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back in october, my family took in a cat that had been hanging around my grandpa’s house. we named him serendipity, but we call him seren. i sent in a few pictures, and its incredible to see how much he’s changed in 5 months. he’s bigger, happier, and more confident than i ever imagined.
middle pic is one from october, the rest of them are recent. i love my sweet rat baby boy!!

You know what? I’ve only got into b.a.p during these last few months but I fell in love so hard with them and with their fandom, like seriously, babyz are one of the most chill and lovable fandoms I’ve ever got the pleasure to get in. Also, b.a.p are criminally underrated and honestly I don’t get the reason? They are fucking amazing under every point of view: they produce their own music, vocal line on point, rap line always spitting fire and their unique sound is unmistakable, all summed up in one word quality. God bless this group, these sweet sweet boys who always give everything for their fans and always work hard. 


Prompt from the-beauty-of-imagination

Lance knew he was clingy and annoying and sometimes he wondered why Keith even bothers spending time with him. It’s not like he’s interesting like Keith or talented like Keith is or anything as good as Keith. But Keith still lets him be a part of his life, so Lance is going to do everything he can to keep from messing this up.

This went from giving Keith gifts as often as he thought he could without being too strange, letting him choose what most of their activities were when they went out, and most of all, he wouldn’t ever push for kisses unless Keith initiated them.

He was often told he was overly affectionate, which had at times pushed certain people away. Keith wasn’t that affectionate of a person so he couldn’t push his boundaries with hugs and kisses unless Keith wanted them.

To him, it was the perfect plan to make this last and keep Keith from turning away from him- as most people did at some point. At least, anyone he was ever romantically interested in.

“How do I look?” he inquired to Hunk. They had taken a small break at a peaceful planet to gather supplies, leaving them with a few hours away from being paladin’s of Voltron to just relax and enjoy themselves.

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since it’s national puppy day here’s my sweet boy Beau who passed away 2 yrs ago and I miss him so much :( he was a very sassy and clever boy and I’m sure he’s up in doggie heaven stealing packs of gum from angels purses

Seungkwan Protection Squad

I’m honestly ready to fight anyone who messes with seungkwan regarding the “fan+income” incident. Seungkwan is a super sweet boy with nothing but pure love and respect for us carats. Anyone can see that. As witty and sassy as he is, its really unlike him to say something like that, even if he meant it to be funny. He’s a really sensitive boy himself and is even more sensitive to others feelings, so it would be unlikely for him to write something like that because he knows it could hurt someone. He is made of love, softness and purity so please don’t make him out to be an income greedy person because he really isn’t.

To anyone still harping on the fact that he did and are still attacking him, I’ll meet you in the boxing ring.

cinnatris13  asked:

headcanon time, children: everybody thinks Davey is the Most Cinnamon Roll, Innocent Boy, Sweet Boy of them all. They Could Not Be More Wrong. one night they're all playing Never Have I Ever. of course it gets dirtier as the evening progresses. spot asks if any of them have been with more than three people at once. it's silent. davey takes a sip of his drink. everybody screams at him. davey smirks @ jack over the rim of his glass. jack disappears into the bathroom for a solid half hour.

“jack disappears into the bathroom for a solid half hour”
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )