no sympathy for the king


“I’m happy you’re okay, but you kind of deserved that,” Mana sniffled, having no sympathy as Mahad rubbed his aching scalp.

Trickster King AU (in which Mahad and Atem switch roles): How Atem began to be less pleasant and more of a sourpuss - the constant reminders of how he shouldn’t do this and that because of his status. Prince Mahad’s refusal of his help was the last straw. Mahad, Mana, and Seth all agree that he just became worse as time passed.

Atem lived with his aunt and cousin when his father died of sickness. He followed his cousin’s footsteps and became a high priest later on. He can rival Seth’s bad temper when forced. Growing up he had to deal with people not taking him seriously because he wasn’t of nobility. And later on, if it wasn’t his social status, it was his odd hair. And if it wasn’t his hair, it was his age, as he was the youngest priest in the pharaoh’s court. And if it wasn’t his age, it was his youthful appearance and height.


TRAVELED THE WORLD ; SEEN MANY SIGHTS ; But none so WRENCHING as those who are left in wake of wars. O’ CONQUEROR ;  Have you no sympathy, for those less fortunate than you? O’ KING ; Have you not a thought, for those whom you act your whims ‘pon? O’ HERO ; Have you no care for those who you cut down in name of your pretty hubris? O’ HEALER ; ‘Tis but I, who have sympathy, thought, care, for those left when HEROES become CONQUERORS, and when conquerors become KINGS.

remake / revamp of ( almaealij )

Cristiano missed the penalty because he knows his goal was offside so he gave them a token of gratitude by not scoring the penalty to show his sympathy see he is always such a humanitarian, such a king, such a humble man

okay but what if Thranduil actually found a way to make Bard immortal (yes I know it’s basically canonically impossible but shhhh) but Bard refused to do it - because he doesn’t want to see his kids die before him, because he thinks immortality sucks, idk, pick your reason. And Thranduil totally understands and even though it hurts he doesn’t mention it again. except then there’s a battle or something - a minor thing really, but Bard gets wounded and it’s bad. And there’s no other way to save his life, so after getting a “fuck it, do it” from the Bardlings Thranduil does the thing, whatever the thing is, and makes him immortal (possibly galadriel or elrond or mithrandir help ‘cause it takes more than one person’s power to do it? and they agree because of scientific curiosity (like wow is it even possible to pull that off?) and okay maybe because they have some sympathy for the mirkwood king) - and when Bard wakes up he’s pissed off but also thankful but also terrified and basically MIXED FEELINGS and ANGST u feel me