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Amends (part three)

Carter Baizen x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, angst, mentions of past alcohol and drug abuse, swearing.

A/N: Newest part! I hope you enjoy! Next part is the last one :) xx

There was a slight feeling of panic when you woke up the following morning (afternoon), without Carter by your side. This’d happened many times before, though back then, you woke up in a different state than this morning.

“Mmh, Carter?” you tried to blink away the sleep still clouding your vision to look around the lavish hotelroom. No sign of Carter. Well, goddamn it.

“Carter?” you called out louder, and your heart made a little jump when you heard him respond to you.

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How to make me cry without fail:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Sick (but not of You)

Hi!! can i request a fluffy Changkyun scenario where he’s sick and you have to take care of him? thank you~~~

pairing: reader/changkyun

genre: fluff

word count: 1.3k

author: Admin E

“What?… No, of course I made some soup for him but-… Listen, he won’t wake up… I’m not gonna do that… Okay, I’ll try… Yes, thank you… Yes, I’ll call when I need something. Bye.” You sighed as you hung up the phone and turned around to look at the sleeping male on the couch.

“You called Kihyun?” Changkyun asked and you almost got a heart attack.

“Jeez, I thought you were dead.”

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Fic: Visitor and Resident (complete)

At least he’s guaranteed to see her once a year. They have missed every other date they might have held significant - birthdays, anniversaries, days of mourning, days of celebration - but they will keep this appointment.

Both stories are now completed, at thirteen chapters apiece.  They can be read separately or together in either order.  Visitor is available on AO3 or on Tumblr via the visitor chat tag.  Resident is available on AO3 or on Tumblr via the resident chat tag.  Both can be downloaded via AO3 for e-readers or your own personal archives.  

Thank you to every single person who has read, liked, messaged, asked, recced, reblogged, kudosed, commented, or bookmarked.  Your support has meant everything to me.  ♥  Visitor started as a one-shot in response to some dumb decision that Chris Carter announced and it spiraled into 60000 words of angst and feelings and second chances at first kisses and adopted dogs and parents not dying.  Thank you for giving me the chance to tell this story and sticking with me through the journey.    


request:  Could I please request a fluffy oneshot where Jason (A.C.E) cheers up his dysphoric bf? Thank you!

pairing: Jason (A.C.E) x trans! male! reader

genre: fluff and a bit angst 

warnings: dysphoria 

word count: 1399

summary: (Y/N) usually experience minor dysphoria in the mornings but today seemed to be different. Good thing that Jason is here.

a/n: i literary screamed when i got this request ! this my first A.C.E request ahh !!! so happy even though im a bit anxious on how it turned out >.<

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Wherever You Are

A/N: Day 5 of 25 Days of Christmas. It’s kinda short. I hope you like it. (Pre-established relationship with Harrison)

Request: Can you write a harrison wells (e-2) x reader christmas one? Thank you!!! you’re a great writer 

Word Count: 542

It was Christmas eve and Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin had left for the evening, taking Jesse and Wally with them. Barry had invited me to join them at Joe’s for their party but I had a lot of work to do, plus I wasn’t one for Christmas. After my parents got hit by a drunk driver two days before Christmas when I was eight, I hadn’t had much of a holiday spirit.

As I was working through my files I heard a hesitant knock at the door, “Come in,” I invited not bothering to look up from my work.

“Sometimes I think you work harder than I do,” Harrison smiled as he sat down in the collapsible chair across from me. We had been ‘dating’ for the past couple months… but dating in the sense of we worked long nights together eating Big Belly Burger while trying to take down Zoom, close and open breaches, defeat metahumans, and well deal with everything else. It had been a little too crazy recently to go out for dinner and a movie.

“Well we can’t all be geniuses,” I laughed knowing that sometimes I had to work twice as long as anyone else here. But it was worth it to be working with Team Flash. Plus the extra alone time with Harrison didn’t completely suck.

He waved his hand as to dismiss my comment and pulled a box from behind his back. It was small and neatly wrapped with red paper and a silver bow. “I- I know you don’t like celebrating Christmas. But- I- I saw this and thought of you.”

I accepted the box and slowly removed the paper. It had been years since I’d opened a Christmas present. Any other time I probably would have insisted against it but with Harrison… well it was hard to resist.

Once I got the box opened I saw a small locket. I could feel a lump form in my throat and the tears form in the corner of my eyes. Popping the locket open there were two small pictures. One of my parents and the other of Harrison and his daughter Jesse.

I looked up and smiled at him speechless. 

“I wanted you to know that you’ll always have a family,” he gave a shy grin, “Here.” He picked up the small round locket and I lifted my hair as he walked behind me closing the clasp as he placed it around my neck. He ran his finger down my neck and traced my shoulder, leading beck to my collarbone where the necklace rested. I spun around in my chair and stood up.

He lifted my chin with his finger, “Beautiful… absolutely beautiful.” A red tint rose in my cheeks as he pulled me in for a soft kiss. 

My hands immediately found their way to his dark soft hair and he wrapped his arms around my waist bringing closer to him. I breathed in his warm and delicious scent. Our lips moved in sync as if we had been together forever. We finally parted but only slightly keeping our foreheads pressed together and our noses brushed.

“So what are your plans for Christmas?” he asked with a small chuckle.

“I’ll be wherever you are.”

anonymous asked:

Any Trevor/ reader? Or general trevor... TY!

When working in this fandom, please remember that there are people that share the same first name. And to avoid further confusion, PLEASE, give last names/which group they’re from (i.e. Cow Chop, Achievement hunter, etc.). Thank you.

Reader Insert

See You Someday by sidekickwritesrt

Summary: Saying goodbye to the one you love is never easy, even with the promise of hope. Trevor/Reader [N] [PG]

WC: 487

[Tags: Angst, Established Relationship]

Untitled by sidekickwritesrt

Summary: “Treyco and {Y/N} sitting in a tree-” Trevor/Reader [N] [PG]

WC: 226

[Tags: Established Relationship, Fluff]

Untitled by howmanypointsisthatdick

Summary: Trevor being a flustered adorable mess. Trevor/Reader [F] [PG]

WC: 813

[Tags: Fluff]

Untitled by sidekickwritesrt

Summary: “Okay now duck down here, there’s a big bar that just juts outta nowhere.” Trevor/Reader [N] [PG]

WC: 325

[Tags: Fluff, Friendship]

Shows by grumpymark

Summary: You get it on with Trevor. That’s like, it. Trevor S./Reader [F] [R]

WC: 721

[Tags: Cow Chop, Established Relationship, Smut]

Late Nights by amneria

Summary: You drive in silence as Trevor stares out the window at the passing lights. Every so often you sneak a peek at him; looking at his chest slowly rise and fall was calming. You notice his eyes were closed in the reflection of the window, passed out again. He looked cute, he always did. His dumb humor didn’t take away from his soft eyes and innocent smile. Sometimes you catch yourself staring at him, especially when he was editing, looking oddly serious. You also made sure you helped filming videos he was in, just as an excuse to look at him longer. A few times you’ve been caught looking at him, but he smiles at you as you blush. You’re not very sneaky. Trevor S./Reader [N] [PG]

WC: 915

[Tags: Cow Chop, Fluff]

-Jyn ♥

Just some quick notes, guys!

First, thank you for all the kind words, really, they are always appreciated, and I am well aware of how kind everyone out there has been. Thank you for the support, and the kindness, and most of all, for reading what I’ve written. I’m glad to know that so many of you have taken the time, not just to read it, but to talk about it, to save stories to your e-readers, to tell others. Really. Thank you.

Second, I do not want a beta. I have no desire for a beta, and I will not accept beta reading, no matter how well-intentioned. There is a simple reason for this: This is not my job. I repeat this, because it is important. This is not my job. I have a 40+ hour a week job that, luckily, pays me a lving wage, enough so that in my spare time, between work, family, friends, con work and everything else in my life, I can write.

But writing is not my job. It is the thing I do to calm myself, to de-stress, to smile, to communicate. I do it because it benefits me, as any non-paying hobby should do. I have no desire to submit my work to someone else for correction, to get it back, to fix it, to resubmit it, to deal with the frustrations and delays that are part of dealing with even the most dedicated and polite beta.

Because this is not my job. I am not making a cent on this. The hours that I spend on this would probably be better spent at something that makes me some extra money, but the reality is, I choose to spend my time doing this. And for reasons that escape me sometimes, I choose to post what I write. Like most other people in the workaday world, I go about my day with the constant pressure of doing my job right, of not making mistakes with other people’s lives and other people’s money, of having management reviewing my work constantly, not because I am bad at it, but because I hold a position of trust with the people we serve. That is reality. There must be people checking up on us constantly.

I have no desire to be checked and double checked on my hobby. I understand that this is frustrating for some, and I do believe people send these messages out of a genuine and honest desire to help. But they are not requested, and they are not wanted, and for me, they are not helpful. I make no claim at being rational about it. I can usually ignore them, and I try not to let them effect me.

Thank you for your patience, and your kindness, everyone. 8)