zootycoon1o1

“What movie is even playing?” Steve asked as the two walked to your car, popcorn in his hand, drinks in yours.

“I don’t know, I didn’t actually check. I know they’ve been playing a bunch of scary movies lately, but I’m not sure which one.” Steve laughed and shook his head.

“Then why did we come if you don’t even know what’s playing? Or are you just really into scary movies?” You laughed as you climbed into the passenger seat of the car. 

“Why does anyone come to a drive-in movie?” you asked, looking at him. Steve shrugged and you groaned. “You’re kidding me. You grew up in an era where drive-in movies weren’t just kitschy things kids do to feel vintage, but where that was the only cool way to see a movie!”

“I don’t know what you want from me,” Steve said, putting up his hands defensively. “I’ve never been to one.” You sighed and put your arm around the back of his seat. He looked at you and you pointed at the parking lot around you before you spoke.

“Steve, look around. What do you see?”

“People in cars.”

“Yes, but pretty much only couples. People come to drive-in movies to make out in the privacy of their own car and get a little bit frisky.” Steve looked at you in shock and you laughed.

“I’m now understanding why Bucky went to so many.” You giggled and leaned in to kiss his cheek.

“You’re a dork,” you said with a smile.

“So you just brought me here to make out?” Steve asked. You smiled and looked up at the screen that had just started to play the movie.

“I mean, unless you want to watch Slimeghost 3.” Steve shook his head and put the popcorn in between the two seats before leaning over to kiss you. You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck, feeling the coarse hair on the back of his neck with your fingertips.

A loud crash on the screen made you jump, and you knocked over some of the popcorn with your knee. You picked up the bowl and sighed, running your hands through your hair. You went back to kissing Steve, who had now started to feel you up, and was currently thumbing at your bra. 

As he tried to pull you closer, he bumped his hip against the gear shifter. You pulled away and smiled at him softly.

“Sorry,” he said.

“Don’t be. This is why people utilize the back of their cars,” you said, popping open your door. Steve went to open his, too, but you shook your head. “No, you gotta keep it cool.”

“What? Why?”

“So no one knows what we’re doing.”

“We’re like the oldest couple here, they all know what we’re doing.” You put your fingers to your lips and got out of the car, and crawled into the back seat. You shut the door behind you before fiddling with the back seat until it laid down fully.

“Can I come back there, now?” he asked. You peeped out the window and nodded. He rolled his eyes and came around, locking the door behind him. 

“Man, I really wish you had curtains in here.” Steve reached underneath his seat and pulled out a blanket. He handed it to you and then reached down for another. Somehow, you managed to get the blankets to stay up by closing them in the doors. 

“Great,” you said, wrapping your arms around Steve. “Now we have all the privacy we need.”

“Except in the front and back windows.” You rolled your eyes.

“Shut up and kiss me.” He smiled and happily obliged. Your hands went to his ace, and you used it as leverage to pull him down on top of you. You laid down on the back seat, completely ignoring the sound of someone getting murdered on the big screen.

Steve’s hand traveled down your waist, where he grabbed at the loops of your jeans. He started kissing down your neck and chest, making you laugh through gasps and sighs.

“Aren’t you mad you never did this before?” you asked as Steve gently kissed your stomach, your hands ruffling through his hair.

“No, I’m just glad I have someone to do it with now,” he said, smiling up at you. You brought his face back up to your lips, kissing him again.

“I love you,” you said. 

“I love you, too.” You kissed him passionately, wanting to make this night a memorable one for him. 

“So,” you said, pulling away for a second, even though Steve kissed you in between every word. “Do you want to-”

“Hey!” someone yelled, aggressively tapping on your window. Steve sat up quickly and pushed the blanket aside to see a very angry woman peering into your car.

“Can I help you?” Steve asked.

“Yes! Some of us have kids here, and would appreciate if-”

“Yeah, well, you know what, lady?!” you said, popping your head into view. “Some of us are trying to create memorable moments! We’ll try to be quiet.” With that, you pulled the blanket down and looked at Steve. He immediately started laughing and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Come on,” you said, rubbing your thumbs on his cheeks. “Let’s give that lady something to complain about.” 

“Absolutely,” he said, kissing you again and tacking you back on the backseat.

“You two went to a drive-in?” Bucky asked, raising his eyebrow as you told him about your night. You nodded eagerly and he laughed.

“Damn. Good for you, Steve. And good for you,” he said to you, reaching out to fist bump you. You laughed and bumped your hand against his while Steve groaned.

“I wish you didn’t do that every time we were together,” he said with a small smile.

“Hey, she’s the one who tells me about it!” Bucky said with a laugh. Steve rolled his eyes as you wrapped your arms around his waist.

“I’m sorry,” you said, frowning up at him. “I won’t tell him anymore.” You leaned up to kiss him again.

“It’s alright. Thanks for taking me to the movie.”

“Oh absolutely. I think we should go again, soon.” Steve smiled and nodded at you before kissing your forehead.

the-fox-says-fuck-you  asked:

Do you mind sharing a favorite soup recipie? Even if it's just a general description, soup is my favorite food and I love hearing new ideas! Hope you're having a nice afternoon 🍜

Soup! I love soup! I should make some before it gets too hot and summery. I don’t really ever follow recipes or measure things, I like to wing it, but I’ll write out some basic instructions for probably my favorite soup to make and eat:

Roasted red pepper, tomato, and white bean soup

One or two red bell peppers
A big can of diced tomatoes (I think the cans I get are 28oz)
A regular size can (15oz?) of white beans 
One onion, yellow or white
A carrot or two
A celery stalk or two
Garlic (I’m tired of dealing with garlic cloves so I get the minced kind in a jar)
Fresh basil
Whatever spices sound good to you
Vegetable stock

I start out by getting the red peppers into the oven and roasting while I chop up and prepare all my other ingredients. When everything is ready to go I first sauté the onions for a minute or two, then add the carrots and celery and some spices. I let them do their thing for a few minutes, then I add tons of garlic for the last minute or so. Next I add the diced tomatoes in their juice and some vegetable stock (or just water if I don’t have any on hand). I like my soup thick so I add just enough stock/water to cover all the stuff in the pot, bring it to a boil, then reduce heat to medium.

I leave it alone for a while and start doing the dishes that I’m done with and tidying up my kitchen. When the peppers are starting to look just about ready I turn off the heat on the soup so it can cool down a bit, because it’s gonna go in the blender. I give the peppers a few more minutes while I get out my blender. First I throw the basil into the blender and get it roughly chopped up, then I pop in the peppers. Next I start doing the soup, and it would be so much easier if I had an immersion blender but I don’t, so I have to do small batches and transfer each into this huge ass bowl that I have. Once it’s all blended I transfer it back into the pot, turn the heat back on for a few minutes, and add the (drained and rinsed) white beans. Then I taste it and see if it needs more spices. 

This makes enough for about six bowls I think. 

cassandra-maye  asked:

I have not been lucky enough to follow you that long, but I do now because you are a hella cool bean 👌🏼 Maybe 'chores' for the drabble?

Sanha hates chores.
He’s the youngest so he gets stuck doing them the most.
Day 1: sanhas stuck doing three days worth of dishes and he’s grumbling as he washes the first three bowls. Rocky pops his head into the kitchen, sees grumbling sanha. He was gonna go blast some music and do some choreo making but sanha looks miserable and as second youngest and sanhas best bud he feels like he should do something. He turns on his playlist of pump up jams, bumps sanhas hips with his, and grabs a rag to dry whatever sanha washes. Sanhas thankful he doesn’t have to do it alone.
Day 2: the bathroom needs cleaning. On the highkey sanha doesn’t really know how to clean a bathroom but the only other person at the dorm right now is moonbin who 1) is sleeping and 2) doesn’t know how to clean it probably. he sits in the bathroom for a solid five minutes, rubber gloves over his hands trying to figure out where to start, when a sleepy moonbin enters the bathroom and heads for the toilet. Sanha gets up and waits outside the door. When the door opens again, sanhas looking at bin with hopeful eyes, a sponge in hand and a bucket in the other. Bin knows what this means and sighs but takes the bucket from him anyway and the two of them figure out how to clean the bathroom together.
They didn’t do such a great job and when eunwoo came home the three of them re cleaned together.
Day 3: sanha is in charge of grocery shopping. Everyone hands sanha their individual lists. Except MJ. Because MJ doesn’t write stuff down he just tells sanha verbally. “I’m never gonna remember that just come with me if u want the stuff” MJ agrees and sanhas happy because he has company
It takes them an hour longer to find everything than they thought they would but that’s alright because they’ve bought everything they need and more.
Day 4: at the end of the week jinjin thanks him for all his help with keeping their living space tidy.
Sanha still hates chores,
But if he’s doing them with everyone it’s not so bad.

Wandering Hands ~ Got7 Jackson

Requested: First time make out session with Jackson. You’re nervous and he comforts you which leads into a heated make out session, which has Jacksons hands wandering around your body.. You scold him at first but then give in… Or did you?

Word Count: 2,016


“I’ll go get the snacks. You can pick out a movie.” Jackson suggested, nudging you towards his living room. Letting a small giggle escape your lips, you strolled towards Jackson’s living room, sitting down on the floor in front of his movie collection. 

This was your sixth date with Jackson, you guys met at your local coffee shop when you accidentally spilled your frappé all over him. You were embarrassed and a flustered mess but he was calm, cool and collected. If fact, Jackson recently confessed that your awkwardness is what attracted him to you. From then on you were extra cautious around him. You were the biggest klutz ever. 

‘The Hangover’ caught your eye, as you went through Jackson’s large collection of movies, smiling you remembered that he had told you it was his favorite movie. You leaned forward to grab it getting on all fours, your cheek against the light tan carpet as you extended your short arm to reach it. Looking up, you saw that you had gotten ahold of it. You pulled it out, smiling in satisfaction you leaned back to sit on your feet only to have your back bump into something. Startled, you looked up seeing Jackson inches away looking down at you his plump bottom lip in between his perfect teeth. 

He looked down at you with hooded eyes making you turn a deep shade of red. Why was he looking at you in such a sexual way..? Why were you liking the way he was looking at you? Your eyes wondered down Jackson’s tank top covered torso to his grey joggers he had on. His ‘package’ was inches from your head. Realizing the very awkward position you were in you got up quickly, fixing your light colored jean shorts. Tucking your loose strands of hair behind your ear you looked up at Jackson his cheeks tinted a light shade of pink as he stared down at the bowl of chips he had in his hand.

“I-I c-chose The H-Hangover..” You stuttered trying to ease the awkward tension between you guys. Jackson looked up at you giving you a wide smile, his mood changing completely. How could he change moods so quickly? He seems to be more skilled at this dating thing. You’ve never had a steady boyfriend so this was all new to you. 

Placing the bowl of chips on the glass coffee table along with the two bottles of Coke, Jackson grabbed the movie from your hand walking towards the DVD player, popping it in. You quickly adjusted your outfit, taking in a few deep breaths to calm yourself down. 

'It’s gonna be okay.. Don’t be nervous, (Y/N). Be cool! Be cool!!’ You mentally yelled at yourself, as you watched Jackson stroll back over to black leather couch, sitting down with his legs crossed, remote in hand. Your heart started to pound at the sight of your blonde boyfriend. He was so muscular and gorgeous from the face down. It made you wonder how you ended up with such a perfect human being. 

With his perfect, yet loud laugh… His accent he had when he spoke English.. The fact that he was fluent in various languages… His amazing physic… The way he danced.. His stupid puns.. Oh the way he looked at you…

“(Y/N)!” Jackson’s voice broke you from your thoughts. You looked down at him shaking your head a bit, he patted the seat next to him giving you a cute smile. You mentally slapped yourself for being such an airhead. Sitting down next to Jackson but leaving a small gap between you two, you also sat with your legs crossed, your eyes glued to the screen as the film you had chosen began.
About 30 minutes into the film you felt Jackson’s hand sliding towards you. Diverting your eyes down but still looking ahead you watched as his hand creep towards your thigh, stifling a gasp your body froze when you felt his large hand grip your thigh. Your heart racing a mile a minute, not knowing what to do you left his hand in its position and diverted your attention back to the movie. 

Minutes passed and you felt his hand start to move again. Swallowing slowly, you relaxed bit feeling it just wrap around your waist. This was normal, right? A little touching here and there during a home movie date, right? He wasn’t being a creeper?! Right?! Ugh! You hated the fact you had no dating experience. You were clueless when it came to these situations, especially now when you could use all the knowledge in the world.

Without warning, Jackson pulled your small frame towards him. You were now cuddling into his side. You felt goosebumps begin to rise, feeling his free hand pull both of your legs on his lap. So now basically you were half sitting on the couch and his lap. Holy cow! You must look like the reddest tomato in the garden. You kept your hands close to your chest as you bit your lip staring down at your red and white polka dotted socks. In your 6 weeks of dating Jackson he’s never shown so much skin ship, hell all he’s ever done was hug you and hold your hand. Of course the occasional peck on the lips but nothing more. None of this, that’s going down in his apartment, the both of you all alone.

You wanted to scream as dirty thoughts started to fill your head. “(Y/N).. Don’t be nervous.” Jackson whispered, making you look up. “Hmm..” You hummed in response, your lip still in between your teeth. Jackson’s hand wondered up your side to cup your face. The pad of his thumb softly pulled your bottom lip from your teeth, making you let out a shaky breath. Jackson started to lean in your first clenched a bit harder out of nervousness. You shut your eyes tightly as Jackson’s lips finally met yours. Relaxing under his touch, your first unclenched going weak, your eyes opened again lazily but closed quickly. Jackson’s lips moved in sync with yours, the tips of your fingers grazed his chin and jawline. His hands wandered down your waist to your exposed thighs squeezing them lightly pulling you even closer to so you were fully sitting on his lap.

Not thinking of much Jackson took even more control pushing his tongue pass your lips into your mouth. You let out a small moan making Jackson’s fingers dig into your outer thigh. Your arms wrapped around his neck, your fingers ran through his hair messing up the comb over look he had. Your long nails grazed his scalp, as you felt him bite your bottom lip. You didn’t know where all of this came from but you’d be lying to yourself if you said you weren’t enjoying it. Jackson’s hands wandered up your thighs, reaching behind gripping your butt, giving it a light squeeze. Pulling away from the heated make out session you looked into Jackson’s eyes both you red in the face.

“I’m not ready to take it… 'That’.. Far..” You whispered, raising your eyebrows as you said the word, 'that’. You wanted to take this one step at a time, that and your a virgin who’s never even gone to first base.. Till about a few seconds ago. Jackson smiled, nodding his head. Gripping your cheeks tenderly in his hands he leaned in placing a kiss on your lips. Your shoulders slump in satisfaction of having his lips back on yours. Not wanting it to end it was you who deepened the kiss, your fingers now completely tangled in his blonde locks. Jackson’s hands grabbed your waist placing you down against the cool leather.
Your eyes fluttered at his fingers softly grazing up your arm although you had told him moments ago you weren’t ready for sex, your body was responding in a different way. 

“Jackson..” You mumbled against his lips making him pull away, placing his forehead on yours. “Yes?” He panted in response. You only looked down his gaze following yours. You were now looking at Jackson’s large hand on your clothed breast. Your felt your face heat up all the way up to your ears. Jackson was now in between your legs, his hand on your breast. You didn’t expect any of this to happen today. He stared down at his hand not uttering a word. It was silent, the only sound was the ignored movie on the TV, your pulse in your ears and your’s and Jackson’s ragged breathing.

“Um..” Jackson muttered, his hand on your breast clenching a bit making your toes curl. You quickly grabbed his face smashing your lips to yours, wanting to ease the awkward feeling in the air. Grabbing the hand that was on your breast you swiftly moved it lower to your waist, you felt Jackson groan in disappointment feeling the lose of contact and by his phone ringing.

You giggle against his lips, as he pecked them one last time getting up from on top you. You watched as Jackson leaned forward grabbing his phone. Reading the caller ID he rolled his eyes slightly swiping to answer it.

“Hello?” He answered, fixing his hair. You smiled at the messy masterpiece you created on his head. Sitting up you fixed your shirt and hair, pulling your knees to chest as you stared at Jackson’s annoyed expression.

“No, BamBam. I haven’t been on Instagram. I’m pretty sure Mark’s lying…” Jackson shook his head rubbing his eyes. But you watched lovingly as he talked to BamBam. He always answers to BamBam’s calls no matter how ridiculous they were.

“BamBam! For the last time, I haven’t been on Instagram so I’m pretty sure I haven’t liked Mark’s picture before yours. Calm down..” Jackson leaned back into the couch crossing his free arm against his chest, agreeing to whatever BamBam was saying.

“Fine, fine.. Yeah.. Yeah.. If I don’t like your picture first Jackbam is over… Okay, but BamBam?” Jackson sat up sitting straight you raised your eyebrows at his serious tone of voice. “MARKSON FOREVER!!!!” He yelled into the phone, hanging up quickly. You stared at him questionably. Jackson scooted towards you, trying to set the mood and again but you couldn’t take it seriously after what you just witnessed.

“Markson forever?” You questioned raising your eyebrows at him. Jackson gave you a cheeky smile,“It’s not what you think.”

“Hmm!” You hummed playfully diverting your attention back to the forgotten movie, although you didn’t know what was going on you wanted to give Jackson a fake cold shoulder. You felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist pulling you into a bear hug. You looked at Jackson who’s face was inches from yours. Staring into his wide brown eyes your heart started to melt at the sight of them. You felt like you were gonna combust at how fast your heart was beating.  

“I’m happy being with you.” Jackson confessed making your heart leap. 

“I’m happy being with you too.” You admitted, looking down. Jackson’s soft lips found your pink colored cheek giving it a soft peck.

“Wanna start the movie over?” He asked looking at the screen, which was now playing the end credits. You nodded grabbing the remote to click the main menu.

“I should get us new sodas.” He grabbed the warm sodas getting up walking towards the kitchen. “Are you gonna like Mark’s picture first?” You called after him, staring at the main menu on the screen.

“You bet!” Jackson laughed in response. You laughed shaking your head at your adorable childlike boyfriend. You smiled knowing that you were gonna be happy with him for a long tim. Clicking play on the movie, Jackson’s returned to the living room placing the drinks on the coffee table, sitting down next to you. He wrapped his arm around you, kissing the top of your head, snuggling your face into his chest smiling at what could be one of the best dates ever.


-Admin Kat

Charmer Part II - Sebastian Stan x Reader


Sebastian Stan x Reader where Seb has a celeb crush (hint: it’s you) and rants about it in an interview, and then on the Tonight Show you pop up and surprise him, and later you end up meeting again on the red carpet.

Note: back by popular demand! (actually only like 4 ppl but still) honestly I live for this man. ps I know almost nothing abt his personal life so don’t take anything written as gospel okay? cool. -Aly

Warning: language, some v nice making out, sex is implied(legit it says, ‘sex happened’… not smut…soz)

Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines

With a bowl of cereal in hand, you plop yourself down on your couch and unlock your phone. You scroll through the pictures and interviews from last night, feeling confident and sexy in your dress. It’s black with an open back and plunging v neckline that accented and flaunted your curves amazingly. Your hair was done perfectly, and your metallic smokey eye and deep red matte lipstick are flawless. Not to mention the fact that every angle was your good angle.

You scroll some more, pausing when you see a picture of Sebastian Stan. Sweet jesus, he’s wearing a black suit with a deep red dress shirt and has a damned smirk on his face and…jesus.

You have to pause and take a break to fan yourself.

You continue on reluctantly, passing videos of interviews carelessly. You watch a couple of them, usually they’re basic and just have information about the actor’s or actress’ newest movie. When you reach one with Sebastian, you watch it…because honestly, your just here for the asshole named SebStan.

The video shows Sebastian standing there, and the interviewer asks, “When did you last see (you full name)?” Sebastian laughs slightly and sighs, dropping his head.

“Depends. I saw a picture of her like five minutes ago, but I saw her in person on the Tonight Show last.” He laughs and the reporter can be heard chuckling. “But we have texted a bit.”

“Great! Thank you for your time, Sebastian!” The reporter waves as Sebastian backs away and the video ends.

You grin and open the message app.

Me👸: You been spying on me, Mr. Stan? ;)

You set your phone down to go get more cereal and a glass of juice. Your phone pings.

Sebby💙: What makes you say that?
Me👸: I saw the little interview you did on the red carpet.
Sebby💙: …which one?
Me👸: You said you saw pictures of me five minutes before 😏
Sebby💙: …oh. ha…
Me👸: I think it’s cute…
Me👸: wanna get pizza?
Sebby💙: oh thank god I thought I creeped you out.
Sebby💙: uh duh… I love pizza
Me👸: fucktastic. meet me at Paparino’s?
Sebby💙: my favorite!

You set your phone down, place your dishes in the sink, and get dressed in a black tshirt and jeans. You put on some simple eyeliner and pick some blue matte lipstick before grabbing your keys and jacket and shoes.

Seeing as how Paparino’s is only a block away, you decide to walk there, enjoying the sun on your face. The sidewalks are fairly empty, most people at work or school.

You get to the diner and shoot Sebastian a quick text saying that you’re here, before sitting at a booth and ordering a milkshake.

You’re scrolling through Twitter when the door pings and Sebastian sits across from you. “Hey! Sorry, Chris called and asked if I could drop off a jacket he left at my place and then my mom called and gave me a lecture on asking women out… actually… asking you out.” He blushes and you grin.

“Well, Sebastian, lets speed the process up… Welcome to our first date!” You wink, giving an exaggerated arm wave over the pizza place.

He chuckles, shaking his head, “My ma would kill me if she found out you asked me out.”

“Well, I did. I wear the damn pants, now,” you tease, lowering your voice to a masculine pitch.

The waiter comes over and the two of you order a meat lover’s special. As you wait, the two of you gossip like Jewish mothers from New Jersey.

The pizza comes, and the flow of conversation is barely impaired as you two laugh at the other’s face, having a competition to see who can make the most sexual face with pizza hanging from their mouth. You’re snapping pictures of Sebastian, planning to tweet them and gift the fangirls (and boys) with them later.

The two of you eat the entire large size pizza, sitting back in your booths and patting your stomachs. Of course, it turns into an argument as to who’s foodbaby is the best, and eventually Sebastian is sliding into your side of the booth as the two of you rub each other’s bellies.

Yes, his abs are as real as can be, and even with slight bloating, he’s more muscled than you. Good lord, this man cannot be real.

Eventually he’s leaning over, pressing his lips to your tummy and talking to the foodbaby, complaining about how you’re so mean to him, which earns him a soft whack on the back of his head. What he can’t see, though, is your gentle smile as you imagine having an actual child with Sebastian.

Deciding that he’s tortured your mommy instincts enough, you pull him up and out of the booth, slapping your money into the table and leaving. The two of you walk down the sidewalk towards Central Park, laughing and flirting and teasing each other.

The two of you are sitting at a park bench silently, just enjoying each other’s presence and people watching. You glance up at Sebastian, admiring his chiseled jaw and gorgeous eyes and flawless hair. “Psst,” you whisper. Sebastian’s face turns toward you.

“What?” He whispers back.

“You’re pretty fucking cool,” you mumble, pressing your lips to the corner of his mouth. When you pull away you’re both still for a moment, then his lips are against yours. It’s kind of messy, with tongues and some teeth, but it’s amazing to you. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy Sebastian Stan sucking on their lower lip?

Oxygen separates the two of you, and it’s a mutual agreement to continue at your apartment-it’s closest. The whole time you walk back, Sebastian’s thumb is rubbing your knuckles, and the two of you share brief glances. The only reason you’re alive is because you know tonight will end with cuddles. Whether you have sex before-or after-or not is still undecided. It’s probably a yes.

Hell yeah, get it.

You unlock you door after the two of you arrive, and enter. The door shuts behind you as Sebastian pulls you in for another kiss. This one is slower, much more loving, as he gently tugs on your lip, swiping his tongue into your mouth.

The two of you slowly travel through your small apartment, ending up on your bed eventually. Sebastian pulls back to make sure you’re okay with everything, and when you say yes, you’re both right back at it.

Sex definitely happened.

Movie Nights

Requested- Yes! You too can request here
Word Count- 1k
Summary- Calum and Y/N’s movie night leads to something more that might threaten their friendship

A/N- Hey guys, sorry my writing has been on the short side lately but I’m on vacation and don’t have a ton of time to spend writing but I promise when I get back things will be longer!!

Originally posted by bwfivesos

It had been a week since you’d spoken to him. A whole week had passed since your last interaction with Calum and all of your body felt heavy. No part of your friendship had broken in the eight years you’d known Calum. Even when time-zones and sleep loss threatened to keep you from talking to your best friend, but now only your own mistakes kept you apart. No, not your mistakes. His mistakes had caused the rift in what had felt like an unbreakable bond. 

Light faded from your living room as the credits on the fourth movie of the night rolled down the screen. Your head rested on his shoulder, the rise of each breath soothing in the now complete darkness. A bottle of liquor sat on the table, the traces of both of your lips lingering in the dim illumination. 

“We need more snacks,” Calum murmured standing from the couch as you whimpered lightly at the loss of contact. Warmth was pulled from you as the blanket previously draped across both of you fell to the ground. You groaned, finally standing and following him into the kitchen. Soft blue light glowed against his skin as he stood in the doors of the refrigerator.

“Watcha’ doing Cal?”

“Just thinking about life, you know the usual. Oh and looking for butter to add to the popcorn,” He grinned, his smile lighting up the space, “Remember when we were little and we’d watch movies until 11 and thought we were so rebellious,” You giggled at the memory you shared. 

“We were the coolest kids around,” You spoke, pushing yourself up onto the cool surface of the counter, hissing at the harsh sting against your skin. 

“So what movie do you want to watch next sunshine?” He said while pouring the fresh popcorn into a bowl, extending it to you with a grin. 

“Sunshine? That’s new,” You smirked, popping the snack into your mouth. Together you retreated back to the living room, as you once again curled into his shoulder.

“Oh, I love that movie,” You cried as your favorite romantic film crossed the Netflix queue, Calum scrambling to scroll back.

“It’s so sweet Calum, they start out as enemies-” Your voice slurred slightly as you explained it to him, doing your best to not reveal the surprises that had made your heart soar the first time you watched it. You looked up at him, his eyes swirling as he gazed at you, occasionally glancing at your lips as you spoke. He pulled you closer to him, causing you to stop speaking as his hand brushed across your back to hold you. Tension filled your lungs in the seconds before your lips crashed together. Each movement of his soft lips seemed to mirror your own. Noses and teeth clashed as the passion grew, your chest flush against his as your hips settled on his own, the unfamiliar situation with a familiar person causing you to smile lightly into the kiss. Seconds turned to minutes with every contact of skin launching your heart to soar again.  Once he finally pulled away for more than a breath, you shifted yourself off him and nestled into his body. Your breathing slowed as the heat faded from your skin. As your eyes began to flutter shut, you heard your best friend whisper the dreaded words“I love you”.

A knock on your apartment door pulled your attention from the half finished batch of cupcakes currently spread across your kitchen island. You dusted the flour from you hands onto the apron hanging from your neck before slinging it onto the hook beside the door. The door swung open to reveal Calum, his eyes puffy and his curls hidden beneath a hat. 

“Cal, I-” His arms wrapped around you, holding you to him as you seemed to soak each other in. A week of uncertain feelings had taken it’s emotional toll on both of you, the disconnection unknown in the friendship till now. 

“Y/N, I’m sorry it took me this long to realize what I’d done and to have the courage to face you about it. I really liked kissing you but even if that was mutual I shouldn’t have expected you to feel the same as me. I half expected Luke and Micheal to come give me shit about it, don’t even say you didn’t tell them, you’re best friends,” He spoke, smiling when he spoke of his bandmates who were always ready to call him out on any problems between you two. You pulled him into the apartment, wrapping your hand around both of his in order to drag his frame into the space. 

“Best friends? I thought you were my best friend?” You giggled, the weight of your unspoken fight lifting from your shoulders as he playfully pushed you in retaliation. 

“If it’s okay with you sunshine, I’d like to try for a little more than best friends,” Closing the space between your bodies, you nodded simply before once again pressing your lips to your best friend. 

beers, booths, and bisous

for: piper // @whitetstyles
by: francesca // @fromherlips
a story about homecoming week, free food, and everything a dollar can buy you. 
word count: 5900+
warnings: alcohol
main pairing: harry/ofc

Harry has never missed a meeting for Student Life. He attends weekly meetings to discuss upcoming events on campus, helps organize and set up, and works the events if necessary. He sends e-mails, recruits at organization fairs, and serves his duties as a member to the best of his ability. Really, if anything, he’s a model student–as much as he hates to admit it.  

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Kili and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Halloween

(This is dedicated to the wonderful padblack, both as a birthday pressie and as a thank you for her adorable bb!Durin ficlets. Happy birthday, hon, and I hope you’re enjoying Bavaria! And to all who celebrate this season, Happy Halloween!)

Summary: Even an awesome superhero can get sick, and it takes another equally awesome superhero to save the day…

Kili was miserable.

It was Halloween, and he had the coolest costume ever—he was going to be Captain America. Fili was going as Thor. Dis’ sewing machine, which both her sons were convinced was magical, had created the costume, and Thorin had worked his own brand of magic, transforming an old oversized pizza pan into the iconic shield, and a Styrofoam block and a broken broom handle into the mighty hammer. He felt like he could take on the Red Skull, a battalion of Chitauri, and anyone else that came at him.

 What he didn’t see coming…was a cold.

 It started the night before with a scratchy throat, and by morning it was full blown sniffles, a low fever, and coughing. He’d been kept home from school that day, missing the party in class (and Mrs. Bombur was going to bring pumpkin cupcakes too …) Fili had pleaded that he be allowed to take his brother “just for a little while, Mum, just around the block then straight back home.” But Dis was having none of it, and the “no” was gentle and sad, but unequivocally firm.

 So there he sat in his rad costume, bundled up in a blanket on the sofa, a cup of warm cider in his hands and a box of tissues next to him, feeling very sorry for himself. Not even Monsters Inc. could raise a smile out of him, and neither could his mother’s very best homemade sugar cookies. Fili had given him a half-hearted smile, promising that he’d get back early and they’d do something fun together. Kili just nodded and continued crumbling a cookie into the napkin on his lap.

 Life sucked.

 The DVD was just ending when Fili came back, lugging a bulging sack of treats. There was a twinkle in the bright blue eyes, and the smile was far brighter than the one he’d been wearing earlier.  “Hey, Cap, get your mask and come upstairs with me.  And bring your trick or treat bag.”


 “You’ll find out.  Come on.”

 Kili did as he was asked, and found his brother at the door of their mother’s room. “I’m going inside there, and I want you to knock on the door and say ‘trick or treat!’” Kili’s eyebrows came down in the frown that reminded everyone so much of his uncle.  “C’mon, this is gonna be fun.  Just do it this once and see.” He stepped into the room and closed the door.

 Kili thought about just going back downstairs and finding another movie. He didn’t think Fili was making fun of him – he’d never done that – but he didn’t understand what was going on.  Finally he huffed out a sigh, raised his little fist and knocked on the door. “Trick or treat!” He kept his voice low so no one else would hear him.  If this was a joke, he was going to pound his big brother ….

 The bedroom door opened and Fili’s eyes went wide with surprise.  “Wow, what a great costume! That deserves a special treat!” And three mini candy bars and a wrapped popcorn ball plopped into Kili’s bag. “Happy Halloween!”

 Kili just stared at the largesse, then up at his brother. “Thank you…” he finally managed, and a tiny grin appeared.

 “Oh, we’re not done yet.  Follow me.”  Fili went to the next door on the hallway, his mother’s sewing room, and instructed his little brother to knock once again.  This time the ‘trick or treat’ was louder, and Fili’s smile could have rivaled the Thunder God’s lightning bolts for brightness.  More candy and other goodies joined the first batch.

 Through the house they went, and at each door Kili let out a “Trick or treat!” that grew in enthusiasm with every knock. Dis was in the kitchen when they came in, and together she and Fili went behind the pantry door, both exclaiming over the wonderful costume. Dis added an extra treat to his bag and hugged both of her sons, love and pride in equal measure shining in her eyes.

 By the time they’d gone through every room, Kili had a hefty sack of loot, and his smile outshone his brother’s.  He gave Fili a hug, careful not to let his nose get in contact with the awesome costume. “Thank you, this is great!” Fili hugged him back, then Kili pulled back, a very serious expression clouding the chocolate eyes.  “B-but this isn’t fair,” he murmured, “you can’t give me so much of your stuff…”

 “I didn’t give you my stuff, silly; I gave you your stuff.” Fili grinned at the confusion stamped all over Kili’s face.  “When I was out tonight, everybody asked where you were. I guess they were really looking forward to seeing that cool costume—you must have told the whole neighborhood.” Kili ducked his head, embarrassment coloring his pale cheeks. “When I told them you were home with a cold, they all gave me extra and told me to take it home to you. So that’s what I did.  I just thought giving it to you this way might be a little more fun, and make you feel like you didn’t miss out on so much after all.”

“It was a wonderful idea,” Dis said.

 “Oh, and Mrs. Bombur said that when you feel better, she saved a pumpkin cupcake for you—you’re supposed to come over after school one day and get it. I was afraid I’d squash it if I tried to carry it home in the bag.”

 “Neat!  Still wish they coulda seen my costume, though – bet nobody had as good ones as we did.”

 “That’s all right; next year I’ll make one even better—I’ve already got some ideas,” Dis told them. “Now, how about both of you get into your pajamas, I’ll fix some popcorn…”

 “With extra butter?” Kili piped up.

 “Like there’s any other kind? And we’ll watch something together, maybe one of the Harry Potter movies?”

 “Azkaban!” two voices chorused. Both boys thought Sirius Black was spooky but very cool, and watching Draco Malfoy freak out at the Shrieking Shack always made them giggle.

 “Azkaban it is. Scoot now!”

 Two pairs of feet thundered up the stairs, and they were back down in record time. Popcorn, blankets, and sodas were ready, and Kili plopped down next to his brother, favorite red bowl in his lap. Fili grabbed his purple one and popped the tabs on their sodas. “So is this an okay Halloween after all?” Fili asked during a quiet part of the movie.

 “The best!”

NerdCon Thoughts

When I went out on stage to introduce NerdCon: Stories to the world I said a true thing that I was a little afraid to admit…I didn’t yet know what it was going to be. 

Like, I knew who we’d invited to do stuff on stage, I knew what the panels were, and what performances there would be, but I think a conference is just like any other platform: You don’t try to force people to use it the way you want them to, you create it and then you leave people alone to make of it what they will.

And so I really didn’t know what NerdCon: Stories (or the broader idea of NerdCon as a collection of celebrations of various enthusiasms) would be. And so I watched through cracks in doors, and from back stage, and inside audiences, and on my own panels and I basically just spied on the conference and here’s what I’ve figured out. 

It was special for some of the reasons I anticipated, and for some other reasons that were a complete surprise to me. 

  1. It was a chance to treat some nerds like the stars they are. VidCon featured guests, for the most part, already know they’re a big deal. But authors and podcasters and game creators…these people have huge impacts but for the most part they live pretty underground lives. I wanted to put them on stage and treat them like Brad Pitt…treat them like the massively influential nerds they are. This worked…it worked really well and I loved it.
  2. The diversity of kinds of creators built a vibe that was way more cool than I was expecting. Mostly authors hang out with authors at conferences. Radio producers all know each other. New York theater people are caught up in New York theater stuff and musicians are always aware of other musicians. But put all of those people into a bowl and shake it and I had no idea what cool things would pop out. Everyone was just so happy to get to hang out and perform with cool people who did things they didn’t really understand. I’ve heard people complain that the conference’s focus was too non-specific, but I think that broad cast (while certainly not letting us dive deep on talent in any particular vertical) let us dive maybe even deeper on the actual topics being discussed.
  3. The focus on fun was a kind of accident, but I can see now that I clearly did it on purpose. Like, I didn’t sit down and say, “The vibe of this conference should be irreverent and peculiar,” but I did ask a bunch of New York Times Best-Selling Authors if they’d like to play “What’s In My Mouth?” on stage. Both special guests and attendees caught on to this before I did, and almost immediately the reality that you silly and serious can go back to back seemed very natural. 
  4. The attendees were just fantastic. So many great questions, so much respect, so much interest, so much enthusiasm. Everyone was there to have a FRIKKIN GOOD TIME and it was obvious. Some of the panels hit touchy, important, difficult topics, and everyone handled themselves so fantastically. I don’t know if it’s just Minneapolis people or if it was that the conference was a lot smaller than others I’ve been to or if it was just a crowd of people who clearly were up for whatever (having bought a ticket to a weird mysterious event) but they were all such cool people. 

I’ve come out of this event energized and amazed. I honestly can’t believe we got so many fascinating awesome people to come to this thing. This is also the first conference I’ve ever done that didn’t sell out, so that’s something to consider. Maybe I really just made a conference for me and other people aren’t ever going to be super interested in it. And though it didn’t make any money, it didn’t lose a ton either, so I think we are absolutely going to do it again next year. 

After all, VidCon lost a similar amount in year one.

And now I have a better idea of what I think NerdCon might be and want to immediately start planning on focused on science and possibly one focused on the core of Nerdfighteria. The thing that I thought when I decided NerdCon might be a thing has not changed…and that is that people love stuff, and that feeling of enjoying and celebrating something you really love with other people who really love it is so frikkin’ good. 

I don’t think there are enough opportunities to do that, so I want to make that happen. So, look out for more NerdCons in the future.


Cake Pops can be made in soooo many different ways, this is just a simple vanilla recipe to get you started. They won’t take long once your use to using the mould. Sometimes it can be easier to pip the mixture into them rather than spooning it in,

They’re only small you your only need -

1 Egg

75g Caster Sugar

75g Self-raising Flour 

75g Softened Butter

1 tsp Vanilla essence

Preheat you oven to 170 degrees. Cream together the butter and sugar until fluffy (an electric whisk will make it super easy)

Beat the egg and add the vanilla to the egg. Slowly add this mixture to the butter mixture. Fold in the flour.

Into your cake pop moulds spoon or pip the mixture into one half, close the mould and bake for 10 minutes on a baking tray.

Leave to cool slightly before taking out of the moulds and place on a cooling rack. 

Refill and keep going till you’ve used up your mixture.

I chose to decorate mine by melting chocolate over a hot pan in a bowl and then dipping them into the chocolate, I then covered with gold sprinkles ! 

They’re so good for different occasions just change the decorations, or filling to suit ! 

Halloween - Part 4 - Michael Clifford

couldn’t find a fuckin gif of Michael with red hair ffs but this gif is hot so oh well

Ashton: x

Luke: x

Calum: x

“Y/N! Hurry up!” Your younger brother called back for you. You were forced to take him trick-or-treating even though you wanted to stay in bed and eat all the discounted Halloween candy your parents originally bought to pass out to the children but your mom was feeling under the weather and your dad had to work late, leaving you to drag the kid along through your neighborhood. You love your brother, of course you do, but you honestly had better things to do like stuff your face and watch TV.

“I’m coming! Slow down.” You grumbled, but started to laugh when your little brother excitedly ran up the path of a spooky looking house. You waited at the curb for them before they walked beside you this time along the side walk. You knew this house; it belonged to Michael Clifford. He went to your school and he was in your Science class last year, but you’ve never spoken more than two words to each other. You thought he was the hottest guy at your school, not only for his incredibly good looks but because the other guys at your school were nothing to you, either jerks, jocks, or both. Michael was the only one that seemed like a decent human being and it helped that he was hot. He was perfection. You felt lucky that he lived just three houses down from you.

You walked up the path with your little sibling, even though you would have normally waited at the curb. You hoped that Michael was home just like you planned to do, and you hoped even more that he’d gotten stuck with passing out candy.

Your eyes lit up when a familiar head of colorful hair pops up as the door opens.

“Hey Y/N.” Michael smiled at you, making you swoon silently. A bowl of candy was in his hand and you thanked the heavens and gods above that your wishes had come true for tonight. Suddenly, taking your brother trick-or-treating didn’t seem so terrible.

“Hey Michael.” You replied casually, even though you were internally screaming.

“Trick or treat!” Your little brother spoke up, breaking up your little exchange with your crush.

“Oh, sorry little man. Cool Iron man costume.” Michael grinned down at your brother as he dropped some candy into his pillowcase.

“You got stuck with candy duty?” You asked Michael, wondering where this sudden confidence to say something other than ‘hey’ came from.

“Yeah, it blows.” Michael sighed, though there was a small smile on his perfectly rosy lips.

“I feel ya, I got stuck with dragging this one around all night.” You nodded you head towards your brother, who caught on.

“Hey!” He complained and you chuckled.

“Meet me at the curb, and don’t move.” You pointed a stern finger to your brother, who rolled his eyes under his Iron Man mask and trudged to the curb. You just wanted another second alone with Michael since conversation seemed to be going well between you two.

“You, um, you look great.” Michael complimented you shyly, rubbing his stubble lined chin nervously.

“Thanks. I like your hair color. It looks redder than it did the other day.” You pointed up to his bright red head of hair.

“Thanks, I just re-dyed it today since I thought I was going to be going out tonight.”

“Yeah, I had plans too.” You shrugged, trying to seem cool. Your plans were admittedly pathetic, hardly even considered plans but Michael was cool and had friends. All your friends were at Halloween parties that you weren’t invited to.

“Well, maybe tonight doesn’t have to be a total bust for the both of us.” Michael insinuates and you struggled to catch on.

“What do you mean?”

He took a small step towards you, “When you’re done taking him trick-or-treating, you could make another round back here…alone.”

You swallowed thickly at this. He actually wanted to hang out with you? You struggled to believe it.

“Yeah, I guess I could do that.” You smiled slyly, hiding your actual nerves.

“Great, see you soon. I’ll be waiting.” With that, he winked as he stepped back inside and closed the door. You’d be waiting too, quite impatiently, that was for sure. Needless to say, your pathetic Halloween night had become one of the best nights of your life, spent making out with your biggest crush Michael Clifford from Science class.


i hope you’ve enjoyed reading these! Happy Halloween! :D xx

Jimmy Crack Corn Pie

2 cans of corn (drained)
Ritz crackers(2 tubes)
Yellow bird Serrano Sauce
One bright red bell pepper
One yellow onion
One pound of bacon
2 eggs

Cook your pound of bacon for 10 minutes on broil. Use a cooking sheet with edges on it so you can save the bacon grease and so it doesn’t run out into the oven and burn your house down. Save the grease, we are going to use it later.
Once bacon is cooled chop into small pieces.(set aside about 1 tablespoon)

Take 2 tubes of Ritz crackers and smash them up while still in the package. Be careful not to pop open the ends. They can be smashed the rest of the way with a potato masher in a mixing bowl. You can also use your hands to break the last hold out chunks of crackers into a fine dust.

Chop a ¼ of the onion into tiny pieces.

Chop ½ of the red bell pepper into Teeny Tiny pieces (if you are noticing a theme here, you are right. We are going to camouflage the bell pepper and onions by making them smaller then the bacon. Kids will Never notice little fuckers!! Ha Ha Ha!!)

Dip a folded paper towel into the cool bacon grease and while down a pie pan.
In a large mixing bowl mix  one stick of melted butter with about a 1 ½ cups of your Ritz cracker dust until it is a nice cracker paste.  Add ¼ cup of your bacon grease. Spread that mix into the bottom and sides of your pie pan. Push it up as far as you can on the sides of the pan.

In a large saucepan combine your drained corn, onions, bell pepper, bacon and a dash of salt. Bring to a hot simmer and cook for 3-4 minutes. Stir very well. Add in 2 heaping tablespoons of flour a ¼ cup of milk and a ¼ cup of Yellow Bird Serrano sauce. Stir up mixture so it is a pretty thick paste. Turn off the heat and add 2 eggs and stir that shit up again!

Add mixture to your pie pan. Careful not to mess up the crust. Cover with the rest of your Ritz cracker dust. Use your fingers to spread the crust even so it covers all the mic. Sprinkle your set aside chopped bacon and give it a squirt of the Yellow Bird sauce to make it look professional!

Bake at 400° for 20 minutes until it is golden brown. Let it cool and solidify a bit. Enjoy twice *Wink*