no stripping required


This is exactly why Betta fish NEED a minimum of 3 gallons that is filtered and heated to 77-82 degrees. On the left is a Betta I fell in love with at the pet store and came back 3 weeks later to find him still sitting on the shelf in his small cup. I bought him only to find out from an expert that he is a Half Moon Dragonscale. On the right is a picture of what a healthy HMDS is supposed to look like.

Prolonged exposure to “Betta cubes”, unfiltered water, and unheated water will do this to your Betta. Fin rot this severe is extremely painful for them. It would be as if someone shoved you in a bathtub full of bleach for the rest of your life. Bettas cannot replicate their natural habitats themselves and it is up to us as responsible owners to do it for them. If you wouldn’t lock a dog in a small filthy kennel for the rest of it’s life, so don’t do it to a fish. Please research your pets before putting them in unfit conditions, because letting their fins rot away in bowl stripped of their natural requirements is cruel and unnatural. We took them out of the wild, the least we can do is provide them accurate living. 


“Because what makes a MMORPG more special, is the people we play with.”

If the image loads too slow I guess I need to resize or split it into few images sobscrai 

*edit* splitted it cus tumblr resized the image to super small sobs *edit* (full view for high res)

I’ve been binge reading a lot of korean webtoons lately lol So I decided to challenge myself into making a webtoon-like (derp) comic strip. Gosh, it requires more effort than expected, maybe cus I draw too slow digitally XD not fully coloured cus I’m impatient (look at all those sloppy lines and colors LOL ). 

Shamelessly featuring me and Hael’s situation everytime he came back from work and come online _(:3J L)_ forgive my derp handwriting pls 


Galand ‘de Guerre’ Mle1872 revolver

Manufactured by Charles-François Galand in Paris c.1873~80′s for the civilian market.
11mm73 six-round cylinder, side loading gate with manual ejector rod, double action.

Apparently a contender for the second ever French military revolver, this gun was beaten by the MAS Mle1873 on account of the later’s easier field stripping. Neither of them required any tools though, which makes me think it might have been a trial guideline.

I just watched AWE today again, and years ago I never really appreciated many nuances of this movie which had escaped me. Long ago I had been too overcome by my grief over the obviously vicious rending of the AWE script. Back then, all I noticed was the paring down of the Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann love story that was building to a crescendo from potc2. Now, in AWE the movie was doing some serious back peddling; an extreme editing job was performed to make room for the Will and Elizabeth ‘happy ending’ to make sense. I say that with a good deal of resentment and sarcasm too, but that is not what I wanted to point out this time.

However, I saw AWE just now and I have got to say how brilliant and adorable Elizabeth Swann is when she is on her way to entering the bath house in Singapore. She goes there to meet Sao Fang with Barbossa. She is feisty as ever. When the Oriental pirate on guard outside of the bath house asks Barbossa if he is the one protecting this woman, Elizabeth is in rare form.

“What makes you think I need protection?”

She had skillfully slithered up to the guard, managing to maneuver a sharp knife to the man’s throat!

But what is just too funny for words happens next. It is such a riot, and done very cheekily with a bit of flair. The scene is short and goes by quickly, but it is a treasure trove of potc characterization and comedy.

The guards already got a taste of Elizabeth’s slippery nature outside, and before permitting her to go in and meet with Sao Fang, Elizabeth is required to strip. And I mean does she ever strip! LOL! She comes across as this dainty, petite little thing harmless as a fly, and allegedly a ‘weak woman.’ And right then and there, as she disrobes and takes off what little bit she has on, this pirate lass pulls out more weapons and artillery than an army! Most of her weapons are also the size of human limbs! LOL! I mean that last rifle Elizabeth leans backwards and struggles to pull out of WHO knows where, is hysterical. She adds all her discarded arsenal in a neat little pile off to the side.

Finally when she’s done, Elizabeth gives that ‘quirky’ little ‘smirk’ over to Barbossa. It is done so well and so delightfully devious…and she delivers that expression with the innocence of a mere waif who simply got caught with her hand in the cookie jar! But, get a gander of that stockpile of weaponry Elizabeth managed to store about her tiny frame!

That is such a funny scene, and done with a cheeky finesse. Elizabeth is so precocious and this scene is such a defining moment in potc. It is a great chapter of showing us just how much Elizabeth Swann had blossomed into the wily pirate she was and IS!

Here’s to Lizzie, the one and only Pirate King!


Fusil Modèle 1866

Design and Production

The Mle 1866 was designed in 1863 by French Alsatian gunsmith Antoine Alphonse Chassepot, following an idea he had submitted in 1856 to his employer the Manufacture d’Armes de St-Etienne about the use of a rubber obturator that would produce a gas-seal in the new bolt-action rifles.
Although this new type of breech-loader had only been developed anecdotally in most of the world by people like l’Hermite or Greene, Nikolaus von Dreyse had been working on his Zündnadelgewehr since 1821, and in 1864 and 1866, 23 years after the Prussians adopted the weapon as the Model 1841, this gun changed the way wars were fought by winning Prussia two wars against Denmark and Austria whose armies still used muzzle-loading Minié rifles. Using the self-contained paper cartridge developed by Frenchman Prélat and Schweizer Pauly in Paris during the Napoleonic wars, the Dreyse M1841 could be loaded and fired from a prone position with both accuracy and speed.

Dreyse M1841 needle rifle

France of course understood the need to step up its game immediately, and Chassepot’s rifle was adopted, named after him and issued to all branches of the French army as the Mle 1866 ‘Chassepot’ rifle. Its maker would go on to receive the Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest decoration, as well as 30000Fr for his invention.

Produced in every major gun manufacturing centers in France like St-Etienne, Châttelerault, Tulle and Chassepot’s hometown Mutzig in Alsace, as well as in several other countries like by Steyr in Austria, the Mle 1866 was widely available by 1870. Older Minié P1851 were converted using the Tabatière système so they could be breech-loaded with metal-and-cardboard centerfire cartridge - this was necessary to provide a sufficient gas-seal, however their ballistic properties were very inferior to that of a Chassepot.

Tabatière (snuffbox) conversion close-up

On the 3rd of November 1867, the Mle 1866 ‘Chassepot’ makes its first appearance on the battlefield, protecting the pope against the troops of Giuseppe Garibaldi and cutting his troops to ribbons. The extreme velocity of the 11mm (.43) caliber 25g (0.88 ounce/385 grains) bullets inflicted even more devastating wounds than the Minié bullets ever did, far from the smaller calibers introduced at the end of the century. In the French parliament, it’s reported that « Les chassepots ont fait merveille  », and the Swiss guard cleaning corp mops up the mess. Garibaldi would go on as a military commander in the Franco-Prussian war three years later through a series of what I can only assume were wacky misunderstandings.

Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, battle of Gravelotte


The booming cigarette paper industry in France meant that there was no shortage of material to make munition for the French Chassepot on the eve of war, which was actually one of his main selling point, as Snider-Enfield rifles and similar guns’ metallic cartridges were more expensive to manufacture for lesser or about equal ballistic properties. Things looked good for the Chassepot, and if not for the overwhelming superiority of Prussia’s Krupp artillery, it would have definitely be the decisive weapon in this decisive war for both countries. Of course Germany won and the Second French Empire lost, and Alsace was the reason France jumped in WW1 43 years later (you can quote other official reasons too but trust me that’s the actual one).
The antiquated Dreyse, although upgraded several time, was still no match for the French rifle. It was plagued by several key features ; the percussion cap of its cartridges was seated deep inside the powder charge at the base of the bullet, in an effort to optimize the barrel’s resistance to fouling, meaning the needle was constantly corroded and blew up after less than 100 shots, requiring field stripping the gun after prolongated fire ; the gas seal was poor in the best cases and inexistent in most, resulting in German soldiers being unable to aim down their guns and resorting to hip fire for most of the conflict, else they burn their amazing moustaches off ; it simply wasn’t as good as the Chassepot.
The Mle 1866 on the other hand had double the effective range due to the gas seal allowing for higher pressure in the chamber and thus more velocity and a flatter trajectory for the bullet. This was a slight trade off as the rubber gas-seal had to be changed every 80 or so shots, a process however that took less than a minute. Fouling was also an issue, but rarely to the point of impairing the gun’s performance in a single battle. It’s to be noted that these gas issues were all solved with the adoption of metallic cartridges and a diet rich in fiber a bit later in history.

Mle 1874 Gras rifle with gravity-fed magazine modification

This weapon thus marked one of the first step toward the trend of massive firepower that would confirm itself during WW1, with an accurate, fast-loading rifle that slowly spelled the doom of lined battles. It would went on as the Gras 1866/74 using a 11mm metallic cartridge, serving up to WW1 in border units and attaining notoriety under this name within the Greek resistance up to WW2.
That’s also my favorite gun ever -bounces
I never did know how to end an article. I wrote all that shit from memory with help from Wikipedia for dates and stuff. Have some additional pics.

the Mle 1874 and Mle 1866/74 Gras were identical in everything but their origin.

a Chassepot bayonet, with the distinctive yatagan double-curvature

a Gras bayonet

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Ben wearing a corset under his clothes and George is just like "holy shit" and goes all heart eyes and then ravishes him?

Tallmadge looked…strikingly different when he first stepped into Washington’s quarters. At first, during the whole of their meeting, George could not pinpoint the cause of this. The way he stood, perhaps, or the gentle flushing of his cheeks that did not seem to fade despite the fact that he was out of the bitter winter winds. 

“Are you well?” He finds himself asking, interrupting his own thought in the moment to inquire. 

Tallmadge looks thinner, he thinks, in this light. His uniform does not hug him the same way it did just yesterday. 

The young major tilts his head, the curls that frequently come loose from his queue falling properly with the movement. “Pardon?”

“Are you well,” he repeats, “have you fallen ill, Major.”

His lips form a perfect o and he shakes his head. “No, sir I am perfectly fine.”

Feeling the need to explain himself, George says, “It is only that you remain flushed, as though with fever.” Or the same shy arousal that so often paints him when George takes it upon himself to bring the young man to his bed. He does not say that, however, he only thinks upon him.

But Tallmadge reiterates his wellness and continues on, stubbornly, with the matters of the meeting until he is left worrying his lower lip at the very end of it. 

“Is that all?” George asks, knowing that it is not. Tallmadge, his Benjamin, does not worry his lip as such when there is nothing else to say. He does so only when he is readying himself for something, something that makes him intensely nervous. 

“I have something to show you, sir. In private.”

George takes a moment to consider. “Private as in a matter brought by my head of intelligence? Or private as in a matter brought by my lover?”

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Fluffy headcanons!

Rough day yesterday!

So I figured I’d cheer myself up with happy, and sexy, headcanons. . instead of doom and gloom, and you all know I live for that angst.

I’d love to see others do it too, so please feel free to tag me if you make up a few ( doesn’t even have to include a partner, but in this situation it is rather amusing to see how much she has developed within this relationship. )

She has taken a liking wearing more clothing, but not her own: Rivienne enjoys wearing those expensive, silk shirts, her boyfriend owns. Sometimes without him realizing it.

But, it is even better when he catches her in them.

She even has underwear now, and they are lace! ( hell has now frozen over )

The purpose is to rip them, really. She likes the sound.

Sylvain will pick which flowers to put in her hair, and helps weave them in her curls with some help from her. He chooses the scents he enjoys, and buries his nose into her golden tresses.

He’s much taller than her, so she has to actually get on her toes to kiss him and anchors her arms around his neck.

She developed a habit of brushing her lips over his own when speaking, often teasing him with ‘almost’ kisses.

This results in a lot of blushing on her end.

When falling asleep, her head is on his chest, so she can listen to his beating heart before dozing off.

Sylvain has taken a liking to Virgil, to the point that he sneaks cooked food to him as a ‘bribe’ to get on his good side. Sometimes it works, especially if he wants Virgil out of the room when he wants some alone time with his girlfriend.

Rivienne is completely oblivious to all of these dealings.

Sylvain teaches her how to gamble, by of course, showing her a card game that requires stripping.

She purposely loses .. and wins at the same time.

They take to the woods and at night, when the skies are clear, lay out to look at the constellations.

Rivienne likes to express herself through music, and plays the harp for him in private.

She teaches him how to cook, though is distracted constantly while trying to be a good teacher to a naughty student.

She teases him on purpose, rouses him up, then runs around the house so he may catch her, like a true little nymph. Cat and mouse entertains her. ( She is usually the cat! )

im really scared about obamacare being repealed bc my little brother (read as younger by a year and taller than me) is a type 1 diabetic and relies on insurance to make this unpreventable disease manageable and payable. he’s currently on my mom’s health insurance that’s not under obamacare, but once he ages out of that, his bills will be incredible. he doses with insulin 5-8 times a day depending on how much he eats, requires test strips for at least twice as many times as he doses himself, needs check-ups regularly to make sure he’s adjusting okay to the diagnosis (he only got diagnosed in august 2016), along with countless other small things in case of emergency situations. while my brother and i don’t get along, i still want him to be able to live comfortably without having to struggle to feed himself because he has to keep his insulin levels in appropriate places.

i’m scared not only for him, but for the millions of other people who will be left without health care either now or once their age no longer includes them as a dependent.

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Imagine Male sheps realizing fmu is /really good/ at back rubs? <3

Your name: submit What is this?

Okay these are pretty damn long, so have Gaius, Lon’qu, and Henry in this one

Gaius: “______, I’m soooo, tired.” You’re relaxing in your tent when Gaius comes in and flops down on your lap.  “I need some good loving. Give me a massage?” He looks up at you with puppy dog eyes and you sigh. “Alright. Get off and lie down next to me.”

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Today in history: January 17, 1893 - The sovereign government of Hawaii is overthrown and replaced by Sanford Dole (part of the family that owned Hawaiian Pineapple Company which later became Dole Food Company) & pro-annexation sugar interests.

U.S. marines land in Hawaii in support of the coup leaders to “protect U.S. interests.” Until the 1890s, Hawaii was an independent sovereign nation, recognized by the US, UK, France, Japan, Germany and other countries. After overthrowing Hawaii’s leader Lilluokalani, Sanford Dole declares himself Hawaii’s president & the new illegitimate government lobbies for US annexation of Hawaii. Voting rights are conditioned on new income and wealth requirements, stripping power from native Hawaiians, while Asians who had become naturalized Hawaiians were also stripped of the vote and U.S. citizens who weren’t naturalized Hawaiians were granted voting rights.

The US Senate Foreign-Relations Committee recommends annexation, declaring it, “a duty that has its origin in the noblest sentiments that inspire the love of a father for his children." In 1898, President William McKinley signs a joint resolution of Congress authorizing the annexation, consolidating the U.S. colonization of the Hawaiian nation. The struggle for Hawaiian sovereignty continues.

"The United States has conquered the indigenous peoples of North America, Hawai’i and Alaska. U.S. imperialism has taken their lands, suppressed their culture and carried out genocidal policies. Native American, Native Hawai’ian and Alaskan Natives struggles for sovereignty and national development (including control of land, natural resources and political autonomy) must receive the full assistance and support of those fighting for equality and socialism.” -from FRSO’s statement on national oppression

(image: U.S. troops in Honolulu to back up the overthrow of the Hawaiian government)

Via Freedom Road Socialist Organization (Fight Back!)

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If you don't mind, tips for adding in blinders?

Omission: Let’s say you always place a bowl of roses on your altar for your entity of choice. And that entity responds by surrounding you with the smell of lavender instead. This become an established thing between you two. You place roses. They place lavender. Instead of writing that, however, you instead say that you place the roses and the air fills with “that welcoming scent”.

By intentionally leaving out an uncommon detail and allowing your readers to follow the lead you have given, you have created a password between you and your entity. If anyone sends a thing to impersonate your beloved entity, most likely they are going to return the smell of roses for the roses you have placed. Wrong response.

And if anyone is trying to claim they have personal information about/from your beloved entity, you can use that to vet them. Your beloved entity may return roses for roses for everyone else under the sun, but lavender for roses remains a personal tell just for your personal connection. Anyone trying to say they are speaking on your behalf without having that tell (AND your explicit permission) is someone that needs to be called out.

Other types of omission: If there is a certain number of things that are always present when you are doing a thing, leave that specific number out. If there is a specific thing that is always present but is not necessary to talk about when discussing the topic (smell, the way the candle flame moves, a particular way the horsing person moves when ridden, any consistent observation that proves to you that this is happening), then don’t talk about it.

If something is highly personal to you, no matter how mundane and droll you may think it is, then don’t talk about it. You reveal only as much of yourself as you want to. It is not your responsibility to entertain the world or to be an example to those that try to follow you.

Distraction: And now my assistant is going to plunge this dagger into the top of the box! Oh, that’s a hard box to pierce, isn’t it! (Assistant agrees.) Let me put this very important bauble in my pocket and help keep the attention on the not very important box.

Sometimes you can’t help but mention an important and personal thing if you are writing up your experiences. But all the audience knows of that thing is what you say of it. So if you downplay its importance to you while placing something else on the pedestal instead, you can create a distracting tell.

If someone is going to use your words against you, they will choose those things that you have identified as important. If they say they have knowledge of what is inside the box, then you know they are full of shit because the box is the prop that you placed. Combine Distraction with Omission. Withhold a detail about the bauble as you turn attention to the box. Just in case someone guesses lucky and identifies the bauble as important, but because you did not divulge the bauble is really a set of three stones, that lucky guesser will exhaust their luck and say it is only one.

Substitution: You leave white roses on the altar. Write that you leave red. You are told to eat a spoon of honey. You write that you eat a spoon of sugar. It doesn’t matter if the thing you are substituting is effectively minor and insignificant. If it bothers you that much, don’t reveal it.

Falsehood: Insert a lie. Flat out. Just like how certain map makers will create a fictional town and look for it in their competitor’s maps to see if the data was stolen, or how dictionary apps have fake words for the same purpose, add a false detail to your rendition.

You take three steps, make a certain gesture, then take three more as you approach your altar. Everyone knows about the steps already. Write that you start with another gesture, or that you turn around before walking forward, or that you prostrate yourself in the middle gesture.

The lie you insert has no bearing on the overall impact of what you have written. It is instead a reverse passcode. Everyone trying to use it to gain entry will fail. Only those that know to leave it out will proceed. Who will know to leave it out? Only those you trust with it. (Choose who you trust carefully.)

You are never required to reveal everything you know about everything you have experienced. You are never required to strip yourself naked to prove anything to anybody. Even if you told all of it, there will still be that one fucking asshole that will demand a level of proof that is impossible to give. You know what happened. You have to walk out the consequences.

It is your choice what to write publicly, if you write at all. The more you write, though, the more a determined person can sift through what you have written and uncover what you have hidden. Think carefully then, what you choose to write about, and what means of challenging would be imposters and intruders you will have to defend yourself with.

If you are oathbound to not reveal a thing, then DO NOT REVEAL THE THING. Not even in code and cumbersome words. If you are oathbound to say the thing plainly, then say the thing plainly. (In other words, be miserly with your oaths.)

If you are unsure if to write about it at all, then don’t. Keep silent, and keep safe.

Good luck to you.




: Hi, could you help me with my protagonist? I’m finding it hard to make her an active rather than passive character; when I try and make her more active she seems to become far more capable than I’d like. I’d like for her to learn from the other more capable characters around her, some of who seem like better fits for a protagonist, except I’d rather not tell the story from their pov. Bit stuck at the moment! Thanks in advance.

I struggled for a long time with my current character, and what I basically had to do was to adjust everything about the plot until it worked. Here are some things I suggest.

  • Connect the external conflict with the internal conflict. Finding that she’s just going through the motions? Increase the internal conflict and make it directly involved in what’s happening! Not all characters have to be ‘active,’ especially if they’re more timid and shy. But they need distinct problems and conflicts that the reader can relate to and understand.
  • Connect internal/external goals. Have what she’s doing being connected directly with what she wants. That stresses her motivation for the reader and connects her more to the plot, making her actions more logically connected.
  • Give her more reasons to act. Find that she’s not much of someone who starts stuff? Have stuff start shit with her. Trap her in a burning building. Have someone threaten her by gunpoint. Put her in situations where action is required.
  • Strip away her support system. My biggest problem with my character was that there were too many people there to solve her problems for her. They got killed off, removed entirely, or poisoned; suddenly she has to make a lot of active decisions for herself, rather than relying on a crutch.

Passive characters aren’t necessarily bad, but if you need them to be more active, you need to find ways to shove them into more active situations. Look through your plot notes. What can you make more dramatic? Where can you add tension? If she’s relying too much on other characters, how can you remove them from helping her when she needs to rely on herself.
REC: Body Double by  lokilickedme - Tom Hiddleston - Fandom, British Actor RPF, [Archive of Our Own]
If you haven't read this Crimson Peak fic. Give it a try. It's so hot. I'm waiting impatiently for chapter 7.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 6/?
Fandom: Tom Hiddleston - Fandom, British Actor RPF, Young British Artists | Britart RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Tom Hiddleston/Original Female Character(s)
Characters: Tom Hiddleston, Original Female Character(s), AU Actor!Tom
Additional Tags: Explicit Sexual Content, Kink Exploration, Spanking, Nudity, Orgasm Delay/Denial, Fingerfucking, Vaginal Fingering, Accidental Stimulation, Accidental Orgasm, Sexual Tension, Past Abuse, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Inappropriate Erections, Fluff and Smut, simulated sexual assault, Oral Sex, Resolved Sexual Tension, Mild Kink

Body doubling for a famous actress in a movie is a good job if you can get it. Body doubling for a famous actress in a movie with Tom Hiddleston is another thing entirely - especially when the movie has a lot of kinky sex scenes, the famous actress is too shy to strip, and you’re required to do it ALL.

AU actor!Tom, inspired in part by the new Crimson Peak trailer that hit today. So SO much smut here.

Hands Behind Your Back

I walked in the door and hung up my gun on the rack inside the door after securing it safely. I turned to see my beautiful wife standing there smiling at me. Coming home from a job like that everyday really made me appreciate what I had. I walked towards the woman I was madly in love with and took her in my arms kissing her gently. She smiled. 


I glanced at Justin; he always looked so handsome in his uniform. “Well hello officer,” I teased tugging at his badge. He smirked. I kissed him, showing him how much I loved him. 

“I missed you,” he said softly.

“I missed you more baby,” I said smiling at him.

He sighed, holding me to him tightly like he never wanted to let go. I knew when he did this; it meant he’d had a hard day on the job.

“What happened today babe?” I asked gently.

He sighed, “I was called to a homicide not to far from here. We investigated the house and found a woman beaten, raped and murdered in her own bed. It’s just so hard to look at something like that, and to come home to you, and look at you…and I just don’t know what I would do if anything ever happened to you. This job, it makes you realize anything can happen at anytime to anyone, even those who least expect it. I just love you so much it hurts to think about stuff like that. That girl was someone’s daughter, someone’s girlfriend, someone’s sister, someone’s friend…”

He was usually good at not letting his job get the best of him, but sometimes he just couldn’t help it. Seeing things like that every day had to be difficult. “Hey, listen to me,” I said gazing into his eyes. “You can’t think like that, I love you and I’m right here, so stop it,” I said kissing him again. 

I had been completely in the mood to make love to him when he walked in the door, and his worrying was killing it. I decided to distract him from his morbid thoughts. I looked him over again and I couldn’t take it anymore he was so handsome in that police uniform. “Babe, let me distract you from those terrible thoughts huh?” I asked, trailing a finger over his uniform. 

His worries faded and he smirked at me. “What did you have in mind?” He said raising an eyebrow, still holding me in his loving grasp. 

“I was thinking I’m a bad girl and I need to be punished officer,” I tease biting my lip. He smiled.

“We’ve still never done the officer and bad girl role-play have we?” He chuckled.

“No sir, we have not, but I’ve been dying to give it a go.” I chuckled. 

His face changed, and he was now in cop mode I could tell, I smiled. “Well then, Mrs. Bieber, go wait for me upstairs in our room and I shall be there momentarily,” he said smacking my ass and heading the opposite way. 

My stomach fluttered in excitement as I sat on the bed waiting for my husband. He walked in the room soon after, swinging his handcuffs around, smirking. He locked the door, I guess this was my cell, and turned around to face me again.

“You have been arrested under the charges of being too incredibly sexy for society’s eyes to handle. Do you have any weapons on you before I search you?” 

“No,” I whispered, taken back by how extremely hot this was.

“I think this requires a strip search,” He said, still in a professional tone that was completely turning me on. “Stand up,” I did. he walked up to me until his faces was inches from mine. 

He ripped off my shirt in one quick motion. “Hands behind your back,”he ordered, I obliged. He cuffed them, my chest pressed forward by the angle of my arms behind my back. He patted me down, from head to toe. “Have anything on you that’s going to poke me?” He asked. 

“No, but I know you do,” I chuckled. I glanced at his face and could tell he was trying not to laugh. He stood up, his face-hardening again as he met my eyes again, reaching for my jeans. He undid the button before unzipping them and slipping them down. He threw them to the side and his hands roamed my body from my legs to my shoulders. He continued to trail his hands over my body, groping every inch of me. I felt myself becoming wet. He took off his tie, throwing it to the floor, loosening his collar buttons. He rolled up his sleeves to his elbows, slowing off his strong forearms. He took off his badge, leaving him in his plain shirt. 

Justin then backed me into the closest wall before pulling away from me. “Spread your legs,” he ordered. I obliged. He spread them farther with his knee, before reaching down to slip off my panties and letting them fall to the floor. He kicked them to the floor. He then turned me around shoving me into the wall face first. He undid my bra and slid it off, leaving me completely naked before him. He pressed my breasts into the wall briefly, hardening them before flipping me around again to face him. He pressed my back into the wall and his hands started their searching again. He felt up my breasts, squeezing and groping them, running his hands between them. 

“Not hiding anything there,” he said kissing one of them gently, momentarily out of character, before his face hardened again. He reached one hand down between my spread legs, grazing my thighs until he got to my pussy. He grabbed it tightly in his hand and squeezed. Any touch from him made my eyes close. He felt my clit, noting how wet I was and smirked. He began rubbing, searching, yet making me hold back moans by biting my lip. He used his other hand to graze my ass, squeezing and feeling around it. One finger slipped inside me and I gasped. He moved his finger around slowly; seemingly searching yet causing me so much pleasure I couldn’t help but moan. 

“Did I say you could moan?” He whispered in my ear seductively. 

“No sir,” I answered holding back a whimper as he moved his hand away from my pussy. His hands trailed the length of my body one last time and I gasped when he touched my breasts and pussy. He stood back up straight, meeting my eyes. 

“What did I say?” He scolded.

“Sorry,” I breathed. He pressed me farther back into the wall, my cuffed hands almost in pain, almost.

His hands rested on my waste as he gazed into my eyes, face inches from mine. “Looks like you’re not hiding anything on you…too bad you still need to be punished.”

He undid his belt, throwing it to the floor roughly. He took off his shirt, leaving him in his white wife beater, muscles bulging through it. He pulled down his pants and then his underwear, kicking them aside. I stood there immobile as he pressed me against the wall and ripped off his wife beater. Soon we were both naked and breathing heavily. He pushed me down to the floor on my knees. 

“Your punishment is to make me cum,” he said shoving his extremely hard and large cock in front of my face. I knelt; hands still tied behind me and tried to keep my balance. He reached down to open my mouth and shove his length in. One of his hands squeezed and pinched at my breasts as I began to suck his cock. His hand reached down to guide my head, tangling in my hair, forcing my mouth back and forth faster, sucking his cock. I pulled my mouth off and took his length in again and again, sucking and moaning, causing him extreme pleasure. He shoved himself into me further, deep throating me until I gagged around his shaft. He soon began to groan in pleasure and he came in my mouth, spilling all his juices in my mouth. 

“Swallow,” he commanded, panting. I did, not hating it, not liking it. He panted, pulling me to my feet. He kissed me gently on the forehead, acting out of character again for a moment, but seemingly unable to be aggressive with me for too long, without showing me he loved me and didn’t mean it. 

He was back in character a moment later as he hardened his face and gazed into my eyes. “On the bed, spread eagle,” he ordered walking to pick up his belt. I gulped what the hell was he doing with that? I obliged and lay down on the bed face up, legs spread but my arms still stuck behind my back, popping my chest in the air farther. Justin soon came, belt in hand, to kneel on the end of the bed looking down on me. I gulped in slight fear at how far he was going to take this; he caught it in my eyes and leaned down above my naked form to whisper in my ear. “Relax, love, I would never really hurt you,” he said kissing me gently and passionately. I smiled and he pulled away hardening his face again. He flipped me over on my stomach so he could reposition my handcuffs. He then flipped be back over so I was lying on my back and pulled my hands above my head re-cuffing them. He then took his belt and used it to secure my cuffs and hands to the headboard. His already hard again cock brushed against my body as he did so and I whimpered with need. Once I was securely immobile once again Justin pulled away to glance down on me. 

He shivered at the sight before him, lust darkening his eyes. He reached down to stroke my breast, causing me to arch into his hand, needing some form of contact from him. He bent down and began kissing and sucking them while gyrating his body against mine, causing us both to moan, needing each other. He finally pulled away, reaching down to rub my clit in circles while I moaned. He trailed kisses from my pussy up my stomach, to my breasts and finally to my mouth, leaving me wanting more. He kissed me passionately for a moment before leaning away to position himself between my legs. Justin lined himself up and slammed into me once roughly causing us both to groan in pleasure, closing our eyes. Justin leaned down over top of me, pinning my hands down firmly, his strong muscles above my head supporting his weight as he pulled out and slammed into me again. My mouth lingered open in pleasure and he captured it in a fiery kiss, before pulling his head away and resting his forehead on mine. He continued to pound into me forcefully, causing us both to begin screaming and moaning in absolute ecstasy. He continued to pound me and soon the bed was hitting the wall from the force of it, my breasts jiggling with each thrust. 

His thrust became quicker and harder as I arched into him with each one, wanting him as much as he wanted me. Fucking him right back. Soon I felt my walls clench around his large, hard dick and he came inside of me. We rode out our orgasms panting and moaning together, Justin still pounding me as he came. When we were finished he pulled out and collapsed on top of me, sweaty and breathing deeply. We lay for a moment as he rested his head under my chin. I wanted so badly to stroke his chocolate locks, but my arms were still tied. He reached down and kissed my entire body top to bottom before reaching up and untying my arms from the bed. He got up and found his handcuff key, undoing them and letting my hands fall free. I rubbed my wrists, where they were read from the pressure on them as we made love. 
Justin lay down next to me, grabbing one of my wrists and kissing it gently. “Sorry, I never thought about that happening,” he gestured to the redness.

“It’s fine,” I smiled.

“Did I hurt you? Was I too rough?”

“No Justin, you were prefect, that was so hot…so fun,” I said kissing him. 

He smiled and pulled me into him, kissing my forehead gently and hugging me close. 

“Let’s not do that one again for a while, we’ll save it for special occasions,” he chuckled.

“Why it was so fucking sexy…”

He gazed at me. “I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy it, I thoroughly enjoyed that. It was insanely hot, it’s just that, it’s hard for me to be so rough on you, I’m constantly worried about hurting you, and I couldn’t live with myself if I ever accidentally did. We can do it again babe, because that was the most fucking amazingly sexy night ever…let’s just give it some time,” he said smiling.

“Agreed,” I laughed. 

“Besides, I prefer to be gentle with the woman I am madly and passionately in love with,” he said trailing his hand softly down my body, resting it on my bare breast.

“Oh Justin, I would never deny your gently side, no matter what you do, you drive me mad,” I said resting my hand on top of his over my breast. 

“We’re too lovesick for our own good,” He chuckled, kissing me softly.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I said snuggling into his chest, burying my head under his chin, exactly where it belonged, exactly where I was the happiest.

- Lilo

I always thought it was funny that people would joke around and say they would drop out of school and become a stripper. Sorry to inform you hun but stripping requires actual talent, athleticism and confidence to be able to throw that ass in a circle. Don’t discredit the stripping profession because those individuals literally defy gravity and look fucking amazing while doing it!

Before retiring to her dressing room to change clothes, Marie Antoinette said goodbye to all the people who had accompanied her up to then. She took off her traveling clothes and put on a ceremonial dress in a golden fabric. It is worth pointing out that the Princess was not required to strip naked in public and offer her virginal body to the lustful gazes of the dignitaries in her retinue, as some historians, inspired by a lewd imagination, have written.
—  Marie Antoinette - The Last Queen of France, Evelyne Lever