no swearing at your monitor

When I finally had the guts to visit you on your hospital room, I couldn’t help but choke back tears when I saw the state that you were in. You looked like a sleeping angel, so peaceful and beautiful. I sat down next to your bed and told you about all the things that you were missing. From our 2nd anniversary to your little sister’s birthday, filling you in with all the little details. But what was I expecting? You didn’t even wake up, you didn’t even laugh, you didn’t even move a muscle. When I got up to leave your room, I swear, I heard you say my name.
And before I knew it, your monitor was beeping and the only thing that filled the room was your lifeless body and the echoes of my cry.
—  imprinted words // the death of you and me

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May i have an imagine where you're dating Matt and he's still on tour & you get in a really bad wreck back home and you're in serious condition and he freaks out and books a flight to hurry and see you ? thank you 😋

“I’m just so stressed out you know, like I need to get so many things done and I’ve got my mother breathing down my back like every second of the day-“ You rant to Matt through the phone as you pull onto the highway in your car. 

“Just chill babe” Matt says, “I don’t like hearing you stressed.”

You smile as you reach over your seat to the backseat of your car to grab a notebook to write your To Do List down. 

“I just don’t know how to do all these things and still have time to talk to you, I miss you” You tell him.

“I miss you too, but I’ll be home in three weeks, okay?” Matt reassures you.

You smile as the traffic you have just been stuck in clears up, “Hang on I’m just gonna put you on speaker, give me two seconds. You shift your phone from your ear, to your other hand and place it gently over the steering wheel as you search for the speakerphone button. As you do so - a large truck pulls up beside you and honks its horn - scaring so much that you scream and shift your body - including your arms that control the steering wheel, jerking the car to the right: in front of the truck. The truck continues to honk, as your phone goes flying out of your hand and onto the floor of your car. You are pushed to the side immediately - your head hitting the window, at the same time as it hits the car in front of the truck; your car is now wedged in between the two, and you are losing consciousness as you reach up to your head and pull away to find that there is blood on your hands. You try to move your head, but your neck clicks and you pass out immediately. 


“Thank you for coming Matthew.” You hear your mother say - her voice loud, and full around you.

“Of course Mrs. (y/l/n), I’d do anything for her.” Your hear Matt’s voice and your stomach flips as you try to move your body, but your eyes feel like they’re glued shut and your body is stagnant. 

“I hope it didn’t cost much to get the flight” Your mother continues

“That’s not important, all that matters is that I’m here.” Matt says

“Alright Matthew, I’ll give you a moment.” Your mother says as you hear a door open and close. 

You feel the weight of what feels like two hands on your legs, and you squirm - eyes still shut, body still idle - but you squirm. 

“H-hey (y/n)” His voice is shaky. He starts to laugh to nudge it off, “Uh, so they’re telling me you’re in a coma” You hear him start to sniff, then he grabs your hand and you try, with all of your strength, to squeeze it to tell him you’re there, but you can’t. 

“But I promise you’re going to pull through” He continues, “and I’m gonna be right here when you wake up okay?” He kisses your hand, then lets it go.

“God what am I doing” His voice now sounds distance, as you hear his footsteps pacing. “She can’t hear me.” He continues, “Oh my god she can’t hear me. This is all my fault.” 

You start to scream, though you know he can’t hear. But you continue to scream, not your fault, not your fault you say in your head over and over. 

A few hour pass; your parents and Matt have stayed the entire time, but a nurse tells them that’s it time for them to go home. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow (y/n)” Matt whispers, then kisses you on the cheek, “I love you” 

Your parents say their goodbyes until tomorrow and soon enough the room is silent, apart from the monitor by your ear. 


“Hey (y/n)” Matt says - it is his fifteenth day visiting, and he has made it part of his routine to tell you about his day up to the point where he came to visit you. “So today I woke up at about ten,” he tells you, “and I got this really awesome cereal last night on the way back from here because they were out of my favourite - so I tried some this morning and man it’s so good, you gotta try some when you wake up” 

You are glad that he hasn’t given up on you, and that he has faith that you will wake up - but you are partly worried that you never will, and that you will be stuck in this state of idleness forever. 

“The guys are doing great on tour” Matt tells you. 

You heart sinks every time he mentions the other guys on tour, because you know that you are the reason he isn’t part of it. 

“They all say they wish they could be here too, but they know that I’d rather it just be me, so that I can take care of you” He says, “I think the-“ He stops. “(y/n)?” 

You feel him stand up and rush towards the door, calling for a nurse as it opens.

“What’s going on?” A nurse asks

“She moved, I swear to god she moved.” Matt says

Your hear your monitor being moved and buttons pressed by your side, as Matt grabs your hand and squeezes it. You start to feel yourself being able to squeeze back, until you black out and lose consciousness. 

You open your eyes to bright lights shining directly above you and you shield your eyes and groan, but stop instantly as soon as you realise that you are awake. You beam and sit up, looking around to find that the room you are in empty - and also much whiter than you expected. 

You look at the door, that has a small window with some open blinds hanging from it. You look to the other side to find two big windows overlooking your town from a story or two high. The door opens, and you turn your head immediately to find Matt has entered with a donut, which he drops immediately and runs towards you, wrapping his arms around your head and placing his hand on top of it, kissing it again and again, then grabbing your face with both hands, kissing your lips again and again. 

“Matt” You whisper. 

“I love you” He says

You smile weakly, “I love you too”