no text is worth the risk

coming out tips

we’ve gotten a lot of asks about this in the past few days and can’t answer all of them – here’s a little list of tips. feel free to add on!

- be calm. you got this. be firm and decisive.
- give them time to process. tell whoever you’re coming out to, then leave them alone for a while so they don’t act impulsively and get upset.
- coming out via text or a similar method is okay.
- don’t come out if you aren’t ready, or if your safety isn’t guaranteed. it isn’t worth risking.
- be prepared to bust myths about your sexuality (yes mom, bi people can be monogamous)
- be prepared to answer questions! leave communication channels open and make sure they know you’re open to answering questions.
- be prepared to debate a little, especially if the people you’re coming out to are religious or conservative.
- stay calm. you can handle it, and i believe in you.

Mina’s Girlfriend?

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Mina x Reader

Secret Relationship


Word Count: 549

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Can you meet up today?

Mina read over the text a couple more times, debating whether or not it would be worth the risk. There was no Twice schedule planned for the day but, also, she couldn’t really tell the other girls “I’m going to meet my girlfriend be back in an hour.”

Her mind was made up, though, when you texted her again saying you had a surprise for her. She got dressed and tip toed her way out of the dorm while no one else was paying attention.

“She’s not answering her phone,” Jihyo sighed, hanging up after getting Mina’s voicemail for the third time. Sneaking out of the dorm wasn’t something that she did, at least not by herself. Usually, if they girls wanted out for a bit, they would go in pairs and have everyone else cover for them until they got back. Disappearing alone and not answering phone calls wasn’t very Mina. So, of course, the other girls were worried.

The eight of them exchanged looks before decided that someone had to go find her. After a very intense game of rock paper scissors, Jihyo, Nayeon and Jeongyeon were put in charge of finding Mina. The three of them got dressed in their hoodies and masks and made sure the rest of them all had their phones and knew what the cover story was in case the manager showed up.

“I can’t believe Mina snuck out without the rest of us,” Jihyo mumbled as they started walking around the neighborhood. They had decided that they were going to check everywhere from the convenience store to the used booksellers, taking turns calling Mina as they walked.

“I know,” Nayeon replied. “If anything, you’d think it would be me or maybe Dahyun…I wonder where she went.”

“Guys,” Jeongyeon said, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. “I think I found her…”

The other two followed Jeongyeon’s wide eyed gaze, their expressions changing to match hers. From where they stood, they could see you and Mina walking hand in hand, Mina leaning slightly against you. She was holding a small gift bag in her hand and smiling brightly. You whispered something in her ear that sent a laugh rippling through her.

Her smile faded, however, when she looked up and saw her members. They ran up to the two of you, throwing all sorts of questions at you.

“Who is this?”

“How long have you been dating?”

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

After lots of explaining on Mina’s part and awkward introductions from you, the girls finally got around to dragging Mina back to the dorm, scolding her the whole way for keeping something this big from them. This only continued once the other girls found out. They all asked to see pictures and wanted to get as many details from Mina as they could.

“She’s so cute!” Chaeng gushed.

“When do we get to meet her?” Tzuyu asked.

“Maybe on another off day…”

Everyone talked for a bit more before Mina was finally able to make it to her room, letting out a huge sigh of relief.

Checking her phone, she saw a few messages from you.

You’re not in trouble are you?

What’d they say?

Smiling softly, Mina replied, They can’t wait to meet you.

Me last night checking to make sure no one sees me stealing ice cream from my freezer at 3AM

My first disclosure

It has been almost 2 years since I was diagnosed, and I recently had my first disclosure with a romantic partner. Let me first explain that I have been having sex these past 2 years, but all my partners have been guys who I had slept with before I was diagnosed. They all got that awesome text “hey I just went to the doctor and I have herpes” yadda yadda yadda. 4 of them decided that I was worth the risk and we’ve had some fun over the past 2 years. But I’ve never had to tell anyone new, I’ve never had to tell someone I liked that I have herpes and open myself up to that rejection. 

 It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever had to do (Bravo to those who are disclosure champs 👏) but I’m so proud of myself for doing it and treating my partner with that courtesy and respect. 

 His reaction? “Babe, that’s it? I don’t give a fuck. Can we have sex now?” Yeah, I found a keeper. 😍

I’m sensitive and sometimes i feel bad for no reason. I often have tantrums. I am unpredictable. I’m a very difficult girl.
But please stay. Be by my side. Hug me until i’ve calmed down. Risk it.
I swear, it’s worth it.
—  Alison Lee Smith, about me

i hate…… wanting to hang out with people because i don’t ask because i’m afraid they’ll say no and then they never ask me or text me or like talk to me ever so then i’m just bummed all the time and alone and also feeling left out is the worst! feeling! in the world! and i know that is not new fresh news or anything but it just like really sucks. because in order to tell someone you feel left out you have to like tell them you think your worth hanging out with? and then it’s like a self sales pitch and u risk rejecting from people u want to hang out with and thats like no fun and hard when you hate ur self and don’t see v many redeeming qualities for other people to see in you? and yeah moral of the story is i have like 2 actual friends who i’ve spoken to outside of school in the last like 4 weeks and i’m sad 

Keep out of the forest
Hearken to advice,
For those whom Pan caresses
Never see him twice.

Those who know Pan’s touches
And those who feel Pan’s kiss
Know that there is nothing
Ever equal to this.

Those who hear Pan’s music
And look into Pan’s eyes,
Will always hear his laughter,
Will always be too wise.

Still it’s worth the risking
Loneliness and pain
To have the hope to cherish
That Pan might come again.

—  Dorothy Quick, “Forest God”

#1 -
Your parents hated me, but you never snuck out of the house at night to come throw pebbles at my window, like in movies and in books. I liked to imagine you were capable of it until the heartache disappeared.

But I want to be worth any risk.

#2 -
You wouldn’t call me. We could text for hours, all day long, but you never let me hear your voice, even when I missed it. It felt like you didn’t miss me when we were apart and that tore me up inside.

Heartache when you’re not here, doubled by the idea you don’t feel the same just doesn’t work for me.

#3 -
You wouldn’t dance. You wouldn’t smile unless you decided. No one could convince you otherwise - you were stubborn and sad and it made my smiling and dancing seem worthless.

I don’t like feeling worthless.

#4 -
You skipped my birthday. You apologized, but didn’t tell me why. You rarely told me why, only gave hints that didn’t make sense to anyone but yourself.

I am not drawn to people who keep secrets.

#5 -
I found myself counting how many times I had said “I love you” against how many times you said it. I said it five times and you said it twice.

Love should never have to be counted.

#6 -
You never called me beautiful. You called me nice twice and cute once. You never told me if I made you weak in the knees or made your chest constrict when you saw me. You never told me what you felt when it came to me, never told me what I hoped I could hear. You were sensible and logical and love just isn’t sensible and logical.

Love isn’t supposed to be calculated.

I needed someone who loved me so much he risked it all. I needed someone who called me for no reason except to hear me breathing on the other end of the line. I needed someone who danced and smiled and who made me feel like I was priceless to him. I needed someone who told me everything, said he loved me so many times I couldn’t count them all and someone who could tell me I was beautiful whether with his words or with his eyes.

You were none of these things.

But, my fucking God, did I love you with all my foolish, drunken heart anyway.

—  Saki Oliver, Six Reasons Why We Didn’t Work Out

It’s important to know who your people are. It’s normal for us as humans to be invested in ourselves and our own interests, but when someone close to you continues a behavior that puts your wellbeing at risk(mentally or physically), then they aren’t worth as much as you think they are. The world is a big place. There are better people out there for you.

Am I Worth That Risk?

“Daddy it’s a friend!”

“I’ve told you no dating you whore!” That’s how it had started, but of course it didn’t end there. Eddie had stolen Cassie’s phone. Kidnapping her had been easy, the phone was hard. Once he texted the potential date, he’d come over fairly quickly. Now in he basement, Eddie had the two tied to chairs and facing one another.

“Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.” Eddie said as he ran his nice across the boy’s jawline.



Noah pulled out his phone and sent Sophie a quick text to tell her where to meet him. He shoved his phone back in his pocket and looked up at the sky, hoping it wasn’t going to rain. Mostly he was just hoping that this wasn’t going to completely backfire on him. He was nervous, yeah, but the risk was worth it. The bag on his back felt like it was being weighed down by bricks while he waited for her to come, and he constantly smoothed his shirt out to make sure it looked nice. The minutes felt like they were turning to hours when he finally saw her small figure approaching him in the distance.

trembling, the tumblr user sits down at their computer. they open up a clean, blank text.

it is time.

they have had enough. enough of asexuals and aromantics taking over media, politics; sometimes it seems like the entire damn country. they know the punishment for their thoughts will be swift and unrepentant. they know the power of the ace and aro communities. the corruption goes all the way to the top. will they find a willing ear? perhaps not. but maybe, just maybe, there may be some other out there, someone who has not been taken in by this blatantly anormative society. and for them… for them, this risk is worth it. their fingers, slowly, but then with more and more confidence, the confidence of one already condemned, move across their keyboard.

“aces and aros r str8. pass it on.”

their mouse hovers over the post button. clicks. they sit back. sirens fill the air.

it is done.

“Clarke, if you need forgiveness…I’ll give that to you.”

Focus on the way Bellamy’s voice shakes when he says this. Focus on the look in his eyes, the pure desperation because he knows she’s going to leave. He knew it the moment he saw Monty hugging her.

Bellamy Blake would give anything to Clarke Griffin. His trust, his loyalty, his protection, his forgiveness. His love. He forgives her for sending him away, for telling him that his life was worth the risk. He forgives her for lying to him about Octavia. He forgives her for killing all those innocent people because once upon a time, she forgave him for the same thing. He would forgive her for anything because they’re in this together, god damn it, and they were supposed to get through it. Together.

And now she’s gone.


It is now canon that fushimi saruhiko does an unbelievable amount of work because he measures his own worth in how much he can crank out. He doesn’t believe he’s welcome in his own clan unless he does the work of six regular members from different departments. His master plan for being accepted back into his clan again–that is, of course, after completing his life threatening mission into jungle–is to do even more work than he usually does because obviously that’s the only reason they wouldn’t kick him out. Not like he risked his life for them or anything. And the thought that they’d actually want him around is too ridiculous to even mention.