no strap bra

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Okay Kevin. Since you're sooooo straight, here's a close-up photo of some hottie's cleavage. Go jerk off to it or whatever you do.... *waits until Kevin leaves*... psst, Kenny, when should we tell him that it's just a photo of a bra strapped to Clyde's butt? :D

Kevin: This is the most suspicious thing you’ve ever given me to jack off to…


The best of being a pre-teen in the late 90s/early 00s


“violence is on sale today!” (say what you will, Awakening still had the best one liners) 

its halloween!!! meaning its time to wear my FAVORITE COSTUME! its so nice to cosplay a character that’s just so ME! i wish i had my levin sword done to pose with…oh well! just another excuse to wear Anna again!