no tess you are not cute


“You were right. About gaming, it’s a great way to make friends.”


by Plaid-Peaches

-You look cute for your size.

No. I look cute. Point blank. My body does not restrict how cute I can be.

-You’d be so pretty if you lost weight.

No. Once again, I do not need to lose weight to be pretty. Only to meet your standards of pretty.

-Have you tried exercising?

Actually, yes. I used to exercise all the time. Tess Munster/Holliday works out 3-5 times a week and is still a size 22.

-Should you really be eating that?

Should you really concern yourself with what I am putting in MY body?

-Ugh, I feel so fat!

Why is that a bad thing? Last time I checked, fat does not mean ugly so don’t treat it like it does.

-If you want people to stop judging, why don’t you just lose weight?

I happen to like myself the way I am. Is that so bad? Why is it so bad that I don’t meet everyone’s beauty standards, but am happy on my own? Why can’t people stop judging me for loving myself?


wolves-whisperer  asked:

"You're so cute when you're flustered."

Tess’ face turns red in agittation and in bashfulness. “I-I am not THAT flustered, Thusia! Gah… I just can’t seem to understand this book!” She throws the book about Void magic against their room’s wall and falls back on their bed and grabs a pillow and sighs into it. “You always insist on saying such things at the oddest times.” Tess said with a small smile, but still appeared to be annoyed.

A few hours later

Tessa: “Well I’m going, bye Zay. I’ll see you Monday.”

Zay: “Ok babe, have fun on your trip. Yeah Mond– Oh my gosh look at Art trying to crawl, that’s so cute! That’s my boy!”

Joy: *giggles playfully as Zay awes his son being petty towards Tessa* “Yes, isn’t he just the cuutttttest! Oh, goodbye Tess.”

Zay: “Sorry, Babe. I’ll see you on Monday.”

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nickname: tess, mona, jynberly (long story).
star sign: capricorn/aquarius.
height: 5′0″
time right now: 9:34pm.
last thing i googled: romantic transference (a psych thing).
fave music artist: glass animals probably!
song stuck in my head: sincerely, me from dear evan hansen.
last movie i watched: front cover (beautiful, gay, heartbreaking).
last TV show i watched: most likely the x files.
what i’m wearing right now: jeans and a t-shirt, and a super cute pearl choker.
when i created this blog: forever ago, probably early last year?
the kind of stuff i post: star wars, aesthetics, writing stuff, other fandoms!
do i get asks regularly: nah. i would love to talk to people, though!
why did i choose my url: i love jyn, jyn is smol. smol jyn.
gender: cis female.
hogwarts house: ravenclaw.
pokemon team: mystic.
favorite color: light blue.
lucky number: 8.
favorite characters: dana scully, leia organa, bodhi rook, nick carraway, pretty much all of my ocs.
dream job: novelist/screenwriter.
number of blankets i sleep with: two!
followers: i adore all 110 of them.

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Tess: What a cute shop! Oh, and look girls, the make-up counter is offering a free makeover for customers who get haircuts from the neighbouring store.

Theo: That’s perfect-, uh I mean great! I think you should get something really glamorous.

Tess: Maybe I will do just that.

Octavia, texting: (Just got to the store, will txt u when we leave.)


Normally I wouldn’t wear shorts this short. I’ve always been uncomfortable when my cellulite shows. But you know what? Who cares? I think I look cute! And it’s fucking summer! So I’m not gonna hide my cellulite if I don’t want to! #effyourbeautystandards