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My Baby

When Devil came to, he was already on his feet and mostly up the flight of stairs leading towards his and Seline’s apartment. 

The knife wound in his stomach was becoming unbearably painful the more he moved, but he’d run up the stairs anyway. Clearly it had been enough to make him black out for a few moments, but he was still running to the door. He had to get there before the assassin did. And while every step was a wave of agony he ran ahead, his coat billowing up behind him as he all but kicked open the wooden door.

The place was as he had left it– a home, still scattered with Seline’s things even months after she had vanished. Time had moved all too quickly since then. Devil had convinced himself he hadn’t cleaned up because he didn’t have time. But Eleria wouldn’t stop crying if he started putting her mother’s clothes away.

It was too quiet. But Devil could hear a soft noise coming from just past the doorway into the bedrooms and he recognized it instantly.

Out tottered a small child, barely old enough to walk, her dark hair a mess and her tail hanging limply behind her. She was clutching onto a black sweater far too big for her, the one she had been sleeping with ever since her mother vanished. “Daddy?” She called weakly. 

Before Devil could answer, he saw the tiny flecks of red light reflecting off of Eleria’s shirt. 

He was instantly charging. Before he was even conscious of it, Devil had dropped himself on top of his daughter, clinging tightly to her while he shielded her from the incoming bullets. 

He felt an instant burst of pain, then another, as bullets thudded into his back one after the other. Soon enough he could hear muffled crashes and gunshots coming from outside the apartment door. Backup. Hopefully.

But he couldn’t move. He could feel the blood pooling around him, now seeping into Eleria’s pajamas as she frantically sobbed into his ear. Devil had collapsed onto his knees and was already falling over onto his side before he could let her go. 

But she was crying– she was unhurt– and that’s what mattered. 

“Daddy-!” Eleria cried as she pulled herself out from under him. She tried rolling him over, but couldn’t get anywhere with her tiny, weak arms. 

Devil could get out a soft wheeze in response. He could still hear rummaging from outside the apartment. It had to be backup. They weren’t shooting anymore. “Ele,” he croaked. “It’s… it’ll be okay. I’ll be okay…”

He could feel tears burning in his eyes. Whether it was from pain, misery, or fear, he couldn’t tell.


It was a familiar voice from a familiar accent, but Devil was too weak to turn and see who it was.

“Holy shit, Devil…”

He felt more hands on him, trying desperately to check him over. But his eyes were going black, and all he could hear was Eleria crying.

Michael Clifford Imagine Pockets

“Do you want to go out tomorrow night?” You looked up from your phone at your boyfriend Michael, as he asked you a question. He fidgeted nervously and you looked at him in confusion, wondering why he was nervous to ask you.

“Sure, any particular reason?” You asked and Michael shrugged.

“Maybe I just want to take you out.” Michael said, grinning and seeming to relax once you’d agreed. You smiled and pecked his lips. You wondered why he was so worried about it, but decided it must be something to do with work. 

“Michael, you need to stop leaving your clothes everywhere!” You shouted and heard him chuckle. You rolled your eyes and picked up the clothes strewn across the floor. But you could never really be annoyed with him. 

“One day, something’s going to happen that’ll make you stop doing this.” You called to him and started putting the clothes into piles.

“Do you want to wear any of these tonight?” You asked him, as he walked into the room. Michael nodded, picking out a jacket and a shirt. You nodded and started putting the others with the other dirty clothes, checking the pockets as you did so. As you checked the pockets of a pair of jeans, you felt something inside. 

“You left something in your pocket.” You told him and Michael’s eyes widened when he realised what it was. 

“No! I can do the washing.” He scrambled frantically towards you, but you had already pulled out the small box. You stared at it, as Michael took it from you. You stared at him in shock.

“Was that-”


“But it looked like-”

“It wasn’t.”

“It’s a-”

“No! Honestly it’s the box for my guitar picks.” Michael said and you raised an eyebrow, not buying his excuse. He sighed and held the box in front of you. Slowly, he knelt down and your breath caught in your throat, as you saw the ring.

“You’re proposing.” You mumbled and Michael laughed, but nodded.

“I love you and I want to spend forever with you. I was planning on doing this tonight at the restaurant, but apparently I’m dating Sherlock Holmes.” You laughed at the joke, feeling tears in your eyes.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), will you marry me?” You smiled and nodded, as Michael grinned in relief and slid the ring onto your finger. You stared at it, not quite believing what had happened.

“I love you.”

“Good, because you have just agreed to marry me.” You grinned and kissed Michael.

“Best decision I’ve ever made.”

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Inktober 2016: Day 14 - Genderbend

(I dub these two… Erika and Renée! And they are seriously adorable and I think it’d be an interesting au to explore. Both their personalities would be the same, except its society that treats them differently now. Lol, for Raoul’s sideburns, I went with some hair curls instead. Also, Erika dresses as a man to keep the Opera Ghost persona, but Renée can talk her into a dress occasionally..)

Bonus: Modern ver.

(Of course Raoul plays Pokemon Go…)

((Edit: whoops, forgot to flip it back from mirror image xD I do that sometimes to check for mistakes. Hey, it works!)

Nightly Horrors (part 4)

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 5

(Eric x Reader)

Warnings: Smut

Had he really said what you thought he had? Maybe you heard wrong. It could have been ‘Vishnu had a hex’ or ‘Wish you were Max.’
God no, these didn’t make any sense at all. Enough was enough. You needed distraction. Your friends had decided to go to the club this evening anyway so you were going to join them. This kind of places weren’t really for you but everything was better than sitting around alone thinking about Eric.

“I’m not wearing that!” You declared.
“Come on we’re going out, having fun you can’t wear your normal boring clothes.”
“But look at that monstrous thing. What is that, surely you can’t call that a dress.”
“It is indeed. So stop insulting my clothes and put it on!”
“Fine…” You mumbled while walking to the bathroom to get changed.

And hour later you were standing in a corner of the club, bottle of beer in hand and not having fun at all. Your friends had found some dauntless guys they now, were dancing with leaving you behind alone. Not that you hadn’t gotten any offers yourself. In fact you had turned down a whole bunch of guys already. It was that damned dresses fault you thought. A black leather dress, ending just above your knees. Where did she even get that? Your friendly neighbourhood porn store next door?
“Wanna get out of here?” You heard someone say next to you. Here we go again. You were thinking of a good excuse to give the guy when you finally turned to your left, only to see Eric standing there smirking at you.
“Oh hell no, why would I? It’s really fun here.”
“Yeah? So that’s why you’ve been turning down guys the whole evening? Cause you’re having so much fun?”
“Are you stalking me now? Creep.”
“Nah but you’re really hard to miss in that outfit.”
As you kept talking to Eric another boy was making his way over towards you. You were really tired of this shit. Thinking that you had to deal with this one too you mentally prepared yourself.
Eric shot the guy a look that made him stop dead in his tracks and turn away in another direction. You began to laugh and looked at Eric.
“Thanks,…I guess.”
“Everything for my favourite initiate.” He said with a grin.
“If I’m your favourite I pity the one who gets on your bad side.”
“The ones I dislike aren’t here long enough for you to pity.”
He suddenly grabbed you by the arm and was walking towards the exit, dragging you behind despite your complaints. You’re outside when you’re finally able to break away form him.
“Wha..Where are we going?”
“My place, now.” He says with impatience.
When you don’t move he pins you to nearby wall and steps back a bit. He gets down on his knees in front of you. Staring up at you with big eyes. Holy shit. Seeing Eric like was pretty hot, though you had no idea what he was trying to do, kneeling before you in a dirty back-alley.
His hands found your legs and he began to move them upwards, caressing your thighs. You watched him, his hands moving up even further and shivered slightly. You felt yourself getting wet as he continued his actions.
You couldn’t help but moan as he rubbed you through your panties, sending jolts of desire through your whole body.
“What if someone…Eric, stop…” You breathed out.
“You won’t be saying that in a minute, sweetheart.”
He parted your legs further and tugged at your underwear. Leting your panties slowly slip down your legs, he brought his face closer to you. His mouth ghosted over clit, feeling his breath on your skin, your hips moved, wanting him even closer.
Suddenly he dipped his tongue into you, licking your clit and you fought the urge to let your eyelids fall close.
“You taste sweet.” He whispered before dipping down again, his lips and tongue moving between your legs. He was devouring you slowly, leaving you a panting, moaning, writhing mess. Your hips were moving on their own now and you brought your hands up burying them into Erics hair. You tugged at them roughly while Eric sliped two of his fingers into you, his soft lips closing around your clit, sucking gently as his tongue flicked. Your back began to arch, your head pushing back against the wall as you felt the edge nearing, the heat building up inside of you. He pumped his fingers faster inside of you as your moans grew louder and louder, finally bringing you over the edge, as you held his head in place.
Coming down from your high you let go of his hair and sunk down slowly, resting on the cold stone floor. You were out of breath, panting like crazy.
“So my place doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?” He said, lifting you up and throwing you over his shoulders. He gave your ass a light slap and started to walk in the direction of his apartment.

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hi im the trans girls terumob fic anon and reigen's tried to get mob to go on her date in a minions t-shirt. serizawa puts a stop to it and puts her in more socially acceptable clothes. (but mob mentioned it to teru and teru Demanded that mob wear it on the next date, mob gets Flustered because there's gonna be Another date)

AAAAAAAAAA OMG YESHBSDFHBDSF teru is So Jealous of mob’s extensive minion fashion (which is courtesy of reigen, of course) and mob doesn’t really care what she wears on her dates all that matters is that she is with her crush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GMM Whiteboard, with who wrote what episode of gmm, here just a few.

We also can observe from this:

  • They record multiple episodes on the same scheduled day, like Jason had told us; 
  • Up to 4 episodes as we see;
  • They record at least one week in advance;
  • Lizzie has great ideas

And here is the storyboard, since they record multiple episodes in a day, this is where they can see what to do next in the episode they’re currently recording, without having to make a cut (you can see Rhett/Link looking at it very quickly before the announcements in the end of the GMM episode)  

#21 with Dean Winchester: "Is there a reason you're naked in my bed?"

Running inside the Bunker, you slam the door behind you, listening to the rain hit the door behind you. You slump against it, too exhausted to move in your sopping, heavy clothes. It had just been a simple run to the supermarket down the street, when Mother Nature decided to soak you with a thunderstorm.

The worst part, no one’s home. And you hate thunderstorms.

Sighing, you walk down the hallway towards the laundry room, taking off your clothes and throwing them in the dryer. Sam and Dean aren’t supposed to be back until tomorrow, and you had just arrived at the Bunker for a visit when they had to leave. So you’re safe walking through the Bunker towards Dean’s room without any clothes on.

As you walk into your boyfriend’s bedroom, you stop in your tracks, realizing that the clothing you just put in the dryer was your last clean set of clothes. It would be weird to wear Dean’s clothes because you’ve only been dating for a month, so you sigh and crawl under the warmth of his bedsheets, listening to the rain pour down and the thunder roll outside.

You wake up to the sound of soft rainfall and the feeling of the side of the bed dipping beneath someone. Eyes fluttering open, you see Dean smirking down at you.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” He asks, and you blush, pulling the sheets closer to your chest. “I’m not objecting, but…”

This is extremely awkward for you as you two have never, um, done it, and you’re so glad you were laying on your stomach when Dean came in. You realize he was courteous enough to pull the sheets up your back when he walked in. He respects your privacy (even though he can be a dick sometimes), and that’s one of the reasons you’re so attracted to him.

“I got rained on coming back from the market, and i threw my clothes in the dryer. That was my last set of clothes, and I thought it would be weird to wear your clothes, so I just kind of…yeah.”

Dean chuckles. “It’s alright, (y/n).” He leans forward and kisses your forehead. “I brought your clothes from the dryer. I’ll leave you to get dressed, unless you want me to stay.”

Rolling your eyes, you laugh and push him off the bed. He grins and runs out the door, closing it behind him.


Summary: It’s Christmas day in the Howell-Lester household, and Dan gets a Christmas present he wasn’t expecting to receive, but he loves (that sounds so wrong omg im so sorry).

Words: 513 words wow i swear i never write this short on wattpad

Warnings: extreme fluff (not vry extreme but)

Relationship Status: together

A/N: idrk know if landlords let people have pets but lets just forget everything about that didnt exist for now

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