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don’t lower your expectations so people can fit in your life. i don’t care if you’re lonely on that mountain, it’s your mountain. honor that

  • Kirk: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Chekov: What about missions?
  • Kirk: Fine. Other than missions. And no TV.
  • Chekov: There is no tv.
  • Kirk: Then no computer.
  • Chekov: I need to do my job though.
  • Kirk: Then no… uh… No Sulu.
  • Sulu: What?! No Sulu?!
  • Kirk: NO Sulu!

When I got this dlc I didn`t know that costumes change only in castles or mementos so after I tried making my squad walk around in swimsuits and failed I eventually forgot about it since I was in the “real world” at the time doing boring stuff like going to school or talking to (pretty) Goro. So that being said I was really surprised when I finally had to go to the castle and saw them like this lol

Someone save me..

I can’t stop thinking about Pidge and Lance going on a build a bear workshop date.

Like they go in as a joke, but get really invested. Lance gets really into it and drags Pidge down with him.

Pidge gets super into making sure everything is perfect with her stuffed bear, while Lance has to make sure his toy dolphin has the best style around.  

And they also end up making a stuffed cow in which they share custody over.

More alternative male giants!!!

More huge punk giants bright colors in their hair.

More gargantuan goths who protect their smol friends from bullies.

More towering hippy giants that provide shade and shelter to their smol friends



Free page: Nicknames are complex…

Riche: The French edition of Vanitas no Carte was released last month!

Noé: It would be very pleasant if the people of France, where this story takes place, found it enjoyable!

Top text: Currently, appart from that one, there are also English, Italian, German, Polish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean translations!

Noé: Huh? Right here Riche was called “Trix”… why?

Small text: Is it a typo?

Riche: Oh, that

Riche: That’s because Riche is a nickname, my actual name is Beatrice

Text: Beatrice (Italian female name) → Béatrice (French female name)
Nicknames: Bea, Bee, Bebe, Trix, Trixi, etc

Riche: This is what I’m being called!

Riche: For this particular translation, this country’s people made revisions to ensure that the names would sound natural

Riche: By the way, Riche is a nickname that the author picked because she felt like it, the correct nickname for Beatrice is Bice

Small text: Oh, oh

Noé: What about “Beato”? Was that no good?

Riche: Beato is… well… someone much more important uses that, so…

Small text: As if I could call myself like that…

TN: I kept her name as Riche wherever it was written that way in Japanese, since I’m not sure if her name is going to be aknowledged as Trix from now on. At least in English I’m pretty sure it won’t be!
Feel free to use this translation, but please credit.