no the guy can't get the girl

Okay but a missing (and presumed dead) little boy isn’t something that doesn’t make the local news. A house fire started by a little girl isn’t something that doesn’t get slapped on a newspaper somewhere. Two kids just don’t disappear from public record. 

Unless of course your brother is the British government and exerts his influence to hide and destroy all that information before Sherlock or anyone ever has the chance to go looking for it. 

New headcanon the entire reason Mycroft got into government and climbed it’s ranks was so he could make sure Sherlock never remembered. He was trying to be kind. 


soul eater fandom

crona is agender. in canon. the guy who made the series literally stated that he doesn’t know what gender crona is, therefore crona is genderless.

please don’t dismiss agender people by continuing to argue whether crona is a boy or a girl.

this has been a PSA

I love this because in this moment they’re the only two people in the world. She’s just a girl in love with a guy and he’s just a guy in love with a girl. They forget about everything supernatural because this is the only moment they get to feel normal. In this moment they get lost in each other’s eyes. They are breathing the same air. They hold on to this moment because it’s the first time in a long time that both of them are on the same page. They don’t even need to say a word they understand every because of their unspoken connection. It’s just so damn beautiful.

RIP Lauren 🐸💕

Hey guys. So a few days ago, my best friend, Lauren aka @callsmeupagains aka “relationship goals girl” passed away. I’m so extremely devastated to deliver the news, but I know she would want her followers to know. I can’t get into her blog because I don’t have her password, so instead of sending messages to her blog with condolences, please send them to me and I’ll post them on her behalf. Also please reblog this so as many of her followers can see it. Lauren was the most beautiful, pure soul and the world will not be the same without her in it. She loved Taylor so much, and I hope one day I can tell Taylor all about Lauren. She will be so missed.

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I’ll just leave this here and then see myself out.

Garrus: So, tell me. Think a girl would fall for that?

Shepard: Oh, hell yes. I see you’ve been putting that reach and flexibility to good use.

Garrus: You know it. And it gets even better when you try it in bed.

I feel like Steve Rogers’ storyline is the most tragic of all the Avengers films. Because the other MCU storylines always end on a good note – the villain defeated, the guy gets the girl, the situation is under control – but both Captain America films had unhappy endings. The villain is never defeated, the hero never gets to go home, never gets the girl, and the situation is never under control. His movies just move from one upsetting situation to the next.

I’d even argue that there’s no way Steve’s last film can end well for him, because it’s just not in his cards– even if he wins the war. Because Steve is always contrasted against his superhero persona. I mean, look at his life:

  • He’s the son of Irish (possibly Catholic) immigrants, and was raised by a single mother. He faced extreme poverty and discrimination throughout his childhood. His mother died when he was an older teenager, leaving Steve without any family. He was barely getting by.
  • He also had many ailments/illnesses, including but not limited to: asthma, scoliosis, anemia, partial deafness, ulcers, heart palpitations, and a strong history of flus and fevers. Society considered Steve a burden – he would have been socially isolated and stigmatized throughout his life (when he wasn’t close to dying). From the flashbacks, it sounds like he had trouble finding work, dates, friends. Even the army wouldn’t accept him. tl;dr: Steve had a horrible adolescence.
  • Steve finally had a chance to be “useful” in all the ways he had dreamed of, only for those hopes to be dashed when Erskine died… because he created Steve. Steve gave his life to the government for them to experiment on, and the government still rejected him. And instead turned him into comedic propaganda.
  • Then Steve found out his best friend – literally the only friend he had – had been captured by HYDRA, and the Allied forces weren’t going to do anything. So Steve saved Bucky, effectively throwing himself into the middle of WWII.
  • The best time of Steve’s life was when he was a soldier in WWII. When he was fighting in enemy territory, living in a tent, risking his life every single day to help his country. The MCU touts this as the only ‘happy’ time in Steve’s storyline. Which says it all, really. I could stop there.
  • To make it more depressing, Bucky died because Steve let go of his hand (well, not really, but that’s what Steve believes). Steve was utterly alone and felt incredible guilt. He kept fighting, but only weeks later sacrificed his life to save the world. Like many, he died to end the war.
  • But unlike others, the government pulled Steve out of his ‘coffin’ and only days later (to Steve), threw him back into the fight against HYDRA – ultimately showing Steve that his greatest sacrifice was for nothing. Now Steve is even more isolated; everything he knows is gone, and even the concept of Captain America has spiralled out of his control. Just for further torment, the woman Steve loves is still alive but has dementia and doesn’t always remember him. He has nothing, life literally passed him by, but he continues to fight because he’s asked to. 
  • But wait! Steve discovered that Bucky survived the fall (meaning Steve would have survived, too, had he gone after him. Ouch.) …except Bucky was captured by HYDRA, tortured for decades, and doesn’t know who he is anymore. And Steve can’t help him, can’t even find him.
  • Oh, and the entire system that Steve was fighting for for the past ~5 years? All a lie. He was literally killing for HYDRA. And the people that he thought of as friends/friendly? Also a lie, and had actively deceived him (minus Sam). But Steve was still willing to sacrifice his life, was willing to fight his best friend, in order to save the world and help SHIELD. Even though the world, and SHIELD, have done jack all for Steve Rogers.
  • And now, in Civil War, the very government that guided Steve’s actions and gave him his orders for decades is telling him that he’s a vigilante and needs to be controlled. And they’re trying to imprison Bucky, to eventually use him as a weapon for their side, instead of treating him like a person and the longest serving POW. Steve and Bucky have been used as puppets by governments for decades, and Steve’s only trying to save others from that fate.
  • Steve is barely 30 years old, still isolated, and attacked by the government that was supposed to protect and support him. Who’s also attacking the other victim in this charade. The few friends he has left are slowly turning against him, or don’t fully believe him, or are involved in this fight because of him. But Steve stands by his principles, even if it means death, because they’re all he’s ever had. He’s not going to budge now.
  • In conclusion: Nothing in Steve’s life has ever gone his way. Ever. What he does, he does to give others a better life. Never himself.

Steve’s plotlines are always messy, and sad, and can’t be put into a little box with a nice bow at the end of the film. Things can’t be made 100% okay and loose ends can’t always be tied up neatly. The fact that Whedon tried to box Steve into a stereotypical happy ending in AoU felt wrong and strange, because it just doesn’t fit Steve’s storyline: he has no home, little sense of belonging, and his friendships have always been very fragile and fleeting (yes, even with Bucky!). Steve has always just survived, moment to moment – he’s not dreaming of Big Happy Endings to make it through his bad days.

So I doubt Civil War will have a ‘Superhero’ ending for Steve, even if he wins. He’s not going to be best friends with Tony, compromise with the government, save Bucky and live a happy life. That’s just not how a Captain America film works. But I firmly believe that a good ending for a character doesn’t have to be “defeat the opponent, get the girl, and go home”. It just has to feel right.

Okay, I'm Saying it...

This has been bugging me for MONTHS.
Every time I watch Gravity Falls, and they mention Soos’ girlfriend in “Soos and the Real Girl,” I hear them, CLEAR AS FUCKING DAY, pronounce her name as “Melanie” (probably didn’t spell that right) with a CLEAR and AUDIBLE ‘n’ sound. Where the hell are all of you guys getting “Melody?”


shit people say to bi kids
  • [guy to bi girl]: lol so like... would u fuck my gf and let me watch? ;)
  • [girl to bi dude]: omg if you get a boyfriend will you be my gay best friend?????
  • [straight people]: omg you're gay? you don't have a crush on me do you??? #nohomo
  • [gay people]: umm... stop invading our safe spaces you hetero... you're not allowed to pride parade if you're in a straight relationship and you're more privileged because you can have a straight passing relationship... so... bye lmao
  • [old people]: your sexuality isn't real
I just need to say.

To my mutuals who are ttc, some of you have been for a long time! And you are still my friends on here, you like all my pictures of my little girl and put up with my long complaining text posts. I think about you all so much. And I wish and pray and hope that you will get that positive you are waiting for. You ladies are some of the strongest women I know and I just needed you guys to know it.


“He doesn’t want to go out with me. He’s not going out with me, he’s never going out with me!”

i’m sorry but the most unrealistic shit supergirl has ever pulled is that i’m supposed to believe that james olsen, actual human craved by gods with a smile of gold and a heart bigger than his face, doesn’t have at least 30 girls and a few guys probably pining after him and trying to get into his pants now that they know he’s not dating kara. i can suspend my disbelief on aliens and superpowers, i can, but this shit is just nonsense.

Every Teen Movie Ever
  • Boy and girl who dislike each other
  • Boy: *Doing generic sport/activity* Come on, it's not that hard. I'll show you how it's done.
  • Girl: *Bites lip or blushes* Alright, if you say so... *Tries and messes up, possibly hitting a tree or pedestrian, making an "oops" noise*
  • *Guy gets behind girl, wraps his arms around her, and helps her aim/swing/whatever the fuck they're doing*
  • Guy: There... now try.
  • Girl: *Hits target/gets ball where it's supposed to be/does amazingly at whatever, making an excited noise and smiling*
  • *Boy and girl gaze at each other in a slightly romantic way while friends/maids/humor characters lean in and whisper to each other* We should give them some privacy!

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I want to see Red Velvet become the NGG. Unlikely, but a guy can hope.

okay listen,i don’t think there will be another nations girl group yall just misinterpreting this term !!! snsd is called that bcoz of what they’ve done for the music industry and girl groups in general since 2007,so unless a new girl group gives birth to music and girl power all over again there won’t be a NEW nations gg 

i hope u get me coz i suck at writing and so does my english 

a list of reasons why mobile dating is hard when you’re bisexual (esp on tinder) and gets me down (feel free to add your own)

• those profiles that are set up with the pure intention of “finding a bisexual boy/girl to join me and my partner in the bedroom - not looking for anything serious” that dominate half the site

• when you finally manage to come across a queer girl on the male dominated site and click on the profile and it says “no bi girls 😕”

• when a guy sees that you’ve listed your sexuality as bi and he messages you “so you’re bi haha? that’s hot”

• when a different guy messages you like “are you really bi or are you just trying to be edgy”

• when another guy messages you “im sure you just haven’t found the right dick yet”

• literally being scrutinised on your past relationships and “how can you be bi if you’ve only ever dated a girl” idk man sometimes i get really sad over things like this and i feel guilty because of being bi and that fucking sucks and it really hurts like I feel like i have to justify who i am and im just so sad and tired