no such thing as a free makeover

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Ok but after the battle and the celebration, Stanley goes back to the Madame Garderobe and she just!! Gives him a beautiful makeover and makes him so many pretty dresses! And Lefou sees him in a dress and D I E S and he starts buying Stanley so many pretty things, and Stanley is so happy because Lefou loves him and he loves Lefou and !!! (Also for some reason, I head cannon Stanley as being a fudge maker and he always gives Lefou free samples of different flavors)

I live for the friendship between Stanley & Madame Garderobe. I love the idea that he’ll come in and ask Garderobe for something that will totally blow Lefou away and every time it works and Lefou is fucking weak in the knees and it comes as no surprise to anyone that they choose Madame Garderobe to make their outfits for their wedding

The Glowen Legacy

When I first began playing The Sims 4, I started off with the original legacy challenge. Funny thing, a little over three years later? I KNOW both the creator and his awesome wife of that challenge as well as a ton of other people in the simming community due to them! They’re amazing. Pinstar and ImaginingMystic

That being said, I still have that same game file from 2014! Recently went into it, on the last gen (Gens 9 and 10) and did some makeovers AND I redid Mona as I wished I could have done when the game was first released. So here ya go!

PS: If anyone wants to edit any of these, feel free to and tag me so I can see what you’ve done with mah babies! 😘

Original Founder (Mona Glowen)

Generation 9 Heiress (Tatiana Glowen)

Generation 10 Heir (Tori Glowen)


So… since so many of you were up to seeing gameplay pictures, here’s the results of the first day of my experiment… I decided to load up Sunset Valley, cuz it’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about gameplay. 
Poor Letty being my test-subject as usual. She’s got Zoe to keep her company though.
I’m trying to resist the urge to makeover everyone at once, but since Letty noticed that blond lady (I forgot her name >.<) in the park I couldn’t stand looking at that CC-free face. She actually looks pretty darn good with CC and a few minor changes, I even saved the outcome for future story needs.