no stretchmarks

no one ever says anything about stretchmarks that aren’t small, white and thin and on butts and hips and thighs (”lightning bolt tattoos”) so here’s a post for the people who have stretchmarks that are huge, my girls/boys/non binary peeps who have stretchmarks that are angry red and purple and gaping, my babes who have stretchmarks on their backs, their boobs, under their arms, etc. I’m here for the cuties with stretchmarks that aren’t typical and are never talked about. They’re cute!!! Y’all are beautiful and so are your stretchmarks!!! idk how to end this bye nya’ll 

About Me #2:

As I said in the first post I did, I have an ongoing struggle with my body. The part that I dislike the most, also has the most significant meaning to me. It truly is the epitome of love and hate (more so dislike). I struggle in sharing this with 1700 people and counting, but if I can inspire one person to overcome their insecurities, like you all have helped me do, then these posts of vulnerability are worth it. I probably have a couple hundred stretch marks on my stomach alone. As you can see in one of the pics, they’re quite wide and deep, using my pinky finger for comparison. These pics are untouched, aside from using a darker filter on the close up to show the gravity of the size of the bigger ones and how stretched out my skin is. Again, with each pregnancy, my body metamorphosized into a body I didn’t recognize, with the last pregnancy having 3x the amniotic fluid from a phenomenon called polyhydromnious in addition to a 9lb 4 week premature baby who came out sideways (no exaggeration). Hidden within those stretchmarks are 5 scope scars from gallbladder removal and a 5 in incision from a ruptured appendix surgery…My skin has little elasticity, unlike some women who bounce right back with flat abs, I was left with so much extra skin no amount of sit ups could ever cure. You can’t “ungrow” extra skin, contrary to what some simple minded people think. The ONLY way for me to get rid of this squishy, floppy, saggy belly, is to have cosmetic surgery. I’ve had more surgeries in 10 years than 10 people do in a lifetime, and that’s one reason why I opt not to have the extra skin removed. Another reason is why I have a love relationship with this part of my body. It tells the stories of 3 miracles of life, 3 beautiful pregnancies, hard as they were, with 3 of the most amazing outcomes I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing…my boys. It tells the stories of pain, of some suffering, of weight gain and weight loss. It tells MY story, and for that, I’ll continue to choose to love it and embrace it, rather than the alternative.