no surviving

I had my very first tortoise playdate today with Henry (@thenotortoisebig on Instagram)! Henry was excited about the carrot we brought him and chomped away on his treat. I, on the other hand, spent all my time nomming rocks and asphalt.  😁🙄

We will be posting lots of playdate photos and video tomorrow!


Always wanted to do a peachy makeup look c: very happy with how that turned out <3


Hallucination version gameplay video


Resident Evil 3.5 Castle version trailer

omg im still gonna be in the city at midnight, when did my life get this wild

I REALLY WANNA COME BACK TO KNOX.   but to do that i need to plot with more people, and i need to continue some of the plots i already had going obviously if those people are still willing.

i am going to like….come up with ideas but the best way for me to like…stick with something in to plot out the   RELATIONSHIP   behind the actions first. 

with that being said,  and if we are mutuals,   LIKE THIS IF YOU WANT TO PLOT AND POSSIBLY BE MAINS WITH KNOX ?