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Finally crossposted! Cleaned it up a bit, edited a few sentences, but nothing major, so no need to re-read. But it’s up there for any bookmarking purposes (or anything else you’d like to do). Only the first chapter so far, but I’ll put up the others soon, after I edit them. 

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“Well, this is awkward… Remember that boyfriend I told you about? Well, this is him… :D” I wonder how they would react. Nyx knowing Prompto is the prince’s bff and Noctis realizing his bff is dating a kingsglaive, and not any kingsglaive, but NYX FUCKING ULRIC. What a mess!

noctis would be like, surprised, but also like “i mean, good for you??? ulric’s hot” and nyx will be like ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ), ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, and then (☞ຈل͜ຈ)☞ “damn right i am”

nyx would be waaaaay more surprised because like, glaives are so distant from the nobility, like nothign in common, and they’re mostly seen as weapons and tools and suddenly… the prince is sitting down at prompto’s creaky table in the kitchen slurping up a drink or some soup or something

or like, prompto hits noctis with a pillow while they play video games, and like, nyx is included

nyx probably plays video games with them and unplugs noctis’ controller cord without him noticing so prompto can win

noctis: i disapprove of this relationship, i’m making it illegal, you can’t TEAM UP on me!!!!!

i don’t think prompto would keep stuff tha secret from nyx intentionally or for very long? he’s not the secret keeping sort for anything less than “oh by the way i was an experiment made by a madman and meant to be a horrifying cyborg thing and here i have a barcode to prove it” 

maybe nyx does know beforehand but he didn’t expect to get caught in the act at prompto’s hosue

BUT he’s also super proudo f their relationship while prompto is bad self-esteem and thinking it won’t work out so why tell people, which is why nyx answers the door to prompto’s apartment

but noct’s reaction also depends HOW big nyx’s reputation is. like, household name? just among the citadel? are the glaives like, famous (who would have calendars for funding/recruitment???) maybe a lil like shinra SOLDIERS before it all went to shit in ff7???


“[+35;-0] I feel like they’ll go for a long time. I was surprised seeing how they call their dorm “home”. They live together in the dorm very freely and look like a real family.”

ronan lynch is a very intimidating type of guy until you find out he wanted a lil brother so badly he accidentally dreamed the sweetest one he could to keep him company and i’m sorry but if u don’t think that is the most heartwarming & cutest thing in the world u are really wrong, sorry i don’t make the rules

Dies Irae.

I can finally show you my piece for the @supernaturalartbook

I am honored that I could take part in such an amazing project, thank you so much, all you precious honeybees who made it happen!

You are the best surprise of my life.
—  Poets Love Her

one of my favorite parts in Power Rangers was when Trini just went and jumped over the cliff and the boys were so stunned with their mouths hanging open and all and then we have Kim who just sighed and went “what is wrong with you?”

which roughly translates to “how do i have a crush on you, a small, reckless, and cute ball of angst that won’t even talk to me?” and i think that’s beautiful.


have some vintage lesbian swing dancing


all the times he surprised her and the one time he didn’t…

Every band or artist who’s playing at big venues has a list of items they’d like the venues to have backstage for when they arrive. And this one’s from Tyler Joseph which got recently leaked..