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Dirty Little Secret

The photo frame dropped to the floor as Shawn pressed my body against the wall, with our lips still thirsting for each other.

His hands briefly moved away from my waist to push my hair away from my shoulders so it cascaded down my back. His fingers then traced the top of my shoulders, gently pulling my jumper to reveal my bare skin. His touch initiated goosebumps all over my body, causing me to moan.

Just as his thumb hooked under my bra strap, his phone rang. His body and lips pushed harder into me, and I could feel tension flooding through his veins. When it didn’t stop ringing, he pulled his lips away from mine and sighed, placing his forehead against mine.

“Answer it,” I sighed, positioning my jumper back to it’s original state. He stood back and removed his phone from his pocket.

“Hello love,” he said, trying to hide the fact that he was breathing deeply.

I remained against the wall, with my head tilt back to try and breathe in what air was left inside the tiny office.

We had never actually mentioned her. We both knew she existed, we both knew I was the third person joining in. But we acted as if we were clueless.

I glanced over at Shawn, who looked down at his watch. I noticed that his bugle was still struggling against his jeans. “I’ll be ten minutes,” he sighed.

‘Great’, I thought, ‘just another quick then.’

“I love you too baby,” Shawn said before hanging up and shoving his phone on the corner of the desk.

“Where were we?” He asked, his voice husky.

“I think we were just about finishing up,” I said, avoiding his lips as he leaned in.

“Hey, don’t be like that” He said, stepping back and grabbing his uniform jacket from the back of the desk chair.

“Like what?”

He lowered his head ever so slightly so that his eyes were glaring down at me, as if to say You know exactly what I’m referring to. Like I said, we never mentioned her.

“Have a good weekend,” I muttered as I leaned over to grab my bag, glancing over at him before leaving the office.

The truth is, it did bother me sometimes. The way she would creep into my mind.

I wondered what she looked like; how she wore her hair, what was her style and why was she worthy of his love?

“Rosie,” I heard him call after me.

Just as he appeared in the corridor, another colleague stormed through the double doors.

I exchanged an exaggerated smile with her as she walked passed, and looked at Shawn as he closed his mouth and brushed his hair back.

“Yeah?” I asked, biting into my bottom lip.

He shook his head, “Nothing. See you next week.”

He walked out and left through the doors at the far end of the corridor, to avoid our paths crossing again.


“So are you happy being his little sex toy that he can wind up and watch flurry around him?” Nina, my best friend, asked bluntly.

“What?” I asked before taking a sip of my drink.

She chewed quickly on the salad she had previously crammed into her mouth.

“That is the situation here isn’t. He plays around you at work, and then he puts you back in the toy box which is shoved to the back of the closet until he feels bored again.” She looked down at her food and stabbed her fork.

I stared at her in surprise.

“What? It’s the truth” she said, raising her eyebrows.

“It’s not as plain and simple and…” I said, flapping my hands about.

“Don’t you dare say he is caring or romantic… anything other than a complete tool” she said pointing her fork at me before taking another mouthful.

“If he’s a tool, what does that make me?” I asked sheepishly. “Takes two to have an affair.”

She focused her eyes on me, frowning ever so slightly as she chewed on her food and considered her answer. “Some poor little sap, being pulled along by his leash.”

I rolled my eyes at her.

“Ok honestly,” she said as she placed her fork down.

“You are an amazing woman, who deserves the world. You have a heart of gold, and this asshole is tarnishing it. You’re both starting to turn into crappy people. He puts you on a pedestal and leaves you there for days, whilst he goes back home to his actual life with his actual girlfriend. And he fucking loves the fact that when he returns to work, you will still be where he left you - on that pedestal begging for his affection.”


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You want to surprise Harry with lingerie, but you’re insecure with your body.

Warnings: smut

Word Count: 1,666

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