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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 7.27.16

gold constellation necklaces by twinklebird // orion | ursa major

i heart both of these beautifully minimal constellation pendants … they remind me of stargazing in wisconsin during the summertime. love love this, twinklebird.

Adam McArthur (Marco’s voice actor) confirmed that there’s going to be a scary Halloween-themed episode in this Season. The hype is obviously real.

The plot-possibilities for a Halloween story in magical-fantasy show like SVTFOE are virtually infinite.

Monsters/aliens using Earth to party only on October 31st because no one will notice their presence, since there are monsters everywhere -and Star being very open-minded about this.

Janna finally using Star’s spell book to f%!k things up, raise the dead, cast an unsettling spell all over the city.

The wand acting weird again and turning all costumes into real monsters and creatures, with nightmare fuel-ish results.

Also, given Marco’s heritage, it would be fun to have the beautiful, colorful, creepily pleasing aesthetics of the Dìa De Muertos pretty much taking over the show for a single night; the Mexican holiday may also offer some interesting narrative prompts, maybe in a lazy (but very well-appreciated for me) attempt to sorta imitate The Book Of Life, but I’m not an expert on the subject anyway.

But does all of this also mean that Marco is going to wear the skull-mask from BMB again? Maybe because there’s a scary party at somebody’s house… with dancing… masked dancing… you know…
Just asking, no reason.

Either way, really hyped for this.
Let’s see if the spooky episode of SVTFOE is going to beat Gravity Falls’ nightmare fuel page on TvTropes.