no stock photo can truly capture its bullshittitude

“Having a checking account while poor doesn’t just mean you have to be responsible and good at math – you have to be perfect. … Let’s say you’re running late for work and hurriedly stop to get gas, paying with a bank card. In your haste you forget to write the $55 down (gas being $4 a gallon, you know). So while you spent the last week until payday thinking you had $50 in your account to absorb minor purchases, you actually were $5 in the red.

So payday comes. You go to the bank to deposit your check, at which point the bank…informs you that your account was at -$200 at the moment you deposited your check. The bank can hit you with a $35 fine for every charge that comes in while you are in minus territory. The bank will not tell you they charged you this money. You will have no idea anything is wrong. … Five seconds of oversight gave the bank the right to take away a week’s worth of your labor.

Some describe this as a ‘poverty tax.’ Others refer to it as a 'Because fuck you, that’s why’ fee.” – John Cheese #CrackedClassic

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Poor