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Preference 34: First Date

Requested by @thornnb! Thanks for the fun idea and being patient with me and my slow getting things done life style. 


Your first day with Harry was very simple. He didn’t plan anything extravagant, against the rules maybe, but not over the top. The two of you snuck out to the quidditch pitch and flew around, which was perfect in your opinion. You had so much fun flying around and laughing together. Harry almost fell off his broom at one point because you looked so beautiful flying past the bright moon. The thought of the night brought a smile to your face, even during the detention you got for being out of bed past hours. 


You and Ron shared a love of food. So for your first date he decided to make you a homemade dinner at the burrow over winter holiday. His dad even picked up some muggle cooking appliances for him to try, including a pressure cooker. When you arrived Ron, who was quite pleased with himself, brought you into the kitchen to see his work. As the two of you approached the kitchen, the pressure cooker exploded sending food everywhere. You jumped into his arms and laughed. You ended up getting pizza. The two of you still laugh about it.


Fred wanted to do something you wanted to do. Thinking about how you loved dancing he brought you to a swing event in a nearby village. You were obviously good, but Fred picked it up so quick you would have thought he’d been dancing for years. You were both so nervous for the date, wanting it to go well. He convinced you to jump into a dance circle, but the nerves of the first date wee getting to both of you and when Fred swung you out you fell flat on you back. To make you feel better Fred immediately pretended to fall over too. Everyone loved the two of you. You went back together every week. It was a perfect date. 


George reserved a table for the two of you at the nicest place he knew. He wore a suit, which you didn’t knew he even owned, and your wore a nice dress. It all felt a little forced and you knew he felt the same way. So when your chicken masala and pasta arrived you did the first thing that came to mind to lighten the mood. You made a mustache with your pasta. George started cracking up and everything felt so much better. He joined you, playing with his food too. The waitress was clearly judging you, but neither of you cared. 


Your first date with Neville was as humble as the boy himself. It was just the two of you wandering around the castle and talking. You talked about everything, you childhoods, likes, dislikes, embarrassing stories, and secrets. As the two of you wandered up some stairs, Neville grabbed your had and you blushed. You reached the top of the tower and the view of the grounds was beautiful. When you got chilly, Neville gave you his jacket. You are still going strong and you still have his jacket. 


Cedric set up a picnic for the two of you on the shores of the black lake. It was complete with red candles and all your favorite foods and desserts. Apparently the house elves really wanted the night to go well for Hufflepuff’s golden boy. And it did. Cedric was sweet and charming and the evening was perfect. Then after dinner the two of you stripped down and went for a swim and splashed around together. The moon light shown off the water was absolutely beautiful, but neither of you noticed as you were so wrapped up in each other.


Your first date with Cedric was pretty short. The two of you grabbed some food from the great hall and then decided to walk down to the black lake. You talked and teased one another, it felt so natural. No awkward first date feeling. You made an admittedly terrible sand castle, but it was still fun because you did it without magic. You joked that hopefully your relationship didn’t end up as big of a mess as your sand castle.he grabbed your hand and told you that it was a beautiful castle because you made it together.


You and Draco snuck out after hours and met in the Hogwarts gardens. Draco brought an emerald green blanket and the two of you laid on it and looked at the stars. It was the clearest you have ever seen the sky in your life. Draco showed you the star he was named after, smiling cheekily at you as he claimed the star was actually named after him not the other way around. He looked at you like you were the beautiful one but looking at him, cheeky grin fag in his mouth, you knew it was him. So you took the cig out of his mouth and kissed him.

~Your Manager of Mischief, Erika