no thanks goodbye

Goodbye TVD! you will always have a special place in my heart!

Hey here’s my second year film, Goodbye Forever Party! It’s about a person named Lilith and her struggles with her job, mental illnesses and relationships. 

Most of the film is registered cutouts on a multiplane, which means that I would traditionally animate the scenes, cut out each frame but keep it registered to the pegbar, and then layer the pieces of paper on different planes of glass to create an illusion of depth.

This is the hardest I’ve ever worked on anything in my life, most of the animation was completed within the span of 3 months. If you like it, it would mean the world to me if you could share it and/or show it to people! 

Thanks for watching! 

they say angelica is the only person in the musical who can rap as fast as hamilton bc they’re both v smart and on the same intellectual wavelength or whatever and I Am Here For That but what about Guns and Ships? isn’t it the fastest song? if we’re using that logic Laf is the smartest? Resident French Fuckboy is the real genius thank u very much goodbye


“In the same way the other man had always used to watch him, Yuuri found that his eyes now seemed to follow Viktor wherever he went, without even his conscious decision for them to do so.”

From @kazliin​‘s amazing fic

Cover for the podfic voiced and edited by @father-nikiforov​ and @cleardye​ 

#MonstaX Congratulating on two years since debut 🎉
#Monbebe in the future let’s make happy and joyful times together 💕


#몬스타엑스2주년 #2YearsWithMonstaX

SHOWNU: To. Monbebe
It’s already been two years! The past two years have been very eventful and happy. These overflowing moments seem to pass by like a kaleidoscope ㅎㅎ In the future, let’s keep going~ You know right?

WONHO: To. Monbebe ✭
It’s our beautiful 2nd anniversary. All the times we have spent together were beautiful and all the roads we used to walk on  together made me happy. In the future, I will always keep making you shine.

MINHYUK: The 63,072,000 seconds we have spent together. In the future, will you continue to share these happy times with us? I like you, I love you :),,

KIHYUN: To. Monbebe ♡
Monbebes! Our MONSTA X has already reached two years!! You know this all was able to happen thanks to Monbebes, right? I will work harder so that you can’t leave us +__+v Goodbye, Monbebe! ♥ Thank you!

HYUNGWON: To. Monbebe ♥
Congratulations for 2 years!!! I hope the times you have all come to endure have been valuable ones. Let’s keep going until we reach our 20th anniversary.

JOOHEON: To. Monbebe ♡
It’s already been two years.. ♡ Wow… Amazing. I, “Lee Jooheon,” will work even harder! Congratulations on “2 years." ♡

I.M: To. our beloved Monbebe ♥♥♥
Starting May 14, 2015, and suddenly it has become 2 years… Within those years, we have laughed together, cried together, and flowers have bloomed and the world revolved twice. The times we have spent together, I like no matter what happens, so let’s keep going for a long time. I love you.

translated by fymonsta-x ϟ take out with full credit.