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Korean Masterlist:


Seeing as I have a masterlist for ALL of my posts, including resources, books, etc (find it here) I wanted an organised lesson one! I hope this will help everyone!


Lesson 1: Hangul Basic Consonants Pt.1
Lesson 2: Hangul Basic Consonants Pt.2
Lesson 3: Hangul Basic Consonants 
Lesson 4: Diphthongs
Lesson 5: Aspirated and Double Consonants
Lesson 6: Batchim Pt.1 
Lesson 22: Batchim Pt. 2


Lesson 17: How Korean Age Works
Lesson 18: Levels of Politeness in Korean


Lesson 7: Hello, Thank You, Goodbye, Yes and No
Lesson 8: I’m Sorry
Lesson 9: Please, More, a Little
Lesson 14: Native Korean Numbers and Uses
Lesson 16: Sino-Korean Numbers and Uses
Lesson 19: Days of the Week
Lesson 20: Months
Lesson 21: Body Parts
Lesson 23: School Subjects
Lesson 24: School Vocabulary
Lesson 25: Family
Lesson 42: Today, Tomorrow, Now etc.
Lesson 58: Vegetables
Lesson 59: Fruit
Lesson 60: Emotions
Lesson 61: Food and Drink
Lesson 68: Sports
Lesson 69: Places in Town
Lesson 79: Animals 
Lesson 80: Clothes 
Lesson 84: Sickness Pt. 1
Lesson 85: Sickness Pt. 2
Lesson 86: Sickness Pt. 3
Lesson 93: Transportation
Lesson 94: Halloween 


Lesson 10: It Is, What is It?
Lesson 12: This Is, What is This?
Lesson 13: This, That, It, Thing
Lesson 26: Have/Don’t Have
Lesson 17: 15 Useful Verbs
Lesson 27: Present Tense Conjugation
Lesson 28: Past Tense Conjugation
Lesson 29-32: Future Tense 1 2 3 4
Future Tense Meanings and Examples 1 2 3 4
Lesson 33: How to Form Korean Sentences
Lesson 34: Don’t + Verb
Lesson 35: Topic/Subject Marking Particles ~은/는 + ~이/가
Lesson 36: Topic/Subject Marking Particles ~은/는 + ~이/가 Pt 2
Lesson 37: Object Marking Particle ~을/를
Lesson 38: Want To -고 싶어요
Lesson 39: Location Marking Particles ~어디, ~에, ~에서
Lesson 40: Negative Sentences
Lesson 41: Negative Sentences with 하다
Lesson 43: Who?
Lesson 44: Why, How, How much?
Lesson 45: From - To - , From - Until -
Lesson 46: Therefore, So
Lesson 47:  And, With ~하고, ~(이)랑
Lesson 48:  But, However, ~그렇지만, ~그런데
Lesson 49:  To/From Someone
Lesson 50: Plural Nouns
Lesson 51: Telling Time
Lesson 53: -지 마세요 (지마)
Lesson 54: -(으)세요 Imperative
Lesson 55: -아/어/여 주세요
Lesson 56: -도 Too, Also, As Well
Lesson 57: -만 Only
Lesson 62: Can, Cannot - (으)ㄹ 수 있다/없다
Lesson 63: Present/Past/Future Progressive
Lesson 64: A bit, Really, Very, Not really, Not at all
Lesson 65: Changing Nouns into Verbs -는 것 
Lesson 66: Counters 개 + 명
Lesson 67: To Be Good/Bad At
Lesson 70: Have to, Should, Must
Lesson 71: Still, Not Yet
Lesson 72: Already
Lesson 73: (으)로
Lesson 74: If, In Case
Lesson 75: Let’s
Lesson 76: Pronouns + Possessive Pronouns
Lesson 77:ㄹ/을 것:
Lesson 78: Doable/Worth Doing
Lesson 81: (으)ㅂ시다
Lesson 82: 처럼 Like
Lesson 83: More….Than
Lesson 87: 좋다 vs 좋아하다
Lesson 88: -ㄴ가
Lesson 89: 다, 더 - All, More
Lesson 90: Behind, In Front of, Beside
Lesson 91: Written Descriptive Form Adjectives
Lesson 92: Before -ing
Lesson 95: To be Similar to/The Same as -같다
Lesson 96: To Care/Not Care Pt.1
Lesson 97: To Care/Not Care Pt.2
Lesson 98: Connecting Verbs
Lesson 99: Might, Perhaps, It’s Possible
Lesson 100: To Want 원하다


Lesson 11: Where Are You From? I’m From
Lesson 52: Self Introduction 

hasta-la-later-keith  asked:

Namjin with #7 please?

The sun is setting brilliantly in the sky as they cross the bridge in the late afternoon traffic, painting a haze of oranges and pinks with a barest hint of twilight brushing the horizon line. Jin’s hands clutch the steering wheel, his expression serious as he watches the line of cars in front of them, as he keeps his cool amidst the aggressive highway drivers. 

Jin drives, and Namjoon picks the tunes, plugs in the charger or the GPS, and unwraps the burgers if they’re living that on-the-road lifestyle again. That’s the division of labor between them. Jin drives, and Namjoon helps out where he can. 

But now he’s looking at Jin’s profile, and fuck, he’s gorgeous. It’s not the first time Namjoon’s thought this, but staring at it in the rich light, he looks ethereal, but like too real at the same time. He decides he’s got to have it immortalized, because like…that’s what you do with moments like this that are profound and too beautiful; you find a way to press that flower and keep it forever. 

There’s a soft click as the shutter goes, and then Jin is asking incredulously, “Are you taking fucking pictures of the sunset? I swear to god, Namjoon-ah, I will throw you out of this car at the next stop. Do not distract me.”

“No,” Namjoon laughs, abashed and flustered, but he really doesn’t like it when Jin scolds him. “No, hyung, just…taking pics of the art.” 

There’s a moment of silence before Jin gets it, then he flushes, easily embarrassed, and presses his lips together. “Oh,” he says sweetly, then repeats himself quieter, “oh.” 

And that’s it; the air’s warm and thick, but neither one of them disturb it. They don’t talk about it, this thing that could be, the maybe between them, the what-if. But it’s there, beautiful and regular as the sunset.

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Fever Pitch: Chapter 15

Alright guys, Fever Pitch Chapter 15 is here

In which Klaus and Liz Forbes meet (not face to face), Kol and Bonnie get married, and Klaus and Caroline say goodbye. 

Thanks as always to @niklausxcaroline for the amazing cover, and hope you all enjoy. 

Thanks to all who have reviewed and continue to review- you guys absolutely blow me away with the love you have for this story. As a writer it’s incredibly humbling and I can never thank you enough for the support. 

I’m patiently hanging for a Klaroline endgame!

Also off to break open the red wine! ;)


See you on the flipside Vine!

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they say angelica is the only person in the musical who can rap as fast as hamilton bc they’re both v smart and on the same intellectual wavelength or whatever and I Am Here For That but what about Guns and Ships? isn’t it the fastest song? if we’re using that logic Laf is the smartest? Resident French Fuckboy is the real genius thank u very much goodbye