no street cred

CONSIDER: jin opens up his flower shop next door to yoongis tattoo parlor and yoongi hates it because the floral scent and bouquets n classical music playing outside rlly ruins his street cred and reputation
n one day yoongi comes back from his break and he cant find his piercer and he hears loud laughing next door n sees his tatted and pierced up right hand man hoseok daintily enjoying finger cucumber sandwiches with jin over tea n hes like How Can You Just… Sit Here…. Fraternizing with The Enemy

i love adam parrish, a smart engineer who avidly volunteers with children and drinks luxurious drinks at cafes just because they taste good and he can

On one hand, Raphael Santiago is not a villain. On the other hand, Raphael Santiago would probably think it hilarious that people consider him a villain- especially people who think Shadowhunters are doing everything right. It’s just ironic enough that he would be delighted by it. 

He likes his evil mastermind street cred, no way around it, and he’s not afraid to be the “bad guy” as long as he accomplishes what he wants. 


I love you. Please don’t die. Get out of here, Meredith, before he shoots you.
Do not die. Do you understand? I can’t live without you. If you die, I die. I picked you! I choose you. You don’t die on me! No, you stay awake! You stay awake! Stay awake. Derek! Derek, stay awake! Okay. Okay.

original candidates for gangsey’s 6th member

j. kavinsky

  • pros: drugs, will improve squad’s street cred and increase net number of dick pics circulated
  • cons: literally everything else, also dead

t. carruthers

  •  pros: even more pretentious than gansey & will shift locus of taunting away from him
  • cons: fears ronan too much to join his squad

r. malory

  • pros: potential father figure for squad with overwhelming amount of daddy issues, accent, pigeon knowledge, Dog
  • cons: this squad’s near-death quota is already fulfilled

h. gansey

  • pros: a….female friend….for blue sargent……
  • cons: too frank about possibility gansey and adam are screwing, could disrupt delicate pH of masculine friendship to disastrous effect

h. cheng (WINNER)

  • pros: nickname king, group chat king, inter-squad ambassador, understands pop culture
  • cons: ????

I try to keep my rants to a minimum but this annoys me a lot so i’m sorry

Cooperation Cup (big ol’ annual japanese 3rd strike tournament) is over, it was really hype, lots of fun to watch. for the most part social media reflected that sentiment pretty closely, lots of people were talking about it etc, that’s fine. people that weren’t so into 3rd Strike also voiced their opinions on that, and that’s fine too.

then there’s the people who hafta say some dumb shit like “ah yes, coop cup, the one time of year we all pretend to care about 3rd strike” or “look at my TL full of people that are suddenly 3S fans”. that’s not quite as fine. What do you stand to gain when you do this, other than street cred from your friends who are presumably “real fans”? People are expressing interest in a thing you like and that’s how you react? 

or maybe you don’t actually like the thing that people are suddenly talking about, in which case why the hell do you care?

either way it’s infuriating to see, that’s a good way to drive off potential fans no matter what the thing is. even if they ARE “fake fans”, they’re still talking about it aren’t they? isn’t that good? don’t you want the things you like to get more exposure?

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just imagine young percy..

..being really in to classic rock music and wanting to learn how to play the electric guitar but his mom signs him up to his school’s violin lessons because it was the one that was free and they didn’t have the money (also she secretly didn’t want him to practice electric guitar at home because of Smelly Gabe).

And imagine Percy being all grumpy about it because he wanted to be a rockstar but ends up enjoying violin lessons anyways. He kept it a secret so his street cred won’t get ruined (at this point he was already getting kicked out of so many schools, he was getting quite the skater badboy rep.) For his birthday years later Sally was able to save up enough money for his own violin but in Gabe’s drunken fit of rage he broke it. Percy was so sad and traumatized he never played again, until Annabeth found out years later and gave him his own instrument for Christmas.

but just imagine tiny Percy in a hoodie playing the violin looking like trouble but playing like a saint

anonymous asked:

Young Elena headcanons?

  • Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world
  • her parents took the midnight train to divorce town
  • Seriously tho I headcanon Elena had a relatively nice childhood with regular parents who pushed her to be successful and work hard and were generally loving, it just didn’t work out for them
    • See: her caught between her mom and dad, lots of juggling and reassuring them and repeating “yes I know you both still love me and it’s not my fault you got divorced”
    • She grows up quick once they split and tries to distance herself from her parent’s drama; they’re good people, but they’re only human and humans tend to fuck up sometimes
  • Judging by all the awards in her office, Elena did very well in school and was probably one of those independent teacher’s favourite types who always participated in class discussions and got into debates with other students who said really dumb shit in history and law classes (u know the ones)
  • Working at Macho Nacho got her lots of street cred (it was probably the hat). She doesn’t know why though (definitely the hat). No, she cannot give her friends free nachos. please stop asking ffs
  • B R A C E F A C E
    • Thankfully she only had to wear a retainer for like a year or so but it was still hell
  • I also feel like Elena played soccer for some reason. I think she would look cool in cleats
  • She had a dog as a kid so having Vicky now as a mom and watching her daughter bond with a big loving pupper warms her heart