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So awhile ago, I received a message from someone who I had seen often in my notes, asking if they could send me some stuff just as a thank you for everything I do for this blog.

I was…shocked, to say the least. It was so incredibly sweet!! I was honestly speechless, as I never EVER foresaw things like this happening to me when I made my first post here and started this thing. Well today I received a package and I have to admit it brought a tear to my eye. I wish I had the words to describe my feelings! Thank you @etherealbatwing for making my entire day, my entire month! I’m 1000000% in love with these prints, the key chain, and OF COURSE THE HBC~!

I love this fandom, and I’ve met and talked to so many delightful people thanks to Cheritz and MM. Etherealbatwing, you are obviously one of them. I’m so happy to have you as a friend now, you are so kind and funny and a great friend to fangirl with over these damn characters we love too much lolol! Although I in no way, shape or form expect this shit ever, damn do I appreciate the hell out of it. Anyway, back to staring at this stuff hahaha I have to pick up some more frames now! 😘😍

You Drunktexting Them You’re Lost ~ BTS.

Yoongi ( Suga )
“YOO SWAGBOOOI im drunk where u at. Which 1 is your hoooouuuuse”
Yoongi would just stare at the text in disbelief. He opened the door to see you sitting on the curb outside of his house, staring at the concrete. He would help you in by you clinging on to him for dear life. You managed to fall asleep on a kitchen chair whilst he was getting you water. “ You should be happy I can read your dumb texts” he whispered as he would go back to working next to you.

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Hoseok ( J-Hope )
“ JOBI i need u  im lost wher do u liv ”
Hoseok wouldn’t be panicked, he knew exactly where you were. He walked out the back door and saw you laying in the wet grass staring up at the night sky. “Come in jagiya, it’s late and you might get a cold” he would say softly. You stumbled in with the help of his trusty shoulders and you practically crashed head first into his comfortable bed. “ Aish what to do with her” he would say with a smile on his lips.

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“ eiii Jimin im drunks and im verrrrry lost help”
Jimin would find it adorable since he could almost hear you say it. He saw you through his window wobbling along the curb. Jimin would be rushing out the door before you would accidentally fall. He’d pick you up and carried you on his back steadily. You would get peppered with kisses when you were safe at home again.

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“ Jagiiii im at the bakery help drunk me”
Jin would panic a little when he read the text and instantly get worried for your safety. He would drive straight to the bakery and call out your name. When he finds you he would carry you into the car, laying you down in the backseat. He would drive back home but take the least bumpy road there was.. You would get pampered all night when you were home again.

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“Young one your drunk friend needs help, im drunk and lost in the park help”
Since it was dark outside he would be worried what could happen to you. He’d run to the park and when he saw your unbalanced figure in the darkness he would wrap his strong arms around you. He would carry you on his back all the way back home. You’d be taken care of until you fell asleep with about 4 blankets on you.

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Taehyung ( V )
“Friends left me drunk at your place but u aint here ”
Taehyung would see your text and instantly get confused. Your friends had left you at Taes home but he was recording. “ I need to go, sorry” he would say in a hurry to his members and take the first bus home. You woke up in a bed in some of Taehyungs clothes. The smell of toast lingered in the room. “ You had passed out and smelled of vomit so I changed your clothes jagi~‘’ Taehyung would say sweetly with his rectangular smile.

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Namjoon (Rapmonster)
’'im in central drunk and lost by a cafe help”
Namjoon would ask the rest of the members to help him find you since the city is big and you didn’t respond to his texts asking where you were. Once they found you in a cafe that for some reason still was open he would lead you home. During the walk home he would warn you of how dangerous it is to be drunk in the middle of the night and being alone as well. ‘’’ Do you know what could have happen??“ he would be concerned but happy you weren’t hurt. He would cuddle you all night to make sure you felt okay.

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Making reactions whilst tired isn’t a good idea for anyone wondering.

Hope you liked it! Please request more <3


massive rant

I’m sick to death of the ignorant-ass views people have toward the true crime community on this website. I just saw a comment on someone’s post saying something along the lines of “@staff this is a serial killer appreciation blog, why aren’t you deleting?!!?” Like really? Do you have that much of a warped view that you think a blog containing any type of true crime information is appreciating serial killers? And that it should be deleted? I also see people making text posts expressing their disbelief at the “serial killer fandom” on this website…. which I have NEVER come across. It seems what they’re referring to us blogs like ours, and above all, calling it a fandom is inherently disrespectful to the victims and their families on their part, which is completely ironic given the fact that the people making these posts are asking us to respect victims more. 

It’s true that the glorification of killers does exist in a small area of our community, but this is an extremely small percentage, from what I’ve seen. I follow thousands of true crime blogs, and I rarely see posts about a killer that might detract from the harsh nature of their crimes, but if I do, who am I to judge? From a moral perspective, I disapprove completely of people making collages and edits of murderers, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest because I’m open-minded and I don’t go around policing the content of the internet like some kind of stuck-up bitch. I just wish that people could learn to do the fucking same and stop being so ignorant toward people with different interests than them. For a supposedly friendly and accepting website, tumblr sure does know how to make certain groups feel unwelcome…