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SU News Bit: New Town Episodes to Air in Southeast Asia?


Recent, a new episodes has popped up on CN SEA’s servers, scheduled to air on August 25th. While we don’t yet have a title, the episode synopsis reads “Steven helps Mayor Dewey run a difficult campaign”.

Many have suspected that this could be a rerun of Political Power, since CN SEA has been know to air episodes out of order and skip episodes, but CN SEA has already aired Political Power, and this episode is listed as brand new. This episode will most likely be a beach city episode, but it will mostly likely have aired after Change Your Mind/ Reunited. So spoilers should be looked out for in the near future.

Evi slowly approached the house, slipping through the shadows.   She pauses once she passes through the gates.  On the surface, it looked like your average creepy old house.  

She glances to the side as she hears a slight noise, they’ve been following her since she left.  Shaking her head, she continues onto the grounds of the house.

This asshole had targeted her children and then kidnapped her mom.  She wasn’t willing to wait for the “authorities” to come in and arrest him.  She didn’t want him in some country club jail.  She wanted him dead and she wanted to be the one to kill him.

Gun poses by @beverlyallitsims

If you’d like to read the Runaways (Sophie/Caleb) Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

起:the beginning;l.d.h

a/n; soooo i was watching bts’ highlight reel and a story idea came to my mind,, you guessed it, a daehwi fic loosely based on the highlight reel, do watch it before reading to gain some context! this would be a series on my blog as i watch more/have insp. for it,, not very regular updates as my prelims are literally next week but at most once a week and at least once every two weeks:“)) im so busy why am i doing this

starting line: “We can’t be like this, Y/N.”

synopsis: loosely based off BTS’ Love Yourself highlight reel, in this chapter, where Y/N and daehwi are both BNM trainees preparing for the monthly evaluation. 

warnings: prepare your tissues if needed, and a stuffed toy to squeeze the cringe

genre: fluff, slight angst, heartbreak

length: | a paragraph | drabble length | a short story | your average essay of less than 10,000 words | a fic too long but too short for a part 2|

Originally posted by idaehwi

26 October 2016

“So, what do you wanna do?” You crossed your arms, fingers tapping your arm impatiently.

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Loyalty Pt.1 (Marco Asensio)

a/n: i posted the synopsis for this months ago, but here it finally is! enjoy :)

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Yep, a new episode is airing in Southeast Asia.

From Misseps:

Steven Universe S05E05 - Dewey Wins
HK Airdate: August 25th, 2017 at 5PM GMT+8
Synopsis: Steven helps Mayor Dewey run a difficult campaign.
NOTE: Listed as S05E05, but could be based off production codes.
NOTE 2: I have a stream (720x576p 1.2Mb/s + 64Kbps mp3) to cap it.
I’ll try if I can find a better one.

Rochelle Aytes as Maria in Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

Synopsis: Five interwoven stories that occur on Halloween: An everyday high school principal has a secret life as a serial killer; a college virgin might have just met the guy for her; a group of teenagers pull a mean prank; a woman who loathes the night has to contend with her holiday-obsessed husband; and a mean old man meets his match with a demonic, supernatural trick-or-treater.

Written & Directed by Michael Dougherty

Halcyon Days

By Indiana

Characters: Jonathan Crane

Synopsis: Sometimes he misses the simple efficiency of the early days.  (Set before he fires the gun in the classroom)


Before he begins, he sits in his office with the lights off.

It’s easier to do this in the fall; in the summertime, the sun slithers around the drawn blinds and does its best to pick out details that distract and waylay his thoughts.  It’s irritating.  This is the time he uses to shed the light of day, the façade of day, and reorder himself for better things. Or perhaps more important things. The words are not always interchangeable.

When the room is at last blanketed in shades of grey too entwined to be separated, he folds his hands together and places them on the chilled roughness of his desk.  His eyes have settled, and now can his ears: at first comes the silence, the false silence.  It fades into the darkest of the shadows, and he listens.  To the slamming of a door some distance down the hallway.  To the steady dripping of runoff from the cracked gutter jutting over the window. To the puffing of the brakes on the bus pulling away from the curb on the opposite side of the street.  It is idle amusement for him to conjecture their causes.  Perhaps the door was driven by a frustrated assistant, not appreciated for their worth. Perhaps there was something more sinister than water running down the drainpipe.  Perhaps the driver had just accepted a rider who would be more than he had bargained for.  

He would never know if any of this was true.  In the near future, that was.  In the far future… well, anything could happen then. Who knew who would cross his threshold tomorrow, and for what reason?  He knew only the reasoning of those who would do so tonight.

This city, at times, seemed to be opening its hand to him.  To be providing him with all that he needed, and easily accessible at any time he chose.  It was convenient.  It aided progress.  He idly wondered if he should have moved on sooner, but no.  The concept of should was for people who did not do.  He had wrung what he could out of that place and taken the next step.  Progress could not be made if one remained in one place, after all.

Ah, but was that not the foundation of his work?  The reluctance of people who could not bear to place their hesitant foot into the unknown? What was more effective at paralysing a man?  What else could drive a woman to cower in her bedroom, hopelessly confined to the one shrinking space she had left?  What halted anyone before they could ever begin?  Fear.  There were myriad ways to find it, and he was practised in all of them; people were not difficult to know, and less difficult to categorise for future use once you had figured them out.  To shatter someone was not difficult once you knew where to direct the pressure.  And he did.  The goal now was to hone his finesse, to be so precise he needed only the slightest tap to the deepest centre of a being to cause their collapse. It would take a steady and calm hand, which he already had.  It was merely now the matter of closing in on where to look, and honing the tool with which he worked.

He hears the slap of loose sandals on the freshly waxed floor outside the door but makes no movement. Forcing visitors to knock is an experiment in and of itself, and he does not believe in opportunities wasted.

The lateness of the hour, combined with the nature of the study and the lack of any sign of life inside beyond the door seems to have given the visitor pause.  As it should have.  Any rational human being would sight this place and realise it was probably not, as promised, a simple study on reactions to fear-inducing stimuli. But what rational being, after all, would agree to congregate at what was a stranger’s convenience, to be emotionally manipulated for a few hours, in exchange for a minor upgrade on their transcript?  There were simpler ways to achieve higher grades.  Their failings are, however, conducive to his success.  He will not argue with that arrangement.

When the knock comes, he rises swiftly; too much of a delay causes the student to believe they have the wrong place, or perhaps the wrong time, and to call them back from their exit tends to dissolve the tension he is engineering.  He arrives alongside the door without a sound and directs the light switch upward with one unwatched finger.  The other rotates the doorhandle no more than is necessary, and as soon as the student is within his sight he has already assessed them and has an idea of which methodology will break them.  His skill grows by the day.

Now he begins, standing in his office with the lights on.                

Author’s note

I hope u guys like Scarecrow whatever these are because here’s another one!

Twisted Snake

Synopsis: It’s jughead’ birthday and with an unwanted birthday party in full swing Jughead flees the scene of the crime in favour of Pops. Where he stumbles upon a certain someone.
Pairings: Jughead x reader, Jughead x Betty
Warnings: Swearing, fluff

A/N: not entirely sure if I’ll make this into a little series. I haven’t been majorly inspired to finish the wrong side of the tracks so maybe this will replace it. Let me know my lovelies. Also wrote this really quick and didn’t really edit it sorrrrrry



Jughead POV

I can’t believe Betty thought I’d like a birthday party. She doesn’t know me like I thought she did. What the hell was she thinking?! I had never stormed out so quickly in my life. I had never been so infuriated by something…by someone. God only knows what the hell is going on with Archie, he’s totally flown off the handle and I’m not in the mood to be a good friend right now. He wasn’t a good friend by stopping this in the first place.

I strolled along the short-ish walk to pops. The town was empty, all sleeping or in Archie’s trying to sleep together.

Pops’ was almost completely empty. I waved at Pop Tate and began ambling over to my booth, my safe space, my Oasis, my..wait what the fuck?

I walked closer to the booth and looked at the y/h/c haired girl sitting down reading and drinking a milkshake in my booth. I am so not in the mood.

“Ahem” I coughed loudly but she didn’t move. “Emm excuse me..this is kinda my booth and I’m not really in the mood so could you just not thanks”. Still no response to more slightly more than harsh tone.

I reached out to touch her shoulder and she jumped under my touch, gasping as she did so and then laughing.

“Oh sorry were you talking to me?” She smiled sweetly at me as she removed her earbuds. Okay that makes sense now.

“I.uhh yeah I was…you’re…youre in my booth?”i mange to stutter. Her beauty stealing my voice.

“you don’t seem too sure?” She laughed, “you can sit down if you want?” She gestured to the empty seat across from her. Okay not really what I had in mind and it feels weird to sit here without my laptop but sure.

“So what’s your name?” Okay who am I and why am I willing striking up a conversation with a stranger.


“Why aren’t you at my party y/n?” that sounded a little more vain than I had intended.

“Umm excuse me?” she chuckled

“i mean the whole of Riverdale youth is at it so why aren’t you?”

“Maybe I’m not Riverdale youth” that’s an interesting answer.

“Why aren’t you at your own party beanie boy?” hmm good question stranger….

“Umm not really my scene”

“Your own party isn’t your scene?” yup pretty ridiculous and rightfully deserved the laugh she gave it. I found myself laughing a little at its obscurity as well.

“Yeah my…my friend threw it for me and I don’t think they know me as well as I thought cause I couldn’t think of a worse thing to plan for me”

“a colonoscopy”

“Aha what?” I laughed as she smiled so sweetly at me.

“I think that’d be a worse thing to plan for someone besides a birthday party, no?”

“I guess" grinning at her play on my words.

We sat there talking for ages about nothing in particular. She never asked my name or pried into my business just took what I offered her. I can’t say I did the same for her. I was actually kinda rude to be honest but I just wanted to know everything about her and even though she was a little slow to speak about herself I enjoyed every little detail however far and few between they were.

“You know you have been sitting here or an hour Beanie Brain”

“Really?…Oh shit! Yeah people are probably wondering where I am…then again they have alcohol so probably not” I joked but really it was true. “You should probably go back” this saddened me a little. I didn’t want to go and I think she could tell.

“Do…do you wanna come?” Did I really just ask a stranger to my sorta house? Then again Betty asked everyone in school and they’re all virtually strangers…no they are strangers so what’s one more. Besides I actually like this stranger.

“Umm okay sure if you promise you’re not a serial killer ” she stood smilingly and we began the walk back to Archie’s after she paid the tab.

“No I’m not a serial killer”

“Yeah I mean what’s the chances of two serial killers finding each other like this” she joked. I’m quite fond of her humor even if others in this town wouldn’t find that particular joke funny at this current moment of time.

I told her about the gang along the way however I seemed to fail to mention that Betty was more than just a member of the gang. I don’t know why I just didn’t.

The house had people coming from all possible exits. Completely mobbed. Music and people spewing onto the street. Chaos. I took a deep breath in and shuffled my feet on the spot.

“Hey we don’t have to go in?” Y/n offered supportingly. “It’s not really my scene either”. I like her, she understands me.

“Okay,  come on we can go hang out with Vegas in the garage”

“Is Vegas a hooker” she snickered.

“Oh yeah totally, he might get you to join his brothel so be careful” I returned, starting to lead her to the shed laughing.

Along the way she stumbled on discarded beer cans and I caught her hand to steady her….i had just forgotten to let go again as did she.

We sat down on the old couch in the garage and she fell totally head over heels in love with Vegas. And I think I’m starting to fall for her. No. No I’m not. Shut up Jughead.

We talked again for what seemed like ages but was only an hour. We could only hear the slight thud of music and blur of mangled drunken slurs. “This is a nice way to spend a birthday” I ramble.

“What? With someone who is practically a stranger and a dog in a garage?”

“Yeah, I mean they’re all practically strangers and this is just…nice” I actually thought it was more than nice but wasn’t ready to offer that kind of information.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right it is kinda nice” she playfully hits my shoulder and I react by going to tickle her. This is met by strong protest which only spurs me on.

I’m soon lying on top of her tickling her mercilessly as she begs for peace. I finally stop as her face turned almost purple, mine almost the same from just laughing at her.

I hadn’t laughed this hard in a long time. It was just easy to be around y/n. I blame what happened next on the lack of oxygen in my brain from the laughing.

I leaned down and kissed her. I hadn’t had a kiss like that before. It was truly sensational, magical, earth shattering, all of the above.

I pulled back from her but it wasn’t long before she pulled me back for another. This was truly amazing.

The door began to shake and I had never moved so quickly in my life. Too quickly. I got my legs tangled in y/ns and ended up falling to the ground pulling her on top of me.

“” shit. Betty stood in the doorway looking totally hurt and shocked and ready to both burst into tests and kill me all at once.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY BOYFRIEND?!” she shrieked, just audible over the music pouring in through the open door.

It was y/ns turn to move quickly.

”Wait your what?! I swear I had no idea!” Oh I’m a terrible person. Y/N looked at me with all hurt and little anger….the same could not be said for Betty.

“Jughead Jones!!! I have never been so cross in my enti…”

“Wait what? Did you just call him Jughead Jones?” Y/N cut across Betty in a tone dripping in confusion while the one Betty returned only dripped with poison.

“Yeah homewrecker that’s his name, are you trying to tell me you take a sledgehammer to my relationship and don’t even know his name you absolute fucking whore”. If y/n was hurt by Betty harsh words she didn’t show it, I however was shocked by her language.

“Oh God oh God oh God oh God this isn’t happening this isn’t happening” y/n sounded genuinely spooked as she grabbed her jacket and put it back on “I have to go I have to go oh God oh God"

“Yeah I think you should go do that, I’m sure there’s some other couple you can ruin skank”. I had had enough.

“Betty! Don’t talk to y/n like that!”

“No! You don’t get to speak right now!” As I was about to defy her the door closed and y/n was gone. Betty started shouting at me as I moved to the door to chase y/n but she was gone, leaving a very angry Betty and a very confused Jughead.-
Teehee Xx

FIC: Unsent Correspondence (8/10)

Title: Unsent Correspondence
Fandom: SWTOR
Pairing: Theron Shan/f!Jedi Knight
Synopsis: Theron’s mission to get a cure for the Outlander hits a snag.
Warnings: See Part 1.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Crossposted to AO3

From: Theron Shan
Subject: Galactic Grocery Run

Out of Republic space and away from prying eyes, so I can actually write this now. My new Hutt pal is almost annoyingly confident he can cook something up in that fancy lab of his for your condition. Apparently the cure for a minor miracle requires a few things that aren’t standard items stocked in a Republic research facility, so I’ve been trekking across the galaxy to get everything on his shopping list. 

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hey I know that Adventure Boys just ended today or something so everyone’s distracted but if I wrote a plot synopsis for my Pathfinder campaign that just wrapped would people actually want to see it or

Three Days in the Highlands Chapter 36


This is a complete work of fiction and as such is an entirely fabricated tale created in my imagination.  I appreciate you taking the time to read my story and or leave a message. Many thanks xox


Caitriona is made aware of Sam’s intentions for her dessert, but it is certainly not what she had imagined it would be. Suggestive content.

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anonymous asked:

Apparently, CN SEA (SouthEast Asia) is going to air a future Steven Universe episode on the 25th. Like, an episode that's supposedly set after Reunited. The synopsis is: "Steven helps Mayor Dewey run a difficult campaign." There is a possibility that it's Political Power but, I just thought you'd like to know.

Hmm….interesting. Thanks for the heads up!

Beloved {Poly!AU pt.1}

Pairing: Min Yoongi, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Slight! Smut, Very Fluff

Word Count: 3,244

Synopsis: Things are going well in your relationship with Yoongi and Taehyung, that is until you set your eyes on a very interesting young man in your arts history class.

Author’s note: I wrote this for a friend of mine. The subject matter of this fic is a first for me, but I wrote this at a point where my writing style had improved since my first fic lol. I hope that I was able to present healthy polyamorous relationships in a fair and respectable light. If you don’t like polyfics then don’t fucking read it. Enjoy!

Image creds to Bwisou

You sighed to yourself as you scribbled the last of your notes in shorthand. It was only morning and you were already yearning for the sweet, sweet release of comatose sleep. It wasn’t like you slept regular hours to begin with, but your usual cycle was sort of kicking your ass alongside the additional taunts of your classes.

You had taken the opportunity to study abroad when you were an undergrad student. As luck would have it, there was a signup sheet for South Korea available and here you were four years later, currently earning your master’s, interning for a company that would eventually hire you, and one year away from qualifying for your citizenship. You had picked up on the language and customs rather quickly, so it wasn’t a huge problem, though you had moved here and there until you found your current apartment that was the perfect halfway mark between your job and your university. It was no Ritz-Carlton, but it was cozy and the rent was cheap.

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FIC: Unsent Correspondence (7/10)

Title: Unsent Correspondence
Fandom: SWTOR
Pairing: Theron Shan/f!Jedi Knight
Synopsis: Theron heads back into Republic Space to see a Hutt about a cure.
Warnings: See Part 1.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Crossposted to AO3

From: Theron Shan
Subject: Miracles

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on Coruscant — all of the landmarks are where I left them, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same place. I’m not sure I’d ever go so far as to say that it felt like home, but there was kind of a comforting familiarity that’s not here any more. No more loud opinions or political debates as you walk by the Senate Towers — a public disagreement with the official position is a dangerous thing these days. That with us or against us mentality has infected everything.

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Becca...with SUPERPOWERS? In front of my salad? (The Freshman/Hero Crossover Fic)

Synopsis: Kenji is still renovating the club. He grabs some help from two Hartfield students…

Starring: Kenji Katsaros (Hero), Becca (TF/TS), and Zig (TF/TS).

Ships: Slight hint of MC x Kenji

Genre: Friendship Drama.


6 AM came and Kenji parked his car in front of the nightclub he was paid to renovate and make into a success. Starting fresh in a old and worn-down part of town was difficult, and the building itself was a health hazard. Nothing ever brought Kenji down, though. Everyone had to start somewhere.

Another car parked, out walked out a buff, tanned guy with a leather jacket as well as a blonde with easily noticeable bangs, rocking that look like it was 2006.

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Detective Comics #173 - July 1951

Cover Artist: Win Mortimer


Script: Unknown

Art: Bob Kane (Batman and Robin figures only); Lew Sayre Schwartz (Pencils), Charles Paris (Inks)

Characters: Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Killer Moth [as Bruce Wayne] (villain)

Synopsis: With his Van Cleer alias lost to him, Killer Moth decides to steal the identity of Bruce Wayne (whom he imprisons in a vault), then hires a plastic surgeon to alter his face into an exact double of Wayne’s, and fools Dick Grayson into believing he was Wayne and Dick doesn’t realize at first. The Moth goes out as Batman, enhancing his criminal reputation by making it appear that Batman fears the Moth. Wayne escapes in time to see Killer Moth shot down by one of his own gang, thinking he’s been doublecrossed. Moth’s face is wrecked by the bullets, and the resultant cranial injury causes amnesia.

Batman Story #494