no thank you for gold though uwu

morning-star-sempai  asked:

Your art is so cute, but let's get to the point here... Can you show us your artistic arsenal?! All your materials? (Or just tell us if you want I'm not gonna force you to do stuff uwu)

hiyaaaa~ thank you so much! I don’t really have the time to take pictures right now, but I’ll write a list of everything I use for you ^ // ^

lining: pink + sepia copic multiliners, 0.1/0.05,
staedtler black lining pens 0.1/0.05, muji pens (amazing to use, but the ink isnt waterproof! Can be used with markers though if you’re careful)

inks: winsor and newton, especially silver and gold!

markers: copic when I can, but they’re pretty expensive. cheaper alternative is kurecolour (no brush nib) or winsor and newton promarkers (brush tip but not as good as copic)

watercolours: sennelier (expensiveeee), sakura (cheaper), Dr PH Martin’s concentrated watercolours (incredibly vibrant and beautiful, but expensiveeee). winsor and newton do a pretty good big set for beginners, which is a good price!

colouring pencils: faber castell Polychromos, I love these

gel pens: gelly roll (for white touch ups especially), I think mitsubishi (uniball) do some good ones as well

pencil: any wooden pencil (HB) if I want a soft effect, but my baby is a beautiful silver mechanical pencil, uniball kuru toga ❤

I have loads of other felt tips and stuff that I use when doodling but there’s quite a lot - w -

hope this helps, feel free to ask any more questions! ❤