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Worked a little bit on her design. I’m very rarely posting pictures of my OCs but I like Yave very much. She started off as a kinda evil side character, now she is one of the protagonists, haha. Well, characters always have a mind of their own.

She is in a relationship with a man and a woman and thus my first poly character ever. I hope I don’t screw this up ;; if you peeps have some advice (especially poly peeps) on how a poly character should be represented or examples of how it was fucked up in the media than I will gladly listen.

It’s like in the great stories....

The one’s that really mattered 

Full of darkness and danger 

Sometimes you didn’t want to know the end 

Because how could the end be happy? 

How could the world go back to the way it was, when so much bad had happened? 

But in the end, it’s only a passing shadow 

Even darkness must pass 

A new day will come 

And when the sun shines, it will shine out the clearer 

Those were the stories that stayed with you

That meant something 

Even if you were too small to understand why

But I think I do understand 

I know now 

Folks in these stories had lots of chances to turn back 

Only they didn’t 

They kept going

Because they were holding on to something 

That there’s some good in this world 

And it’s worth fighting for. 

We know this story all too well—
Boy leaves Small Town Girl to chase his dreams.
“It’ll work” he tells her,
But for the story to be interesting: it won’t work
(But just for a bit)
Boy has a thirst for fine things in life.
He reads up to impress—
Himself? Small Town Girl?
Or his roommate’s posh friend
Whose red hot lipstick is a shade he’s never seen before?
(You’d rather call it the perfect hue of crimson)
Wine and dine:
Rule of the game is to pick somewhere new
But not too new so he’ll have reviews to read beforehand.
He can imagine her perfectly in front of him:
Shy smile he’d never seen on her lips,
Maybe a bubblegum pink that night.
But first…
“I don’t think it’ll work” he calls Small Town Girl,
Because there’s stardust in his eyes.
Count of hearts he breaks: 1
He learns that you don’t like roses as he would have imagined.
You’re more of a peony girl,
Because there’s nothing you hate more than a cliche.
When you live in a world that moves a million miles a minute,
Nice boys don’t come easy.
But Boy is he nice!
He blushes too easily,
Pronounces things wrong,
And has a deep chuckle when he grins at your jokes.
You relax and decide to go with petal pink.
The perfect hue of crimson puts fear in men’s blood,
And you want him to see underneath the brave front
(And underneath the silk and lace)
If she’s Small Town Girl,
Does that make him your Small Town Boy?
Then who are you?)
Boy shows up five minutes early—
You’re genuinely surprised because men are always late,
And you rush to grab the Lalique vase from the cupboard
To hold his magenta peonies
(You forgot to put on diamond earrings to match your outfit,
But neither you nor Boy notice)
He’s oh so down-to-earth,
He makes you laugh until your stomach hurts,
He has a slight accent that you’ll never wash out from your ears,
And oh god—
He’s breathtaking and gives your heart a jump start
(They’d never show this on the movie screen)
But then…
“I don’t think it’ll work” he whispers to you,
Because there’s nostalgia in his eyes
(And there are tears in yours.
Cue scene switch to Small Town Girl rushing into Boy’s arms.
You’re never seen on screen again,
But how would people know:
You’ve switch back to the perfect hue of crimson?)
You’re like a special treat—
A newly discovered vintage bottle of wine—
But it’s always going to be her:
The familiar drink that’ll make Boy sleep easy every single night.
Count of hearts he breaks: 2
—  they’ll always go for a comfortable sip they know everything about (claire v.)

Too small. Might want to save it. 

“A story centered around ideas ulterior at best to those who do not delve deeper for discovery”

This is one of many codes I have in store. Work together with anyone to decipher them.
If you really have interest and truly want to read my comic “Ulterior”, then you best start deciphering.

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first follow forever!

heeeey guys! in celebration of kang hyunggu’s aka kino’s birthday and me reaching 600+ followers in a month, i’m doing a smol follow forever for all of my lovely mutuals ^^

(im rly sorry abt that header i cant do edits or graphics lmaoo i can only meme i deadass made this on snapchat rip T_T) 

i did a follow forever on my main kpop blog, @jeondarling, a year ago, and in it i included a small story on how i got into kpop haha so i thought itd be a good idea to include a small one here too! 

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i. she does not bend or break or run away ii. soldier, keep on marchin’ on, head down til the work is done iii. if you give me an answer that just makes no sense then what’s the use iv. she’s too small for the pen, can’t write her story down v. just like an arrow, heading straight for a destiny vi. and the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we love vii. who saves the girl after she saves the world? viii. don’t know where she belongs ix. i must go on standing x. you will weep and know why
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Chances are we’ll find two destinations
Chances roll away from me
Still chances are more than expectations
The possibilities over me…

Here’s the thing. I’ve asked permission from @chrmdpoet if I could make quick videos of her Lover In Low Light, and she said I could. So here I am thinking of what I can do to match the story. If you haven’t read it yet, please go and check it out on AO3 and

“Chances” isn’t the name of the first chapter, but it was the song she mentioned when she wrote it. 

This is what I’ve been visualizing. And this is just kind of a peg of what I (hopefully) would like to achieve. Maybe there’ll be changes along the way, and we’ll see. I’m planning to include this gif in the video although it’s not as clean as i would like it to be

Oh right, just incase you guys are wondering, it won’t be the whole chapter. It’ll probably be just a scene, or flashes of different scenes. I’ll think of something. So yeah. 

Please be patient, it’ll take me a while. :) But I’m really looking forward to challenging myself with this one.


• What if Rey heard the “myth” of Obi-Wan Kenobi and dreamt about having her own protector?
• She first heard the story when she was small, too small to stop herself from hoping.
• Entire nights would slip away while she searched the horizon for the campfire of her guardian Jedi.
• Rey couldn’t help compare herself to the legendary Luke Skywalker. The same type of planet. The same mysterious past. He had someone watching over him, so why not her?
• Hoping hurts, however. And as she grew Rey learned to let her fantasies go.
• But not quite all the way.
• She’ll still catch herself, from time to time, scanning the horizon, looking for a figure approaching in billowing robes, lightsaber in hand.

Thorgy told us a story about Naomi Smalls last night, about how she drank too much the night before and slept in so she missed her flight, but she didn’t want to miss the gig so she took a $600 cab ride and ended up getting there before everyone and they found her chilling at the spa
If that isn’t me…

I like to think there was a missing scene in “The Apprentice” where Omi’s like, “we need something for Jack Spicer to wear,” and he kind of looks at Raimundo, because he and Jack are roughly the same size. And Rai’s just like “uh uh, chrome dome. You brought him here. You clothe him.” and that’s the story of how Jack ended up in Omi’s much-too-small robes

Nekoma was having their lunch break during weekend practice when Yamamoto accidentally spills his food on his shirt because he was telling a story too enthusiastically. So Yaku with a small frown accompanies him to help him clean up so that his practice jersey won’t be irreparable. Kuroo smiles and says, “I’m glad Yaku’s here.” And among the murmurs of ascent, Inuoka goes ahead and adds, “he’s the team mom after all.”

 All the while Lev was chewing with a confused look on his face, “Why is Yaku-San a mom?”

Kenma sighs and speaks under his breath, “Coz he’s good at taking care of the team even if he is a bit strict. Won’t you liken him to being a mom too?" 

 Even though Kenma speaks quietly, everyone waits for the usually slow Lev to realize things, seeing as he’s the most frequent focus of Yaku’s motherly affections. So it was a bit baffling when Lev’s expression didn’t clear up and he answered:

 "Yaku-San wouldn’t like to be called mom though. He told me to call him Daddy.”

chinchillalace replied to your post: Is there any one single Scarecrow backstory…

I really liked Cycle of Violence. I know it’s rather unpopular, but i liked that they gave SC somewhat of a heart in it (albeit a very small heart).   

Me too! I remember reading that story for the fist time and when she gave him the drawing, I wanted to tear up. (I’m a bit of a sap though) I just can’t believe everyone gets their panties in a bunch because they think Scarecrow shouldn’t kidnap children. Newsflash: He’s a villain. 

Besides, that moment redeemed the whole comic for me.


The Story of Joey Schmidt.

 Joey was told he was too slow, too small, not athletic enough to even play for Notre Dame. So the handsome blond put in some hard work that led him a nobody walk on to the starting MLB and captain of the team. Compared to the massive 6′8 300lb OLinemen Joey has to take on in every game his 5′11 230 does seem small. Still through intelligence, hard work and determination this sexy version of Notre Dame’s “Rudy” went form walk on to the team’s defensive MVP. Not bad for a cute little hunk from SoCal. To bad a few “bad apple” Irish fans take out their frustrations on Joey. Calling him, “umpa lumpa” “hobbit”. They think Joey is just not athletic enough to handle the huge monsters that play college ball. To them he is just the pretty white boy who can’t paly but gets all the girls on campus.Like or loathe him the guy earned everything that he has achieved. And like it or not Joey Schmidt is one studly work of manly hottness. Yes, maybe Joey is no Shawn Oakman (the monster in the last photo). Oakman stands 6′9 340lbs and Joey 5′11 230lbs. I for one would love to see Joey Schmidt vs Shawn Oakman. I believe Joey would truck Oakman and take him down, That is before the massive Oakman beats the “Schmidt” out of Joey.

Lets here some feedback.

So how do you think would win in a Joe Schmidt vs Shawn Oakman matchup?

What do think about Joey?