no that i'm complaing

You guys are incredible!!! THANK YOU FO RALL THOSE MESSAGES!!!!
I got overwhelmed and couldn’t all answer them on time and then tehy piled up (/)///(/) I’m sorry
So I’m going to answer them all now in a collective post to not spam your dash too much.
But I really do appreciate every single message and they made me all so happy!! THANK YOU!!!

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meliathedreamer  asked:

Hi Carrie! I was wondering why you're on your third contract with les Mis when most actors only get a year or so before they are let go? P.S. Not that I'm complaing because you are awesome Love melia xxx


That’s definitely not true! When I first joined Les Mis there were two people in the show who had been there for 6 and 7 years! Others had been then 3 or 4 years and someone left last year who’d been there 5! I think most principal characters only stay for a year or two and they find other jobs to move onto! However because it’s the 30th anniversary this year, when I was asked to stay for a bit longer I said yes because being a massive Les Mis fan and after wanting to play Eponine for so long, it’s  big deal for me to be there for the 30th! :) 


41den-deactivated20170628  asked:

What did you draw before undertale, and is there anything you're thinking of expanding into when you're tired of or want less undertale? I'm just sorta over it, not to seem that's im complaing about your content.

Well, I used to draw pokemon stuff, but I got bored of drawing that. That’s why I take so little pokemon requests.
I don’t know where I’ll go next, I still have fun drawing Undertale stuff. And I have no hurry in finding something new.