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Voltron Week Day 2: Lions/Voltron

I was going to draw the actual Voltron Lions, but drawing lion versions of the paladins seemed much more fun :’D

Commission for @technomod! Teabiscuits and Cerise having a girl’s day. 

I am so sorry 

Ranch!AU x VIXX [1/2]

LR just had their comeback, and im hoping for a full vixx one soon!!! plus i feel like i have to polish my vixx writing skils, so here’s this cute horse ranch au!! may or may not do the younger line depending on if people want it ^^ 


  • has a show jumping past,,,,dabbled in dressage and was coached to be part of the olympic team 
  • owns a grey dutch warmblood named hyde
  • quit show jumping after he decided that scene just wasn’t for him,,,,granted he looked amazing in the uniform,,,and was going to be a home favorite for the olympic team,,,,something about it just didn’t sit right with him
  • so he officially retired himself and hyde
  • and brought him out to live on a nice, spacious ranch
  • you’ve known about hakyeon ever since he started renting out a stable for hyde, especially since people all gossip about how ‘oh, he apparently broke a foot and that’s why he stopped performing’ or ‘heard he had a fight with the main coach’ ,,,, it was hard for you NOT to know him
  • but upon seeing him for the first time, tall and looking like some kind of regal prince,,,,,yet speaking so softly to his horse
  • you’d always assumed,,,,there was no way any of those rumors about him were true,,,,you could tell easily that hakyeon had made his decision not just for himself - but for hyde
  • and yeah ok you’ll admit it,,, you’ve always thought seeing him show jump again would be AMAZING,,,, but unlike others who’d push the suggestion on him and annoy him till no end
  • you just decided that you’d pine from afar,,,,enjoying being able to be in the same damn barn as him out of all things
  • until,,,,you were working late with one of the new rescue horses and you - for the first time - saw hakyeon leading hyde out to the pasture - all saddled up 
  • and you were like,,,,,is this 4 real,,,,,,so of course you had to go see
  • and to your shock (and utter excitement) hakyeon was wearing riding boots, and climbing up into the saddle,,,,patting the side of hyde’s mane
  • and,,,,right in front of your eyes,,,, you could see a glimpse of the jumper hakyeon,,,,with perfect posture and a focused expression
  • and when he and hyde set off,,,,,, jumping over one of the barrels of hay ever so effortless,,,you couldn’t help but have the instinct to clap
  • except,,,the noise gave you away and turning hyde back around hakyeon trotted his way over to you 
  • “trying to sneak a peek?”
  • he asked casually and you felt the embarrassment creep up into your cheeks.
  • “n,,,no!! sorry, i just know you’re this great performer and so is hyde and i just,,,,wanted to see,,,,”
  • hakyeon manages to keep a straight face for a couple seconds before breaking out into a chuckle. 
  • “it’s fine, no need to be nervous. how did we look out there, amazing i assume?”
  • you nod so fast you’re scared you might crack your neck,,,you’ve never seen a rider and a horse look so good together like he and hyde do,,,,and you just mumble that the jump looked so elegant - no wonder he was going to be an olympic champ
  • hakyeon shrugs, swinging one leg over and hoping out of the saddle. he says something about wanting to see how it felt,,,,sometimes he misses it 
  • you reach out to pet hyde’s muzzle and you can’t help but go,,, “im sorry to ask,,,,because im sure people never stop bugging you, but,,,,why did you stop-?”
  • hakyeon takes a deep breath. he combs his hand through hyde’s mane and shrugs.
  • “horses don’t deserve to be trapped in some small, noisy barn full of people that care more about some trophy than they do the animal. they deserve the outdoors, space to run around, and love. i wanted to give hyde all of that.”
  • you turn to look at him,,, his gorgeous side profile looks elegant against the back drop of the setting sun
  • he smiles, meeting his gaze with yours “and to do that, i had to bring him here.”
  • you feel your heart wrench just a bit,,,that hakyeon gave up something that must have promised him so much because he loved his horse,,,,,
  • you don’t know why but you nod and reach out to put a hand over his “hyde’s lucky.”
  • you realize how corny you sound after you say it,,,,so you pull back and try to hide your face
  • but hakyeon can’t forget it, he reaches over and ruffles your hair “he is, and he knows it. want to watch us do a couple more jumps?”
  • you agree happily and you watch them for a while longer
  • at some point hakyeon rides past you, winks and shouts that ‘this jump is just for you’
  • you don’t admit it,,,but it makes your heart do a little spin and,,,,you’re pretty sure hakyeon can tell you’re flustered (cuz he totally did it on purpose duh)


  • kind of a wannabe jockey,,,,kind of too broke to own his own horse LOL
  • is absolutely in love with this palomino paint horse who belongs to a rich, snobby kid whose never around
  • like the kid doesn’t even know the horses name,,,,,actually complained about it once because ‘love equation’ sounded to cheesy
  • but ken adORES it like a horse named love equation??? that’s so ken please
  • he always talks about how one day he’s gonna get off this ranch and make money being sponsored for his sport and he’s gonna BUY love equation from that brat
  • and everyone is like uhuh,,,,sure,,,,because all he is rn is a stable hand like HOW will he ever
  • but you,,,,believe in ken because you’ve never met someone so god damn ambitious and positive
  • and you two always end up with the messier jobs, like cleaning out barns and hauling feed,,,,,but you get through it because ken makes you laugh
  • sharing candy sitting up where they keep the hay and listening to him talk about his dreams,,,,,,,,it gives you energy
  • but there’s one thing about ken that you know gets him in trouble - and it’s the fact that he really,,,,,,literally,,,,,,,, can’t keep himself away from love equation
  • as in you see him one afternoon sneaking the horse out for a ride through the trails and you’re like kENNETH
  • and he’s like o H whats up didn’t see you there im totally not smuggling love equation out for a ride ahahaha,,,,,,,,,,,,dont-tell-anyone-please
  • you stare at him wide eyed because,,,,,,really,,,,,,,is he really doing this
  • ken’s shoulders slump and he mumbles that he knOWS it looks bad,,,but love equation gets so antsy not being taken out and really his owner just doesn’t care so how is it fair-
  • and you’re like “once. just this once, im going to pretend i didn’t see anything.”
  • you’re sure ken’s eyes light up more intensely than the sun,,,,,which you did not know was capable,,,,but it is
  • he throws an arm around you, pulling you into a close hug and nuzzling the top of your head
  • “you’re the best, the BEST, i will never forget this and i owe you - how about i take you out tonight as a thanks!!!”
  • and you’re blushing,,,trying hard to keep it cool at the sudden contact
  • and when you pull away you’re like “it,,,it’s fine j-just go before anyone else sees you”
  • but ken doesn’t budge he just leans closer and is like “but really, i do want to take you out.”
  • your eyes widen,,, “like a-a date?”
  • “yup!!! and hey, ill pay for it all too since you’re keeping this little secret for me!”
  • you blink and stutter that ,,,, it’s ok,,,, just a date where you two can enjoy yourselves is something you’d rather want than an i-owe-you
  • ken nods,,,,thinking a bit but going “ok, then ill owe you something else - but i do want to take you on this date. and i want to pay. although keep it cheap because my hourly wage is nowhere near as high as it should be.”
  • ,,,,,,,,,you and ken go on a cute date to a cute local bar,,,eat wings,,,,and ken puts his cowboy hat on you???? i think yes


  • is a trainer that works mainly with abused mare’s that are found straggling in the backwoods or that get left at the barn by past, unwilling owners
  • has been around horses since he was a kid,,,loves absolutely everything about them,,, can tell a horses’s breed, age, and comfortability with riders from like a mile away
  • actually does get competitive when it comes to winning a horses trust, which is why sanghyuk never lets him live down that fact that he broke his horse before leo could even try LOL,,,,sanghyuk voice: that’s right error only listens to me leo:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,someone hold me back before i throw a horseshoe at this kid
  • but leo has always had a magic touch with horses,,,maybe it’s the way he speaks softly and full of care, the way he knows how to make the animal feel safe
  • which is why when someone brings in a emaciated, agitated morgan mare leo takes to her immediately
  • with all her pinned back ears, barring teeth, and bucking - leo works every single day with her
  • he doesn’t care about the danger she presents when he tries to approach, he doesn’t care that he’s out in the pasture with her for hours under the hot sun
  • and everyone tells him,,,,,she just can’t be broken,,,, but leo knows the truth
  • in reality, no one even wants to deal with her aside from him, no one even seems to notice that he’s taken to calling her “shangri la”, that he’s managed - with immense difficulty - to come closer and closer
  • not until you end up at the ranch,,,desperately running through the stables, begging someone to help you
  • you run directly into a broad chest and look up to see a pair of dark eyes staring you down
  • “im,,,, im looking for my mare,,,, someone said the ranch here found her??”
  • “,,,,,,,,what breed is she?”
  • “a morgan, she broke out of our stables when someone left the gate unlocked and ,,,, and she’s been gone,,, for months,,, ive searched everywhere oh my god have you seen her???”
  • leo stays quiet, usually he isn’t one to feel sympathy for people who lose their horses
  • but he can hear the urgency in your voice, the cracking pain when you talk about the companion you’ve lost
  • and after a moment he motions for you to come with him
  • hopeful, you follow him out and when you see her - you burst into tears because she’s here,,,,
  • “starlight!” you callout, practically tripping over yourself to get to the gate
  • leo watches curiously as the mare lifts it’s head and instead of spooking, running as far away from you as possible, she lets you approach
  • and leo watches in utter shock as you place your hands on her nose, pressing your forehead against her muzzle 
  • shangri la,,,,or starlight as you call her,,,,doesn’t budge - doesn’t show any hint of agitation
  • when he comes closer he can hear you whispering apology after apology,,,,petting her gently and choking up on your words
  • when you turn,,,you thank leo for taking care of her,,,,,,,he nods, but you feel a slight hesitation between you two
  • you turn to look at starlight and then back at him and you go “have you ridden her?” 
  • with a shake of his head you grin,,,,, “she’s not saddle trained. i rode her bareback.”
  • shock seems to settle on leo’s unchanging expression. you nod and ask if he would want to see,,,,,,a while later he returns with a bridle and a horse of his own
  • “are you going to ride with me?”
  • he hands you the bridle and then with an easy motion lifts himself up onto the horse he brought with him, comfortable he motions to the trials 
  • “there’s an easy route we can take. i want to see how you and shangri la,,,,,,,,,,,,starlight pair up.”
  • you nod, and carefully, because it’s been a while,,,,you pull the bridle over her ears
  • as calm as ever, starlight lets you do as you used to and when you climb on her back she doesn’t even flinch
  • surprised, but satisfied leo gives you a small smile - a treasure not many can achieve
  • and he slowly tells you to stick close
  • he won’t admit it or anything but seeing your connection with starlight,,,,,it makes him believe that there are really people out there who loves horses as much as he does
  • and that he could get used to taking long trial rides with starlight,,,and of course with you 
  • bonus: he wears the flannel shirt with the buttons open i gtg 
Early Morning Sparring

Astrid smirked a hands width away from Hiccups face as he blocked a closed swing with Inferno. They leapt back in sync and brought weapons to bear once more. Sparring with Astrid had become a weekly, if not nearly daily activity. And neither of them gave where the other was concerned. Astrid would not be happy with him if he held back, not that he could, as she was still far more skilled of a warrior than he was and would probably ever be.

Bright blue eyes flashed and she struck again. He ducked quickly as her axe whistled over his head. The blade brushed his russet spiked hair and he gave her an incredulous look. That was a little too close for comfort. She gave a shrug and he retaliated. His missing foot planted into the ground with a thud as he feigned right, swung left and his blade met air where he struck.

Astrid danced around him and smacked his backside with the flat of her axe playfully. He gave her a look, eyes narrowed, as if a warning and all she did was arch an eyebrow at him and take up another stance.

Blow after blow, parried, missed. Every time they struck weapon to weapon the vibration eased up their arms and the scrape of the grass under their feet made a sort of battle hymn. It was a song Astrid knew well and Hiccup knew of, but neither of them were masters yet.

Hiccup scored a point by tapping her metal shoulder guard. She gave a small snarl and renewed her assault with vigor.

The sun was just rising over the ocean and Hiccup had his back to it, obscuring her sight so that he could strike. But Astrid knew he would use every advantage he had to try to win and she ducked, dropping her axe and lunged for his midsection.

Hiccup was knocked to the ground, dropping his blade into the grass of the field and he felt the air whoosh out of his lungs in a rush. “Ah!” He grunted and his vision was filled with blue eyes and golden hair, rushing at him as he tried to breathe in.

Astrid cocked her head and she pinned his arms down above his head while her frame hovered over his prone form. “I win.”

“Not… fair.” He wheezed out as he continued to try to fill his lungs with air.

“All’s fair. You should have been ready for that.”

“You cheated.”

“I won.” She grinned and bent down to give him a quick kiss.

“Cheated.” He panted and tried to lift up to give her a kiss as well.

“Well, seeing as how you can’t really move, it doesn’t matter.”

“You really think I can’t move?” He challenged and she tightened her grip, putting her weight into holding him down.

That move, however, left her lower half vulnerable and Hiccup, ever the thinker took advantage of it. With a jerk and twist he wrapped his leg over hers and used the forward momentum to lift her knees off of the grass and flip her lower half over and her upper half followed suit.

And now Hiccup looked down at Astrid, who was glaring at him. “So, I win.”

“Cheater.” Astrid fired back.

Hiccup chuckled and bent down to kiss her again, one peck, two, then a longer kiss. It was early morning and they had such little time to just enjoy one another that he kept going and she gave as good as he was giving, only separating to breathe.

The fire of battle was easily changed to that of passion and he pressed her into the soft grass with his body. One forearm resting under her upper arm where he put a good portion of his weight and the other hand was cupping her neck and cheek.

Heat spread through their bodies as a slowly flickering fire that they had to coax to life. Astrids hands, at first attached to his neck and back, moved in a slow journey from his upper back down to lower.

Hiccup pulled back and looked down at her. Pink flushed and panting prettily with lips slightly swollen from kissing. And he needed to kiss her again.

Astrid arched below him, not one for passivity and wrapped a calf over his thigh. Hiccup choked into the kiss as she brushed against his growing erection. Astrid pulled out from the kiss and watched as green eyes widened when she lifted her hips up again to press the aching part of her to the firm bulge in his pants. A wicked look to her eye was the only warning he got when she continued her assault on him. Lightning danced along his body and heat pulse through hers.

Her lower belly tightened and she couldn’t describe the need she felt adequately. More friction, faster, that is what she needed and she chased the sensation.

Finally, Hiccup tried to pull back, dizzy and uncomfortably hard. They hadn’t ever gone this far before. Nothing past a few kisses at a time, some stroking of her back or brushing her hair with his fingers. Too much. Too fast. But Astrid felt him pull back and Thor be damned if he was going to stop now. Her fingers twirled in his mane and she yanked him back down for a kiss and her hips kept rocking.

Hiccup knew that this was a losing battle for him, both physically and mentally. She felt so soft, so good and so he braced his knees and pressed his hips down as she was coming up. Astrid broke the kiss and threw her head back with a small cry as the sensation burst through her. Fire and lighting…maybe… she made soft noises of pleasure as he pressed his hips into hers, snapping them with soft moans of his own pleasure.

“Hiccup.” She panted out, twisting beneath him as each movement brought her higher and higher, like she was riding on Stormfly about to dive down from the sky.

“Astrid.” He returned with a low moan as he got closer and closer to his own peak.

A sound from his right distracted him and he focused on it, realizing that it was Toothless and it sounded as if he was running for them. Hiccup wrenched his body from hers because he couldn’t think with her moving like that, making noises that made him want her even more.

Astrid made a plaintive, almost pained whine and reached for him to drag him back down and finish the job he started.

Toothless galloped up to them, sniffing the air, looking quizzically from his rider to Astrid and snorted. “What is it, bud?” His voice sounded odd in his ears. Rougher.

“Yes. Someone better be dying.” Astrid growled out, feeling achy, wet, unfulfilled and it irritated her.

Toothless looked up toward the sky towards Dragon’s Edge and Hiccup squinted, noticing two dragons coming toward them. The metallic sheen on one and Hiccup knew that Heather had come, perhaps to visit. The other rider he still couldn’t make out. “Astrid. You should get up. Heather’s here.”

“Of course she is. Why wouldn’t she be?” Astrid sat up, eyes narrowed with a decidedly venomous visage.

“What would they think if they found us like we were?”

“Heather would have stayed away. She knows.”

“I know. But I don’t want anyone thinking less of you or me…”

“I don’t care what they think.”

“I know. But hey, at least you have someone to talk to.”

“How can you be so…calm? We were just–.”

“Yes. Yes we were and it was so very good but…”

“Yeah yeah. I know. Duty calls.” Her tone was still grumpy but less hostile now.

Hiccup leaned in and put his lips to her ear. “Maybe we can finish up later. Maybe meet me in my hut after everyone goes to bed.” And nipped at the shell of her ear.

“You better finish what you started.” Astrid leaned into his embrace.

“Me? I wasn’t the one who started this.”

“Fine. You better finish what I started.”

“That’s better.” He kissed her a final time before he stood and discreetly adjusted his erection for comfort and mounted up.

“Stormfly!” Astrid called out and Hiccup lifted off the ground with Toothless, who gave him a side eye.


Toothless only snorted as the climbed into the sky.

Bloodbath [Hunger Games!Ivar x Reader]

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Notes: So, this is about a year or two before the 74th Hunger Games, that’s why Cato’s mentioned. This is in the reader’s POV. Enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing, slightly suggestive???, somewhat sweet!Ivar, murders, blood, graphic death of…er, you’ll find out.

Tags: @tiyetiye @pagan-raider @float-autumn-leave @ivars-pet @taintedlittlesweetpea @mochaelfatbender I didn’t know who all wanted tagged so I just tagged whoever said they wanted the imagine. Here it is, loves!! (Tiye, dear, it won’t let me tag you for some reason again?? Tumblr has been pissing me off lately)

The grimaces of the herd of children practically radiate sadness. Parents watch in horror as they await their child’s name being called out by the overly bubbly woman from the Capitol. 

Her lips contort into an grin despite the fact that she will be pulling out death sentences from a glass bowl. The woman’s high heels clink against the stage and her wig bounces as she walks. 

I glance over at the boys, searching for Cato and Ivar. They don’t look nervous or scared, but excited. How the hell could they be excited? The two give me a malicious grin before snapping their attention back at Effie Trinket. 

“Ladies first!” She calls out in her bubbly, annoying voice. I cross my arms over my chest, trying to drown out the sound of the name being called. It is nothing but a muffled mess to my ears. “Come on, dear! Y/N L/N! Where are you?” 

Realization rushes over my body and I slowly step up on the stage. I secretly wanted this. Clove opens her mouth to volunteer and I immediately shoot a look that could kill at her. 

Effie gives me a smile before stepping over to the boys’ bowl. “And now the boys,” she announces. “Ivar Ragnarsson!” 

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I feel compelled to make a post about this bc I see a lot of you giving my boy shit and I won’t stand for it anymore

It seems that a few people don’t understand how long hair works

When it’s long and you have some of it down the front of your shoulders, yes it goes a bit thin and wispy. You need only do a quick google search to see what I mean

His hair isn’t dry or split, it’s just thin because the majority of his BEAUTIFUL MANE CASCADES DOWN HIS BACK

patspokemon  asked:



Like fucking Twi tutoring while she’s watching the baby and she can’t get anything done because the baby’s BEING TOO CUTE AND THE FOLKS SHE’S TUTORING ARE LIKE “wow thAT’S SO CUTE STAP”.

Rainbow Dash doing her morning run/flight with the baby strapped to her chest and threatening to kick someone’s ass cuz they looked at the baby wrong.

Pinkie bringing the kid in to class because why not??? but she forgot she had a test that day so the professor’s like “nah man it’s cool I’ll watch ‘em no worries” and fuckin’ walks around with the baby goin’ all parent-mode.


Fluttershy in like the commons area of the dorm watching cutesy cartoons with the bab and other college students joining in because ah hell, is that Blue’s Clues? That kid’s got taste in quality television

Baby basically becoming everyone’s friend and the Mane 6 are always stopped with questions like “so how’s my favorite babu??”, “is cutie-cub doin’ alright?”, “I can babysit if ya want???”

Mane 6 could be like study-buddies at first but they’re brought together in a joint effort to raise this child (Twi calls them because they’re the closest she has to friends at that specific point ooooooor Twi stops showing up as often to their weekly study sessions and when they do see her she looks so tired so when they get to the bottom of it, they find her with the baby???) and as a result become thick as thieves and even finding some lurve in the process?? (Either in the usual pairings or OMNISHIIIIIIP)

Like I’m not gonna lie I was originally gonna keep these 2 AUs completely separated but like, I’m honestly kinda considering combining them. o.o


WARNING:explicit sex scenes
-Dan and Phil are at their house when all of a sudden the power turns off (dan is afraid of the dark) what will dan do? And how will phil help him? One must truly wonder.-

It was late at night, dan looked at the clock on the laptop it read 9:14 PM. He already knew he was in for another night of the deep Tumblr; which basically was all the fanfics and edits people did with their OTPs. He was scrolling when all of a sudden he noticed that phil walked into the living room with a bowl of cereal HIS CEREAL…. “Really phil again with taking my cereal.” Dan said dramatically
“What…. I ran out of mine and you always have my favorites ready.” Phil said trying to seem innocent “Phil how many times have I told you get your own cereal.” Dan replied sarcastically In reality though dan loved it when phil took his cereal it meant they had the same taste in things, and phil may not know but Dan always got phils favorite on purpose just so he could have something to bicker about with him.
“I try but the store is soooooo far and I’m to lazy to go outside….plus it’s OUTSIDE THE OUTSIDE KILLS.” Phil said dramatically again with a sort of exaggerated voice
"Whatever next time at least ask.” Dan said to Phil rolling his eyes
"Ok….” phil said lightly, he slowly saw phils face lift into a smile Dan now wondered if phil purposefully took his cereal so he could be noticed or something. Dan felt his face lift into a small smile and went back into his laptop, he felt phils gaze upon him as he went to turn on the tv. Phil put a tv show him and dan liked and immediately sat next to dans feet curling up into a little ball, he then started eating his cereal. Dan was reading some Johnlock and decided he rather watch this tv show with phil then read the fanfic, so he shut the laptop off and placed it on the coffee table then he laid up straight and put his elbow on the arm rest. Dan felt phils toes curl up as the tv show got more dramatic and it sent a wave of pleasure and happiness towards dans heart. Dan shuddered a little and couldn’t help but blush, he slowly felt his face heat up and could tell that his cheeks were probably red. Phil looked at dan and noticed
"Hey are you ok? Your face is kinda red.” Phil asked worried
“Yeah I’ll be fine I’m gonna get some water though, do you want any?” Dans said trying to hide the crack rising in his voice Dan knew it was a stupid question to ask since phil had a bowl of cereal with milk but he was trying to be polite.
"Um no I’m good I got cereal,” phil shook his bowl lightly in his lap “oh but if you don’t mind can you put this in the sink for me.” Phil said with his light blue eyes that always struck dans heart. Dan never could deny phils requests even if they were stupid because dan would always get happy when he saw phil happy. That smile that could stop anyone in their tracks the hair that looked like a lions mane and the pale skin that always looked bright against his dark black hair. “Yeah I got you.” Dan said with a big smile he felt his face calm down as he walked toward the kitchen he banged against the glass door and felt a wave of pain and shock,
"Ugh!” Dan said loudly He always forgot about that dumb door. He opened it with his free hand and placed the bowl into the sink and walked to the fridge to get a bottle of water. He started thinking that he since he loved phil so much wouldn’t it be ok to already tell him since they already acted like a married couple. However what if phil was homophobic or what if he starts to hate dan for thinking that way towards his roommate and bestfriend, or worse what if phil rejects his feeling completely and leaves him the next day. As all these thoughts rush through dans head as he started walking back to the living room he noticed the lights flicker. UGH THATS WEIRD I BETTER TELL THE MAINTENANCE GUY TO CHECK THE LIGHTS TOMORROW dan thought a little bit scared. He continued his thoughts of him and Phil together and how nice it would be to finally snuggle with phil in his bed and playing with each others feet under the blue and green covers of phils bed. He also thought of how nice it would be to sleep with phil and finally smell him all night long. He sat down on the sofa that had taken his unique shape and slowly felt his body sink in the cushion, phil was still in the same position he last saw him in and he thought of how cute he looked…. he looks like some sort of bunny huddled in that corner. Dan saw the lights flicker again and got stiff he always hated the dark because for some reason when he saw the darkness all he saw was his own loneliness staring back at him. PHSSSSSSS the lights turned off with a little light wave, OH NO NOT THIS dan thought as the water bottle fell onto the ground. THUMP! The water bottle fell and phil yelped “AH! Omg dan what was that?” Phil asked concerned Mghm dan cleared his threat and tried not to show the shakiness in his voice
“Um that was the water bottle sorry…. I’m phil….” dan said Phil already knew dan was scared of the dark because he always watched his videos so he knew dan probably wanted someone right now. Phil went and crawled towards dan quickly and caught him in a bear like hug he was shorter than dan so it was weird. OMG PHIL IS HUGGING ME RIGHT NOW! Dan thought screaming inside his head.
"Um Phil I was gonna say if you could contact the maintenance guy.” Dan chuckled a little trying to hide his embarrassment
"oh of course but I’m not letting you go. Dan I know your scared I watch your videos for crying out loud so don’t worry I’m here for you.” Phil said confidently, he squeezed dan a little tighter feeling dans skin a against his, it was soft and amazing. Phil blushed because he was always close to dan but this felt a little intimate. Dan squeezed his eyes shut scared because he knew that it would be awhile till the lights turned back on. THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP BDUMP BUDUMP Dan felt his own heart beating hard and loud he was sure phil could hear it to. Dan squeezed phils arm tight scared that if he let go he would be stuck in an never ending hole in the dark. Phil felt his arm being squeezed and grabbed his phone which was in his pocket he immediately called the maintenance guy 
“Hey Um…. me and my friend are in our apartment and the lights have gone out it might be a black out. Can you please fix the lights……thank you.” Phil said and hung up the phone once the maintenance guy said ok.
The guy had said in a gruff voice that it would take 1-3 hours fixing the light. OH NO dan thought, it could take hours and it would just be him and phil cuddling in the dark. Phil felt dan shudder again and dan couldn’t help if he was scared so all phil could do was hold him harder. Dan felt phils chest and could hear his heart beating it was nice and for a while he felt so calm and at ease he thought he could live like this, in a world where only him and Phil existed. Dan blushed harder than ever when he felt phils impressive dick nudging him….. it was actually asleep but he could feel it on his stomach. 
“Oh I got it!” Phil exclaimed happily 
“Got what?” Dan sat up confused but still holding onto phils arm
Phil turned on his flash from his phone and the room filled with a bright white light. Dan felt calm and sad, on one hand he was happy there was some light back on the other he wished he could’ve cuddled with phil more. 
“Oh you mean that, I accidentally left my phone in my room while it was charging.” Dan explained quickly, he let phil go and went back to the position he was in earlier before the lights turned off. 
“That’s explains why you didn’t think of this, and why you didn’t just take out your phone.” Phil said smiling a little, there was something else…. there was some pink in his cheeks and dan knew he was blushing from the cuddling. In the dark dan thought and seemed like he was the only one nervous but he guessed wrong. Once he saw phil smiling at him he felt at ease and knew he had to tell him….tell him everything he was holding back. This seemed like a good time as any it was already kinda romantic the pitched lighting the sweet cuddling before hand and they were both blushing. Dan felt his heart tighten as he tried to get the words out, 
“Phil……I….. um….I…..i have something I need to tell you I’ve felt this way for a while now and I knew it was only a matter of time before it came out.” Dan said stuttering trying to stop his fast pacing heart.
Phil immediately covered dans mouth and looked serious….seriously sexy, his blue eyes turned a sexy ocean misty blue and his lips looked delicious as he licked them to speak.
“No dan.” He said and dans heart started falling apart he felt himself freeze over, did phil really not want to know what he had to say or did he know already and just didn’t want to talk about it. Dan fell silent and felt tears prick his eyes and his warm heart that was lit with hope felt cold and frosty. 
“Let me speak first, you always beat me to the punch line well now it’s my turn. Look I’VE been wanting to tell you this for a while now and I just didn’t know how.” Phil choked back and felt himself getting emotional once he saw dans dark brown eyes filling with water and his cheeks turn bright red.
“Dan…..I love you always have and always will. I love the way you get hobbit hair in the mornings, I love the way when you see your favorite characters interact you light up and get jumpy, I love the way your brown eyes never cease to stop watering when something magical happens, I love the way that no matter what you always have my back.” He touched dans cheek lightly with his hand “ but most of all I love the way your cheeks turn red when you either get excited about something or are embarrassed. I have always loved you since the very first time you walked through my door even though I never knew it back then my heart knew and now I know myself as well.” 
He grabbed dans hand and placed it over his heart it was beating so fast BUDUMP THUMP BUDUMP THUMP it was like a drum it felt like dans when he was cuddling with him. 
“My heart is always like this whenever I’m near you, whenever we touch I feel this….electricity surge through me and I’m overcome with happiness. I always try to play it cool and be the one guy with all the puns and ice breakers and all the innocence…. but if you knew what I thought about when I masturbate to you, hehehe I would probably scare you away.” Phil said choking up again, he grabbed dans face immediately and whispered lightly as if he was the only one meant to hear it
“I guess what I’m saying is…. will you be my boyfriend?” Phil was shaking a little and his pale cheeks turned even more bright pink. 
Dan started crying lightly and felt his voice break
“Yes….omg yes phil a million times yes!” Dan said excitedly and at that exact moment they kissed. 
The heat from both of them felt magical dan felt as if he was flying, flying high into the sky he felt his whole heart beating fast as the kissing got more intense by the second. Phil didn’t look like it but he was very…. assertive, dan couldn’t help but be mesmerized at the new found lion. He felt heat passion and love in the kiss phil was giving him….. it felt lustful and hungry. It was amazing dan felt phils tung skim over his lips and he granted phil access. He felt phils tung explore his mouth and dan whimpered a little under phil as he started feeling weak. Phil pulled away allowing both to breath, they were both breathing hard and the intensity could be felt between them. As phils mouth parted from dans there was a line of saliva that ran down dans chin and phil seductively licked from his chin back to his mouth where they began a non stop make out session. 
The lights had turned back on and when they did phil and dan jumped and started laughing
“Wow what amazing timing, I was about to take you to my room to make some sweet loving.” Phil said smiling at dan with the biggest smile.
“Stop with the corny jokes,” dan laughed
“Let’s go I can’t wait anymore…” dan begged he sounded needy but with phil he didn’t care he just wanted phil BADLY like how a bird wants to fly. 
Phil grabbed dans hand and guided him to his room he sat him down gently, dan wanted him to possess him to make him into a bitch… his bitch at least. He wanted it hard and rough he wanted to know that this was real that he wasn’t just dreaming. Phil stripped down to his lion printed boxers and went to his dresser, dan noticed what phil had taken out IT WAS LUBE! OMG WERE REALLY GONNA DO IT dan thought biting his bottom lip harshly. He felt his erection growing, he was 6.5 inches when erected so he felt confident. Phil got on the bed pushed dan down on the blue and green bedspread and got between his legs where his entrance was, phil put the lube down on the sheets and started stripping dan. Soon there was nothing but phils boxers between him and his hungry little dan. As phil kept looking at dans naked body he felt his penis twitch, he was 8.5 inches so going inside dan would be tough, he started licking dan all over from his pink swollen nipples to his erect penis. As soon as he got where his penis was he slowly looked at dan and gave him a hungry beastly look, a look only he would give dan. Dan felt his breathing hitch as phil took his member deep into his mouth and wrapped his one hand around his cock. 
“AH…” dan moaned
Phil nibbled a bit when he got to the tip and that made dan twitch 
“MHHHM….” dan moaned again
Phil erection was already hot and ready but he wanted to make dan feel good first since dan would be in the most pain soon. He kept licking dans penis until dan came 
“AH AH AH AH……MMMM MMM” dan started moaning louder and louder 
“Do it, feed me.” Phil said in a husky voice as he started stroking dan faster and faster
Those words were dans undoing and as soon as dan felt himself coming his whole body clenched up and came into phils warm tight mouth. Dan looked at phil as he swallowed all of his come and growled low and deep
“That was delicious.” Phil said while lining up his fingers
Dan felt a finger breach his entrance and it felt weird at first but after 5 minutes he started moaning 
“Ah phil…” he said low 
“Hold on don’t tempt me I’m trying to be nice.” Phil said lowly his eyes focusing on dans asshole
Phil just kept stroking his finger in and out dan he was sooooo tight. It felt like he was trying to suck in his fingers, he was so greedy. He felt his cock twitch and dan just kept moaning softly he couldn’t handle it wanted so much to just stick it in but he couldn’t bear it if he hurt his baby. He suddenly felt a little bump inside dan and stroked it 
“AH!” Dan helped shaking a little his cock grew a little 
Phil looked at dan smirking, he found his weak spot
From then on phil kept stroking that spot hard and faster and harder each time.
“AH AH AH MMMMM MMMM AH MMMM AH MMMMM!” Dan moaned loudly and he grabbed phil before he came and whispered into his ear
“Just fuck me already I want you bad.” Dan said growling a little and turned over with his butt in the air. 
Phil took off his boxers immediately and positioned himself over dans entrance, before he went in he whispered 
“Don’t blame me when you can’t walk tomorrow” phil slowly licked dans ear and bit it a little 
Dan felt that in his whole body and it sent a shiver down his spine. The all of a sudden he felt phils wet member slide into his entrance and push deep into him
“ah…..” dan gave a low Moan 
“Mmmm” phil moaned as he entered dan
“Holy shit dan….. you don’t know how….amazing you feel right now. I can feel you twitching your amazingly hot inside.” Phil said while thrusting a little 
“Mmmmm….ahhhh…..mmmmm….ahh” dan couldn’t speak he felt so full and amazing he felt like he was about to collapse. 
Soon phil started picking up the pace and he was getting harder and rougher 
“AHHHH MHMMMMM AHHHHH” dan started yelping and moaning loudly 
“That’s right baby I know all your weak spots now, especially since I’ve read your porn history. Bdsm, rough gay sex, rough dildo in men’s ass; I know everything baby.” Phil growled into dans ear 
All dan could do was blush hard and moan. He and Phil came at the same time and it was heavenly, they spent the last 4 hours just having non stop sex. They both fell asleep into each others arms and the next morning when dan woke up he was so sore but he didn’t care the pain he felt was nothing compared to the pleasure and happiness he felt. His whole world was glowing bright and his heart clenched and felt heavy as he laid next to a “just fucked” hair phil. He smiled and held his hand as he fell asleep again knowing that him and phil will be just ok, hopefully forever if phil accepts dans proposal on his 30th birthday(which is 3 weeks away.) 

AN Interview Mark Manes..

Manes: ‘I made a bad mistake’
Seller of gun says he had no idea Harris, Klebold dangerous

By Heather Pitzel, Rocky Mountain News
April 19, 2004

Mark Manes stops eating his lunch and tenses up when the waitress interrupts to ask his name and where he went to high school.

Her co-worker might know him, the waitress explains.

He tells her he went to Columbine. As she walks away, Manes and his girlfriend, Jessica Miklich, exchange glances with eyebrows raised.

The co-worker comes over, and, as it turns out, he’s an old acquaintance. Manes laughs and relaxes.

But he had good reason to be wary. It isn’t the first time someone has recognized him because of his connection to Columbine, and it isn’t always so pleasant.

To the public, Manes is the guy who sold one of the guns to the Columbine killers. It will be five years ago Tuesday that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 fellow students and a teacher and wounded 23 others before killing themselves at Columbine High School.

To law enforcement, Manes is an example to deter illegal gun sales. To his lawyer, Manes is a scapegoat because the dead killers couldn’t be prosecuted.

To victims’ families, Manes is partly responsible for what happened to their loved ones that day.

Manes, now 27, sees himself as a man whose life imploded because of one bad decision.

In one of his few interviews since Columbine, Manes says that he got off track in his teen-age years, doing drugs and getting in trouble with the law. He compiled a lengthy record of offenses from underage drinking to vandalizing bulldozers.

By age 21, he thought his troubled years were behind him. He had gotten off drugs. He had begun working as a software developer and had started dating Miklich, who was 19.

Then he sold Klebold and Harris a TEC-DC9, a semiautomatic handgun, for $500. The two were 17 years old, making the sale illegal.

Manes says that in the first year after the killings, he and Miklich had nightmares about it. He’s gone through the puzzle of events piece by piece, trying to see how things could have come together differently.

“If I had really thought about whether he (Klebold) was 18, maybe nothing would’ve been different,” he says, “but it would’ve been legal.”

Manes says he had no idea what the killers intended, and the Jefferson County sheriff’s investigation concluded that was true.

Seven months after Columbine, Manes was sentenced to six years in state prison for selling a gun to a minor.

Phil Duran, a friend of Manes’ who acted as middleman in the sale, served almost 3 years of a 4 -year sentence on the same charges and was paroled Nov. 8, 2003.

Manes served about 19 months in the Huerfano and Sterling correctional facilities before he was released in June 2001 to a halfway house in Lakewood.

A young couple starting out

Since February 2002, Manes has been allowed to live on his own, but he is required to wear an ankle monitor 24 hours a day, among other restrictions. He has been denied parole three times, but his mandatory release date for parole is in May.

He has returned to computer programming for his former employer, where he says co-workers have been supportive. He lives with 24-year-old Miklich, whom he started dating two months before Columbine.

The inside of their rented white house on a cul-de-sac in Lakewood looks like the home of a couple just starting out: a hand-me-down, avocado-green velveteen chair and a gray couch, a framed collage of family pictures on the wall next to a frameless Kandinsky poster. A pack of Camel Lights lies on the black coffee table.

Miklich is working on her undergraduate degree at Metropolitan State College, hoping to become a literature or history professor someday. As she sits on the couch and talks about the past, her almost constant smile fades.

“Visiting Mark in prison, having to leave him there, was one of the hardest things in life,” she says. “When he got out, I had to get to know him again… . I was always really proud of Mark and proud to stand by him. I was really depressed for a while. I feel really lucky now; it strengthened our bond.”

'Never socially accepted’

Manes, a lanky 6 feet 7 inches tall with long, brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, sits in his living room, trying to calm their dog, Heidi. He speaks slowly in low tones about how he ended up in a courtroom after Columbine.

He grew up in a middle-class home in Littleton with two adopted older brothers who are developmentally disabled. They commanded much of his parents’ time. According to the probation department’s report to court, Manes, who wasn’t adopted, “began to test boundaries at home as a way of gaining attention from his parents.”

Eventually he turned to mischief, drugs and the wrong kind of friends.

“I still toss around why I ever went in that direction,” Manes says. “I was never socially accepted… . I got beat up all the time.”

During Manes’ freshman year at Columbine, Phil Duran moved in down the street, and they became best friends, except for the period when Manes was doing drugs. Duran didn’t approve of that.

By the time Manes met the Columbine killers, he had moved past the drug scene.

A job offer as a software developer had prompted him to quit drugs and make a fresh start. After a two-week family trip to Europe, he had quit Arapahoe Community College, where he carried almost a 3.6 grade point average. He moved in with his parents, broke ties with his former life and started his new job.

His interest in guns, however, had just begun. At the age of 20, he made friends who enjoyed camping and hunting, and that sparked his interest in firearms. Manes bought the TEC-DC9 for $500 at the first gun show he attended in August 1998 and practiced shooting it on camping trips.

Duran, meanwhile, was working with Klebold and Harris at a Blackjack Pizza shop. He introduced them to Manes at a gun show in Denver because they wanted to buy his TEC-DC9.

“At the gun show, I asked Phil if they were cool,” Manes says. “They were computer guys like me, and ahead of me at that age.”

Manes found a booth with the type of gun he was selling to show the boys what it looked like.

Had the sale not happened, he says, he would have placed an ad in the paper. He considered the gun a piece of junk.

Klebold asked to pay $300 at the time and the rest later. Because customers must be 18 to get into gun shows and Klebold and Harris were high school seniors, Manes says their age didn’t cross his mind.

“Dylan came over that night. It’s the first time I really talked to him,” Manes says. “He was already working with Linux, an advanced computer operating system, and he was in high school. They needed to wait for their next paycheck to give me the other $200. A few weeks went by, and they gave it to Phil.”

Manes and his friends regularly went shooting in the woods, so that night he extended an invitation to Klebold for him and Harris to go along. And they did several times over the next few months.

On March 6, 1999, the only time they videotaped themselves shooting guns, Klebold and Harris told Manes they had a surprise. It was the sawed-off shotguns they would use at Columbine.

“Every time we went shooting,” Manes says, “we would see three or four other groups doing the same type of thing. It’s really not as unusual as it was made out to be.”

The videotape shows Klebold and Harris clowning around. At one point, Klebold looks at a bullet hole in a tree trunk and says, “Imagine that in someone’s f—— brain.”

But Manes says he had no idea that Klebold and Harris were dangerous.

Miklich accompanied Manes on weekly shooting excursions, including the videotaped trip. That was the first time she met the killers.

“I don’t want to say they were nondescript,” she says. “They were nice enough, but not enough to start a conversation. We had no connection after (shooting in the woods). They seemed a little weird, but they were just boys. I was only two years removed from their age. They seemed like boys playing their war games.”

On April 20, 1999, those war games turned into real carnage.

'I just freaked’

Manes says Duran, who was working for a cable company by that time, called him at work from Chicago. Duran had two younger siblings at Columbine: Simon, a sophomore, and Julia, a senior.

“Phil said, 'My sister says she thinks it’s Dylan and Eric. Go to’ I just freaked,” Manes says. “He asked, 'You think they’re using your TEC-9?’ Why wouldn’t they? I was smoking cigarettes frantically.”

The day of Columbine was the -second anniversary of the death of one of Miklich’s friends in a car accident. Miklich had planned a day of meditation, driving to the mountains and going to the cemetery.

She was driving when she heard on the radio what was going on at the high school. She didn’t call Manes until about 7 p.m. because she didn’t connect him to Columbine.

“He was completely devastated,” she says. “He said, 'I need you. Do you remember those people we went shooting with?’ ”

He told his parents that day, and they counseled him to get a lawyer.

Within two weeks, authorities with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives contacted Manes. He says he remembers because it was the day he met for a second time with a lawyer.

When the arrest warrant was issued May 3, 1999, Manes turned himself in. His parents bailed him out and helped him dodge the horde of cameras and reporters awaiting him outside the sheriff’s department. They dropped him off at a -hotel, he says, where he stayed while media camped in front of his -parents’ home for two days.

“From April until November (when he was sentenced), I was the target of everyone’s rage,” Manes says. “Media coverage was all negative. I was really frustrated.”

He felt the public’s misperception of him grew and the grieving families’ anger was inflamed.

“I definitely have a lot of sympathy for what they’re going through. I can’t even imagine what it’s like,” he says. “I have this feeling I’m their enemy.”

Miklich says it was difficult to see Manes being vilified by the media and to hear the families’ anger directed at him.

“One woman said Mark should be shot in every place her son was shot,” Miklich says.

The type of gun Manes sold had been banned from manufacture as an assault weapon in 1994. The gun could be sold at retail stores or in private sales, but couldn’t be legally purchased from a firearms dealer by anyone under 21 or from a private seller by anyone under 18.

Manes pleaded guilty in Jefferson County District Court to two felonies - providing a gun to a minor and illegal possession of a sawed-off shotgun. The second charge was filed because Manes had fired Klebold’s and Harris’ sawed-off shotguns in the woods at Rampart Range.

Jefferson County District Judge Henry Nieto sentenced Manes in November 1999 to three years for the possession charge, which ran concurrently with the six-year sentence for selling a gun to a minor.

Manes’ attorney, Robert Ransome, maintains that his client was made a scapegoat.

Although Klebold was 17 when he died, Harris had turned 18 on April 9, before Columbine. That meant Harris legally could have bought the guns used at Columbine.

Manes took full responsibility for selling the gun, Ransome says, and didn’t waste taxpayer money on a trial that would have prolonged the families’ grief.

“Mark took the high road in this case,” Ransome says.

A grieving parent’s view

Tom Mauser, who lost his son, Daniel, at Columbine and has become a gun-control activist, thought at the time that Manes’ sentence was appropriate, though he says he thinks that other victims’ families had harsher feelings.

But after seeing the video of Manes and the killers when it was released to the public in October 2003, Mauser says a longer sentence may have been appropriate. The video raised questions for Mauser about whether Manes and Duran, who went shooting three times with the killers, had an inkling that Klebold and Harris were unstable.

“Or did Manes and Duran ignore clues, rationalize them away?” he says.

“Saying 'I’m sorry’ at sentencing isn’t worth anything,” Mauser says. “Who doesn’t say they’re sorry when their ass is on the line?”

On the third anniversary of Columbine, before seeing the video, Mauser wrote on Daniel’s memorial Web site about the need for reconciliation, for the killers’ families, victims’ families and law enforcement to gather and acknowledge the harm done to one another.

Two years later Mauser still wants a public forum for discussion. He would like to hear from Manes and Duran to help the community learn from what happened.

“Prison is punishment - society’s punishment,” Mauser says. “Redemption is what you do with your life after prison. They could talk to kids about the dangers of guns.”

Manes is under court order not to speak to the victims or their families. Until recently, Ransome had counseled Manes not to speak to the press.

“Mark’s very shy and quiet… . It’s always a risk when a client opens his mouth,” Ransome says. “It’s the safer route not to talk. He didn’t want to, and it wasn’t a safe route. Now those decisions are his, not mine.”

Manes doesn’t see himself going around to schools to talk to kids.

“I wouldn’t have had a problem doing community service had it been ordered,” he says. “Doing my sentence was a big community service. I taught computer classes to inmates and helped the chaplain. I’ve never been one for public speaking.”

Manes says he meant it when he spoke at his sentencing about how distraught and sorry he was.

“There’s not anything I could have said that would have made anybody happy,” he says. “It was really hard to get up there. It was honest. Selling the gun was a stupid thing to do.”

His sentencing day was probably the worst day of his life, Manes says.

“It was two hours of being blamed for the deaths of all these children, everyone pushing for life sentences or death. It was solely vengeance. It wasn’t ever punishment. It was vengeance for their children’s deaths. I understand that anger is one of the first stages of grieving. But media involvement really pulled that anger out until someone paid for it.”

Judge Nieto, who is now on the Colorado Court of Appeals, declined to be interviewed.

Duran and his attorney, Matt DePetro, also declined interviews.

Until the day before sentencing, Manes says he thought he might not go to prison at all. He hadn’t had any legal troubles for two years, and the most recent three were for a -minor possessing alcohol when he was 18, 19 and 20 years old, according to court documents.

Probation officer Marianne Rayburn wrote in her report to the court that psychological testing showed Manes wasn’t a threat to society. She recommended probation, but said county jail time and community service were warranted based on the seriousness of the case.

Steve Jensen, who has a reputation as one of Jefferson County’s toughest prosecutors, says that Manes’ and Duran’s sentences were among the most emotional for him in his 19 years as a prosecutor. The sentences were appropriate, he says.

“If we’re not going to ask for a tough sentence in this case, I ask you, in what case would we ask for a tough sentence?” Jensen says. “It’s difficult to conceive of more terror, more angst, than that caused in this community.”

He says he could have asked for as much as 18 years, “but he probably wouldn’t have gotten it.”

A primary function of a sentence is deterrence, Jensen says, both for the defendant and the public.

Jensen says he wants people to think of Manes and Duran before giving a gun to a juvenile.

“If everyone had said no,” Jensen says, “then possibly, possibly, this wouldn’t have happened.”

The other three guns used by the killers came from Robyn Anderson, who attended Columbine and went to prom with Klebold. She bought one gun for Klebold and two for Harris at a gun show. The transfer of such long-arm guns to juveniles wasn’t illegal then, though it is now.

Anderson had no clue that the teens would use the gun for a shooting rampage, says her attorney, Richard Everstine. “No one did.”

Richard Weatherbee, law enforcement coordinator for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Denver, says that Manes was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“The two people who should have been prosecuted were dead before we even knew who they were,” he says. “It’s like, 'OK, who do we go after next?’ Maybe that’s wrong, but the reality is when you have horrendous crimes like this, people want to see justice done.”

Miklich admits that she worried after Columbine that she also might face possession charges because she was in the video shooting the -killers’ sawed-off shotguns.

She was given immunity because her testimony would have been needed to authenticate the videotape in case of a trial.

'Guns are too final’

Miklich says she remembers feeling powerful when she shot guns years ago. But now she thinks society would be better off without guns, even for police officers.

“People are too erratic, and guns are too final,” she says.

Manes’ views on guns have changed, too.

“They did the right thing by upping the age limits on guns, though I wouldn’t have thought so at 18,” he says. “At 15 you can get prosecuted as an adult for crimes. At 18, you can shoot a gun in the Army, but you can’t buy one. They need to pick a number and stick with it, be more consistent.”

Manes says he may always be known as that guy from the Columbine case. He hopes not.

He has no plans for the fifth anniversary of Columbine on Tuesday. He and Miklich tend to fill their weekends with the mundane. He cuts the grass, rides his burgundy Yamaha motorcycle. She studies.

He has a 10 p.m. curfew and cannot drink alcohol or have credit cards, a cell phone or a checking account.

He pays his bills with money -orders.

His interest in guns has been replaced with a passion for model airplanes and helicopters, which he sometimes flies in the house. When he was first released, he preferred staying at home.

“I felt like I’d be recognized wherever I went. One of the most awkward situations was while I was getting insurance. There was a TV on in the background with a story about me getting out. The woman was rude after that,” Manes says.

“At some points, I’ve broken down crying,” Manes says, “but there was really no way I could’ve known… . I made a bad mistake in selling a gun.”

Storm King Commander Twilight Sparkle

Commander Tempest was lost to the Storm forever. Twilight Sparkle and the Mane 6 were unable to stop the Storm King without her help. Twilight Sparkle is offered a choice: To join the Storm King in his victory as his new Commander, or to watch the execution of her friends. For the Princess of Friendship, there was no choice.

I plan to make a weekly-updated sketch comic, based on this alternate timeline, in which Twilight Sparkle needs to plan a coup against the Storm King, while having to carry out the tasks that the Princess of Friendship may not be able to bare. I hope you all like the concept, and let’s see how this thing turns out!

okay, so. i thought mlp season 5 was pretty decent overall. i liked a lot of it. but the finale was bad. this is not a particularly uncommon opinion, and it’s over a year old now, and since then we’ve had a whole nother season that i think people generally liked. but i’m gonna elaborate anyway!!

i like the premise. a villain trying to change the past so that the mane six weren’t destined to become friends? cool idea. i like that idea a lot. but boy did they fuck it up

even if you don’t watch mlp, you’ve probably heard about this one. because this is the one where they go to a bunch of “what if” post-apocalyptic timelines where various mlp villains succeeded in taking over the world

and shit gets weird, and it makes no goddamn sense

the changes to the present are completely random, just for the sake of showing a bunch of different weird, fanservicey “what if” scenarios that bring back all the big bads. starlight is only ever trying to prevent this one event (the first sonic rainboom) in slightly different ways. and they always return to the same time in the present. how does this lead to all these wildly different timelines where one particular villain takes over the world and the rest just aren’t a factor?

nightmare moon was the first villain the mane six stopped, so wouldn’t that mean she would always be the one who took over? what happened when nightmare moon returned in the other timelines, and why was it different? why is luna normal in the timeline where discord took over? why is sombra not a threat in the other timelines? the first alternate timeline shows that celestia had to commit the entire country to the war effort in order to keep his army at bay. why does ponyville just straight up not exist in some of these universes? why the fuck did the flim flam brothers take over ponyville in one of them????

what the FUCK happened here

then in the ending twilight shows starlight the error of her ways, and the mane six take pity on starlight and decide to make friends with her, and it’s quickly brushed over in a song

and of course, the WORST part of the episode is when starlight, in the past, teaches fluttershy’s childhood bullies that bullying is wrong (so that rainbow dash would never have to defend fluttershy and get challenged to race in the race where she did the first sonic rainboom), and twilight butts in and tries to stop her to preserve the timeline. you get this awful scene where twilight has to go “oh, well, of course bullying is wrong!“ but she can’t tell the kids that it will change the future because that would make no sense to them and it’s just bad. that is hands down one of the most unpleasant scenes in the history of mlp