no the near future is not tonight

PJO/HOO characters as things my friends have said (spring 2017 edition)
  • Nico: The gods got halfway through me and said "it's useless" and threw me in the reject pile yet here i am!
  • Sally: *notices divorce papers* OwO what's this?
  • Annabeth: Appreciate my science you ungrateful mango
  • Octavian: Do you fuk wit da war?
  • Paul blofis: I look like the creepy uncle at the barbecue who comments too much on your khaki shorts
  • Leo: FUCK PIZZA CRUST *proceeds to try and make a sassy exit but instead face plants into the ground*
  • Jason: *whispers* who am-*sings loudly* WHO AM I
  • Hazel: Like this vine if you've ever..... Died.... Inside Before
  • Reyna: I'm starting a new band called "Tragically Queer". You can find us collabing with panic at the dick in the near future.
  • Frank: Leave me and my bae alone you meme lords
  • Piper: might as well call me your waitress CUS I'M GONNA BE SERVIN UP SOME TEA FOR YOU TONIGHT LADIES
  • Will: My mom said i can't hang out tonight
A Cinderella Story | 01

Min Yoongi | Fluff | Comedy | Smut | ACS!au | Fratboy!Yoongi | 

word count: 10k+

warnings: cumplay, mutual masturbation, phone sex, tribute, explicit language

❝ Your infatuation with Min Yoongi has to be what is the most exhausting part of your life, and in an attempt to help you get over him your friends convince you to join an online adult chat room. Unbeknownst to you the online freak you’ve been sexting for the better half of a year is your childhood crush. Just how much worst could this situation get? One fated night, a confession gone wrong and a lost phone with an almost laughable amount of nudes on it will tell all.  ❞

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Paper Hearts (Part 12)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 4.2k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

1 ♡ 2  ♡ 3  4   5   6   7   8   9  ♡ 10  ♡ 11  ♡ 12  ♡ 13

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Camera Shy (Part 2)

Summary:  AU. Jughead is an aspiring photographer. His final project requires him to shoot nude photos of someone who inspires him. With no one else to ask Jughead asks Betty. Insecure of her body Betty is quick to shoot the idea down, until Jughead reminds her that she owes him. - Bughead leading to eventual smut.

Part One

Read on AO3 here

A big thank you to everyone who has liked, commented and reblogged this story so far. Your support means so much to me and I love you all so much. I hope you like this next installment.

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the toronto maple leafs are in the playoffs for the first time in four years and i’m a little emotional so bear with me but i had to write something.

i went into this game hoping for the best, the absolute best, but i knew what to expect because this is the leafs and losing this game would be such a leafs thing to do, right? i knew that there was a good chance that tonight would be the end of a season that defied expectations yet somehow ensured that those expectations were still there. but i had to hope because if there’s anything leafs fans are good at, it’s holding on to hope.

and holy fuck, against all odds, they fucking did it. they’ve clinched a playoff spot. this game had the makings of every other leafs games that should have went right but somehow went wrong. freddie got hurt, which is a huge blow not only because of his skill in the net but because of the surety the leafs seem to have when he’s on the ice. there were some messy penalties, some botched plays. jake accidentally kicked a puck into their own net. this game was going to be another disappointment.

yet, somehow, they came back. they fought to the finish. kasperi kapanen turned the tides by scoring his first. the toronto boy, connor brown, scored the game winning goal to bring them to the playoffs. auston matthews, a guy who defies all odds by simply being who he is and coming from where he comes from, scored his 40th goal in his rookie season. all of this, as well as the goals from jvr and bozak, two vets who finally showed what they can do, has brought the leafs to the playoffs. and mac, god, what can i say about mac. that man literally had the weight of the world on his shoulders tonight. he wasn’t supposed to play this game but holy shit, did he play. a huge part of this win is because of him.

the toronto maple leafs are in the playoffs, the toronto maple leafs are in the playoffs, the toronto maple leafs are in the playoffs. say it again and again until it sinks in because it’s true and it’s going to be true from here on out. this is the beginning of a very promising future for a team who no one expected to be anywhere near the playoffs this season. this is the beginning of a promising future for a team who not only defies expectations but sets new ones.


Love Unintentional (Part 2)

Word Count: 2842

A/M: So this is Part Two of my story *Love Unintentional (Part 1). The first one went extremely well and I’m so happy for it, thank you! :) There will be more parts to this story, look for them the next coming fridays! I hope you like it! Tell me if you do! Xx

*Other Parts: Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

The driver pulled up to the curb on your side as a red carpet welcomed you to the premiere. Suddenly you felt butterflies in your stomach as you looked out the window to the crowd of people, fans and cameras. With the thoughts of your boyfriend and relationship in peril still in your mind, you began to feel sick. 


“Hey.” You heard Harry call your attention, “It’ll be okay. You’ll do fine." 

"But what if they ask a question that I don’t know how to answer? What if something slips and this huge lie is out there? If that happens we’re both screwed.” You frowned now feeling more anxious than ever.

He just simply smiled, “Just stay with me when doing interviews. I’ll handle it." 

"What are you going to say then?" 

"We’ll tell them the truth." You raised an eyebrow not understanding what the hell he meant by that. But he just shrugged it off, "If you’re ever feeing anxious or nervous, just come over to me. I’ve got you.” He assured which made you feel a lot better. 

He smiled, “Now stay right here. I’ll get the door for you.” It was then that you realized that he had held your hand the whole drive as he finally let it go. 

You felt yourself blush, until he finally showed up as he opened the door to your side and smiled, “It’s now or never love.” He said as he reached his hand out to you. 

You smiled and took it as you stepped out of the car with him arm in arm. 

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Imagine rich CEO Hyungwon

•as the secretary to your boss, you accompany them to an important work function
•except, why do you need to be at this event
•you dolled yourself up, put on a pair of killer heels, and brought your work tablet for note taking
•but when your boss picked you up they exchanged your tablet for a small, expensive handbag
•you’re confused and slightly annoyed as you’ll now have to try and memorize any important mentions of business
•you voice this to your boss on the way to the venue, and they tell you you’re not going as a secretary, but as a representative of the company
•"as head secretary, you know more about the company, it’s inner-workings, and its partnerships than anyone else besides me.“
•whatever, point is you’re bored and you’ve only been here about 45 minutes
•eyes wandering around the room you spot many other businessmen and women
•all of them holding flutes of champagne, only the finest, and small plates of appetizers
•you look to your boss and find them engrossed in a conversation with a business partner, but they’re only discussing family and fancy vacations
•your feet are starting to hurt so you start to wander around in search for a chair
•in the room over all the lounge areas are already taken
•you scan the room again when you see him
•tall, slightly mysterious, with dark locks falling over his forehead
•he exudes elegance and success in his very posture
•champagne held lightly in one hand, slightly reclined, yet still attentive to the conversation around him
•suddenly he smiles at someone’s comment and his entire face changes
•soft cheeks and a warm smile bloom onto his face
•that’s when he glances up and notices you
•you don’t even know your staring until he quirks a brow at you
•wee woo wee woo!!!
•you hastily retreat back into the main hall
•much later on in the evening you’re milling around the dessert table
•eyeing up the fruit platter you spot your favorite
•chocolate covered strawberries!
•you reach for the last one, white chocolate drizzled over dark
•your hand thumps against another, much larger hand
•you immediately turn towards the person next to you and bow your head
•"I’m sorry, please go ahead”
•"It’s quite alright miss, my apologies as we- well, fancy seeing you again.“
•you look up and there he is
•the tall man from the lounge
•he peers down at you curiously, and again quirks an eyebrow
•"Good evening sir, sorry about earlier. I was just trying to find a place to sit.”
•"No worries at all, I found your attempt quite amusing.“
•cue some awkward laughter on your behalf
•there’s a slight pause as you fish for something to say, but he beats you to it
•"Which company are you representing tonight?”
•True to your secretary self, you pull one of the business cards you managed to smuggle into your bag earlier out and hand it to your strawberry rival
•he gives it a once over, carefully taking in your name
•"Ah, Mr. Shin and I have actually been emailing back and fourth about a possible project in the near future.“
•you smile brightly up at the man in front of you
•"I know, he’s pretty excited about the companies collaborating. He says I would work very well with your secretary.”
•he raises an eyebrow
•"Actually, I’d be directly involved in the project so it would be me you’d be working with not secretary Yoo"
•he smiles at you, cheeks rounding out and teeth perfectly aligned
•you’re confused as to what he means, and watch as he reaches into his jacket
•"I look forward to hearing from you soon y/n.“
•he delicately picks up the pre-plated strawberry and hands it to you along with a business card for his company
•"I’ll let you take the last strawberry, but just this once.”
•he starts to walk away from you
•you look down at the card and read the company name, address, and contact info but find no name
•"oh, and my name’s Hyungwon.“
•he winks and disappears into the crowd

such great heights — part two

“C’mon, live a little. Do something different and let your hair down, H.” Kimber sighed, but then realised what she said and let out a chuckle. “Or not. Since, y’know, you’ve got none left.”

Harry frowned, holding his arms over his head in a poor attempt to hide his short hair. “Hey, be nice,” he grumbled. “It’s still new and…weird.”

read on 1dff when it returns // read on tumblr below // story page

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Still a Flicker of Hope

He’s either going to stay, or he’s going to go. Niall hopes that he stays.


when you feel your love’s been taken

and you know there’s something missing

in the dark, we’re barely hanging on

It’s well past midnight when he hears the front door open, and then close.

He waits. Counts 45 seconds in his head, and feels his heart skip a beat when the bedroom door opens next. He listens to the sound of feet shuffling quietly across the floor, as though he’s trying not to wake him despite knowing that he’s already awake because he always is.

There’s a distinct sound of him pulling off his clothes; the subtle brush of his shirt sliding up over his shoulders and arms, the rustle of his jeans sliding down his legs, the slight clang the buckle makes as it makes contact with the hardwood floor.

Then, there’s the dip of the mattress as he crawls into bed. And only then, like always, does Niall roll over to greet him.

It’s become something of a pattern lately. And it’s neither of their faults, not really. They’re both busy, what with their own careers now on top of their own social lives and responsibilities, and there are only so many hours in a day, and sometimes those hours within days drag on and on and then suddenly it’s two o’clock in the morning and he’s four hours late, and sometimes it’s Niall that’s late – and sometimes they’re cities apart, separated by hours as well as distance, and neither of them make it at all. Sometimes they don’t see each other for weeks at a time. Sometimes they barely even talk to each other for days.

They’re drifting apart. Have been for a while; a longer while than either of them would ever like to admit.

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Super Sleuth (Stark!Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 1922

Summary: Pietro and the reader are quite suspicious of Wanda’s new date, so they follow her to make sure nothing’s up.

Warnings: none

A/N: more stark!reader and pietro because it’s the best combination, ever. I hope you guys enjoy this <3

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late five
  1. I’m not normally prone to this kind of emotion, but I’m extremely anxious about Florida, especially the Keys. I love it there and want it to be OK, and it seems there is no way it will be.
  2. Irony? My friend’s car needed a jump tonight, and I don’t think it’s possible for me to have done it with my electric car. I went home and got the dino-powered one to help him instead.
  3. Lots of complicated adulting is happening right now, or is required in the near future. No likey. Don’t want. Feelings bad. Hulk smash.
  4. Armageddon Fatigue is a thing. At some point, it’s just like “drop the fucking bombs already and let’s get with the mushroom clouds, just *please* be done talking about it.”
  5. This one’s obscure. Me : the pedalboard :: John Osborne : the Ferrari. I’ll award twenty points to your house if you get it. No googling.
Photo Shoot

Opening your eyes you felt around trying to find the warmth that normally consumed you. Instead of finding him you felt the empty side. Letting out a sigh you decided to get up and get breakfast. When you walked into the kitchen the glint of something caught your eye.

Walking over you looked down to find Harry’s face on the cover. Actually you found three different covers. Picking them all up you made your way to the living room. You remember him talking about the photo shoot but didn’t know it was published yet. You opened all three to find them the same, so you took one and began looking through it.

The photos were beautiful. Harry was very photogenic, although he hated taking them. He wanted to be the one behind the camera. However after his friend Matt passed, he lost interest. It’s been a difficult time for him lately. Photography used to be an escape, but now it was a reminder of how short life is.

Flipping through the magazine it was hard to choose a favorite picture, until you came upon the one of him lying in the field in huge sweater with a huge smile on his face. This was the Harry you were used to seeing. The one who was happy and wouldn’t let anything get to him. It’d been a long time since you’d seen him like that. You began to ache. If only he’d feel like this every day. You don’t mean to sound selfish but you wanted your Harry back. Not the one who only pretended to be happy, but was really in pain.

The photographs were amazing, however they couldn’t compare to the interviews and letter from Gemma. The letter from Gemma was first. If you’d known what she’d written you would have tried to prepare yourself for it.

After reading Gemma’s letter you had to set the magazine down to not get tears on it. You couldn’t fathom why you were so emotional, she’d told you those stories many times. But for some reason seeing them written down for the world to see hit you a thousand times harder. Now the world would have a glimpse into the Harry anyone close to him knew.

When the tears finally stop you pick up the magazine to see what else it had in store. Harry’s interview with Paul McCartney. Even though they weren’t face to face you knew Harry was probably a little nervous. He’s a very confident person but every once in a while he was self conscious. Most of the time it didn’t have to deal with other people, but just how he felt about himself. It didn’t happen very often,  it when it did, it took a great deal of persuading to convince him otherwise.  On a few occasions you had to reassure him that he didn’t need to change in anyway. He always wanted to tone his stomach because the ‘pudge just wouldn’t go away.’ You were thankful he wasn’t a self conscious person because being one yourself, you knew no one should experience that feeling. The interview seemed like it went smoothly and you hoped it did for Harry’s sake. He looked up to Paul and it would have been a shame it something had gone wrong.

Harry’s interview with Chelsea Handler was next. You expected it to be an amazing interview, but you had no idea that it would end up being your favorite interview that he would ever do.

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Hello tumblr

This is a picture of me and a part of my girlfriend.
She told me something tonight.
She said I was going to become her wife and that she would propose to me in the near future.
I am almost too blown away to react.
We have had quite an eventful evening of euphoria, tears, ecstasy (the feeling not the drug) and laughter and singing.
I am in love.
I hope everyone gets to feel like this♡
Everyone of you deserves love!


I planned on updating Lucky Us tonight but I’m in desperate need of a mental health day

so the only thing that’s happening today is me eating ice cream and watching Voltron. 👍🏼

I hope I can get the chapter done in the near future!

This is Connie, a little pig with a big attitude! I adopted her about 2 years ago along with her sister, Wanda, making the pair roughly 5 years old today. They were a great fit in my herd and I love her to bits.

Unfortunately, little Connie has been diagnosed with cancer. I discovered a lump in her belly during routine nail clipping that turned out to be a mammary mass, aka breast cancer. She underwent surgery to have it removed and is recovering well. However, due to it’s location near the abdominal wall, the vets weren’t able to get as clear a margin as they’d like and the lab thinks some cancerous cells remain in her. Her future is uncertain, but she is behaving otherwise normal at the moment. We can now only wait and see, but due to early detection and action, we have given her the best chance. Whatever happens I will always love her.

Tonight, please keep Connie in your mind and check all your beloved piggies for lumps and bumps.

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This is myfeelsinink’s master list, constantly updated as my work grows in quantity. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I did writing them, and feedbacks are always welcomed (and appreciated, encouraged, loved by meeeee)!

A - Angst

F - Fluff

M - Smut

D - Drabble

♥︎ - Personal Favorite


no work yet, but definitely in the near future!


Burnout (A) | LDR!Yoongi | ♥︎ | A tale of relationship torn apart by the classic supervillain, distance. Perhaps, when people ask you how does you and Yoongi ends, you should’ve aswered like a fire burning out. 


no work yet, but definitely in the near future!


Submerged (A) | ♥︎ | Dream!Namjoon |  Kim Namjoon is the man of your dreams; or rather, from your dreams.


Darling? (M) | Something is odd, because Jimin has never been to your place without Yoongi, your boyfriend.

Mrs. Money (M) | Sex Worker!Jimin |  “I only need your company, that’s all. Can you give me that?” You take the bottle of wine form him, tilt it, weighing upon refilling your half-full glass.
Park Jimin is someone you call when you need entertainment. But tonight, it seems that you need something more than physical.


Luna (M) | Vampire!Taehyung |  “Over my rotten corpse!“ You spite in coarse voice, and nearly, nearly regretting it the next second because the vampire prince’s eyes fire up so treacherously bright. And If imprudence kills, you might as well write a death wish

in between passport pages (i found you) (F) | ♥︎ | In a foreign city which tongue you can’t quite decipher, you run into a man who proves that with the absence of language, you understand a thousand different things worth running out of word for. 

Paint The Town Red (D) | Ghoul! Taehyung | Taehyung thinks that as long as his hollow heart can feel something, he’ll do anything to make it last. 


Good Cop (M)You are a good cop, Jeon Jungkook. Calm down. Jungkook prayed inside his head that the shaking girl in front of him was dressed properly under the thick wrap of blanket.

Bread Pudding (F) | Jeon Jungkook is your new neighbour whom you one-sidedly label as a jerk because he has eaten your bread pudding. The one who whistles in class, whose hair glitters every time the light hits, and who wears only one earring. However, just like how you have realized too late, Jeon Jungkook is so much more.

Midsummer (F/M) | Part 1 | A short-living fairytale of a fling found between the rolls of endless blue; yet a shot of reality about finding comfort in the middle of a runaway.

Shin Suran has not only her life arranged but apparently also her marriage. Different from the usual “hate turns to love” arranged-marriage story, Suran thinks of the practical -and instant-, ditching the wedding on D-1 to an exquisite resort island where she meets a young photographer who’s apparently also on a break. 

Dear Who? (F) | With a track record of failed relationship on your left hand, and a pinch of pessimism on your right, you’ve come to terms with the possibility that you’ll be forever writing impromptu love songs for no one to hear. One thunderous Wednesday, though, you discover that a chest of gold needn’t be so far away at a hostile inhabitable island. Sometimes, the most unexpected treasures can be found with effort no more than one phone call.

Originally posted by harleyquinnoficial

Requested by Anon.

Request:  Can you do a written imagine where y/n is like a daughter to Harley Quinn and Joker

Warning: Bringing a child/teen/young adult in danger. The Joker calling himself Daddy (not in the sexual way cause it’d be really weird in that situation). Just the normal Harley and Joker stuff. 

A/N: A little bit short, sorry, but I hope it’s still okay. I think I’m going to do more Harley x Child!Reader x Joker Imagines in the near future, so stay tuned!  

Lights flashed past them as the Joker drove the shiny purple Lamborghini trough Gotham’s streets, howling and punching the car’s roof in laugher, while you sat in the middle of the backseat.

“Faster!” You laughed, cheering loudly with your foster-parents. “Pleeease! Faster!”  

Harley let out a giggle, smilling brightly at the man in the driver’s seat. “Did you hear, Puddin’, our little Pumpkin wants to have the ride of her life!”

“Cling on tight. Daddy’s gonna make you a very happy girl tonight!” The Joker grinned and looked back at you, not even sparing the streets a second glance. 

(Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open.) 


Word count: 1784

You get stabbed and die in Kai’s arms

‘You can’t go!’ Kai stated, grabbing onto your arm as he didn’t want to let you go.

‘I just want to see what she wants.’ You replied, trying to get your arm out of his grip but his grip was so tight on you, scared to let you go. It didn’t hurt, it just showed how much he didn’t want to let you go or watch you getting hurt.

‘You know she always has a plan. It’s Katherine we’re talking about here. She always has a backup plan. Even when the first plan fails, she has another one and if that one fails, well, you see where I’m going.’

'Kai, nothing’s going to happen. I’ll be completely fine.’ You said and stepped closer and placed your arms on his arms. You’ve never seen him like this. The concern on his face wasn’t new to you, but the way he was looking at you at that moment was.

'I just don’t want to lose you. You know how much of a support you are to me. You get me through all the tough times.’ Kai muttered, his arms wrapping around your body and pulling your body closer to his, no space between them left. You lifted up your hand to his face and ran your fingers through his hair, locking your eyes with his. A smile shone on your face, his hands carefully and gently placed on your back.

'You’re not gonna lose me. That’s like not even in my plans in the near future. Or ever. Everything will be fine, you’ll see and we still have that date tonight.’ You added as Kai lifted you up, your legs wrapped around his waist. He spun you around, a simple and genuine laugh escaping your body, happiness traveling through your body.

'What, dancing? Of course.’ He said as he let you down on your feet and took you by your hands and made a few steps before he pulled you closer and then leaned you down, his strong arms holding you. 'Wouldn’t miss it for the world.’ He added and then leaned down aswell, his lips meeting yours.

'Now, I really have to go, but I’ll definitely see you in a couple of hours.’ You kissed him again, his arms wrapping around you one more time before you pulled away and walked out of the house. A smile suddenly disappeared from your face, nervousness and fear taking over your body. Meeting Katherine was probably a really bad idea, but maybe she wanted to bury the hatchet between you two. Even though you never fought Katherine in a physhical way because she’s a vampire and you were just a human, she never was one of those people you loved to be around so you fought most of the time. She did tried to kill you, but Kai saved you snd since then he’s worried about you. You understood that perfectly, but you were always optimistic and always thought Kai overreacted when it came to stuff like that. He was even scared to let you walk home alone at night after the movies with Elena. It was kind of annoying, but knowing you had someone who cared about you and always wanted to keep you safe.

You walked to the place Katherine told you and sat on a single bench around, Katherine nowhere to be seen. Street lights were barely shining, just one right next to you and even that one was flickering, creeping you out even more. There was no one around and if you said your heart wasn’t beating like crazy, you would’ve lied because you’ve never been more scared in your life than you were at that moment. Out of nowhere, you saw someone coming towards you as your hands started shaking. You got up and stood at one spot, frozen when Katherine approached you.

'No lover boy this time?’ Katherine asked and titlted her head to one side, grinning at you.

'What do you want Katherine? I think I made it clear that I don’t want to talk or see you anymore. Leave me alone so I can live my own life and-’

'With Kai? Yeah, I heard he became this cute, tamed guy because of you. Too bad. I liked him better when he was ruthless and didn’t care about anyone.’ She stated and walked around you slowly, trailing her hand along your arm and your back.

'What do you even need from me?’ You asked her, not feeling so scared anymore. Courage grew in you as minutes passed. You’ve always been strong and a little bit reckless, rush into trouble, which Kai absolutely hated.

'I don’t need anything from you. I actually can’t come up with anything I would want from you. You’re just a useless and fragile human.’ She trailed off and sat down on the bench behind you, crossing her legs.

'Then what the hell am I even doing here? If you don’t need anything, I’ll just go home because being here is just a waste of my time.’ You said as you wanted to turn around and leave but she grabbed your arm, squeezing it tightly. Your brows furrowed as you winced out in pain, her grip on you getting tighter and tighter. It felt like she was about to break your arm and it looked like that’s exactly what she wanted to do.

'Katherine, stop! You’re hurting me!’ You desperately tried to move her hand from your arm, but unsuccessfully. She came closer, her face only a few inches from yours. She leaned in, her lips against your ear.

'I want Kai. Actually Kai’s help.’ She let you go and sat on the bench again, her gaze strongly focused on you.

'What do you want from Kai?’ At that moment you knew she had something planned.

'I need his help, but, I need the old Kai. You know, the bad Kai who would do anything to get his revenge and Kai who wasn’t in love so… that’s why you’re here. I know Kai will be here any minute because he can’t resist staying away from you and I don’t understand the urge to protect you all the time.’

'I don’t understand.’

'Oh god, of course it’s too complicated for you. What I wanted to say was you’re in the way. Kai is weak because of you and I need him because he can do what I want. He can do magic but what I need is something really remorseless and the only way he would accept it is if I take away the only person he loves and cares about.’ You swallowed hard and took a few steps back, trying to get away from her. Running wasn’t an option at all because she would catch you in a second. She quickly got up and grabbed your arm again. Your eyes started watering, your breathing turned fast and shallow.

'Please don’t hurt me.’ You begged her, her grip firm on your arm.

'Oh look. She’s cying. You know that won’t help you at all. Nothing can help you right now.’ She smiled and looked behind you for a second. A grin appeared on her face before she locked her eyes with yours and then stabbed you with a knife, leaving it in your body as she ran away from you, your body hitting the cold and damp street. You heard a scream behind you but were unable to look, your head hitting the floor.

'No, no! You can’t, no!’ You heard a male voice, immediately realizing it was Kai. He lifted your upper body up a little bit on his lap, his hand supporting your head.

'Kai’ you said, your voice barely audible, Kai’s eyes filled with tears.

'Shhh, you’re gonna be ok. I know that. You’re gonna be fine.’ He looked down at your wound and then back at you, his hand gently caressing your hair. His hands were shaking like never before, panic obvious on his face.

'I'm… I wanna tell you something.’ You whispered, a weak smile appearing on your pale face.

'No, no, you’re not leaving me.’ He said desperately, his arms pressing you closer to his body.

'I love you. Don’t ever forget that and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not worth it. You are and don’t ever let them tell you otherwise.’ Kai closed his eyes as tears rolled down his cheeks.

'You can’t leave me, I can’t do this without you.’

'You can but promise me something.’ You coughed, blood visible on your lips. You felt your body getting weaker with each second, but you weren’t ready to let go. You weren’t ready to say goodbye to Kai, your only true love. There were no words that could explain how much you loved him, his jokes, the weird things he always did when you two were alone.

'Anything, tell me.’ He muttered, his voice shaky.

'Promise me you won’t do anything reckless and promise me you won’t forget me. Don’t forget how much I love you.’

'I promise. I promise you, I do, but you can’t leave me now.’

'I have to.’ You whispered, your eyelids getting heavier and you breathing turning weaker.

'You can’t because, you owe me a dance, remember?  Just the two of us.’ He trailed off and moved a small lock of hair from your face.

'I didn’t forget, but we’re gonna have to do it some other time.’ You smiled at him and heavily lifted your hand up to his face, your hand resting on his cheek softly as you caressed his cheek with you thumb.

'No, please.’

'I love you, Kai.’ You whispered and smiled at him, looking at him for the last time. You slowly let go, your hand falling down on your body from his cheek, your body resting in Kai’s arms.

'No!’ Kai screamed out as he brought your body close to his chest, his arms wrapped around you tightly, not wanting to let you go. Tears were streaming down his face, his body feeling as if he was tearing apart. He looked at you and kissed your cold lips for the last time, his hand closing your eyes.

'I love you.’ He whispered and gave you a kiss on the cheek, his whole body shaking. He never thought he would have to let you go in this way or any way. You were his true love and he was yours. He loved you with all his heart and soul, loving everything about you and losing you was the hardest moment he had to go through in his life, but he had to let you go, knowing he was loved by you.