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I made my own airlift pump powered by a small air stone pump for my aquarium! There’s some good tutorials online on how to make these (sometimes called Jetlift pumps).

I scaled mine down because my aquarium isn’t that big, it’s basically a piece of PVC pipe with a bend in it and a spout cut at one end. You drill some small holes around the circumference of the pipe near the bottom and make a chamber around the outside with a slightly bigger pipe, into which you drill a hole for the airline to go into.

This means you get a ring of bubbles inside the pipe which rise, bringing water up with it. It also means it’s shrimp safe if they get into the pump chamber and acts as a shrimp flume ride rather than a blender.


Aleksandra Boiko | Александра Бойко by Olga
Via Flickr:
Aleksandra and Ivan Boiko, a married couple, served together as tank commander and driver, respectively. She commanded a crew on an IS-2 and had 5 confirmed enemy tanks/SPGs destroyed. The boiko’s tank unit receives new js-122 (joseph stalin 122) heavy tanks, 1942, tank commander, junior lieutenant alexandra boiko and her husband, driver/mechanic ivan boiko.


A longitudinal section of the self-propelled ZIK-10. It clearly shows the advantages of the system in-11

From the point of the volume of the fighting compartment to the car there are a lot of questions. As you can see, on the right side of the gun almost no space

A cross-sectional view ZIK-10
System At-11 converted for installation in ZIK-10 . For ease of loading imposed tray
Layout of ammunition. For ZIK-11, he was placed in a similar manner
Common types of self-propelled ZIK-11
In General, the installation of swinging part howitzers M-30 on the Cabinet do not greatly reduce the volume of the fighting compartment
of it from the right side to ZIK 11 places became more. However, there was a high risk of injury when shooting – fencing the howitzers were not
In cross section it is seen that right from the gun still enough
Reconstruction of ZIK-11 in scale 1:35, made on factory drawings. Author – Alexander Kalashnik.