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This may sound dumb but what do you all think is the best way to read IT? I bought it recently and it's pretty intimidating. I was able to crack though the Mr Mercedes trilogy is about a month, but I also skipped some parts of the book. Sorry if this is a dumb question! Love your guys' blog 😘

Heya !! This isn’t dumb at all !!! Honestly, the length of the book intimidated me as well, but don’t pay any attention to it and don’t force yourself to read a lot - it’s a lot of detail and information to absorb and it’s totally a-ok to take multiple breaks in between !! I promise you once you get introduced to all the different characters, you’ll be so invested that it’ll turn into a page turner !! That’s what happened for me at least !!! 

Also read when you’re in the mood to !! I forced myself to a certain extent just bc in general I’m hella unmotivated these days but it’s ok to wait until you have time to sit down to focus mainly on the book :^) In general, I’d advise just taking it a day at a time and try not to overwhelm yourself with how many pages it is - there’s no deadline to finishing it, you can take as long as you need, what matters is your enjoyment during the process !!! I hope this helped and everyone else can feel free to reply with their own tips and tricks !! 

- Mod Kyy


  • We met at a teaching conference and talked about how dumb the ideas for the next speaker sounded and now you’re taking the stage oh fuck you’re the next speaker I’m dying
  • I’m here for orientation day and you are one of the students who volunteered to show us around
  • One of my students got in trouble so I arranged a meeting with their parents… YOU’RE THEIR PARENT??? oh shit
  • I’m working at a high school as an English teacher and you’re the new head of the science department
  • Our roommates are getting with each other and we just wait awkwardly outside/in the other’s room until they’re done, wanna get a coffee or something?
  • I got a scholarship to play college football, you’re the captain of the team, and holy shit you’re hot  
  • I joined this society for a laugh but you always put your heart and soul into it so now I feel bad
  • Everyone else showed up for this class with a lab partner other than us, so I guess we’re partners now, I’m never getting anything done again you’re too pretty
  • You told me to try out for this team with you but you never said YOU WERE THE CAPTAIN
  • It’s the end of finals week and you’re done with yours but I still have two left so you showed up at my door with coffee and food
  • My kid’s in your class and I volunteer to accompany you and the kids on a day trip to the local zoo
  • We both took home ec/health as an elective and now have to raise this fake child together
  • I hate everyone in this group project apart from you
  • We’re both taking a late night cooking class and you’re much better at this than me. help???
  • We’re in two different sororities/fraternities in a prank war

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I am very impressed by the mental gymnastic of some antis. Something better than a kiss --> never kissed. Being away on a important mission --> hating the own family (and having affairs with the male teammate or the female teammate of another Team). Poke someones forehead in affection--> Manipulation and putting distance. kid wearing glasses, but no one of the parents --> the mother is not the true mother, but the old teammate of the father, because she wore glasses.

IKR it’s actually hilarious, and I’m sorry but it just makes them sound so dumb because it’s not even open to interpretation, IT’S ALL WROTE AS CLEAR AS DAY IN BLACK FONT IN THE MANGA

Sasuke being away on his mission is because 

It’s right there, there is no hidden meaning or anything to assume, we were shown and given the reason.

The better than a kiss equaling not kissing is DUMB AF, sorry but it is, you can’t know something is EVEN BETTER than something unless you’ve had both and they’re married with a child, that is one of the most illogical hate against SS lmao I’ve never heard of someone thinking a married couple with a child have not kissed.

The forehead poke, everyone knows what that meant, that confirmed Sasuke loved her too, hence why 699 is “not canon” to them lol and Sasuke using certainty to confirm a promise between them, something which Itachi did not because he couldn’t, and it was Sasuke’s biggest affection he has shown in the series and it was his most treasured gesture from his brother, them twisting it lol no one believes them.

The glasses thing was another one of the most illogical things I’ve ever heard, never forget when 700 came out, the sheer desperation and stupidity just to try and disprove SS, as if glasses have to do with anything. I really hope for their sake that these people are not like this in real life. 

Me: *pointing at a black hole* I wonder what’s in there

Alien Friend: Death.

Me: But what apart from death? There used to be death in caves and trees and in the ground and in the sky and beyond it, and now there isn’t. There’s wonderful, beautiful, amazing things there, apart from death. It just took us a while to get there. 

Me: And so I wonder; what’s in there, apart from death?

I was playing as mercy with randos and they keep spamming “I need healing!” across the map or w/e

So I start spamming “I need healing!” over and over again…. and they stopped, lol.

So I can only imagine it like

Tracer: I need healing!
Mercy, mockingly: I need healing!

what you’re like based on which album you stan
  • debut:
    • total sweetie
    • salty asf
    • a bit naive
    • probably still fakes a country accent
    • wishes taylor would let her hair be natural again
  • fearless:
    • gets startled every time ‘fearless’ starts cause of the loud bang
    • hoop earrings
    • solves arguments by making people say “bubbles”
    • will drop whatever they are currently doing to clap at the one part in YBWM
    • had legit tears when taylor visited the love story castle
    • “THIS was the highlight of my senior year” written on their gravestone probs
  • speak now:
    • the cutest!!
    • just wants taylor to be happy
    • thinks there should’ve been more enchanted  in the wildest dreams/enchanted mashup 
    • makes sure everyone knows she wrote the entire album on her own
    • cries every time they listen to last kiss because of that part where her voice shakes ouch ouch ouch
    • will absolutely attempt the long notes in dear john every time
    • the ones in haunted too
    • will probably fail
    • has trouble picking a favorite song because they’re all so amazing (except that one song you know the one)
  • red:
    • so many opinions
    • they are still stuck in the red era and have made no plans of getting out
    • probably has “red deserved a grammy” written somewhere on their blog
    • laughs at the end of stay stay stay and says “that’s so fun!” because it’s not complete without it (even though they may sound dumb doing it)
    • the entire era IS their aesthetic
  • 1989:
    • gives zero fucks
    • will fight anyone who says 1989 is her weakest album
    • still hopes to be part of the secret sessions somehow
    • ships haylor
    • or kaylor… ;)
    • #what
    • ah-AH-haah…
    • probably didn’t like the style mv at first, but warmed up to it
    • “she lost him. but she found herself. and somehow, that was everything.” CHILLS. ALL. OVER.
    • would make a blog entirely dedicated to the bridge in OOTW if they could
    • has most definitely cried listening to the clean speech
    • has listened to HYGTG on repeat and feels no shame
    • can’t stop, won’t stop grooving…
  • ts6:
    • how do you do it
VanVen having an argument
  • Vanitas: *punches the wall near vens head in typical shippy/douchey fashion*
  • Ven: *loud gasp* :O
  • Vanitas:
  • Ven:
  • Ven: did
  • Ven: did you hurt yourself???
  • Vanitas: *pained noises*
  • Ven: *wrapping vanis hand up* YOURE SO STUPID
  • Vanitas: SHUT UP?? JUST SHUT UP??????