no stretchmarks

no one ever says anything about stretchmarks that aren’t small, white and thin and on butts and hips and thighs (”lightning bolt tattoos”) so here’s a post for the people who have stretchmarks that are huge, my girls/boys/non binary peeps who have stretchmarks that are angry red and purple and gaping, my babes who have stretchmarks on their backs, their boobs, under their arms, etc. I’m here for the cuties with stretchmarks that aren’t typical and are never talked about. They’re cute!!! Y’all are beautiful and so are your stretchmarks!!! idk how to end this bye nya’ll 

I need to talk more about stretchmarks because gosh darn if they aren’t the most beautiful thing and so weirdly satisfying to run your fingers over? lance 100% adores Hunk’s stretchmarks, especially the ones on their hips and lower stomach because he can lie curled up with his head resting on Hunk’s shoulder and trace his fingers over them while Hunk draws random shapes on his back over the fabric of his binder.