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dear pretty little liars. it’s been a long ride but it’s been an amazing one. thank you to the cast and the crew that brought this show to life. it’s become a part of me and this journey has been a beautiful one. thank you for everything. (pretty little liars, 2010 - 2017).


Thank you everyone- my friend has raised the goal amount and… guys… thank you. To those who reblogged and to those who donated… guys you gave her a chance to say goodbye to her nephew. To grieve and support her loved ones. A time when you’re supposed to be with family- you gave her that. 

Thank you. 

You gave a family closure. 

Thank you. 

You are all angels, blessed and kind and rekindled not only my faith in humanity- but hers. This is the first truly good thing that’s happened to her this year… and to come from such tragedy… it will help heal the wounds. 
You are all beautiful and she wants to thank you from the bottom of her heart- I know that her family will never be able to completely show you their gratitude- but, know that it’s there. 

Thank you. 

“My tears are bittersweet as I can now be where I am needed. Thank you all for helping me in such a tough time. God bless you all.” - Trigmy

hellooo everyone! im not very good with words so please bear with me, but I wanted to announce my impending departure from this blog. making moodboards for all of you has always been my stress-reliever, my joy, and one of the many things that made my life better, but I think it’s time for a change for me :’) I feel really bad for not contributing as much as I could for the past few months, and I also feel as if my creativity has left me, so I think it’s only right to resign from my position as admin of exomoodboards. Thank you so much for supporting this blog and my content on this blog!! I won’t be completelyyy gone haha (my main blog is @sehunicorne !!) so if you want to personally request from me, I’d be happy to do it for you <33 So thank you, and goodbye hunnies <3 

- Kaia

Last day with the @mosecr3tzentertainment
Fam thanks for everything you guys treated me well and i am glad to have met you thanks for the opportunities i know I wasn’t around to long but it was fun while it lasted it encouraged me to make something of my own but i hope all i made friends with here still wanna be friends goodbye and thanks for everything one of the best companies I’ve seen 👋🏼































mmo boys interactions for anon ✩