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Sometimes I think about my high school English teacher. She was a few years away from retirement but still too many years for her liking. She was completely fed with teaching. But instead of many teachers who are fed with teaching but try to hide it and just project their frustration of their students, she would joke about how tired she was of teaching all the time. Every Friday she would make a thank-god-it’s-Friday joke. Every Monday she would bemoan the fact that it was Monday. If she could spend the class hour doing something remotely adjacent to teaching but not teaching, she would seize the occasion, like showing the entire school the pictures she’d taken on the school trip.

On our last year, because of some rule of our school, we were supposed to have only one subject between English and Art at our final exams, and we as a class would be able to pick which one. We picked art so basically our English teacher found herself in a position where she could teach us, like, 1% of the program and it wouldn’t matter since we wouldn’t be examined on her subject.

So this woman with not a single fuck left to give spent almost an entire school year doing things like reading us letters written to Lord Byron by some lover of his (as you do), and, of course, showing us movies related to modern English literature (that I would illegally download and put on a DVD for her. She would call me her little pirate). The movies included movies like an adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest (cute and harmless), Tess of the D’Urbervilles (an adventure. really try showing a bunch of eighteen-year-olds the movie Tess of the D’Urbervilles.) and fucking WILDE. You know what Wilde is? Well, it’s about Oscar Wilde. And it is about his relationships with men. And it’s, well, fairly explicit. Like, it’s not the kind of movie that one would think ‘mmm I’ll show it to a class of teenagers’. But did this woman give a fuck? No she didn’t. She just showed a class of teenagers a movie about men having sex with men like it was nothing. No one in the class made a single joke or mocked the movie, and afterwards she complimented us for being much more mature than she expected, which means she expected us not to be mature about it, which means that she just was ready to watch the world burn and she didn’t give a single fuck about it.

So this about-sixty-year-old woman had a lot of very Catholic kids, in Italy, in 2008/2009, watch a fairly explicit gay movie like the personification of a ‘deal with it’ gif and no one batted an eye

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could you rec some wlw ya books? thanksss

this will be so long and it keeps getting longer!! so I hope you’re ready. I’ve read all of these, so ask me if you have any questions about them! If you’re looking for more masterposts, try @wlwbooksource

Genre Fic w Major WLW Couples

  • The Abyss Surrounds Us Duology by Emily Skrutskie: lesbian pirate x lesbian sea monster trainer in the future. Literally. One of my proudest achievements is giving this book hype. The author draws fanart of Swift and Cas kissing and posts it to her tumblr (again, not kidding, there’s some on my blog). Main character is asian. otp: equal footing
  • The Scorpion Rules Duology by Erin Bow: literally one of my fave books of all time, amazingly complex villain, super strong bi girl protag and her adorable bi gf, you will be genuinely confused which side is good and which side is bad, the three main characters are So Good, tw for an unhappy ending to this one but it’s… not any of the tropes. also a semi-hopeful end in the sequel which was?? good??
  • Jane Unlimited by Kristin Cashore!!! oh my god I love this book. it’s got a bi girl as the protagonist and it’s super atmospheric and interesting and references all these classics but is also modern and her romance plot is genuinely Iconic
  • The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers: This book is such hopeful and interesting and character-driven scifi. 
  • In Ageless Sleep by Arden Ellis: if you want a sci-fi novella with some hella good romance. especially for being approximately 50 pages. 
  • Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire!! if you want a wlw novella that talks about gender roles and is the sequel to A FUCKING HUGO AWARD WINNER. this series is super diverse in so many ways. 
  • That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston: wow can’t believe E.K. Johnston invented writing stories driven by women?? it’s about polyamory in a scifi futuristic victorian Canada. and yes, it is exactly as amazing as it sounds. 
  • Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardhoust: character driven wlw snow white retelling!!! 
  • Dreadnought Duology by April Daniels: okay it’s about a trans girl who becomes a superhero and dates another superhero girl and yes it IS amazing. 
  • Otherbound: f/f romance with a bi girl as main character. There’s literally not a single white character. It’s about body swapping and fantasy! talks frankly about the issues in the main relationship, suspenseful. Sense8 in a way.  
  • Ash and Huntress by Malinda Lo: occur in the same world, although you don’t have to read both. Ash is lesbian cinderella. Huntress focuses more on character development and is my personal favorite, but tw for a bittersweet ending. Malinda Lo also wrote the Adaptation series, featuring a bisexual protag and her alien gf, but that one wasn’t my favorite. I know a lot of people who love it though!
  • The Dark Wife by Sara Diemer: girl Persephone / Hades. My gay classics student ass unabashedly loved this. I think you can get it free on the author'a blog? Attempted rape tw (not between the main couple, their relationship was entirely consensual)
  • The Accident Season and Spellbook of the Lost & Found by Moira Fowley-Doyle: 
  • Monstress by Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda: Another Hugo Award winner but this time a graphic novel!! it’s complicated but it’s super worth it and all the mcs are morally ambiguous woc

Contemporary w Major WLW Couples

  • A & B by J.C. Lillis!! y'all have GOT to read this. it’s seriously the most delightful enemies-to-lovers filled-with-banter novel and maybe my fav romance book ever?? it’s fucking HILARIOUS.
  • Love Letters To The Dead: the wlw “side-romance” is honestly given just as much screentime as (if not more than) the main romance. literally one of my all-time favorite romances in anything ever, I read this book in my questioning phase and it changed my life
  • This Is Where It Ends: lesbians at a school shooting, primarily non-white characters, you will cry (spoilers: they both live and stay together)
  • Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley: 1960s civil rights era lesbians, ends happily. It emphasizes all of the problematic tropes often used in “overcoming racism” stories and why they’re not okay. This was recced to me by a black person so I trust that assessment. I also really love her other books, which have a lot of wlw as well. 
  • Lies My Girlfriend Told Me: Basically: Girl #1 finds out her dead girlfriend was cheating on her with Girl #2. Girl #1 and Girl #2 fall in love. This book is so adorable. The author has several thousand other wlw books so knock yourselves out. 
  • Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan: a cheesefest with racial diversity. I love this book so much (it’s so good and PURE) even though it’s not hugely deep. 
  • You Know Me Well by David Levithan + Nina Lacour: The authors alone should be enough to make you want to read this. I still am lowkey bitter the two boys didn’t end up together, but they stay friends and all so it’s fine. Found family!
  • Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld: Storyline between two girl authors in New York, ends happily!! also the protagonist was confirmed acearo spec on Twitter which is pretty obvious if you read the book. I’ve heard his other series Zeroes has lesbians too
  • Everything Leads To You by Nina Lacour: moviemaker wlw! cheesy as all hell, but adorable and really deep. very much recommended if you’re into moviemaking or acting
  • Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde: I think everyone has read this already but it’s Pure and about fandom
  • Get It Together Delilah / the Flywheel by Erin Gough: read this if you want cute cheesy girls falling in love at a coffee shop!!
  • for some of my fav shorts!! the story How from Roxane Gay’s Difficult Women is one of my fav wlw short stories ever. Also try out Alyssa Wong’s Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers, it’s free from tor and really fucking great!! and Nic Stone’s Happy Beginning from the Welcome Home anthology is a beautiful cinnamon roll of a story that I’ll never get over and I’d die for her

Some That Aren’t Love Stories Quite As Much: 

  • Far From You by Tess Sharpe: crime thriller with bi / recovering drug addict main character and major f/f romance. Not a happy ending for the couple bc the romance is in the past, but happy ending for the protagonist. This is one of my all time fave books not even lying
  • Exit Pursued By A Bear by EK Johnston: About the main character’s rape and her subsequent abortion. Main character does not have a romance plot, but her best friend (the second most important character) is a lesbian and falls in love with another friend. This one doesn’t belong quite as much, but it’s one of my all time favorite books ever and it’s all about female friendship / love and it’s?? pure?? (ALSO READ HER OTHER BOOK A THOUSAND NIGHTS ID DIE FOR EK JOHNSTON)
  • Cherry: About female friendships and relationships with sex, really feminist. There are four girls, one realizes she’s gay, and her friends are just so pure and supportive about it???? there’s a bit of romance but I still feel like it’s more about the friendships between the girls. 
  • Beauty Queens by Libba Bray: f/f romance, one lesbian one bi girl and one trans girl. Hilarious social commentary, very feminist, lots of woc. Libba Bray also has another hist fiction series that I’ve heard is gay (the first book is called A Great And Terrible Beauty) but I don’t know much about it. 
  • Kissing The Witch: Sometimes-gay versions of fairytales, really really interesting and pure and GREAT. 
  • Tricks and sequel Traffick by Ellen Hopkins: about kids forced into prositution, so all the tws. among main characters, there’s a gay guy and a bi girl!  Ignore the back that says “four straight one gay” because it’s a lie and publishers need to shut up. The bi girl is just?? such an amazing character and I love her with all my heart. 
  • If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan: realistic fiction about what wlw in Iran have to go through. tw for a not-great end for the couple, but there’s no death and the main character is happy. It’s more about the self-acceptance of the main character than about the romance. 
  • Ask The Passengers by A.S. King: magical realism kind of? more about coming out than about romance. Happy ending. 
  • The Miseducation Of Cameron Post by Emily Danforth: again, more about coming out, but wow this book is amazing. Happy ending for the girl, not for the couple. 

Fucked-Up Female Friendships Aesthetic

  • Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by: This book is so freaky and messed up and I’m still not exactly sure how it ended, but it still blew me away. The Mr and Mrs Smith wlw au you never knew you wanted, although I’m not going to spoil how. Fucked up ending but still happyish? 
  • Dare Me by Megan Abbot: This book is creepy as fuck and revolves around the relationship between two girls which is… really gay, like canonically gay. I liked this a lot, but be warned that it’s not a romance. Happy ending mostly?
  • Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas: This one had a lot of wasted potential in the form of a well-built story about the craziness of rich kids partying, but it is a very good murder mystery focused around two girls. 
Back To You - Requested

Tom Holland x Reader

Words: 2,301 (I have no self control. I’m sorry.)

Requested by: anonymous

Can you do a tom holland x reader where toms really sad and stuff bc he hasnt seen his gf in a long time but he doesn’t know she’s flying out to see him bc she missed him too?? And she brings tess and it’s just a cute ass family reunion between the three :)”



One week.

Seven days.

One hundred and sixty-eight hours.

And counting.

How Tom had managed that long without you was a mystery to him. Never had he ever dreamed to be away from you this long, or at all really but it was part of the job. He had to do what he had to do. He all but begged you to come with him and Harrison to Montreal but you couldn’t just leave your job indefinitely. He fully accepted and respected your decision, but that didn’t mean he didn’t miss you like all hell.

Week one of filming for ‘Chaos Walking’ had just wrapped, and he was so fucking exhausted. This was by far the hardest film he has ever shot, next to ‘The Impossible’. Tom was tired and all he wanted wanted was to curl up on the couch with you, watching Friends reruns on the telly.

He was lying in his bed after a particularly trying day of filming, you already had your nightly FaceTime session earlier but he still couldn’t sleep. He missed having you to curl up next to,.He turned over to his side and clicked open his phone, looks like he was going to have to spend some time on Instagram until he passed out from exhaustion.

It wasn’t a good enough distraction though. You were still ever present in his thoughts. Tom typed out a single text to you,

I miss you so so much, Y/N. I love you.

A succession of beeps coming from his phone diverted his attention. Tom raised the phone to his face to see your sleepy one staring back at him. Tears immediately began to flood his vision, he mentally cursed himself for losing his composure so quickly.

“Hi, my darling girl.” he rasped out. His eyes took the sight of you in through his phone screen, he cherished every detail.

You tried to stifle a yawn as you waved at him. “Hey, Tom. Is everything okay? Your text woke me up, I just wanted to see you and check in.” you said though you could barely keep your eyes open

Tom chuckled at how you were widening your eyes in an attempt to keep them focused on him. “Y-Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay. I just miss you.. Miss you a lot, Y/N.” In a matter of seconds, he broke down completely.

“God.. God, Y/N. I miss you, I miss you so much.” he cried

The sound of Tom crying completely woke you up as if someone had thrown a bucket of ice cold water all over you. Clamoring alarm bells were going off inside your head while you watched Tom’s face twist in pain, he was moving to sit up, like if he stayed down any longer he would drown in his own tears.

“Tom..” you weakly trailed off. You hoped and prayed that the right words would come to you.

“Tom, I love you. I love you so much.” was all you managed to say as you began to choke up as well

You didn’t notice Tessa climb into bed next to you. Next thing you knew, she was licking away your tears.

“Tess! Tom, look who’s come to see you.” Focusing your camera on the both of you, you watched with a heavy heart as Tom held back more tears. Tessa began to whine as well.

“Oh, my beautiful girls. I miss you both so much. I’m sorry I woke you, love. I’m just having such a rough time without you.”

“I know. I miss you too, Tom. You know you can call me any time.”

You two continued to talk into the night (morning for you), he told you all about the set and the cast while you told him about your days at work. Most of the things you told each other, you already knew. You didn’t think this was your first time speaking in a week, did you? Hell no. The time you two spent apart were filled in with calls and texts, FaceTime was like a staple for your relationship.

When you opened your eyes, the first thing you saw was Tom’s sleeping face, or at least the upper half of it. You two must’ve fallen asleep at some point, which was good, Tom was always telling you how tired he was. A groan left your lips as you stretched, it was almost time for you to get ready for work.

“I’ve got to go now, Tom.” you whispered, watching him stir as he slept. “I’ll text as I always do. I love you.”

“Mmm. I love you so much, Y/N.” he mumbled sleepily in reply

His groggy deep voice made you swoon all the way from across the pond. Very very reluctantly, you ended FaceTime and got up to start your day.


It was the middle of Tom’s second week in Montreal, he felt as if he’s already been there for months. Each and everyday he’d return to their temporary home, body aching, his reprieves being your texts and calls, FaceTime, Harrison making him food, and sleep. That being said, when you missed your regular FaceTime session before Tom went to bed, it worried him. He rang you close to about thirty times with no answer.

He tried to be understanding about it. Tom knew that sooner or later your current situation would begin to take its toll on the both of you so instead of trying you again, he just sent you a text saying that you must’ve fallen asleep but it was alright, he was just going to bed, and he loved you.

Though he said he was going to bed, the lack of seeing your face and hearing your voice made it close to impossible for him to get settled. He tossed and turned the entire night, well into the wee hours of the morning.

“Oh, fuck this.” he grumbled, flinging the blankets off his tired body. It was pointless, Harrison was set to wake him up in a few minutes anyway. Fuck sleep.

He blindly made his way through his dark room, stubbing his toe on the doorframe in the process. Tom let out a hearty string of curses that would make a sailor blush, and exited his room. Harrison wasn’t up yet so he just sat on the couch, checking his phone to see if you had finally replied.

You hadn’t.

Was he seeing things? Maybe it was just the lack of sleep that was making his eyes play tricks on him. He brought both hands up to his eyes palmed them gently, God he was so fucking tired. Although it soothed him a great deal, it still didn’t change the fact that you hadn’t replied to him, or texted or called. At all.

“You’re up early.”

The sound of Harrison’s voice did nothing to distract Tom from his worried thoughts about you, he bit on his thumbnail as he stared ahead.

“Tom?” Harrison walked over to his best friend and put a hand on his shoulder. The sudden contact shocked Tom, he looked at Harrison, confused.

“Oh, hey. I didn’t see you come in.” he said distractedly, shifting in his seat. Tom continued to bite on his nail, staring ahead.

“What’s the matter?” Harrison asked, heading back to kitchen area to cook breakfast

“Y/N hasn’t been answering my texts. She missed FaceTime last night.” he stated, rubbing his tired eyes

Harrison frowned, he thought it was rather odd, that wasn’t something you usually did. He kept that thought to himself though, he knew he shouldn’t stress Tom out before an even more stressful day.

“Well, I’m sure she has a good reason. When has Y/N ever let you down?”

“Right. You’re right.” Tom nodded firmly, trying to grasp at any reassurance he could get

You were fine, you were safe, and you surely had a good reason for not responding to his attempts to contact you.

“Yeah. Yeah, everything’s fine.” he kept nodding to himself. It was unsettling.

“Yes, I’m sure they are. Now would you stop nodding? You’re freaking me out a bit here.” Harrison teased, hoping Tom’s mood would improve

After breakfast and a shower, they both went out to set. Through the course of his day, in between takes, Tom couldn’t stop himself from obsessively checking his phone to see if you resurfaced from whatever hole it is you’ve crawled into. He became more and more agitated every time he saw your conversation the same as it was.

But being a consummate professional, Tom never let his agitation show up while he was doing a scene. That was a good thing for him professionally, but emotionally? Tom was just about ready to explode. It was a good thing they wrapped early that day.

“I’m going to the fucking airport.” he said, slamming the car door and driving off like a madman

“WHAT?!” Harrison exclaimed from next to him, holding onto the handles for dear life

“I’m going to pack, then the fucking airport, then I’m going the fuck home to Y/N. Something is wrong, I fucking know it.” Tom fumed, his vision had been painted a venomous red

The duo somehow managed to get back home in one piece, Tom immediately got out of the car and slammed the door shut behind him. He didn’t even bother to wait for Harrison as he trudged up to their front door.

He all but hurled it open and went inside. Nothing but silence greeted him, it wasn’t like he was expecting something else though. But maybe he should have.

He took a step forward and felt something underneath his shoe, he looked down to see one of his trainers. How in the hell did that get there? Tom tried to think of every plausible explanation. His eyes widened in realisation. Tom ran outside, smacking into Harrison in the process.

“Jesus Christ!” Harrison exclaimed as he fell to the ground, Tom on top of him

Tom pushed off of his best friend and grabbed hold of his shoulders. “Harrison. Harrison, there is an animal in the fucking house.” he hissed

“No.. No, you’re shitting me.” Harrison shook his head, dread beginning to invade his senses. His sky blue eyes darted from Tom’s frazzled face to the open door.

“I am not. I found one of my trainers by the door, I didn’t leave it there, I swear to you.”

Tom dropped his hands from Harrison’s shoulders and ran them through his cropped hair. “We’ve got to go inside and check it out.”

“Those are the exact words of everyone who’s ever died in a horror film, Tom.”

“Well this isn’t a film, buddy. It’s real life.” Tom grabbed a nearby stick off of the ground and flipped it around. Taking a deep breath, he stalked confidently to the house

“Yeah, and a fucking stick is going to fend of a bear.” Harrison muttered under his breath, staying close behind Tom

The wannabe Hardy Boys made their way through the quiet house, they checked the kitchen, the living room, and their backyard. Nothing was there. They thought they were in the clear, until they heard something scratching on the other side of Tom’s bedroom door.

“Alright, it’s been a nice run, mate. We’ve had fun and everything, done amazing things, seen amazing places.” Harrison told him as the scratching began to intensify, the door started to rattle against its hinges

By its own volition, the door swung open and Tom closed his eyes and braced himself for impact. The intruder lunged at him, tackled him to the ground and.. Licked his face?

Harrison let out a surprised laugh. Tom took it as his cue to open his eyes. Standing on his chest, was Tessa.

“Oh my God! Tess?!” Tom exclaimed once he realised who it was. He scooped her up in his arms and gave her a big hug

“God damn I wish I’d caught that on camera.” Harrison remarked

Tom sat up, Tessa still in his arms, he felt warm hands cover his eyes a second later. The way his heart beat faster gave it away.

“Surprise!” you yelled right next to his ear

He winced at the volume but at the same time, he felt so relieved to hear the sound of your voice. Tom let Tessa go and engulfed you in his arms. The familiar scent of your perfume invaded his senses, he breathed you in until he swore the room was spinning.

Tom pulled away to press his lips against yours, his eyes were shut tightly. Afraid that if he opened them once again, you would be gone.

“I’m not going anywhere, Tom.” you whispered, like you’d read his mind. You wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him again.

“I can’t believe you called me thirty-six times. I didn’t know you were a stage five clinger.” you said into the crook of his neck

Your boyfriend smiled, you couldn’t see the playful glint in his eye.

“Oh, I’ll show you a stage five clinger, darling.”

He flipped you over to the floor and latched onto you like a koala. Tom squeezed you until you could feel the air slowly leaving your lungs. You tried to laugh but Tom’s weight on you made it difficult, you hit him repeatedly. “TOM!! GET!! OFF!!”

“Tess! Get in here!” he called to Tessa, who was watching you, head tilted. But at Tom’s command, she came bounding over to you, yipping excitedly

Harrison stood by the doorway, snapping a picture of the two of you on the floor, Tom wrapped around you as you lay trapped under him, and Tessa with her tail wagging in the air. He posted it on his Instagram with the caption, “Family Reunion”

Tom Holland - Four Simple Steps

this wasn’t requested this was my own idea and i hope you like it there will be a part two and I’m super excited to write it!!!

part 2

requests are open:)) i now take tom/peter chris/steve and seb/bucky requests

Originally posted by tomshollandss

“harry this summer is gonna be amazing” i smiled as we walked with locked arms down the busy streets of london. there was only a month of school left which meant the end of the year peprally and a school dance. i could tell he looked over at me and just smiled.

“what?” i asked. i looked over at him and he just shook his head but his body was vibrating with laughter.

“harry! tell me what” i stomped my foot like a child, this gained the attention of a few pedestrians walking near us. this just made harry’s laugh louder and made my cheeks flush with red due to the embarrassment.

“well i mean if you really wanna know” he looked over at me with a mischievous glint in his sparkling brown eyes.

“you gotta beat me in a race back home” he rushed out as he began sprinting. i let out a loud laugh and began running quick after him. harry’s house was probably five or so minutes away walking so this shouldn’t take long. yeah sure he longer legs then me but i was the star sprinter on my track team.

i moved my little legs as fast as they could possibly go, passing harry i could hear him let out a groan as i took the lead and i just let out a loud bark of laughter knowing i won.

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The Old College Try (Lin/Reader roommate AU)

Summary: You spent the summer before your freshman year of college thinking your roommate was going to be a girl named Lin. When you get to campus, that’s not what you find.

Part One: In which there are rooming assignment mishaps, salsa dancing, and Lunchables.  

You can find Part Two here!

You can find Part Three here!

Note: Write-a-thon Day 1! This can probably stand alone, but I’m tentatively calling it Part 1 out of 3. College!Lin is hard to walk away from, and I have plans for him.

Rating: T

Words: 2803

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In response to the Destiny 2 PC BETA I’d like to give out my last two Destiny Blacksmith Shaders and three Union of Light Emblems for anyone who likes or shares this post!

[Full Disclosure] We have been holding on to these codes for a little bit now, so I’m hoping you can still redeem them on the Bungie website! (if not, you still get a nice shiny code)

I’d also like to give everyone here a preview of a pet project @pixelatedtraveler and @ask-lordshaxx have been grinding on during the Destiny down-season! The KINDERGUARDIANS webcomic!

Enjoy these cute icons of your favorite vendors!

Stay Tuned!

Imagine Tom sending you cute videos when you’re apart. He’s been away filming for months, but you finally get to see him tomorrow. You miss him so much, you’re tempted to go sit at the airport now just to bring your reunion a little closer. This morning, he sent you a video of him and Tessa, telling you how excited they are to see you. “Tell Mama you love her, Tess!” Even when you’re apart, he still manages to make your entire day.

Requested by @magicfucksunicorns <3

The Old College Try: Part 2 (Lin/Reader college roommate!AU)

Summary: You spent the summer before your freshman year of college thinking your roommate was going to be a girl named Lin. When you get to campus, that’s not what you find.

Part Two: In which there are crayon contracts and costume parties, but definitely no jealousy.

Note: Sorry this took me so long to get out! Now that the story is completely outline, it should flow a lot faster. I’m pretty sure this is Part 2 out of 4.

You can find Part One here!

You can find Part Three here!

A few people asked to be tagged, so this is that!: @icanneverbesatisfied @clamilton @moonchildcharm @danspepes @calumbeans @blueco16 @brigzter-ly @21phantasticromances @picklessfights @thedoctorsnerdgirl @smileystumph @beestigo @lindsay-grey

Rating: T

Words: 4021

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Headcanon: Being best Friends with Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield would include:
  • Being the three musketeers
  • Roasting each other 24/7
  • Being attached at the hip, practically together 24/7
  • Pretending to find them annoying
  • Teasingly complaining about them
  • Calling each other out on their shit
  • Not taking yourself or each other seriously
  • Constantly taking pictures of each other and with each other
  • Loving their bromance and feeling slightly jealous of it
  • Them being protective as hell
  • Teasing them about how they are practically Peter Parker and Harry Osborn in real life
  • Joining the Batman vs Spiderman argument
  • Social Media wars
  • Constantly tagging each other in photos
  • You and Harrison being proud as hell of Tom
  • Judging Tom hardcore for his hello kitty pajama pants, but stealing them when he isn’t around
  • Always stealing their shirts because it isn’t like they wear them anyway
  • Admiring their shirtless bodies 24/7
  • Them taking care of you when you’re sick
  • Taking care of them when they are sick
  • Always laughing when you’re with them
  • Long hugs
  • Them always teasing you about your height
  • Working out with them/ watching them work out
  • Playing basketball with them
  • Them teaching you how to play basketball
  • Tessa loving you
  • Monty loving you
  • The boys being jealous about how much Monty and Tess love you
  • Swearing 24/7
  • Scolding Tom for swearing all the time
  • Horrible nicknames
  • Trying to keep the two in line
  • Being tumblr af
  • Being amazed by all your instagram followers
  • Traveling with them because they can’t stand being separated
  • Tom getting you a job onset
  • Making fun of Tom with the Avengers cast
  • Bonding with Sebastian while making fun of Tom
  • RDJ seeing you as a daughter
  • Becoming BFF’s with Zendaya
  • Their fans loving you
  • Being shipped with Tom
  • Being shipped with Haz
  • Having a shit ton of fan art
  • Both boys being cuddly as hell despite not wanting to admit it
  • Always having each other’s back
  • Everyone loving you
  • Their parents adore you and treating you like a daughter
  • Their parents fighting over who you will end up with
  • Late night conversations
  • Going over just to cuddle in the middle of the night after a nightmare
  • Being no stranger to Tom climbing in your window
  • Them buying you food
  • Aesthetic photos
  • Stealing Tess or Monty daily
  • “Y/n not again give back Tess/Monty”
  • Just a perfect, loving and supportive friendship
  • Legit friendship goals

Pairing: Tom Holland X Pregnant! Reader

Word Count: 695 (not too long)

Basis: Compilations of dogs protecting pregnant readers from the father

Warnings: Swearing, aggressive Tessa

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dogs; tom holland

pairing: tom holland x reader
word count: 1,007
summary: you move to kingston and live near tom. you both see each other in the park where you are walking your dog, but you are to scared too talk. one day you do and hit off very well. 
warning: comedic swearing
request by @xzoelliex (I hope you like it)
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A Day in the Life. Or Something Like That.

Pairing: Tom Holland-Y/N

Warnings: Making Out??

a/n: i know i haven’t posted in a while and im sorry !! School started last week so im getting back into the swing of things, but im going to try to post more consistently now !! Hope you enjoy this <3 


You walked into your boyfriend’s apartment and was greeted by a dog jumping up and licking you.

“Hey Tessa!! Hey girl!!”

She responded by trying to jump up and lick your face. You laughed and headed into the kitchen to get a drink.

“Babe,” you heard come from Tom’s room.

“Get away from the dog and come cuddle me.”

“Do I have too?”

“Yes. I miss you.”

“You saw me yesterday.”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t miss you”

“Fine i’m coming i’m coming.”

You chugged the rest of your water and headed for Tom’s room, Tessa on your heels.

To say you liked dogs was an understatement. You had two of your own back at your house, and had grown up with them since you were little. When you first met Tom, he was walking Tessa and you were walking one of your dogs. You two immediately bonded over the dogs and watched them play together in the dog park for at least an hour.

You sat your purse down and kicked off your shoes before carrying the dog over to the edge of the bed and sat down. You put her in your lap and continued to pet her while she tried to stand up and lick you face.

“Do i not get even a hello?” Tom said, making you smile at how cute he was being.

“Hello,” you answered, making him whine.

“I swear sometimes the only reason you stay with me is because of Tess”

“I do,” you said, and he lightly kicked you from his spot on the bed.

“Cmon come cuddle,” he whined.

“It looks like i’m in high demand today Tessa. What do you think? Should I go cuddle Tom? Or stay and cuddle you?

The dog obviously had no idea what you were talking about and continued to jump around, but you set her on the ground. She walked over and laid in her bed, while you crawled over next to your awaiting boyfriend. He was laying down in a pair of sweatpants and a T shirt with his arms behind his head. You were in similar clothes, dressed in a pair of joggers and a T shirt. You crawled onto his lap and leaned down, pressing a small kiss onto his lips.

“Hi,’ you whispered, and he smiled, replying with a “hi” as well. You kissed him again, this one lasting longer than the first one. He then pulled away and sat up, scooting back to lean up against the head board, taking you with him. He kissed you this time, and you gladly kissed back. He snaked his arms around your waist and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He swiped his tongue over your bottom lip asking for entrance. You decided to mess with him, and declined him entrance, causing him to groan into your mouth. He did the ever-so-popular trick to get you to open, and squeezed your ass, causing you to gasp and open your mouth. He smirked into the kiss and let his tongue roam around your mouth like this was new territory to him. You both fought for dominance as he pulled you flush against him. He eventually won and you both pulled away to catch your breath.

“Well that was a nice greeting,” Tom said, making you laugh.

“It seemed appropriate.”

“What do you want to do today?”

“Well i thought you wanted to cuddle.”

“That I do. Pick a movie, i don’t know what to watch.”

You pulled up Netflix on his TV and scrolled through your options, eventually landing on Mean Girls. You pressed play and cuddled into Tom’s side, and got lost in the movie. Tessa jumped up onto the bed and laid down next to you, almost as if she was watching the movie with the two of you.

Three movies and half a day later, you and Tom decided to get food. You pulled up Postmates on your phone and ordered Chinese, and when it arrived, you practically sprinted to the door. You took the food from the delivery guy and grabbed a Coke for Tom and. Dr.Pepper for you. Tom hated Dr.Pepper, but since you loved it, he always kept some in his fridge. You headed back into Tom’s room, but found only Tessa curled up in the middle of the bed. You climbed onto the bed and Tessa moved to the back of the bed, almost as if she knew that you needed the room to put the food down. You opened the to-go boxes and opened the carton of various egg rolls before putting them on the bed. You grabbed a pair of chopsticks and dug in, getting the remote at the same time. You pulled up ‘Captian America: Civil War’, and waited for your boyfriend to come back from wherever he had gone before pressing play.

“Of all movies, you chose this one,” Tom said from the doorway. He had gotten rid of his shirt in the time that he was gone, and his toned abs and muscular arms were making you stare a few seconds too long. You looked up and smiled like a giddy four year old before saying,

“What can I  say? I’m proud of my boyfriend’s work.”

“Well I would hope so,” he said, walking over and carefully sitting on the bed, so that he wouldn’t knock over and spill  the food. He got the other set of chopsticks and started to eat, while you pressed play on the Avengers movie. When Tom came onto the screen, you started to fangirl and you gushed at how good he looked and how good his acting was. By now all of the Chinese had been cleared, so he leaned over to where you were sitting and wrapped his arms around your waist, picking you up and pulling you to where he was on the other side of the bed. He laid back down and you were on top of him, and he mumbled into your hair “i love you,” over and over again, making you giggle. You turned so you were laying flat on top of him, and his and immediately went to you lower waist, as if it were instinct.

“And I, love you,” you said, pecking his lips. He captured your lips again and his hands slowly creeped down from your waist to your hips to your butt, squeezing it as you squealed.

“Thomas Stanley Holland i know you did not just squeeze my ass,”

“Pfhh whaaaaat? Me? Noooo never,” he lied with a smirk. You shook your head and sighed, saying,

“What are we going to do to with you.”

You rolled off of him and cuddled into his side, watching the rest of the movie.

Tom picked another movie when you had finished Civil War, but halfway through it, you were sound asleep. He looked down at you and smiled, thinking about how much he enjoyed these days, alone with you. And Tessa of course. He wondered how lucky he was to get you. Someone who wasn’t just with him for the fame. Someone who loved him for who he was. Someone who understood that he had to be away for long periods of time, and was ok with it. Someone who would try their hardest to travel with him when they could. Someone who was always there for him when times got tough. Someone who didn’t care what like tabloids said, and listened to what he had to say. Someone like you.

ShoeLaces-Tom Holland



The green leaves had grown their yearly orange tint as they slowly fluttered off the tree, crunching under your shoes. The park was oddly empty, the only sound was the rustling of the leaves as they swirled round in the wind. Books were stacked high in your arms; the days were getting colder so your daily trips to the library had to become weekly ones. Due to the chaotic number of books you were carrying you couldn’t see anything in front of you, nor your feet and this was your downfall, literally. With one foot on your shoelace, and the other foot attempting rise, you stumbled, then fell splattering the books all over the path.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” You huffed to yourself as you rolled over so you were no longer flush against the ground. You ran your hand through your even messier hair and squinted up at the sun splitting the trees, looking down at the path to find not a single book on the ground,

“Oh, sorry I seen you fall, I tried to stop you but I wasn’t fast enough” A set of deep brown eyes beamed down at you, accompanied by a scruffy looking dog with a shiny pink collar, “I saved your books though” He held the stack of books out towards you, and his other hand to help you up.

“Thanks, I should probably calm down with the number of books I get and learn to tie my shoelaces” You grabbed a hold of his hand, He pulled you up surprisingly easy and you both exchanged a smile.

“There’s your books” He placed your books back into your arms and glances down at your feet, “Um, you might want to tie your shoe laces, or you will fall again”

“oh, Yeah, thanks” You attempt to bend over and you forget the books piled in your arms. They clattered once again to the ground. You looked over at him, his hand was covering his mouth as you heard a muffled chuckle, “Go on laugh, I’m a complete idiot” you begin to join his giggling, until the only sound in the park is the both of your laughter and his dog rolling around in the grass.

“Well, why don’t I tie your laces? You seem to struggle a lot with it” He hands you the dog lead to hold and you take it, as he bends over to tie your laces and he once again gathers your books into a pile.

“I can tie my shoe laces, just not very well” You retort as his dog wanders over toward the pair of you, and begins jumping up against your legs, “Hello, pretty girl. What’s your name?” You begin rubbing her head.

“Oh, that’s Tess” He returns to standing up right, you look down to see he’s tied your shoelaces in a perfect bow. You bend down to pet Tess more.

“You haven’t even asked my name yet, but you know my dog’s”
“What can I say, I’m a sucker for a cute dog”
“I can’t disagree with that” He bends down to join you in petting Tess, she rolls onto her back as you both rub her belly.

“Alright, what’s your name then?” You looked up into his swirling brown eyes,

“Tom, what’s yours?” He met your gaze looking back into your shinning Y/E/C eyes.


“I Like that name, Y/N” Your name rolled off his tongue, and you swear your heart flipped inside your chest.

“Thanks” You scooped up your books off the ground, “I should probably go, but uh thanks for tying my shoelaces” You smiled down at him.

You turned to wander away down the path again, hoping you would bump into Tom again.

“Hey, Y/N!” Tom yelled after you and you turned around falling back into his brown eyes, “This might seem a bit strange but would you ever want to get coffee with me sometime?” His eyes growing hopeful

“I would like that” you respond, with a blush walking across your cheeks. He runs up to you with Tess racing by his side.

“Could I get your number then?” He smiled at you with a mix of fear and hope within it.

“Of course, you tied my shoe laces so perfectly, I could never say no” You take his phone and input your number and title yourself ‘Y/N, Shoelace girl’

“Alright Shoelace girl, I’ll be expecting coffee with you soon” He beamed at you one last time, then followed it with a wink. The blush once again shinning brighter on your cheeks, you walked off clutching the books tighter to your chest, beaming at the idea of coffee.  

anonymous asked:

Hello! I see you are looking for requests! If you haven't already done it, could you give some HCs for fluffy JuminxMC relationship stuff? If you've done it already, would you mind linking? Thank you so much!!! :3

- Jumins a very affectionate man
- Like he doesn’t care who’s watching he’ll kiss mc, hold hands with mc in public places
- He kinda likes it tbfh because it shows people that mc is his and that they shouldn’t try anything or THEY’LL CATCH THESE HANDS
- would take mc to fancy restaurants, buy nice clothes
- (Probably googles cheesy date ideas lmao)
- But also tries to cook for mc, like make breakfast and such
- But this man has never cooked before so it’ll be a disaster and he ends up telling his chef to cook something
- The idea was nice tho, nice try Jumin
- Jumins kisses are always long and passionate
- He doesn’t want to rush them, and he tries to take everything in yanno
- When they’re relaxing on the couch or in bed he always tries to touch mc, like hands touching, or just leaning a bit against them so he can feel them
- Takes mc to fancy business parties
- This man loves to show off lets be real here
- But he never loses mc out of his sight
- Prefers mc being close to him when they’re out
- Not because he doesn’t trust mc or something but because he doesn’t trust the other people
- Buys anything mc wants like he’ll give you you’re own island if that’s what you want
- Leaves cute notes in the house when he’s at work
- Like mc would wake up and there’s a note next to her
- “ hello my love I’m at work right now I’ll be back at 6 so we can have dinner together I love you ”
- Honestly he’s so lovely I can’t

I hope this is okay! - Tess

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drabble challenge: 86 or 64! :))) thanks

A/N : I literally have no problem with Tess Ward. I think she is gorgeous and pretty cute. I just needed a name and hers came to my mind first. So please no hate.


Fighting in the Styles household is not often but not rare too. When you get upset, Harry tries his best to make it up to you. But this time he had his doubts. It wasn’t his intention. He just thought that it would be fun to play with you. He didn’t mean for this to happen.

“Please don’t be upset, love. I really didn’t think it would turn out be be so bad..” he said to you as he loosened his black tie and started unbuttoning his white shirt. “I thought, this would turn out to be hilarious.” He added.

You rolled your eyes, “That’s exactly what your problem is, Harry! You never think when it comes to matters like this one. She was totally trying to fill you up- anyone with two good working eyes could see it. How could you not?!”

He looked at you and let out a heavy sigh. You were right. It was his fault. Tonight was Anne and Robin’s fifth wedding anniversary and Harry knew that his mom had invited one of his ex-girlfriend who he was still friends with.

Normally, YN was the least jealous girlfriend. She never had a problem with the heavy female fan base he had. She was always understanding about everything. The only time she would get territorial was when a female who knew him was trying to get his attention. Tonight was no different. Harry thought it would be hilarious and sexy to see YN get jealous. The jealous look in her eyes always made him horny and his want to have her increases. He loved when sometimes she got territorial. He loved the roughness once in a while.

“I just thought she was being overly friendly, babe. You know how Tess is, she can get out of hand when she’s a bit tipsy.” he tried to find an excuse which would calm her down but nothing seemed to work.

“No, Harry. I don’t know. But you must know exactly how she gets when she’s a bit tipsy! It was quite a sight seeing her kiss you so close to the lips!” You fumed.

You angrily went into the shared closet. All the covers were in the laundry room getting washed, and you could only fine one blanket in the closet. Pulled it out of the self and walked back into the room. You saw Harry sitting on the bed, you threw the blanket at him.

“There’s only one blanket tonight. You can have it because there’s no way I’m letting you sleep in our bed with me tonight.” He sighed at your words and stood up with the blanket. The moment he stood up from the bed, you walked to the other side and lay down on it, facing away from him.

He walked up to you and knelt down beside the bed. He unfolded the blanket and draped it over you.

“Here, take my blanket.” He said as he tucked you in the soft material, he kissed your forehead multiple times, “Goodnight, my love. I’m so sorry for tonight. I was wrong and I hope you can forgive me for being such a knob. I love you so much.”

After saying that he stood up and walking towards the door.

“I love you too. Even when you anger me to no end.” You mumbled back.

Either way that night the two of you went to sleep, with a smile on your face. The next day, he was sure he would find a way to make it up to you.

Baking Pie with Tom Holland Would Include


  • Tom finally gets a break from filming so he comes home to see you
  • picking you up in a hug and spinning you around in the doorway of your apartment
  • and he’d bring gifts
  • so. many. gifts.
  • they’re fall related of course: scented candles, candy corn, a huge knit scarf that’s actually bigger than you
  • he can’t help but stand in awe as he sees you in it
  • “I know you’d look amazing, love.”
  • and matching fuzzy socks that he’d put on his instagram story because he’s gotta let the world know he’s with the best person ever (sorry Harrison)
  • also he’d bring Tessa
  • obviously

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Could you please write Zen and MC fluffy relationship HCs like the one you did for Jumin? :D

Oh my god yes I love these headcannons

- Alright Zen the man is a real romantic son of a bitch
- But also a big flirt like what STOP MAKING ME BLUSH 24/7 ZEN
- In a relationship he would be like a big puppy like “give me love all right please”
- He would always tell his SO that he appreciates them and loves them 24/7
- Get ready for compliments 24/7
- His body is like a human heater so hugs would be amazing
- He loves it when you touch his hair
- When they go out he always has his arms around his SO
- When he makes breakfast in bed he always gives this one red rose
- Because he thinks that red roses are the most romantic thing you can give
- He is the type that gets jealous easy though
- Like “get the hell away from my princess” you know
- Gives you chocolate and says he got them from fans and that he can’t eat them because of his skin and all
- But he actually just wants to spoil your ass
- Definitely wants to sing with you like all the time even if you suck what he doesn’t care he just wants to sing with his babe
- When he has a performance he gets you tickets like front row tickets and he tries to make eye contact with you as many times as he can
- Zen pls honey, don’t make it too obvious
- In bed he definitely wants to be the big spoon
- Because then he feels like he’s protecting you from the bad dreams
- He tries to like kiss you as many times as he can
- Kisses are different each time you can really tell if it’s gonna be a long one or just a per because he likes keep it a surprise
- He honestly doesn’t really like it when your texting with the other members
- Because “all men are beasts MC”
- But it’s not like he’s going to say “you can text them” because I want you to have your freedom
- He’s very scared that one day you’ll leave him for someone ‘better’ so you just have to be very affectionate and show him that you really love him and tell him that won’t happen
- Also loves it when you get jealous
- Everytime you do something hot like you wouldn’t even know you’d be doing it he’d be like
- Likes to watch other musicals where he hasn’t played in with you
- Like he’d probably be like “omg so cool”
- Or “lmao they suck ass”
- Always brags about you lol
- “Lmao she’s so cute man idk how I got so lucky”
- “Yeah I get it now zen you said this 10 times in the last 5 minutes ”
- No matter how many times you ask he won’t let you on his motorcycle though
- Because he’s afraid that something bad will happen
- And no way that he could ever forgive himself for that
- O shit this is turning into angst lmao gotta go

I hope this is okay! - Tess

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do you know any wlw with actual plot? can be realistic, can be fantasy, i just can't stand wlw books who center on the gay

lemme see lemme see

  • black wolves by kate elliott - which i am reading right now has just slotted in a couple of wlw and its not about them being gay
  • colorblind by siera maley - kind of??? like its not a coming out story
  • tell the truth, shame the devil by melina marchetta
  • the lynburn legacy by sarah rees brennan - has a side couple but theyre given quite a bit of page time
  • run by kody keplinger - tho she isnt the narrator so you dont get her pov :(
  • engelsfors trilogy by sara b elfgren and mats strandberg
  • serpentine by cindy pon - tho again side couple :( (but theyre gonna get more page time and povs in book 2!!!)
  • far from you by tess sharpe - oh boy this will fuck u up i promise
  • everything leads to you by nina lacour - so!!! cute!!!!
  • santa olivia by jacqueline carey
  • kiss the morning star by elissa janine hoole - basically on the road but with lesbians
  • adaptation by malinda lo - aliens!! wlw!!!!
  • ash by malinda lo - wlw cinderella retelling!!!!
  • the miseducation of cameron post by emily m danforth - i know u said not centring on being gay but this doesnt wholly centre on that (theres some) so pls read it