no such thing as a british accent


Stranger Things - SAG Awards 2017 - Full Backstage Interview

I absolutely love what Gaten Matarazzo said, and it needs to be heard.

ethan things to appreciate

~because yes.

  • his super squeaky laugh
  • his poofy hair that looks like blue cotton candy
  • his sweet lil smile !!!
  • when he rambles about weird stuff
  • his EYES
  • beanies!!
  • when he talks in a british accent (or any accent..)
  • any time he get a compliment he acts all cute and just adksjdfnknvfd
  • has a super squishy face
  • plays ukulele
  • and sings amazingly?!?!! I need more??!
  • stays true to himself
  • doesn’t care about what others think of him
  • his love for the community
  • backflips for days
  • pretty much always derpy
  • hIM.

That is all.

the signs as ross geller fuck ups
  • aries: getting fired for screaming at his boss for eating his sandwich
  • taurus: getting stuck in a pair of his own leather pants
  • gemini: saying the wrong name at the altar
  • cancer: faking a british accent for his first day as a professor then trying to phase it out thinking that nobody would notice
  • leo: being the only person to raise his hand when phoebe asked an entire party if anyone liked ross
  • virgo: getting his couch stuck halfway up the stairs of his apartment building, cutting it in half to extract it, then expecting a refund
  • libra: flirting with the pizza delivery girl by telling her that he happens to like 8 year old boys
  • scorpio: leaving teeth whitening strips on his teeth for a whole day and scaring his date by glowing in the dark
  • sagittarius: his fake tan
  • capricorn: trying to kiss his cousin then defending himself by saying that he hadn't had sex in a really long time
  • aquarius: holding a fake memorial service for himself and listening through the door as people were mourning
  • pisces: coming fourth in a vanilla ice lookalike contest and crying

hear me out… so neil’s got a british accent from his mother right? what about neil sleep talking with a british accent… or neil getting mad/annoyed at something/someone and suddenly the accent just fuckin appears while he’s rambling and andrew’s very confused with his ‘bloody’ boyfriend… low key make neil switching to a british accent mid sentence a thing.

The Types as Phrases That Have Randomly Popped into my Head
  • ESTJ: * breaks down your sparkly pink door* IS THIS FINGERPRINT SUFFICIENT ENOUGH FOR YOU B*TCH
  • ESFJ: “Well maybe you wouldn’t be so depressed if you watched more Veggie Tales like I told you to, you rusty fork. Ever thought about that?”
  • INFJ: * licks book shelf* I will become you
  • ISTP: * In a violently British accent* I know how to use pastry MUM
  • ISFJ: * peers through trampoline net* Is that a duck?
  • ISTJ: * inhales in Russian*
  • INTP: “ You can’t eat soup with a fork” YOU F**KIN WATCH ME
  • ESFP: * coughs up wide and diverse range of band-aids* dude sweet
  • ISFP: I can't draw the other eye, but maybe * gasp* I can BECOME the other eye
  • ENFJ: * blows gently on a boot* You are valid. You are perfect. * tenderly pets laces* You are a SAINT.
  • INFP: * enthusiastically pours grape juice onto a stripey sweater* I’m total uke material
  • ESTJ: * threateningly, to a packet of hair clips*
  • INTJ: My dream is to marry Norton Antivirus
  • ESTP: don’t worry bby i’ll handle this ;) * Cuts to him getting tortured by Toad from Mario*
  • ENTP: * sigh* Babies' Flesh just don't burn like it used to...

Okay seriously I can’t stop thinking about Irish Dex.  I don’t mean like, Dex’s family has Irish roots, I mean literal Irish!Dex living in the States.  (I may have borrowed some stuff from my kiddo’s experiences when we moved to the States)

  • Okay so Dex’s mam gets a job in Massachusetts and they go live with her brother who moved there for University and just stayed because he loves working on a boat.
  • Dex is fourteen and confused about everything American like….  WTF is ranch, and why is everyone eating peanut butter on everything?
  • His face -__- every time someone asks him if he’s “British”.
  • His face all the time because everywhere he goes, people keep asking him to pronounce things so they can laugh at him.
  • He starts trying to temper his accent and mimic his classmates because he’s really tired of being singled out
  • And god help him if he’s asked one more time to repeat the Lucky Charms commercial.  Or if he believes in Leprechauns.
  • He doesn’t understand the American education system at all, either.  What do you mean he’s not sitting for exams?  Why does he have to take all these useless classes through his entire high school career?  He just wants to fix stuff, why are they making him take English still?
  • By the time he graduates, he can affect a North American accent really well, and he doesn’t get chirped for it as much anymore.  His natural accent gets pretty bad when he’s been home to visit family, or during summers at home with his mam and uncle, but he can get rid of it pretty quickly because he hates when people notice it.
  • His Frog year he experiences American St Patrick’s Day and wants to cry because what the fuck is all this green Budweiser beer?  And if he sees one more Kiss Me I’m Irish t-shirt he’s going to punch someone.
  • He really misses the food (the proper food) and the Guinness, and the parades.
  • He doesn’t get along with Nursey at first, and they clash over ideas of oppression.  He tries to explain what it was like growing up Catholic in Belfast, but Nursey doesn’t really get it right away because he’s super white and has red hair.
  • Later he does research about segregation in Northern Ireland and when Dex talks about it more, he understands a little better.
  • He lets his accent out more when he’s with Nursey, and as he grows more comfortable in the Haus, he starts relaxing over it.  He gets chirped, but in the same way Jack does, or Bitty, and he feels more part of the group than being othered.
  • Their first St Patrick’s Day together, Nursey leans over on the bus and asks Dex, “Are you Irish?” when someone sees a Kiss Me I’m Irish t-shirt and Dex doesn’t talk to him for the entire day.
  • Nursey apologises and later does get kisses.  It becomes a running joke between them, and for one of his birthdays, Nursey buys him a Kiss me I’m Irish t-shirt.  Dex only wears it at home, and only when he wants extra kisses.
  • Dex is angry a lot, because he’s always feels different, but it’s better as he gets older.  And he stops wanting to be the same as everyone.  He still gives snarky replies every time someone asks him if he’s “British” and has gotten in a few fights over the Lucky Charms commercial, but by the time he graduates he’s happy being himself again.  Especially with his adorable (if not incredibly annoying) boyfriend.
the signs as favorite things
  • Aries: laughing so much it hurts
  • Taurus: baggy sweaters/cozy clothes
  • Gemini: rainy nights & sunny days
  • Cancer: long hugs filled with genuine affection
  • Leo: making people smile
  • Virgo: knowing you can just be yourself
  • Libra: british accents
  • Scorpio: cats
  • Sagittarius: books you can't put down
  • Capricorn: hot cocoa/coffee
  • Aquarius: songs that explain how you feel
  • Pisces: the kindness of strangers

“As for the idea of using a British accent, Stevens revealed, “I checked in with Noah [Hawley] when he sent me that scene, and I was thinking of different ways of distinguishing [the two Davids], and I was like, ‘Well, it’s kind of a little nod to the Professor X thing,’ which we’ve kind of laced again through the series without getting too explicit. There are definitely rewards for people who know the comics. I don’t think at any point we’re directly adapting any story, or even any frame of a comic, but the paradigm exists. So this idea of characters being locked in there, of a battle for control over David and his powers, of this ongoing throughout history kind of thing… We use that and borrow that. But the British thing, I said to Noah, ‘Well, what about if we make him British?’ And he immediately was like, ‘Yeah, I guess deep down all of our rational selves are probably British.’ I was like, ‘Oh, good. That sounds like an endorsement, so I’ll go with that.’ I’m not sure how true that is, but anyway, it seemed funny to me!””


So guess whose brilliant idea that was 

At least Flat-Earthers are afraid of fascinatingly weird things, and their conspiracy theories are creatively absurd. What are Neo-Nazis afraid of? Melanin? Spices? Dreidels? Even my dog isn’t such a coward, and she’s afraid of British accents.

I'll Never Understand Fashionable Girls
  • *nerdy girl and popular girl walk into bathroom together*
  • Popular Girl: *puts on make-up in the mirror* I watched that show you're so into last night.
  • Nerdy Girl: You have! I knew I'd convert you sooner or later!
  • Popular Girl: I didn't really like it.
  • Nerdy Girl: Seriously!? Come on!
  • Popular Girl: Like, the effects are really bad and the plots don't make sense. The British accents are weird too.
  • Nerdy Girl: The effects are part of the charm. You have to actually pay attention to the plot. Also, British accents rule. It's how real English is supposed to sound.
  • Popular Girl: *puts on lipstick and smacks lips* It's just not my thing. I don't like sci-fi space stuff. I like action and drama. Realistic stuff.
  • Nerdy Girl: Speculative fiction tends to influence science, so everything you're dismissing now could possivly be very realistic in a few decades.
  • Popular Girl: I don't pay attention to that stuff. I like the here and now.
  • Nerdy Girl: *sighs* Whatever, enjoy being boring.
  • Nerdy Girl: *notices a string coming out of the nape of popular girl's neck*
  • Nerdy Girl: *lightly tugs on string*
  • Popular Girl: *stops moving entirely*
  • Nerdy Girl: Are you alright?
  • Popular Girl: *remains silent and still*
  • Nerdy Girl: *completely pulls string out of popular girl's neck*
  • Popular Girl: *disappears in a puff of smoke*
  • Nerdy Girl: ...Oops.
  • *a decade ago*
  • Some Lady: I think I'm the only one who can see it.
  • Friend: See what?
  • Some Lady: The knitter. It's sitting up on that building there. It's huge, and it's just knitting.
  • Friend: What does it look like?
  • Some Lady: It looks big and pregnant. But, it's stomach is made of yarn. It's just knitting. People, animals, buildings, clouds. Millions of things.
  • Friend: That sounds weird.
  • Some Lady: I think it's god.
  • Friend: Mmm.
  • Some Lady: There's nothing on the horizon. Like, there's nothing beyond it. Everything just starts where it sits. Now that I think of it. I've never been beyond that building. There's nothing but white out that way. Emptiness.
  • Some Lady: *looks at fuzzy yarn hands*
  • Friend: *lights up cigarette*
  • Friend: The I-95 takes you into Baltimore that way. But, you should write a book about that before anyone else does. I'd read it.
  • Some Lady: I don't like to write about what's on my mind.
  • The Knitter: *opens third eye on its belly*
  • *in the present, a week after our initial events*
  • *missing poster with popular girl's face is blown away by a careless wind*
  • Nerdy Girl: *stares at string on her desk*

As an actor you’re very aware and you just let things affect you. Every time I go to another country I start to play with the accent. I started saying wanker a lot. [laughter] I love all the British slang. It’s more humorous than derogatory.

Imagine playing Crowley’s daughter and having a really British accent.

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To say that Jared and Jensen could be annoying at times was an understatement. Jared and Jensen are like hell on wheels, constantly messing up takes, pranking people, and constantly teasing you about things you couldn’t change. When Misha joined the cast they would direct all joking and teasing to him, it didn’t happen as much when Mark joined the cast because they now teased him. You joined the cast during season ten you played Crowley’s daughter and ever since day one they would mess with you, its just how they show love.  

You were born in england so you have a very thick british accent, almost more british then Mark’s, you were also a lot shorter then the boys, they were already freakishly tall standing at around six foot, then compare that to you around five feet they towered over you.  

You sighed as you heard your alarm go off knowing you had to get up to go to set. When you got to set you headed for the makeup trailer, sitting down at your seat you waited for them to start on you. Anna one of the make up artists handed you a cup of tea, your favorite thing to have in the morning.  

“ Wow I cant believe you managed to become more british (Y/N). ”  

“ What do you mean Jared?” You sighed.

Jared pointed to your cup of tea.  

“ Really just because Im drinking tea that makes me more british.”

“ Well the only person that drinks as much tea as you on set is Mark. And don’t you guys usually have tea breaks together. You’re like one of the most british people ever.”

You groaned knowing Jared he wouldn’t stop teasing you about being british till you die.  

Even though you played Crowleys daughter you ended up doing more scenes with Jared and Jensen and Misha then Mark. Which sucked because Mark was no where near as bad as J2M. You take your mark for the scene.

“ And action.” The director yells.

In this scene Sam and Dean asked for your help with defeating lucifer because Crowley wouldn’t help.

“ Listen we need your help, your dad wont help us and without someone who has access to the books you have, we have no hope.” Jensen said in Deans rough voice.

“ Why should I help you, you’ve never done anything for me accept kidnap me one time, and try to get to my dad through me so why should I do bloody anything for you.” You said trying to sound as mean as you could.

“ We would give you tea.” Jared no longer acting as Sam laughed.

“God damn you Jared this scene was going so well and this is are last scene of the day why do you have to be so bloody annoying you prick.”  

As you looked around at the director you noticed him and everyone laughing or trying to stop laughs.

“ Were sorry (Y/N) but you’re just so gosh darn cute when you say stuff like that. Its like a puppy trying to get mad.” Jensen said trying to get you to understand why they were laughing.

“ Mark has an accent just like mine why don’t you go tease him and call him cute.”

“Sorry (Y/N) Mark has no where near as cute of an accent as you do. Plus he doesn’t care when we tease him, you get so angry and its so adorable.”  

“ Thanks Misha, I thought you guys were my friends.”

“ We are we just cant help it your so adorable.”

You sighed knowing that the teasing was no were near done, at least they weren’t doing it to be mean. Its just they couldn’t help it when you tried to sound angry you were to cute. Gosh darn your accent.

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May be too spoileriffic for you to post, but I wanted to let you know that, after listening to the audio version of Magic For Nothing, I have learned that the only thing more adorable than the voice of a standard Aislin Mouse is the voice of an Aislin Mouse with a British accent. I really, really hope we haven't seen the last of Mork & Mindy!



Taking The Lead (Spencer x Reader)

A/N: guys I am so sorry for not posting in such a long time! The only Internet I had was at school because I ran out of data and my parents changed the wifi password. I had internet at school but Tumblr is blocked on it (of freaking course) so I couldn’t go on and I missed you guys so much! Anyways I really enjoyed writing this unique imagine and thanks for requesting it anon!!
Warnings: slight smut
Pairing: Spencer x reader
Prompt: the reader is the new British member of the team and Spencer secretly has a thing for English accents and the team tease him about it because he constantly blushes and he hides his lower half whenever you talk, the reader hasn’t quite caught onto the fact that spencer likes her so she’s asks why he covers his crotch when she talks and he ends up having to explain that she turns him on
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: reader is victim…
“Attention, this is SSA Y/N L/N from the Behavioral Insights Team in London. She will be replacing JJ until further notice.” Aaron Hotchner said introducing you.
“Hello. I’m Y/N.” You said shaking a black haired lady who open her mouth in surprise at your accent.
“Wow not only are you from London you’ve got the accent as well!! It’s nice to meet you.” She said shaking your hand.
“I’m Jennifer Jareau! I’m excited to work with you.” A blonde lady said shaking your hand.
After shaking everyone’s hands, you noticed you missed someone.
He was tall, definitely handsome, and looked a little socially awkward.
“Hi.” You said waving to him, who was standing behind everyone else.
“H-Hi! I’m Dr. Spencer Reid but you-you can just call me Spencer or Reid what-whatever works.” He said stumbling over his words.
“It’s nice to meet you.” You said holding your hand out to shake his.
“Oh he doesn’t really shake…” Emily said before he firmly took it.
You were a little confused as to what she was saying but you thought it was probably a misunderstanding.
He shook your hand just fine.
After a little while you settled with the rest of the team for a case.
“Alright two women have been found dead in back alleys behind restaurants. One woman was named Kylee Carey and the other Lauren Reeves. Both are blonde, successful woman. We believe a few witnesses can tell sketch artists a brief description of what he looks like. They are coming in around noon today so we can deliver the profile before the end of the day.” Garcia explained showing pictures.
“He has a preference for victims so that makes it easier to warn the community.” You said noticing the common similarities in the victims.
You saw Spencer shift next to you, which you just ignored.
But throughout the day he kept doing it and you started to notice a pattern.
Do you make him uncomfortable?
You two were sitting in a room alone with the evidence board, while everyone else did their tasks.
“Are you okay?” You ask him noticing his back facing you.
“Yeah. Yeah I’m okay.” He said slightly turning around.
“Are you sure? Do you need anything? I was actually about to make some tea if you want some.” You said with a small smile.
He turned his whole body towards you for the first time today and nodded softly.
“Alright, do you like Earl Grey?” You ask digging in your purse for some tea that you brought.
“I do yeah.” He said with a smile.
That’s the first time you have seen him smile and it made butterflies explode in your stomach.
You left the little room to the coffee pot, where a kettle was and you warmed up some water.
Then you heard walking behind you.
“Hey sorry umm if I’ve been distant around you. I’m just kind of umm… awkward I guess. I’d like to get to know you a little better.” Spencer said standing on the other side of the counter.
“I would love to get to know you too! First question I’ve been dying to ask is how come you go by ‘doctor’?” You asked handing him the cup of warm tea.
“First thank you for the tea and second I have three PhD’s. One in Engineering, Chemistry and Mathematics. I also have three BA’s in Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychology.” He explained.
“Wow that many in such a short time. How did you do that? A lot of free time on your hands?” You ask walking towards the small room again.
You noticed Spencer almost panic as he followed.
“I have an eidetic memory, an uh IQ of 187 and I can read 20,000 per minute.” He said clearing his throat.
Something is off.
Then you saw it.
As he sat down he grabbed his messenger bag and covered his lower half.
Do… do you turn him on?
What could you possibly do that gives him a boner?
“Spencer can I ask you something? I mean you don’t have to answer, but if you don’t answer your kind of answering it.” You say.
“Go ahead.” He said with a small smile.
“May I ask why you keep covering… um yourself when I talk to you?” You ask awkwardly.
“Oh um heh it's… it’s embarrassing I’m sorry you noticed umm… I guess I kind of um have this thing for… this is stupid.” He started.
“No it’s okay. Finish what you were saying. I’m interested.” You say walking closer to him.
“Umm I have this thing for accents, I guess, British ones really get me off.” He said looking into your eyes.
His hand were folding over his crotch as you stood in front of him.
“So… your saying I turn you on?” You ask biting your lower lip.
“God yes.” He said waiting for your next move.
You grabbed his hands and pulled them apart, interlocking your fingers with his.
“Well, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel the same way.” You said standing on your tiptoes leaving your lips centimeters apart.
“Really?” He asked cheerfully, not taking the opportunity to capture your lips in his.
“Your not really the dominant one are you?” You ask shutting the blinds to the small window and locking the door.
“What-what are you doing?” He asked as you approached him again.
“Taking the lead.” You said pushing him against the wall and taking his lips in yours.
His lips were soft and innocent, as well as his hands.
They stayed at your mid back as you loosened his tie.
You took his wrists in your hands and slid them down to your hips.
“Don’t be afraid, Doctor.” You said as he looked into your eyes.
A spark of confidence lit his face up when you called him ‘doctor’.
He spun you around, pinning you against the wall with his hips as his hands rummaged through your hair.
You dropped to your knees but right when your hands went to his belt there was a knock on the door.
“Y/L/N, Reid? Are you in there?” You heard Aaron Hotchner say.
“Yeah.” You said mouthing to Spencer to fix his tie.
He frantically did as you opened the door to half of the team.
“We found a diameter of our UnSubs disposal sites.” Spencer said inconspicuously, trying to play it cool.
Hotch looked from both of you and left, leaving Derek Morgan.
“What were you two pretties doing in here?” He asked teasingly.
“Working out the investigation.” You said avoiding eye contact with the dark man.
“Reid your hair seems more bed-headish that usual.” He said ruffling Spencer’s hair.
“Knock it off.” Spencer said swatting his hand away.
You smirked a little as you looked at the evidence board.
You followed Derek out but before you left the room you turned around.
“To he continued.” You said to Spencer, who’s eyes got big as he followed you out.

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Tom's from Britian
  • My crazy friend: OMFG Tom Hiddleston is amazing and his accent is even better just kill me
  • Me: Oh yeah, my Tom's pretty cute too
  • Crazy Friend: Where's Tom Holland from?
  • Me: He's also from Britain
  • Crazy Friend: Omfg it's happening
  • Me: What's happening?
  • Crazy Friend: The hot British Tompocalypse

I would like to compose a list of all my favorite things so far in FFXV:

-When Gladiolus calls Ignis Iggy
-Ignis’s British accent
-From the back it looks like Prompto is wearing a skirt cuz of that flannel thingy
-That dog Umbra
-That white dog that I don’t know the name of yet
-The cat that you feed the fish to
-I can put a shirt on Gladiolus so I don’t have to see… that
-I can remove Ignis’s jacket
-When Noctis moves out of his seat in the car and sits on the trunk
-Driving really fast then slamming on the breaks and watching everyone get whiplash
-Ignis’s glasses
-Ignis snapping his fingers after choosing a meal
-The fact that Ignis cooks
-Gladiolus’s seemingly extreme care for his sister
-Every time Noctis reminds me of Sasuke
-When you walk up to Dave his dog barks
-Prompto’s love of chocobo
-Prompto humming the victory music
-Prompto singing about wanting to ride a chocobo
-Prompto’s comment about his hair not looking like a chocobo (which it does)
-Prompto’s enthusiasm about photography
-My son Prompto
-P R O M P T O