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I want to build IKEA furniture with you.

My parents have been happily married for 30 years this December, and honestly, watching them assemble furniture will tell you everything about how to do a long term relationship.

The first thing is that they deal with each other as individuals, with individual talents and failings.  For instance- my dad is obsessive about reading the documentation and hesitant to use hardware, whereas mom has trouble converting text into spatial information and tends to work things out by handling them.  So Mom goes and makes a cup of tea while dad takes 20 to read the instructions, lets dad summarize them for her, and then she’s the one handling the pieces, and he follows her lead about “You hold that” and “push here” etc.  

Also, while there’s a definite division of labor based on ability, they make sure that they’re doing equal amounts of work total per day.  Mom usually ends up doing most of the direction, and management is hard, so Dad makes dinner afterward.

Another thing is that they know to build their environment to suit them and avoid necessary irritations- never try to assemble furniture on a deadline or when it’s hotter than 85 out.  If they start getting frustrated becuase one of the pieces is warped or whatever, they just…  Announce they’re getting too frustrated for this and take a fucking break. Eat lunch, have a nap.  Everyone gets angry or overwhelmed at some point but anger also kind of makes you dumb so if you need to do something intellectual, give yourself time to chill first, then discuss the problem when you’ve got the spoons for it.

So between knowing each other as individuals, setting a clear plan, working cooperatively and putting in equal investment, they’ve been happily married through two weird kids, three dogs, four remodels, three serious illnesses and 30 and still tell each other “I love you” a dozen times a day.

…I realize I’ve gotten away from the point of this ask but- I;m really fucking good at assembling furniture but I have high expectations of you too, nonny.

Just One Laugh-Update Schedule

First off, I would like to thank all the readers, reviewers, and fans of Loud House who are interested in this fanfiction but haven’t read it yet, whatever the case might be. 

So I kinda wanna introduce who am I to you guys so you guys can understand my situation and my system for the way I plan on updating this fic. I am Irene, and I just graduated out of High School this year and will be attending Cal State San Marcos in the fall. To help prepare for college, I’m taking part in an Early Start program which has me doing homework assignments and test during the weekdays. So I honestly don’t have much time to write till after I finish my work, but I do try to write out as much as I can until the update day. The only days where I honestly won’t have anything to do are Saturdays and Sundays. That leads to the next part.

 I will officially be posting updates on Saturdays unless stated otherwise due to factors that were out of my hands, but I will try to keep you guys posted on that. So the next official update day is July 1, 2017.

Now there will be weekends that you guys might get lucky and get an update on Sunday too that’s if I can write out the next Chapter as well and looked over before the end of the day. At the moment I do have this week’s chapter update, written up, and checked for grammar, I just need my beta reader to read it over and tell me if it flows easily. And I plan to start working on next chapter as well. 

Thanks again for taking interest in my fanfic and I’m so glad, that you are loving what I have done so far.

Slavic gods described by Stanisław Jakubowski, part 11/20:

Łada / Lada / Leda

Łada is thought to be the goddess of love, beauty, and making matches for marriage. A repetative chant ‘Lado, Lado!’ is popular in numerous wedding folk songs from countries like Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, and others. She’s imagined as a beautiful black-browed young woman. Her statue might’ve been standing on a forest glade among birch trees and guelder-roses, adorned with plaited wreaths that had been worn by the soon-to-marry girls.

Source of image: Stanisław Jakubowski 'Bogowie Słowian’ ['Gods of the Slavs’], 1933. The text includes informations based on the same source.

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hi! sorry to add on to how many asks you already have. i was wondering if you knew of any heated or cooled stim toys? i can get super warm hands and i love the feeling of something cool against them (not freezing- closer to tap water/plastic) but when i hate how it feels once the toy warms up. + as it's v cold in aus rn im also suffering from super cold hands! (i dont have a microwave, so i cant heat things using one- but feel free to incl microwaveables for other stimmers who want heated toys!)

Hello, fellow cold Aussie!

I’ll break this answer up into two sections for easier reading.


The lack of microwaving access made this difficult at first, because most things that I know of that are stimmy and heatable are recommended for microwave use - generally heat bags and heat bag-containing plush toys. (See K-Mart’s range, as an example.) However, if you keep on reading, I found a surprising amount of options!

The first I found at my local Toyworld: Independence Studio’s Pocket Hotty!

They’re reusable heat bags designed for hand or pocket use. I don’t fully understand how they work, but the gist is that they contain a gel-containing sphere inside the hotty that you bend when you wish the hotty to heat. To reuse, one boils the hotty until the hardened gel inside softens. (There’s no instructions on the web listing, but there is on the packet, and I wish I’d thought to take a photo when I saw them in store.) I’ll note that this is a little intensive, in that when you’re done using them you’ll need to take them home and boil them to make them usable again, but for you, anon, I think this is easiest.

Styles: hot water bottle shaped | knit emoji cover | fantasy shapes | cats and dogs.

They’re available online on Howard’s Storage World ($7.95 AUD) and eBay ($9.95 AUD, free shipping). I’d also check toy, gift and dollar shops, especially those that tend to stock IS gift items and office toys.

It did cross my mind that you can wrap a Tangle in a heat bag to warm it up, and the same will apply for any toy made out of ABS plastic, but my heat bags are all microwavable wheat bags, which is less useful. Don’t do this with anything that has metal parts, as that has a burning risk, but hard plastic - when done with a little caution - shouldn’t be a problem. I wrap fashion dolls in a heat bag to loosen their heads before removing them for customising, and I’ve never had a doll be so hot, even after leaving for ten minutes, that I can’t handle it in bare hands.


Cooling is a lot easier, since you can toss any gel bead ice pack into the fridge or freezer until it chills to the desired temperature. (This will take a little experimenting, mind.) I’ve got ones from Smash, which I bought from Coles at the start of year in the back-to-school sales.

IS also has a range of shaped cooler packs called Cool Its. The IS links give no information other than saying that they can be cooled or heated, but the eBay link below says that these are cooled via fridge or heated via immersion in hot water. They shouldn’t be boiled or used in a microwave.

Styles: fantasy | animals | emoji | cats and dogs | mermaids.

These I struggled to find online: “cool its” is not the best name for being uniquely searchable. Finally, I got an eBay listing: $8.99 AUD (free shipping). Otherwise, I’d check out the above offline stores for sources.

Additionally, on eBay, I found Boo Boo Buddies, and if you’re willing to tolerate the cutesy name and child focus, they do have fun designs. This listing has them for $5.95 AUD with $4.50 AUD shipping.

There’s also cheap listings for shaped gel cooler bags: this listing has a variety of shapes for $1.84 USD with free international shipping. I don’t know what the quality of these is - if they’re able to handle intensive squishing and pushing like that I give my Smash bags - but it’s worth a try.

You can put any ABS plastic toy into the fridge to chill it. In fact, I think most plastic toys could go into the fridge for cooling, although I don’t know how that might work for squishies, makeup sponges or puffer toys. I wouldn’t try it with wood or fabric because of the moisture inside the fridge, but plastic should work just fine.

I wouldn’t put anything that isn’t ABS or hard plastic in the freezer, and anything that has metal, wood or fabric components should never go in the freezer, just to be safe. (Especially metal, because of the risk of freezer burn and sticking.) Hard plastics, though, are fine. I know of toy collectors who put toys in the freezer to kill off bedbugs, and we’ve all got plastic storage containers in the freezer.

I hope, anon, this gives you some ideas. I’m very glad there’s turned out to be more options for you than I thought!

Is there anything I’ve forgotten, followers?

- Mod K.A.


Jensen Ackles as Jason Teague on “Smallville”


  • Bottom gif is blank for your text addition convenience, should you want to match with “Supernatural” dialogue or any words of your choosing
  • Font: notosans / yellow / no border / size 16
  • Original dialogue: “Where’s Clark?”

Footage source: Smallville Season 4 finale “Commencement”

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Thanks for the advice 😊 I just wanted to know and this may sound silly but why a fake name? I know it is to protect our identity but is there any other reason?

It’s just a safety measure. I personally think it’s one of the most important, along with using a texting app and not giving out your bank information. Some SBs don’t use a fake name, but I really don’t think that’s a good idea. For example, a shitty SD once tried to use my nudes to blackmail me. He threatened to post them on facebook and tag me and my family, and post them on other social media with my info attached. However he didn’t have my real name, phone number, or nudes with my face in them. This allowed me to just block him and forget about the whole situation. If he had my real name, that could have become very bad for me.

it’s been over 13 months since ‘the force awakens’ was released and i still don’t understand why people like h/ux so much other than the fact that he’s a white man. in all my months on this website i literally have not heard one single authentic and convincing explanation with canon basis as to why people actually like him

🌸🍃 Beltane Tips! 🍃🌸

Hello, my loves! I know it’s relatively early, but I wanted to make a post about this in advance for those who need some help / inspiration with the upcoming holiday. :-) Beltane, also known as “May Day,” is at the very beginning of May, and its purpose is to continue the celebration of Spring and fertility. We bow to the abundance of the fertile Earth, and become aware of Her opening up to the fertility God. Their union gives life to healthy and strong livestock/crops and new life in general. This is inspiring to many witches and magick workers who wish to bring change into their own lives, as well as show a passionate appreciation for life itself.

- If you’re on a bit of a schedule, there are simple things you can do to show your thanks for the planet we live on and the gift of life. Much like with Ostara, just try your best to thank nature - take a short walk, notice how green everything is, eat some fresh vegetables, and take deep breaths of morning air. 🌸

- Create a Beltane altar! Include lots of green items, inspired by the lushness of the growing grass and the leaves on the trees. Also include pastels to honor Spring, such as yellows, blues, and pinks. Incorporate these lively colors into the objects in your altar - think ribbons, decorated sticks, flowers, candles, cloths, succulents, baskets, grass, chalices and statues. Add some symbolism to represent the strong  male energy of the God, which is especially potent at this time. Think sticks, acorns, seeds, antlers - and try your hand at creating your own mini Maypole! 🌿

- If you have the environment / time to do so, gather a group of friends and have a bonfire (or even just a fire in your fireplace, if you have one)! Beltane is one out of the four fire festivals in current Pagan traditions, so its presence during this time is especially welcome. Can’t have a bonfire? Light some green candles and meditate near them, perhaps while writing a list of things you wish to renew in your life. 🔥

- Eat!!! Try and incorporate milk, honey, and/or oats into your meals during this time, as well as fruits -  peaches, mango, pomegranates, and cherries. 🍒🍯🥛🍑

I hope this guide is helpful! xoxo

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Please please I want the citation in the book about his hair because I dont remember it aaaaaa (Sorry for bad english ??)

Hey! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. It was a combination of “Hmm is there anything else you can add?” and “I’ll get back to this later!” LOL

Anyway, here are some excerpts that give the readers some information about Laurent’s hair:

Captive Prince, Chapter 10:

Laurent’s body was a series of graceful lines under the shirt’s soft folds. Damen’s eyes lifted to the white column of his throat, and above that the golden hair, parting around the shell cup of an unjewelled ear. The image was damascened, as beaten metal. He was reading.

Prince’s Gambit, Chapter 2: 

In order to begin unlacing the garment, he had to lift his fingers and brush to one side the ends of the gilt hair, soft as fox fur. When he did so, Laurent tipped his head very slightly, offering better access.

Prince’s Gambit, Chapter 14: 

Damen looked downwards and saw the way that the white fabric shifted slightly under his thumbs. Laurent’s shirt hung on his body, a containing layer. Then Damen’s eyes travelled up along the balanced nape, to a wick of golden hair tucked behind an ear.

Prince’s Gambit, Chapter 18: 

Laurent looked like any young man who has been pressed against a battlement and kissed. The slight disturbance of the hair at Laurent’s nape was wonderful. His hand had lain there.

Kings Rising, Chapter 12: 

Damen lifted his hand, slid his fingers into the short, soft hair at the back of Laurent’s neck, cupping his head. They had never been this close, not with the fact of who he was open between them.

There was only the feel of it, the slide of his chest against Laurent’s back, the dip of Laurent’s head, and the sweat-damp hair at the nape of Laurent’s neck.

Kings Rising, Chapter 14:

The light through the trees dappled Laurent’s hair, which was longer now than it had been in the palace, and showing signs of minor disarray.

The Summer Palace:

He remembered - the steam of those other baths, the moment he had caught Laurent’s wrist in his hand. This close, he could see the wet tops of Laurent’s shoulders. Above that, the tips of Laurent’s hair were wet too, from steam or from the splash from the pitcher.

The passage from The Summer Palace (TSP) clearly states that Laurent’s hair is slightly above shoulder length. Since TSP occurs near the end of this series’ timeline AND Chapter 14 of King’s Rising (KR) states that Laurent’s hair grows throughout the trilogy, I can make assumptions of the length of Laurent’s hair from earlier.

I believe that at the beginning of the trilogy, Laurent’s hair is at/around chin level. In Chapter 10 of Captive Prince (CP), Laurent’s hair is described to be tucked behind his ear. Hair that is chin level (speaking from personal experience because mine is that short) is easily able to be tucked behind the ear. Any shorter than chin length is hard to brush behind the ear. 

Laurent’s hair is constantly described as at the nape, aka the back of the neck. Since we know that Laurent’s hair is at chin level in CP and is shoulder length in TSP, I can conclude that his hair grows throughout Prince’s Gambit (PG) and KR.

TL;DR - Laurent’s hair begins at chin level, gradually grows throughout the trilogy, and is now at shoulder level. He has “medium” length hair.

apparently there are people that just read and finish books frequently. like they can, allegedly, get through books with no major problems. just fucking consume them in a tiny amount of time and , supposedly, comprehend the information in the text. sounds like a bunch of liberal bullshit if you ask me

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Could you maybe explain the difference between what a special interest and a hyperfixation is to me? I recently figured out that I probably have minor ADHD, and these two terms seem really similar sometimes, but special interest seems like it's used more in the autistic community, and I don't want to intrude by using a term meant for a specific group by generalizing.

Hello! I’ll try to explain as best as I can! I will be covering the terms: Special Interest, Hyperfixation, and Hyperfocus in this! #longpost

Additionally, I will be discussing their mutual use in Autistic and ADHD circles, and talk about whether or not any of the terms are exclusive to one or the other.

Special Interest (SI): 


  • To have a deep, intense, passionate and incredibly focused/narrowed interest in a certain area of study, subject, topic or thing - to the exclusion of other interests. This interest is something that exists for the long-term, most often lasting for multiple months, years, or even you’re entire life! Less commonly they’ll last a couple weeks, but that’s just as valid as others! 

More Info.: 

  • “Special interest” defines the interest, and the degree of our involvement/commitment to it! 
  • SI’s are usually very studious-oriented, and I don’t mean this as in they’re academic, but as in we want to learn everything there is to know about them! We’ll research and gather information for hours upon hours just for the enjoyment doing so brings! 
  • SI’s are also typically sensual experiences as well - positive ones! They overwhelm our senses with joy and happiness, fill us with such enthusiastic and heart-wrenching emotion! We Autistic folk often have SI-related stims!
  • Allistics might look down upon our passion for our SI because it is something inconsequential to them, like ladybugs, but we love it anyway!



  • Debatable*. But to be safe, it would be wise to assume that it/the term is Autistic-exclusive! If you are neither Autistic or ADHD you definitely should not use the term!

*Some people think it should be exclusive due to the historical-presence of the term predominantly in Autistic communities, and others believe it to be experienced by both Autistic and ADHD people - Autism and ADHD are “sister” developmental disabilities/disorders, and there is a lot of overlap. Overall, though, ‘special interest’ is most commonly used in Autistic-circles!



More Info.:

  • With some believing that special interests are Autistic-exclusive, @deathbecoming wanted to prevent the appropriation of the term and instead created one that could be used by allistic neurodivergent people to describe their experiences similar to special interests, etc..


  • N/A


  • Created only for use by those who are developmentally, intellectually, and/or mentally disabled.


  • Though it wasn’t the original intent, the term “hyperfixation” has kind of evolved specifically into a verb for the act/subject of ‘hyperfocus,” which has then led many to believe that it is ADHD-exclusive – this is not the case!

Speaking of!



  • To focus intensely on something for a short-term period of time without break to the exclusion of all other things — This is to the point that you won’t process what’s going on around you, adhere to your bodily functions/needs (sleep, hunger, using the restroom), homework/tasks, your hobbies/interests, etc..

More Info.:

  • One of the reasons why Hyperfocus is often attributed as ADHD-exclusive is due to its unpredictability — You may not always have control or awareness over what you’re hyperfocusing on, or even that you are, it can just happen.



  • Neurodivergent people only! Both ADHD and Autistic people can definitely use this term, and it is most predominantly used in those circles! While Neurotypical people can experience a similar thing to hyperfocus, it is most often called “Being in The Zone” or “Getting Into the Flow” and isn’t the same thing.


Special Interest: 

  • Used most in Autistic circles, in reference to Autistic people 
  • Describes the type of interest (very intense, passionate, and narrow) 
  • Describes our commitment to it (long-term commitment, ranging from months to lifelong, to the exclusion of other interests)



  • Used by anyone who is Neurodivergent, most often seen in Autistic/ADHD circles
  • To focus intensely to the exclusion of all other things (includes bodily functions/needs, processing of the world around you, etc.)
  • A short-term commitment, typically lasting under 10 hours and not always by choice


As you’re ADHD you can definitely use the terms Hyperfixation and Hyperfocus! If, after reading this, you think the term Special Interest applies to you, you can use it as well! Just be aware that some people may disagree with your use of it!

Note: Additionally, I think it is good to tell you that ADHD cannot be “minor” or “severe” — You’re either ADHD or you’re not! It may be more difficult or easier for someone to manage how their ADHD symptoms positively or negatively impact their life,  but that is a different thing!

This “Scale of Functionally” (in comparison to Neurotypicals) doesn’t truly exist, and believing that it does is actually quite problematic and harmful. It is often weaponized — Used to invalidate and discredit the experiences of other ADHD people, make one seem “better” or “lesser” (more/less Neurotypical) then the other, decide who isn’t or is “truly worthy” or resources, etc..

I do not say this to insult or hurt you, though! As you are just now discovering that you’re ADHD it is only logical that you would not be aware of all the little intricacies like this. I do not blame you!

Overall, thank you for being both so self-aware and considerate to send this message! It goes to show how kind you are that you wish to educate yourself to make sure you’re respectful of others and the terminology for their disabilities/etc.. Good job!

5 metas de leitura para 2017

- “Orgulho e Preconceito” (Jane Austen)

Um livro “água com açúcar” que coloquei nas minhas metas, pois gosto de ler coisas que me distanciam um pouco apenas do real e cotidiano. Já assisti ao filme diversas vezes, e decidi adquirir o livro para ter uma visão mais aprofundada daquilo que já amo. Conta a história de um “amor impossível” entre duas pessoas, que aparentemente não possuem nenhuma ligação, mas com o decorrer da trama, seus sentimentos se provam ser maior do que qualquer orgulho ou preconceito. 

- “Esquerda Caviar” (Rodrigo Constantino)

O título por si só já resume muito do que é a grande parte daqueles que se dizem defensores do socialismo, mas vivem a mercê dos privilégios de um sistema capitalista. Este é um dos livros que mais tenho vontade/curiosidade de ler, pois retrata as hipocrisias, incoerências e falácias da esquerda, principalmente no quesito do populismo de alguns “ídolos” da vertente. 

- “Não, Sr. Comuna” (Evandro Sinotti) 

Este é um livro que fala sobre política de uma maneira leve e até mesmo engraçada, refutando falácias que são típicas esquerdistas, como frases tão divulgadas e reproduzidas de Paulo Freire. Gosto de livros que ao mesmo tempo lhe proporcionam conteúdo, consigam fazer isso de uma maneira descontraída, para ler em momentos que não necessitam de uma ampla concentração, e dê para ler em momentos até para relaxar. Este é um dos demais motivos pelo qual me interesso muito pelo livro.

- “O guia politicamente incorreto da história do Brasil” (Leandro Narloch) 

Muitas da coisas que crescemos ouvindo, e que são frisadas pelas escolas, em sua grande maioria, são mentiras. E infelizmente muitos acabam levando esses ensinamentos manipulados como uma verdade absoluta, sem querer buscar informação. Este livro desmistifica todo esse ciclo de falsos ensinamentos que continuam sendo reproduzido por todos. Pessoas, que assim como eu, cresceram ouvindo que Zumbi dos Palmares foi herói, fariam bom proveito deste livro.

- “Jardim das Aflições” (Olavo de Carvalho)

Um dos livros do Olavo que pretendo ser este ano, resolvi começar a minha meta pelo Jardim das Aflições, no qual já ingressei na leitura. É um livro sobre reflexões e argumentações de corriqueiras atitudes politicas “despretensiosas”, que com seus discursos enfeitiçadores conseguem com que as pessoas façam coisas, que “lúcidos e informados, não se prestariam em fazer”. (”tout commence en mystique et finit en politique”)

Tenho uma infinidade de outros livros que aguardam na minha lista de metas, mas estes cinco são os que mais me agradam no momento e pretendo começar por eles. Assim como também tenho uma infinidade de filmes e documentários, que nos ajudam, gradativamente, a sairmos dessa bolha de falsas verdades e ignorância. 

Random Loot Table

I consistently have players looting conquered foes, random strangers, ruined villages, etc.. And the truth is I almost NEVER know what they’re going to find. Usually I just spout some nonsense at the top of my head and it often ends up being dull, leaving my players less likely to look for items while adventuring in the future. I created this table to help give me a guideline for random loot, and it lets players feel lucky when they roll high and find something unexpected.

(Click Keep Reading below the image for more specific information and a text version of the chart at the bottom)

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Take The Trade: Part 1

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Dylan x Reader
Word Count: 2,836


A/N: big fuckin thanks to the girls for encouraging me to finish this and being super supportive. i’ve been working on this for the longest time and it’s finally here, so enjoy mother fuckers x x


Originally posted by gabalecki

I throw the phone onto the couch, groaning in annoyance and stomping my feet like a child as I wander to the kitchen, huffing once more to catch Dylan’s attention. “What’s wrong?” He asks, his back still turned to me as he assorted popcorn and candy into different plastic tubs.

My shoulders slouch and I climb onto the island, crossing my legs and pulling an unsatisfied face. “Everyone’s busy, they can’t make it.” I grumble under my breath with furrowed eyebrows. Friday night was game night, everyone came over to my place to eat junk food, play stupid board games and get completely wasted. But, everyone decided they’d be busy this week, which couldn’t have been any more inconvenient.

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