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twilight sunshine, tonight you’re mine.
i know you’re leaving soon. maybe i am too.
i’ll pretend i’m fine.


Nalu Week Day 7 : The End [is a New Beginning]

Extremely late Nalu week submission. 

Don’t ask me what Lucy is wearing. Can we just agree that it’s a star dress of sorts??

Ankhseram Black Magic...

Is a curse… One which I think you’re better of not having it… This whole curse of contradiction played with them to the end… That’s why I hate it…

Mavis said out loud that she wanted Zeref to die, but deep down, she didn’t want him to die, this is her true feelings, she didn’t want him to die. YET, this curse of contradiction along with Mavis love for him was able to kill Zeref and allowed him to finally be in peace…

For Zeref,

He really wanted Mavis to live on, he didn’t want her to die at that moment, she can finally be freed from him, those were his feelings at the bottom of his heart, yet, again, this curse of contradiction along with Zeref love for her was activated and was able to kill Mavis and you can see that Zeref is in so much grief:

Like, even in the end, the curse still played with him/them. Ever since Zeref got this Ankhseram Black Magic aka ‘Curse of contradiction’, he was always alone, he can’t love nor care because if he do, they will die… So, I really can understand why Zeref chose to close off his heart and walk this path, I can understand why he would even go so far as to go back in time to rewrite history, even when I don’t agree with his actions, but I understand why he chose to because to him, it’s his only way to make things right. He can’t work together with Natsu (I wanted them to work together, to build on the brother bond) even when their enemy (being Acnologia) is one and the same, because if he does, it will awaken that ability for him to care, to love…Yes, Zeref in the end, chose this path, but it’s not a choice he would want to make if there are other options. He didn’t want to hurt Mavis or Natsu or anyone else, he’s just… looking at the bigger picture where the end justify the means, we see what he was like when he didn’t close off his heart when he was first introduced (in Tenrou Island), because of this curse, he was rejected by this world, by all living things. When he cares, when he loves, they will die… If he can actually be given that freedom to care, to love… If he didn’t have this curse, if he’s able to be freed of this curse, I really believe things will be very different. Zeref isn’t heartless to me, he’s nothing like Acnologia.

I’m really sad when I look at how much this curse bring them nothing but sadness/loneliness and how much they have suffered from it, even in the end, their honest feelings have cost them their life, but if this is what they have wanted, I’m happy that they can finally be freed from it and be happy in the end…

“An eternity of sadness is now over”

“An eternity of smiles now begin”

Smiles…. Seeing them this happy, I’m happy because they didn’t have that freedom when they were alive to truly be happy/smile without the curse getting in their way…

Lastly, I just want to say, after everything that has happened, I still really love Zeref, Mavis and Zervis on my end, and this chapter really brings me to tears…. I’m sorry if others don’t like them anymore, and that’s fine if you don’t because you’re free to feel how you feel, but for me, I’ll always, always love them. This is my honest feelings…I like the potentiality of Zervis ever since Zeref was first introduced in Tenrou Island, the resting place of Mavis. There were fanarts and crack theories back then, and I’m one of the few fans who was onboard this ship, I was happy that Mashima made my crack ship canon, and to the end, my feelings for Zervis will always be there. They are my otp in this series. Even though my love for Jerza (being my otp of otp’s) is stronger/deeper. But nonetheless, they are the reasons why I’m still reading Fairy Tail on my end.