no tears only pizza

i won’t give up - part ii

part i, ii

you’ve been branded a good many things throughout the course of your adult life; while a handful would label you kindly (and also half-heartedly) as a super fan, most have boiled you down to just another rabid sasaeng. you’re the only one who knows it’s not like that, and that’s because you’re the only one who really remembers. you remember a countless number of times, an infinite set of lives, and it’s always you and him — together. even if it never truly ends happily, you’re determined to make it so in this lifetime because, well, byun baekhyun is your soulmate, even if he doesn’t really know it yet. 

     Pairing: baekhyun x reader
     Verse: canon
     Rating: M
     Warnings: none
     Word count: 8.9k (how is this more than double the first ;;)

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anonymous asked:

Drunk rampion crew?

Oh boy oh boy.

Cinder: The Sentimental One. Cinder’s usually not so sappy so it’s quite funny to see her getting so sentimental after you get some drinks into her. A lot of the time she’ll sit down one on one with each Rampion crew member and just spill out her heartfelt gratitude for their help in the revolution. If she could cry she’d definitely be crying, but since she can’t, her system just gets overloaded and then she ends up curled up in a corner and sleeping. 

Kai: The Denier. He will never admit he’s drunk because, “Don’t be silly. I know how to old my liquor. I run a whole country for crying out loud! I’m responsible!” This usually comes out slurred while he nods and looks at something past your shoulder. The worst thing is, the more he drinks the more sober he thinks he is. 

Scarlet: The Vocal One. Sure, Scarlet is not one to shy away from standing on top of bar counters when she thinks something is particularly important, but these things happen more often when she’s drunk. And while all of her causes are noble, there are some things that don’t need to be shouted about on top of a bar counter like, “Spade and neuter your pets!” or “Reduce, reuse, recycle!” But it’s very endearing that she cares so much. 

Wolf: The Dance Machine. Wolf’s not one to be showy, but get some liquor into the guy and he just can’t stop moving. He’s in the middle of the dance floor, doing splits and backflips. He’s the life of the party and more often than not, his dancing partner is Thorne. They may or may not have come up with a complicated dance routine that is executed perfectly, but surprisingly, only when they’re drunk. 

Thorne: The Banterer. Everything is done for laughs. “Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. We should totally build a slip and slide down one of the palace corridors!” He’d say with a traffic cone on top of his head. Where did he procure said traffic cone? No one knows, not even him. If you’re getting drunk with Thorne you’ll end up with marker doodles all over your face, but it’s okay because he’ll end up with more. 

Cress: The BFF. As in super friendly and will offer to take care of your dog for the weekend. She’ll also make travel plans with random strangers. “No! I’ve always wanted to go to Prague. We should go! Together! I’m free next month!” Also befriends a surprising amount of plants. 

Winter: The Bottomless Pit. She’s always so prim and proper until she gets a couple of drinks into her and then she’s constantly starving. Don’t order fries near her because she will devour them. She’ll want to go out and get pizza at 4am and when she finds the pizza parlor is closed, she’ll bang on the windows pathetically and be near to tears saying she just wants a slice of pizza. It’s the only time you’ll find food stains on her. 

Jacin: The Flirt. Yep, this comes as a surprise to everyone because really if anyone out of the group would turn out to be the flirty drunk, all bets were on Thorne. But Jacin takes the cake! He just gets all dreamy-eyed and smiley. Most of the time he flirts with Winter which is understandable, but he has flirted with everyone on the Rampion crew at least once and I mean everyone. 

Iko: Designated driver and best caretaker. She’ll hold your hair back when you end up on the floor in front of the toilet throwing up, she’ll throw you in the shower if she feels you need to calm. the. eff. down., she’ll force you to take two aspirins and drink a big glass of water (”All of it mister/missy!”) and she’ll change you into your pajamas and tuck you into bed.