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I Just Can't Let Ken's Controversy Go

Really, I don’t understand all this publicity towards Ken using bad words. If the members had an issue then they wouldn’t have had this be edited into the freaking video. Heck, I don’t think they’d even continue airing after he did that. If people wanted to bring them down so much, which I don’t understand why cuz that’s just being a bad person, then at least find a better story. Literally, I do not think any starlight cares enough to call Ken out like this. In those few articles I’ve read so far, they do not mention Starlights starting this.
This also hurts cuz this is supposed to be a time of celebration. Vixx just had their anniversary and how do they start their sixth year??? With this stupid controversy trying to bring them down. Ken shouldn’t have to apologise for being human. I really hope that all these articles go away. And I guess I am fanning the flames talking about this but I just needed to get this out.

VIXX is the ultimate brand.

one of the main reasons i admire VIXX as a wholesome KPOP group is because they take the best of korean music industry and put it in together and wrap it up perfectly as a perfect package.

KPOP isn’t ever just about an MV dropped suddenly (though, legit it leaves us all SHOOK af). It begins and ends with a concept. The concept, when cohesive with a song’s lyrics, productions and MV creates an amazing and cohesive album. But a lot of groups are capable of doing that especially EXO, BTS, SHINee and even 2PM has mastered cohesive album concept production (Gentleman’s game was very well done tbh)


VIXX take it to a new level because the members come up with these concepts, they take part in this production and are clued in about these developments. These concepts spill into their stages on so many broadcast stations, their radio interviews, their album description, their stage outfits, choreography and their concerts too (but each of their fantasia concert has a different concept itself)

their production is wholesome. that’s how much attention they pay to detail and I swear, that’s why I think they are the best.

VIX isn’t just hakyeon, taekwoon, jaehwan, wonshik, hongbin and sanghyuk. It’s their entire production and management team which has such brilliant teamwork that no one ever finds out where these concepts and details came from. They chalk it up to the brand name ‘VIXX’


Daydream Concert Poster Shooting - VIXX


VIXX I Got A Boy performance requested by @hongbombs