no suzuya here

but real talk anyone who lives at the end of tokyo ghoul should really go to therapy???? like??? all of them are impossibly tragic and unstable and i just think a mental health center needs to be made specially for all my traumatized children????

What happened to the TG Wiki

(Edit: Also made a tg:re ver)


Haise and Juuzou + Cake!

caress of steel

a suzumutsu mix by me and owaire

upside down & inside out by ok go | ugly by nicole dollaganger | a beginner’s to destroying to moon by foster the people | friends and family by river city extension | french exit by the antlers | bruises by chairlift | nwo by deep sea diver | twin size mattress by the front bottoms | restart by little daylight | let them in by pvris | ambiguity by shearwater | grow by rae morris | vampire’s kiss by john gold | twin heart by julia marcell

art by femsanlynn (thank you thank you thank you)

friend : oh my god [insert favorite character] is such a loser! I don’t understand why so many people love him, I hope the author will kill him soon

me : ahahah yeah sure

me : *discreetly pours poison in their drink*