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Doctor Who S10E03 Thin Ice

aka This is the moment I will cherish forever when Twelve regenerates. This right here. Thanks Sarah Dollard. 

aka On an whole different note, do we get to see the Doctor interact with the hamilton cast accurately portraying (i.e. no singing) their characters? because i would like to see that please and thanks

aka where’s the Paternoster Gang? Are they busy? Did they call the TARDIS and pretty much is the reason why they are needed there? i just miss vastra, jenny, and strax okay.

Some Of My Favourite Things About The Nu-Who Era

• The Companions- particularly Donna, Martha, Rory and Bill

• River Song. Just, River Song.

• Captain Jack Harkness. I may not talk about him much, but he’s awesome.

• The epic adventure music we had in Matt Smith’s era. That was my jam back in the day.

• The casual LGBT representation. It’s been there since series one, but it’s never been a big deal.

• The Drunk Giraffe.

• There was actually an episode that used as many oo sounds as possible (Judoon platoon upon the Moon!) just to mess with David Tennant, because it was hard for him to maintain his English accent and say those words.

• I love the Master and Missy in equal amounts, because they are evil because they can be, and still act like the Doctor’s their best friend, especially Missy.

• Honestly, I’ll be sad to see Missy go- she’s basically a big ball of Glaswegian craziness, and she’s brilliant as a villain.

• The Paternoster Gang, because only on Doctor Who would you have a team comprised of a pair of interspecies crime solving lesbians and their pet potato.

• Nardole, mother hen extraordinaire.

• Amy and Rory’s relationship.

• “It’s smaller on the outside!”

• “Allons-y, Allonso!”

• “Bow ties/ Fezzes/ Stetsons are cool.”

• The Doctor’s entire message in Blink.

• All the nods to the Doctor’s past- Sarah Jane, UNIT, the Master, all the old monsters, even things like Twelve offering someone a jelly baby and the return to Coal Hill School.

• Many other things, but I can’t think of them just now.


Attack of the Supermodels!

On this day in 2013, The Doctor, Clara and the Paternoster Gang were investigating The Crimson Horror!

Word in the grapevine has it that BBC WorldWide execs want extra Doctor Who spin-off material to keep the brand “alive” when the main show is off-air. They see Class as a failure of promotion and placement, so it won’t be iPlayer-centric or based around a location rather than a character. Possibly unrelated, but Moffat has the rights to the Paternoster Gang, and he has some sort of plan for them (hence Big Finish’s inability to use them in any significant role despite the obvious potential). Preliminary costings have been done for 6, 8, or 10 blocks for a Paternoster spin-off. I don’t know how I’d feel if this is true, but it’s from a pretty trusted source, so … yeah, that’s something.

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 2 songs
  1. Mr. Blue Sky ~ Electric Light Orchestra 
  2. Fox on the Run ~ The Sweets
  3. The Chain ~ Fleetwood Mac 
  4. Lake Shore Drive ~ Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah
  5. Bring It On Home to Me ~ Sam Cook
  6. Southern Nights ~ Glen Campbell
  7. My Sweet Lord ~ George Harrison 
  8. Brandy ~ Looking Glass 
  9. Come a Little Bit Closer ~ Jay & The Americans 
  10. Wham Bang Shang-a-Lang ~ Silver 
  11. Surrender ~ Cheap Trick 
  12. Father and Son ~ Cat Stevens 
  13. Flash Light ~ Parliament 
  14. Guardians Inferno ~ The Sneepers