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What are cute jonsa first time fics?

MoHere are some of the fics I was able to find for you! Enjoy them :)

why is it considered tumblr gospel that mara jade was invented by george lucas to deter gay luke theorists?

FIRST OF ALL: mara was invented by timothy zahn in his novel Heir to the Empire, not george lucas. she was invented because zahn thought strong complex females were lacking in the star wars universe at the time. in fact lucasfilm was extremely resistant to the idea of luke marrying mara jade which didn’t happen in the initial thrawn trilogy and their romance only really happened in the thrawn duology sequel series.

all this info is seriously just a quick google away and i’m SICK of seeing people say the opposite is true.

splinter (m)

» pairing: jungkook x reader

» genre: angst, non-explicit smut / college au

» word count: 6,518

» description: Perhaps in their last moments together, the pieces won’t seem so broken. That maybe even with their jaded hearts they can salvage some replica of what it all once was. 

» note: there are mentions of cheating in this story

People love to talk about the ‘what ifs.’

What if they had just kept going, what if they had chosen a different path, what if things had just gone the way they had so desperately wanted them to? Humans torture themselves with these thoughts, all while urgently grappling at the threads of their memories that led to the fork in the road where things went awry. They ponder them tirelessly, wondering if they could’ve done something different, only to realize in the end that it didn’t matter because what was done was done. It was that simple, yet again, people still loved to talk, ponder, and torture themselves with the possibility of what if — However, in your personal experience, there was something much worse.

There was a sub-group of sorts to the what-ifs, called the ‘almosts.’ Almosts are burning flames of misery because they tease you by getting so heartbreakingly close to what you wanted. They were in your reach, resting on the tip of your tongue, only to dissipate before you could swallow it down and make it yours.

So yeah, you weren’t a fan of the-almosts. But what you were even less keen on was being in the same room as your almost, the thread of memories making the air thick as it wrapped its way around your throat.

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Hogwartshousesnet Mini Bang Event

“Keepers” by @jadepresley

“… and before Harry could do anything, Malfoy was kissing him. Harry froze. Malfoy - Draco Malfoy, his number one rival, the person he thought he hated more than anyone in the world - was kissing him on the football pitch.”

// This is my Drarry/Muggle AU art for the hogwartshousesnet Mini Bang Fest. I was paired with the amazing Jade Presley and couldn’t be more happier :) I really enjoy working with you! Thank you for being such a wonderful partner!! //

Okay, like, honestly all props to Mara Jade.  She like, she was in love with Luke for like literally ten years, and he had no idea.  She literally went to the academy every week basically for ten years, and made of the flimsiest excuses ever (oh just found some granola bars you might want, just found some random intel that is not useful to you at all)  because she just wanted to see his face and Luke, god bless him, just assumed she visited a lot because they were friends and he likes visiting his friends to look at their faces too because he is the densest and cutest motherfucker in the universe, and it like, it literally took them mind bonding for him to be like, “wait you LIKE like me?” and she was like “yes, for the love of god” and then they got married and like, idk I respect that.