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In the spirit of the season, these 55 seconds of joy from 2012 are always worth sharing again. I like Strax’s version of Rudolph the best. I’ve heard that song once too often this season.

I hope we see these guys again before Moffat moves on. 

Imagine the winter holidays with the Superwholock team.

Y/N: Happy holidays everyone.

Cas: I don’t understand. Why do we celebrate these holidays?

Sherlock: Honestly I don’t know… they’re rather boring.

Y/N: Come on Sherlock… don’t be a scrooge or a Grinch.

The Doctor: I could round up a few Suantarians if you want me too they can always brighten the holidays.

Dean: Are Suantarians the potato people that love war and things like that?

The Doctor: *Nods*

Sam: No we don’t need a homicidal potato running around.

Y/N: Will someone help me decorate a  little bit please?

John: Sure (Y/N)

Jenny/Vastra Collabororation

Soooo, a while ago I posted that me and @green-love-paternoster was up to somethign sinister, today I reveal what sinister thing we are up to:

We’re writing a Jenny/Vastra fanfic toghther! :D

It is, for you who do not know me and


at all, very gay, and very Jenny/Vastra.

Thanks to my lovely partner in crime I have also been granted the possibility ot give you some small bits and pieces form the work, that will ocme out on Tumblr and AO3:

  •  Glancing up at the building in front of her, Jenny swallowed audibly. It hadn’t been easy to find a vet that even catered to lizards to begin with, and now that she had found one that claimed to have an in-house reptile expert, she felt nervous. It was not that she was nervous about what they’d think of her, or Greeny, but rather the fact that she had never been to a vet’s office before. She had always hated hospitals, and the vet’s office gave her the same creepy feeling in her gut
  • “Right! A lizard!” John said enthusiastically, giving Clara another look. “Two beautiful female specimens for our dear loony lizard lady to take a look at. Oh Vastra is surely going to be satisfied by this!” His grin was almost covering his entire face, now, and Clara looked as though she was struggling very hard not to laugh her head off. What was supposedly so funny about the situation, Jenny didn’t know, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to find out, either.
  • Vastra went over to a cabinet on the wall where she retrieved a fresh pair of gloves, putting them on with a satisfyingly audible snap.That simple action drew Jenny’s attention to Vastra’s exquisitely long fingers, which then set loose a chaotic whirlwind of very impure thoughts within Jenny’s starstrucked mind. All that Jenny could do was keep biting her lip even harder, almost to the point of drawing blood, while simultaneously trying her best to appear normal in front of this goddamn goddess of a veterinarian. Jenny soon stepped aside to give Vastra access to the carrier and watched with baited breath as her hands reached into the carrier.
  • “Madame! Strax is here to assist you, for the glory of this clinic!” The man standing and shouting in the doorway was short, round and bald. He had slightly brown colored skin, and had Jenny not known any better, she would have compared him an oversized, sentient cartoon potato.
The Signs as Doctor Who Characters
  • Aries: Rory Williams
  • Taurus: Clara Oswin Oswald
  • Gemini: Rose Tyler
  • Cancer: The Doctor
  • Leo: Strax
  • Virgo: Rose Tyler
  • Libra: Martha Jones
  • Scorpio: The Master
  • Sagittarius: Donna Noble
  • Capricorn: Amy Pond
  • Aquarius: Danny Pink
  • Pisces: The Tardis